18 March, 2007

HUSH CRIME OF THE MILLENNIUM: niggers Gang-Rape, Torture, and Murder Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

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Some Knoxville-area reaction:

Update – The Murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

I thought I should update folks on what’s going on with the Channon Christian/Chris Newsom murder investigation, about which I posted here. In fact, I feel compelled to post an update, because the national news has been completely and typically silent on this story, and we all know why that is. And, of course, we all know what would be happening if the victims had been Negros and the perps had been White. Just look at how the media handled the story of that lying Negress who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse team members of rape. The whole thing was a total lie, and yet we’ve heard nary a peep from all the rectal orifices, such as Anthony Bradley, who had those young men tried, judged, and imprisoned before they were even charged. And then, we all know who James Byrd and Emmett Til were. But Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, well, if you live outside of Knoxville, they may as well have never been born. Funny how that works.

The more I follow this awful story the more furious I become, and I hope all White people become at least as enraged as I am. The sanitized version of carjacking, kidnapping, and murders is here. But, I made some phone calls to Knoxville media outlets and the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. Here are a couple of things that are not being made public:

1) While Channon and Chris were bound, and Channon was forced to watch as those sub-humans beat Chris mercilessly, raped him, cut off his penis, shot him a few times, and wrapped his body in some bedding before they doused his body with gasoline and set him on fire.

2) The sub-humans kept Channon bound in the house for a few days while they repeatedly raped her, sexually assaulted her in other ways, urinated on her, and cut off her breasts before they shot her, stuffed her into a trash bag, and deposited her in a garbage can. She was alive in the garbage can for some time before she finally died.

Of course, the sub-humans are pleading innocent to what they did. I’m sure they felt entitled to it, seeing as the slavery that ended 150 years ago and the Jim Crow laws that went away 50 years ago were much worse, and sufficient to justify their kidnapping, torture, and murder of two young White people who were out on a date. After all, some of their fellow sub-humans cited slavery as the reason they kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Melissa MacLaughlin in 1992.

I wonder if the national media breathed a collective sigh of gratitude as the Anna Nichol Smith circus went on; it gave them a reason to take a pass on what happened to Channon and Chris. If the media was indeed happy for the distraction provided by the Smith spectacle, then the NAACP, Je$ter Jack$on, and Al $harpton must have been giddy over it.

For those of you who live outside of Knoxville, I’ll keep you informed.


Laurel1861 said…
I am sure the drunken sub-human who tried to rape my roommate and strangle me back when I was 21 (back in the dark ages, for those of you younguns who might be reading this) would plead slavery as a cause as well. I would say cheap booze, an inflamed libido, and a bad temper are much more likely causes.I praise God that my little experience did not rival that of these two teens. Both my roommate and I survived. Shaken, but alive.

5:35 PM
Barn Cat said…
How naive you are, Laurel! Cheap booze, inflamed libido, and bad temper? What the. . .where did you. . .?No, my friend, it was slavery, I tell you!

Well, maybe I’m wrong. This guy says it was something else (go to the tenth paragraph for his explanation):


Nevermind that millions of people live in less than ideal neighborhoods and shed not a single drop of blood because of it. Nevermind that millions of people can’t afford a 4-Runner and harm not a soul because of it.

It’s the slavery, man!

6:27 PM
Laurel1861 said…
Yes, I must have been naive to mistake his drunken diatribe for something other than his mourning over the sad fate of his ancestors.To this day I haven’t been called worse words, ever!

BTW, the link doesn’t work, gives a 404.

Golly gee, I can’t afford a 4-runner either. Guess I will just have to work a little harder to earn enough money to buy one, or just be content with my little econo-box transport.

No, my friend, it ain’t the slavery. I can think of a lot of things it might be, but it ain’t the slavery.


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  7. 44 Responses to “HUSH CRIME OF THE MILLENNIUM: niggers Gang-Rape, Torture, and Murder Channon Christian and Chris Newsom”

    1. alex Says:

      I consider myself pretty well informed. The fact that this story could happen not far from me and my not having heard about it for nearly two months, and then only courtesy of a second hand blog, indicates deliberate media “inattention.” This really seems like a big story.

      The following link seems to compile most of the details on one place. Comprehensive googling will verify the story. The Knoxville newspapers covered the story, but withheld lots of details, focusing, instead, on the firearms violations. Knoxville TV went into a little more detail.


