30 March, 2007

Get What You Pay For? 75c for Carwash, 75k for Brainwash

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College These Days, and, The Institutions of Liberalization Are Not So Needed

If people were taught what they needed to be taught in the first 12 grades of public school, most of them wouldn’t need college [1]. In fact, today’s colleges exist largely to liberalize young people by filling their heads with left-wing, egalitarian propaganda. This, of course, transforms our culture into crap. As the great Dr. William Pierce noted [2], our society only needs a small percentage of college-educated people, and even then, they should study only certain, “real” subjects [one can get a decree in nearly anything today]. The rest of the citizens can learn trades, work in public service, etc. Isn’t it time to stop spending big money on a largely-worthless college education for Sally or Linda which will only turn them into unhappy, liberal feminists?


[1] we wasted vast amounts of time in public school learning about, for example, the Black “civil-rights” movement and Martin Luther King, Jr.

[2] see the pamphlet “The Roots of Civilization” by Dr. William L. Pierce, which is vital and timeless reading. Only an abridged version of the pamphlet is currently available on the internet. Quoting Pierce in the paper pamphlet: “Twelve years of elementary and secondary schooling, properly organized, is sufficient for all but a small percentage of a nation’s youth.” Pierce says that our whole system of elementary and secondary education needs to be reorganized in order to move away from our current educational system framework, which amounts to “style in the place of substance.” This important pamphlet, which every White person should read, can be ordered from National Vanguard Books, Hillsboro, WV., or visit this webpage: http://www.natvanbooks.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=465&p_catid=18

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  7. 3 Responses to “Get What You Pay For? 75c for Carwash, 75k for Brainwash”

    1. Fr John Says:

      I am astounded that such ‘favoritism’ is shown, but not that it is yet the next [inevitable] step in a world that actually believes in equality, when older, patristic Christianity knew that there is an “Elect of God” and a non-elect, and that it once was confined to the borders of Christendom = White Europe.

      When one admits that the Ten Commandments are no longer valid, then those who hate God, His Son, and His Law will work for the satanization of his Realm. [John 8:44]

      But that a ‘catholic’ college would encourage sodomites in their application process, only goes to show that the book “Goodbye, Good Men” was a ‘fifth column’ attack on the Church, which started as far back as 1958. Léon de Poncins, a Viscount in France, wrote a book entitled, “Judaism and the Vatican.” (London, Britons Publishing, 1967) The subtitle of this bombshell of a book was, ‘An attempt at Spiritual Subversion.’

      Especially when read from the vantage point of forty years later (!), this book shows that the Council was held captive by the Judaizers then, just as it is now!
      In de Poncins’ closing chapter, entitled “How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking,” (taken from an article of the same title, published in Look magazine, 1/25/66, pp. 19-23) Poncins remarks on this article from Look: “This article is of the utmost interest, for it gives us numerous details of Cardinal Bea’s secret negotiations with the leader of the great American jewish organisations, and in particular with the B’nai B’rith.’

      ‘The author of this article is obviously in close contact with these leaders and it must almost certainly have been they who supplied him with his documentation. Cardinal Bea has all his sympathy and is depicted as making incessant efforts for the triumph of the Jewish cause at Rome…It was read by 7,5000,000 people at least, and yet, as far as I know, the publication of this extraordinary document produced no reaction at Rome or anywhere else. In the whole Catholic Church no one has risen to express astonishment or ask for an explanation.” end quote, (p.173)

      Poncins continued: “The truth, it is suggested, is that a number of Jewish organisations and personalities are behind the reforms which were proposed at the Council with a view to modifying the Church’s attitude and time-honoured teaching about Judaism: Jules Isaac, Label Katz, President of the B’nai B’rith, Nahum Goldman, President of the World Jewish Congress, etc.’

      ‘These reforms are very important because they suggest that for two thousand years the Church had been mistaken and that she must make amends and completely reconsider her attitude to the Jews.’

      ‘Among the Catholic laity, a similar campaign is being carried on by progressive prelates, who, taking their stand on the historical fact that Christianity is in direct line of descent from Judaism, claim a toleration for Jews, which the latter as we shall see, are far from professing with regard to Christians. In actual fact, for both parties, it is a weapon designed to overthrow traditional Catholicism, which they consider the chief enemy.’ “ Opus cited, p.10-11.

      There you have it. A WEAPON! And Judaism today still plays the ‘innocent,’ the ‘approved Sacrifice,’ the “Shoah” of God! Blasphemers! Idolaters! Heretics! Where is the voice of the Church in all this? A deadly silence reigns- presaging the reign of Antichrist, or the rise of God’s Soldiers, to once more rout and utterly destroy His enemies.

      Clearly, with the employment of sodomites, feminazis, and the other ‘Uruk-hai’ as their cultural destroyers, the Sarumans of this world are waging war on Middle Earth. I, for one, long for the rise of a godly Christian king to put to rout these subhuman aberrations of satan, before the Parousia.

    2. alex Says:


      Oy, stop ze hate! Your comment is very anti-Prof.

      Posted by: Shlocky | March 31, 2007 at 03:01 AM

      From the footnotes for the Prof’s article:
      7. Bob Woodard, Plan of Attack, (New York, Simon & Schuster, 2004), 320-1. Woodward recounts Wiesel’s visit to the White House in late February 2003, when Bush was still allegedly wavering in his decision to attack Iraq. After hearing Wiesel tell him that Israel’s security was at stake, Bush made the decision easily. Americans must fight to protect Israel. Did Bush know at the time that Wiesel is on the CIA payroll, as he boasts in his autobiography? Wiesel, of course, had previously been a leading supporter of Clinton’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1998.

      Posted by: wolfie | March 31, 2007 at 10:04 AM

      Oh, how those poor, totally innocent jews suffered in the Nazi Death Camps! So what if they were paid special camp money for their labors, and were free enough to send postcards home. And yeah, it’s true that the camps had swimming pools, theaters and even whorehouses for the enjoyment of the ingrates – er, inMATES! Big deal! Don’t listen to all those lying “revisionist” Nazis: I tell you the Chosen were frog-marched into the imaginary gas chambers immediately after the water polo!


    3. pagan Says:

      One very important thing the germans did was to invade all the Masonic Lodges and gather the records…..between 150-200,000 freemasons died in labor camps….The facts are not permitted a public airing…Many of the sob stories about the holohoax were written by JESUITS….Anyone see a connection ?? The freemasons from Greece and turkey,etc.. LOST all their records !!! Remember, the first Synagogue/church appeared in Western TURKEY approx. 50 BC…