30 March, 2007

Another excellent Roman Catholic website! and jewish rape of ecology.

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Thanx for this detail and your brilliant tactical suggestion! I’ve simply not devoted much energy to ecological concerns, but given the traditional Talmudic and Torahic hatred of nature inherent to jewry, this datum doesn’t surprise me in the least. I suggest that YOU supply this datum to some environmentalist sorts and let them run with it, or not. If they don’t, you can bet that they’re under the Iron Heel of Zion, which many “Greens” are of course.

Once again,, the Nazis pioneered yet another now popular political trend, environmentalism. Hitler wanted to resurrect the old traditional Aryan reverence for Nature in his Volk. You can guess who most vehemently opposed these sentiments, the Stalinists, with their sick, necrophiliac fixations on smokestack industrialism as the means of collective self realization for their twisted, and actually hostile notions of “the proletariat.” The ultimate fruit of this particular branch of the Tree of Judaism was Chernobl.

I have long been aware of the decisive nature of the struggle over water rights in Palestine, it being desert and all and knowing the jewish rants over water. Now, when you read some medieval Christian complaints of jews poisoning wells, you will better appreciate the gravity of such charges and their high credibility.

We live in “interesting times” as the Chinese would say. I’ll forward to you a recent speech from David Irving, the great English historian who just got out of prison in Austria, after the pigs there nabbed him for being to honest a historian.

I’ve also taken the liberty of CC’omg one of the very rare honest cyber-activists against the J.O.G. (Jewish Occupation Government) here, Alex Linder. Alex, like Yours Truly, has been in the crosshairs of the Iron Heel’s various stooge agencies these last few years, but he has used his Aryan Penis to good account and has propagated some fine progeny, the ultimate act of Rebellion these days. Mind you, I now agree with your assessment of that degenerate cow you were screwing and am hopeful that you never waste your breath on it again.

Best Aryan Regards My Noble Pupil,

Dr. Jerry

On Tuesday 20 March 2007 16:11, you wrote:
Thanx for the material, I shall read over it later this evening. When I read your rants regarding zionism and jew-lovers there is a powerful detail that you have yet to mention that could possibly recruit the interest and sympathy of hordes of activists. I am talking about how the jews are raping their neighbor’s environment by dumping raw sewage directly off the shores of the Mediterranean, and moreover how their biggest export is killing one of Earth’s great geological monuments, the dead sea. The Jews have dissipated enough H2O from the Dead Sea, which is in a part of the world that is not even included in within their boarders, to sink the giant body of water over 70 meters in the past 30 years. They evaporate off the H2O to yield potash for planting, and salts for skin care… The thing is those sheeney bastards do not even have right to the sea in the first place! You can see images of the evaporating beds on Wikipedia they are at the southern most portion of the satalite image.

> On 3/19/07, Gerald Morris <[email protected]> wrote:

Yes, now you’ve seen it, smelled it, got a major dose of those misanthropic mutant-mutts called”jews.” Hitler & Co certainly WERE motivated by just the rationale you’ve induced. Read “TheTransfer Agreement” by Edwin Black, a zionist pustule himself, for details of that. Traditionally, until after Wurld War Jew, prolonged needlessly by quarter jew and rabid zionist murderer Winston Churchill, the “smart jews” were anti-zionist, internationalist and often communists. But all that changed after Churchill’s Jewsade. I$rael made a convenient dumping ground for Stalin, who had a still troublesome zionist minority within his Red Khanate, so the choice was given to the U.S.S.R’s zionist jews: either the Gulag or Israel. Most chose the latter.

You really gota major, ugly dose of reality on your trip. When I assert that the Jewnited States was founded expressly for the benifit of their ilk, I do so not ex catheadra, but with sound historical foundations. Thus you see why I’ve taken up Revolution as the ONLY Solution in North America, and so it will be, however bloody and deadly. Until the utter dissolution of the regime founded by the descendants of the Priory of Zion and the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, is accomplished, North America will remain at the disposal of these truly misanthropic, malignant fanatics.

> > NOW you see why I’ve decided to drop beneath the economic horizon here! Yet I’m propsering now, in fact, I’m in far better shape than I was 2 yrs ago this time, when I was at Death’s door from overwork in a foolish, futile last ditch effort to keep that damned house!

Don’t know if you’ve done any Linux hacking recently, but I must advise you to use a 2.6.x kernel when you next upgrade Slack. The2.4.33.3 kernel has a serious disk controller bug which has devilled me to no end before I caught it! I’ve just upgraded to kernel, and after blacklisting the eth1394 module which was being loaded and blocking my forcedeth ethernet module from working, I now seem to have a big improvement in both drive speed and stability. Will keep you and a few others posted on this score….

I now have my beloved own workstation back at my fingertips on a daily basis. This has come of my “Mr. B” skills being recognized. Gotta go now. L8r.

G. Morris

On Monday 19 March 2007 17:21, you wrote:
Jerry –
I can tell you first hand why and how Israel is an abominable piece of shit country. It makes me sick that we have armed those little rodents so they may continue perpetrating their bullshit and strong arming their defenseless, and much more civilized neighbors. The fact that our world leaders accepted Herzel’s suggestion, and recognized Israel as a country made me ponder if they did not do so in an attempt to consolidate their filth and one day lob a bomb over there to get ’em all in one clean effortless sweep.

Your Objective Reporter,

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    1. chloe Says:

      Most Jews is very kind and easy-going. I think you will feel better if you have really be with them.
      Chloe Jones

    2. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

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    3. Pil Koler Says:

      So what’s the excellent Roman Catholic website?

    4. Gerald E. Morris Says:



      Got carried away with my prose. The Roman Catholic Report looks damned solid; enough to make me glad I was born to such a heritage!

      Aryan Regards,

      Gerald Morris

    5. Eumaeus Says:

      Yes and dont forget http://www.romancatholicradio.com either.