      If the races had been reversed, we would never, ever had heard the end of this. As it is, I, at least, heard nothing. Why? Was it the Anna Nichole Smith fixation? Who cares about her?

    2. alex Says:

      Originally Posted by ksinc View Post
      That is horrible! How could this not be the most important story? That people capable of that are out among us is something that has to be ended.
      Also, consider this: The murders were on the loose for some time after the murders. Whoever it was was walking among us for some time. That in itself should have been newsworthy; there were days when this was a wide open story.




      So all I can conclude is that there was some decision at some editorial level not to take this national, even though, I think, some arrests were ultimately made in other states, like Kentucky. I live less than 200 miles away and am plugged into a network of people who follow these kind of things. This crime is news to all of us.

    3. alex Says:


    4. alex Says:


      a subtle enough thinker to grasp that there are other issues at work here, such as class envy and an irrational aesthetic urge to “correct a historical imbalance of power,”

      Just what on Gods green earth do you mean here?

      That is total nonsense essentially apologizing for the insane feral racist projections of a group of savages that should otherwise be shot dead upon discovery.

      There was a substanial grain of truth in DMoT’s assertion, after which, BTW, he immedaitely commented it was a tease. There really are Jews and Gentiles who are in fact race traitors in the forensic sense, when they manage to under report and excuse such behavior on the one hand while advocating prosecution on the other for crimes unfounded, vry obviously based up the race of the perpetrators.

      I know you are smarter than that.


    5. SSteve Says:

      I would hope that this article would maintain its place as the top headline on the front page for two weeks while distribution of WPL 2 continues. This is a riveting headline for newbies to be quickly awakened to the blantant anti-white bias of the jewsmedia, as well as the savage behavior of niggers.

    6. Sgt. Skull Says:

      This would be national news if several whites committed this type of crime against a nigger male and female out on a date. Bill O’ Reilly and Lox “News” would be all over this like flies on shit and white on rice interspersed with irrelevent footage of Klan rallies, Matt Hale and Aryan Nations spokespeople to suggest race played a role . Ditto for 60 Minutes, Paula Zahn and other news programs.

      Whites would be collectively responsible for such a crime by both the news media and niggers, so we should hold niggers collectively responsible for this heinous crime. Actually heinous is an understatement. This crime is so atrocious that the perps families should be hunted down and brutally murdered in retaliation along with most Knoxville niggers .

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      I live in another state on the west side, MST. I have not heard of the details of the niggger savagery — figures. This is no doubt a hate crime perpetrated by no other than the same type of animals that killed and slaughtered thousands of Whites in South Africa. All I can say is if we don’t start terrorizing and acting out an eye for an eye against the niggers, this country will become another South Africa. There is only one way to take care of this problem. Unfortunately the judicial system is lost and would rather give light sentencing to niggers and jews. To correct the problem with niggers and jews and mexicans, the problem with these lowlifes will have to be conducted in silence. The matter with the media being controlled by the jews is another big problem. Justice needs to be served against these lowlifes as well for not reporting crimes like this to warn the public, but not the so-called civilized justice that allows these animals to roam freely.

      Death to them all and now!

    8. Coup d'Etat Says:

      As far as the Anna Nicole story taking up the whole news sector at all hours of the day instead of reporting the murder of the two young White couple has some interesting twists to this. The media (jews) want to claim she committed suicide while Howard K. Stern (lowlife jew) who actually murdered her will go scott free.

      There’s a definite pattern here which everyone needs to pay close attention to. The media will make sure that no jew or nigger gets blamed for killing any Whites, no matter what type of character the White person plays or what type of murder it is. Poor Greta on Fox news is still understanding why lowlife jew boy Stern won’t get a paternity test, why there is an outside family member as a guardian for the White child for which she still doesn’t recognize the jew playing a big part in this murder case. Another educational segment of how stupid a White person can be no matter if the individual is an attorney or not. Pretty damn disgusting while it is very informative. The reason Anna is not alive today is because she did not recognize the jew.

      No matter if is a nigger, a jew, or a mexican — they are killing Whites and are getting away it.

    9. Briseis Says:

      “Class envy”? You know , I envy people things, be they socio-economic status or more likely other things they have I don’t, yet killing, rape, torturing, setting the ablaze, dismembering sodomizing, and so on has really not been something that has even crossed my mind.

