30 March, 2007

Farrakhan Speaks Reason on Ahmadinejad

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Although the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is still recovering from an intense 14-hour operation he underwent during the first week of January, you would not be able to tell by the schedule that he has maintained since delivering the Saviours’ Day keynote address at Ford Field on Feb. 25.

In a series of interviews for Al-Jazeera, ABC’s Nightline, CNN and Black Entertainment Television (BET), Min. Farrakhan gave his personal testimony of the miraculous healing power of Allah (God), the power of prayer and the importance of keeping the faith during trying circumstances.

Additionally, he weighed in on a wide range of topics from the Iraq war and the Sunni-Shiite conflict; the Bush presidency; Senator Barack Obama’s presidential aspirations; and his legacy as a spiritual leader.

On Feb. 27, Min. Farrakhan sat with Al-Jazeera, which is the world’s first global English language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East. From this unique position, Al Jazeera is considered the English-language channel of reference for Middle Eastern events giving balanced views of topics typically underreported or biased in the Western media.

On Mar. 6, award-winning journalist Martin Bashir of Nightline visited The National House in Chicago, Illinois and conducted an interview with Min. Farrakhan, which lasted close to 2 hours. In it, Mr. Bashir questioned him on a variety of spiritual, economic and political topics.

In response to Mr. Bashir’s questions regarding Sen. Obama, Min. Farrakhan said, ‘I like him very much. He has a fresh approach. I’m fearful, because there’s a structure in our government that no matter who sits in the seat of power, there are forces that one has to contend with if one is able to attract the masses for their votes. Barack Obama is doing quite well. He has a broad spectrum of young people, Black and White and Asian and Hispanic, and he might fool a lot of people and get the nomination of his party. That’s not my fear. He’s a beautiful young man.

‘My fear is when you get in a seat and you don’t know the electrical current that’s up under your seat, and you start getting these jolts and you’ve got to see where the jolt is coming from, and now you’ve got to bend to multinational corporations and their interests; you’ve got to bend to this group and that group. ‘Remember we gave you so much money, and remember we did this for you.’ That’s the hard part.’

When asked about his current views on the term ‘devil,’ and if White people are still viewed as that, Min. Farrakhan said, ‘Any human being that rebels against God, and rebels against his law, can be classified as a devil. If we look at the behavior of White people in their relationship to the darker people of the world, we couldn’t say that they acted as angels. They acted quite the contrary. But we’re in a time of enlightenment now. The darker people of the world are rising and challenging racist institutions, and now White people have a chance to change their behavior; change a historical pattern in dealing with the darker people of the world, and we who have been trained in rebellion to God have a chance to come out of that rebellion into submission.’

When Mr. Bashir implied that Min. Farrakhan referred to Adolph Hitler as great and was in his words ‘impressive’ in his actions against European Jews in World War II, Min. Farrakhan interrupted him and again clarified his position.

‘That’s not impressive, that’s wicked! I used an adverb to describe an adjective. I was perfectly in accord with the English language’which is not mine’but you taught it to me and I learned it quite well. So I was not wrong. Great is not synonymous with good except in colloquial language. Babylon was great, but wasn’t good.’

Mr. Bashir then attempted to press Min. Farrakhan further by asking if he could understand why some people found those words offensive, to which Min. Farrakhan stated clearly, ‘No, I really don’t. I really think it’s a mental illness with people. When I speak very clearly, if I say the man was wicked, but he was so great that you’re still talking about him 50 years later, if he didn’t make an impact on Jewish people and an impact on the world, why are you still referring to him’ Why are you still making movies about him’ Why are you still teaching the world what he did’ Let him die. Then his so-called greatness of that time would die with him. But he’s as great today in terms of his magnitude; in terms of his effect on people, as he was then. Hitler is dead and gone! His ideas are weak and they are being destroyed by a greater presence of truth, so he will die when his ideas die. He’s been dead, but have you killed the idea of Aryan supremacy’ Have you killed the idea of anti-Semitism and hatefulness toward Jews’ No! You have not killed that idea yet.’

Mr. Bashir then skeptically asked Min. Farrakhan if a man like President Ahmadinejad of Iran could be reasoned with. ‘You think it’s possible to talk to a man who dismisses the Holocaust as if it didn’t happen and preaches against the state of Israel”

In answering, Min. Farrakhan stated, ‘We have intellectual freedom. If that man wants to have a conference of so-called scholars to see whether the Holocaust is fact or fiction, let him do it. We believe in freedom’that’s what we say we’re fighting for. Doesn’t he have the freedom to disagree’ Of course he does. Whether we agree with his disagreement, that’s another thing. But he has the right to disagree with the Holocaust. Right now, in Europe, if you even say something against the reality of the Holocaust, you would be jailed. What does that say’ And all of us talk about how we’re so democratic and how we love freedom of speech but everybody’s being punished for saying what’s on their mind.’

Mr. Bashir interrupted him, stating that Pres. Ahmadinejad is denying the Holocaust and that he wants to incite violence against Israel, which is the main problem that others have with him and his views.

In response to Mr. Bashir’s comment, Min. Farrakhan said, ‘Because he, like Saddam [Hussein]; like Bashar Al-Assad [of Syria], have never agreed that the State of Israel is legitimate to them with the Palestinians suffering. They have the right to disagree. They have the right to seek Palestinian rights and justice for the Palestinian people. What Ahmadinejad’from what I understand’was saying [is] well, if the Holocaust took place in Europe, maybe Europe should have divided up some of its territory and given it and provided a Jewish state there.

‘Most of the Europeans that came out of Europe never lived in the Middle East. They’re not the Sephardim; they’re not the Middle Eastern Jew. They have no connection to that land except through their biblical interpretation of scripture. If Ahmadinejad does not agree with that; if Bashar Al-Assad does not agree with that; if Saddam Hussein does not agree with that, and the protection of Israel is the cornerstone of America’s foreign policy, then that puts America, Israel and some European countries right after Iran, Iraq and Syria. And that’s the politics of the situation.’

In a prescient moment, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan even chided Mr. Bashir on the methods used by the media to mislead the public, noting that in this almost two-hour interview, only portions would actually be viewed by the public after selective editing.

‘I’m giving you a lot of material, what will you use’ What will you present to the American people of Farrakhan’ Not you personally, because you are subjected to editors. You are subjected to people who have another view. You’re here to get information, but what they do with it, that’s another thing.’

Allah willing, coverage of Min. Farrakhan’s CNN interview with Don Lemon and BET interview with Jeff Johnson (a.k.a. Cousin Jeff) will be featured in a forthcoming edition of The Final Call newspaper.

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