1 March, 2007

Goyfire 49

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  7. 7 Responses to “Goyfire 49”

    1. .308 Says:

      SWEEEEEET!! check into the New Mexico mestizo crime omfg!

    2. Dudeman Says:

      One correction. Alex was wrong by saying that Wikipedia is a left-wing source. It is an online community that _anyone_ can contribute to. One case in point, how Savage Wiener had the letter inferring him engaged in homosexual activity with a black man from the 60’s with the Alan Ginsberg crowd removed from his wiki site. There you have a so called right-winger altering pages. If anything, wikipedia is a site for information, but the whole story may not be represented by it.

    3. Beast Says:

      Damn that basic algebra is tough. I almost wasn’t able to leave a comment.

      Well done and excellent show gents. All that nigger-hate just makes my heart sing with joy.

      Excellent show! Here’s some furious applause!

    4. alex Says:

      It is an online community that _anyone_ can contribute to.

      That’s the theory, but that’s in practice it’s just another judeo-leftist source.

    5. ML Says:

      “One correction. Alex was wrong by saying that Wikipedia is a left-wing source. It is an online community that _anyone_ can contribute to.”

      I have tried contributing articles, corrections, etc., over two years and have been repulsed and/or banned each time. Wiki is Jewish — if one bit of truth or objectivity gets by the censors, doesn’t make up for the 5-dozen that are erased in the next minute. They will say you’re “vandalizing” an article.

      Don’t buy the wiki “neutral POV” lie. Anyone claiming he doesn’t have a point of view has an agenda. Wiki is a quick source of essentially neutral info, such as what language is spoken in a certain country, but beyond that you risk the usual jew fudging. And not only that, the traditionalists and occultniks are favored there as well. Go figure.

    6. sgruber Says:

      Wikipedia founder Jimmy Donal Wales seems damn jewish, though I don’t know any source *proving* he is.

      Here’s a discussions by WN about this

      Here’s a discussion about wikipedia bias

      Here wikipedians vote to shitcan an article on “Jewish ethnocentrism”

      I will add Wales’s buddies include crazed Zio-nazi jewess Diana Mertz Hsieh (nee Brickell) and vicious compulsa-blogger-law school prof jew Glenn Reynolds.

      The essence of Wikipedia is that people write articles for Wales free of charge, and he gets to be called a great contributor to “human knowledge.” Like Aristotle.

      I tried to edit Wikipedia’s “Holocaust” article to add “One Third of the Holocaust” to the non-dead-tree bibliography. In SECONDS my edits were deleted.

    7. Jackumup Says:

      The show sould be heard by every white person on the planet, it’s amazing how clear the problem is when the jew has no say.

      Is that the new math?