      What a slacker I am. I’ll never make to the reality show “Class Envy”, I’ll be eliminated in the first round.

    10. Joseph Says:

      Why all the beating around the bush? Why try and figure out what caused it and why the media doesn’t want us to know about it? We all know the truth, remember the L.A. riots? Remember New Orleans? Blacks hate whites and if given the chance they will kill us. The jews run the media and they don’t want a race war, not yet. But you just wait until we are outnumbered, thats when the jews will incite full scale race war! Blacks are subserviant and the jews know that. We will fight when the truth is accepted by the masses. Put down your remote control, stop watching the game and seek the truth before its too late.

    11. sgruber Says:

      The local Knoxville free newspaper Metro Pulse has an article (03/17/07) proclaiming the Channon-Chris story is OVER reported by the MSM.


      The article declares the reportage, such as it is, to be yet another example of anti-black bias typical of the cracker South; Atticus Finch, come and save us.

      Aside from much other error and slanting, the article contains an especially egregious aspect which I addressed in my LTE, as follows:

      Dear Editor,

      Leslie Wylie cites a study saying “In news coverage, blacks are most often the perpetrators of violence against whites and other blacks, whereas in reality whites are six times as likely to be homicide victims at the hands of other whites.”

      This silly falsehood comes from something called the Berkeley Media Studies Group and the Justice Policy Institute.

      A better source is the FBI Uniform Crime Report (online). According to the UCR, in 2000 blacks committed 52.6 percent of all homicides, despite being only 12.8 percent of the population. The Department of Justice summarizes black and white murder victims as roughly equal in number. This means blacks are four times as murderous toward whites as other whites are.

      The silly study Leslie chose to cite is apparently based on the false a priori assumption that blacks and whites commit murder at an equal rate. The white population is close to six times the black population, so probably the study’s authors simply proceeded from that.

      Given these facts, black-on-white crime is underreported.

      If you would hire numerate reporters without a politically correct agenda, you would not be the Metro Pulse. Nor could you self-congratulate on your PC piety. (“We stuck it to whites again! We’re good little cultists!”)


      Here is the editor email, should anyone else wish to chip in and help out.
      [email protected]

      Most of the so-called “alternative” free newspapers push a radical jew line more crudely or at least less intelligently than the MSM does. And more young people read them. Local biz adverts sponsor these sheets heavily, but it would be instructive to see which jewish conglomerates create and are responsible for these rags.

      You can bet your sweet bippy >90% of the local “talent” on the Pulse are kikes.

    12. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      If only we could turn the collective light on in white people’s minds how much this diversity is costing them in so many areas, how deprived we are of our own wonderful ways (such as communities and music), and how we don’t need these savages for anything at all 90% of our problems could end within a year. The greatest enemy we face are the jews and whites who help them out of stupidity, self interest, delusion or spite. If they don’t wake them up soon there isn’t going to be anything we can save from the tidal wave of brown and black monsters.

    13. sgruber Says:

      Cowboy Zeke said:

      “whites who help them out of stupidity, self interest, delusion or spite”

      Not to criticize Whites on here, but certain faults might be constructively pointed out briefly in this connection. So many farmers around these parts of East Tennessee would sell their land – maybe even their grandparents, wives, and children – for money. A jew writes a check, and in short order the farmer sells out, strip malls go up, and population goes to rat-density as race mixing and hip hop bang away. Farmer doesn’t care as long as the check was good.

      Alex mentioned something on a recent FTL about an older generation being money-obsessed: anything for money. Literally ANYTHING. Take any job, crawl through any shit, blow with any wind, fuck anyone over and sell anything out to get some dollars. Remember the words “THIS IS YOUR GOD” printed on the greenback in the movie “They Live”? Well, that’s apparently the thinking of a lot of older-generation (“greatest” generation?) Southern Whites. NOT all, but enough to cause a serious problem.

      How can you resist jews when you can’t resist a check written by a jew?

      (Part of the problem in the South may be the Scarlett O’Hara Syndrome: a culture of “I will never be hungry again!” etc. etc. Part of the baleful legacy of Lincoln’s war.)

      Fred Reed, before he became an open race traitor, made the astute observation that the strip-malling and cultural destruction of America was facilitated by big White landowners, who talked a big game but who found their mouths watering at jewish offers of cash. Bye bye nation. Like Fred, such money-obsessed scum usually end up with a non-White wife in an expatriate dive, White posterity abandoned. But at least they were “good businessmen” and they fulfilled their number one duty (as they see it): MAKE MONEY, PERIOD.

      Contrast this attitude with Adolf Hitler’s. Can you see Hitler hustling for coin, running every kind of racket, sucking black customer ass, and selling out his people if this would make him more nickels? Hell no.

      Apologies for my harsh criticism of some of our people. But Cowboy Zeke’s true observation struck a nerve with me. Too many god-damn sellouts and traitors.

    14. Antagonistes Says:

      I live in Tennessee at the west end of the state. I guess Knoxville is only about 400 miles away.

      Nobody in my town seems to have heard of this.

      Hard-earned Marxist gains could be put in jeopardy if this got out!

      By the way, Alex (I suppose you are THE Alex, but if not, thanks anyway) thanks for recommending E. Michael Jones. I have already read Living Machines and Degenerate Moderns. Fresh air!

    15. sgruber Says:

      Reading the affidavit, I’m not sure that Channon Christian was chopped up.

      Point D states:

      “Christian’s body was contained in a large plastic garbage receptacle, and her body was found contained within five dark colored plastic garbage bags.”

      This could mean that her intact body was put into one bag, that bag was put into a second bag, the second bag was put into a third, the third into a fourth and the fourth into a fifth. Double-bagging, because single bags are relatively flimsy (she had to weigh at least 100 pounds). Even a dumb nigger doesn’t want a hand breaking through the side of the bag and hanging out. Or a smell coming out. Also, if she were alive in the bags, her immediate cause of death would be asphyxiation.

      To summarize, maybe Channon was bagged up “solid,” not dismembered and put in 5 separate bags.

      I would like all these details to be sourced. We don’t want to speculate. If cops are talking to reporters and the reporters are leaking it off the record in private hush conversations, WE need to name the hush reporters, as a matter of justice. Why the fuck aren’t these details sourced and ON THE FRONT FUCKING PAGE?

    16. Hoosier Says:

      If you really want to see some breathtaking stupidity, check out the articles about this case on the “Kirksville Today” blog. The comments of people coming to the defense of these black rapists against “racists” – well, I don’t have the words. Pro negro rapist “Heather” is especially loathsome.

    17. ArchAnglo Says:

      BarnCat, you’d be surprised how many Whites in Knoxville are just now finding out about this nigger-Orc abomination. Then again, as a racially aware White you probably aren’t surprised at all…

    18. ArchAnglo Says:

      I know this is a bit off topic but it seems a horde of nigger “yutes” have been keepin’ it real in Times Square recently…I’m shocked at this outpouring of savage behaviour…shocked I say!


    19. Antagonistes Says:

      Maybe, just maybe, this story will break during the trial?

      Just being optimistic.

      Reality sucks.

      The pessimistic view is usually the true one.

      That’s why I have two pistols.

    20. Bill White Says:

      Is someone gonna go and get a permit already?

    21. Zoroastro Says:

      The rope would be too good for these non-human entities. And more so for those that let them loose on the streets on the clueless, innocent White children like these two. Tragic, monstrous never to be forgotten, nor forgiven.

    22. Veritas Says:

      Who needs a permit? Think outside the box, guys.

    23. Righter Says:

      Like you, Alex, I am outraged over this event.

      In a sane time strong white men would have surrounded the jail housing those savage subhumans, rioted until they were turned over, and then the black subhuman savage beasts would get their nuts chopped off immediately prior to their public death by hanging in a nearby park.

      I always wanted to be a fiction writer…

    24. N.B. Forrest Says:

      The filthy kikes and their goy blow-drys still howl about James Burmeister, the White soldier who shot that nigger couple, oh, 10 YEARS AGO – but when fucking nigger beasts gang rape, torture, mutilate & murder a young White couple TODAY, why, itz into the ol’ kosher shitcan!

      They’ve all got to be annihilated. Nothing else will do.

    25. Antagonistes Says:

      I do not have a permit for either pistol.

      I will probably get a permit for just one of them.

      Didn’t the New Orleans police use permits to find out who had guns, and then confiscate them?

      So, they’ll just get one of mine when the big quake hits (I live pretty near the New Madrid fault line) and the nigras revert to type.

    26. Jason Says:

      If you take a look at the news just as this crime was coming to light you’ll find that Obama was announcing his intent to consider running for president. Imagine the horror when Liberal/Democrat editors and newsmen realized that reporting the facts might cause a diminished enthusiasm for a black candidate. I think this is the most likely the reason we were denied this news. The Liberal media spoon-fed us what they think is good for us to know.

      If you want to know were the Liberals and the likes of G.W. Bush are taking the country, just take a look at any country in Latin America. That’s what the U.S. will be like in the future.

    27. Biff Baxter Says:

      It would be tragic if crypto-joo Greg Johnson slipped on the sidewalk and fell down headfirst on top of a bullet. It really would.

    28. Pil Koler Says:

      I say it’s time to shoot the niggers and stuff them in a bag one by one a la Channon Christian.

    29. Tim Says:

      It’s the Jew and men of color fault that our women seek men with big penises instead of being loyal to white men.

      The Jew controlled media keep showing men of color, especially black men, as being superior in sports. Thus, making them appear more manly and adding to the myth that men of color penises are larger.

      As a result, we as white men feel inferior because of our small penis size and as a result some white men take their anger out on white women. If you google Gary Ridgeway, Ted Bundy. H.H. Holmes, Dennis Rader, John Collins you will see that they were all white serial killers.

      I’m not brainwashed. Serial Killers are by far white males. And white women as a general rule are killed by white men and not men of color.
      In fact, it’s because white women are not obeying us as white men, that white serial killers are emerging.

      They take our money and want our power, but they sneak behind our backs and have sexual relations with men of color, especially black men.
      This is the root cause of our problem.

      For examply, eventhough asian men are smart and have a great economy, we are not threated by asian men because they have small penises. We know our white women will not find them alluring.

      If my facts are wrong, please point out where I’m incorrect.

    30. Me Says:

      “Thank God it wasn’t a hate crime,” eh?


      Four out of four random and honest HR pros will admit they have been instructed not to hire white males.

      Freedom of speech–and hence, the ONLY meaningful expression of “Liberty,” admittedly must fly out the window when a nation becomes “diverse,” but of course, to “avoid conflict.”

      Niggers are the most violent, most stupid, most ungreatful bastards to have ever walked free in America. Always but always there are racial accusations and racial threats a moment away, regardless of how much they are given, granted, or allowed to screw up.

      Let us hold accountable, directly, those who have inflicted them upon us, and let us start with the “educational professionals,” the university presidents that get free houses and +200grand a year for “creating reality”
      while brainwashing youth. Let us view those public officals who persicute race issues on a one way street. Let us consider carefully our so-called “religious leaders” who pray for diversity but keep silent in the case of our own genocide–who dare not endorse the health of the nation, but rather have us beating ourselves for the sake of “the world.”

      Let us stand up, one by one, and find ourselves together, fighting pure evil.

    31. End Multiculturalism Now ! Says:

      As a result, we as white men feel inferior because of our small penis size and as a result some white men take their anger out on white women. If you google Gary Ridgeway, Ted Bundy. H.H. Holmes, Dennis Rader, John Collins you will see that they were all white serial killers.

      Nice Jewspeak Tim

      So according to the small penis = serial killer theory, wouldn’t niggers
      have the small dick ? I mean shooting and killing and raping everyone for
      the littlest things must equal sexual Inadequacies In Nigger males. The
      thing with Niggers is that they are too stupid to get away with murder, and
      when caught It aren’t considered a serial killers by Jew media (Hush Crimes). In this case with these Niggers raping and murdering
      this couple, I would like to see an eye for an eye. Execute them In the
      manner the executed these White youth, Who had a bright future
      ended by a bunch of fucking lifetime welfare recipients who lacked one.

    32. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Where did we get this idea of chopping ourselves up and then discussing body parts as if they were completely other?

      When you eat, it is not just your mouth eating, but your toes as well as your hair.

      When a husband makes loves to his wife, it is not only his penis making love, it is his bones and fingernails as well.

      In short, we are whole, integrated creatures, not a collection of functions only. I suspect science may bear some responsibility for this attitude.

      We may be a collection of attributes, but each of those attributes is infused with a “youness” unique only to you.

      To judge someone on the basis of one, or a few, attributes is to do psychic violence to not only that person, but yourself as well.

    33. Fred Says:

      Where are my comments concerning the Non Anglo-Saxon People N.A.S.P

      It seems we are having more Jew Censorship for mind control to protect the Irish, Italian, Scottish, Greek, Slav scum.

    34. Fred Says:

      I agree lets end multiculturism, and we can start by kicking out and deporting all Non Anglo Saxon Protestans like the Irish, Italians, Greeks, Slavs Spainards, Hispanics and etc. Only then can we get back the greatness of the British Empire.

      We had the right idea at the beginning of the century when we tried to stop all the immigration of Europes filth and trash who are now intergrated in WASP society.

      So lets end Multiculturism, English should remain English, French – French, Germans -Germans, Polocks – Polocks etc. If we were meant to intermix our cultures we would not have separte languages.

    35. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Also, your attributes are infused with a race-ness and a family-ness.

      Race reduced to family reduced to you equals your “karma,” from which there is no escape.

      Just as any one of your attributes cannot be separated from the whole, which is you, so you cannot be separated from family and race.

    36. Bob Says:

      The problem with the US is that the KKK has turned into a bunch of drunken loud-mouths instead of doing what they were organized to do. They originally tried to keep the niggers in their place and too scared to perpetrate a serious crime against whites. Since the liberals and jews have basically neutered tha Klan, the niggers think that they own the US and can do whatever they like. If they get caught, all they have to do is scream “RACISM” and all the liberals and jews will work together to get charges dropped and a white woman to suck their nigger dicks! I say, let’s get rid of the liberals and jews, then we can work on eliminating the niggers from America. Just think, if one million (1,000,000) whites killed a nigger a day, in 30 days there would be very few niggers and those remaining would be very scared and humble!

    37. BanTheMunkey Says:

      These goddamn niggerz are now celebrating the murder of this couple: http://www.nowpublic.com/knox_blacks_celebrate_carjacking_rapists_in_party These niggers need to be eliminated.

    38. greywolf Says:

      HEY, do not forget OJ… the reason he was freed, rodney king riots showed this cowardly legal system what it cannot get away with! this was turning point for me and my white friends, the drums in the jungle frighten these pussies in charge. they live in fear of all. the laws of this country, micro manage its population to where you almost shit your pants when you see a cop and realize you dont have your wallet with you, or forgot to buckle up! this is a psychological war! waged for control,out of fear.the violent negros will not change the world, their ignorance will do them in. the white race has and will always be in control, reason is our weopon!!

    39. john doe Says:

      People are evil no matter what color skin. If you want those niggers punished go to knozville and get them and only them.

    40. Russian Celtic Warrior Says:

      I am primarily a Medievalist and will remain so for the rest of my life as I wish I lived back then; yes no electricity, no automobiles, no nothing! Do you know why? because the white race isn’t what it used to be and we need that back; they were humble back then and not to mention tougher then any Marine of today; a Knight in Medieval Europe would EASILY defeat a Nigger ( if any managed to be around ) with no problem at all; remeber they were skilled at killing animals for food so since Niggers are lower then our furry pals this would be relatively easy; Not even a challenge.

      Our forfathers were tough as nails and could take a cutting, pounding, and whatever and still fight without letting up until that piece of shit was fucking DEAD!!! Just like these Subhuman pieces of genetic garbage should be; let’s start the entertainment boys shall we??

      The idea is to inflict the MAXIMUM amount of pain on these shit skin, subhuman pieces of garbage for as long as possible while keeping them alive as long as possible.

      First get together a nice boiling pot big enough for these stinky ugly shit skin Coons to fit into; lower them slowly 3 inches per minute at a time into this oil mixed with a small amout of acid; start from the bottom and then work up until you reach there hideously ugly ape faces and STOP; by this time there donkey balls and dicks will be burned off as the temperature woud be about 100 degrees. We don’t want them to die here because much, much, more is to come; otherwise I’d say 300 degrees.

      After this the bull whip laced with glass, nails and chips of bone comes into play; they would each get 20 lashes head to toe. After that hang the nigger, jig-a-boo bas(turds) upside down and get four Aryan white brothers to crack every bone in there inferior stinky, ugly, ape, deformed bodies. then get a lead pipe and stick it in theire asses until it splits open.

      Put them on a high tree with a tightrope and let them hang for about 4 days in full view of all.

      Top all of this off by a good old fashioned Quartering and split them into of course 4 pieces and send each piece to Father, Mother, Sister, and brother( Oh, I forgot , niggerapes have 20 children this might be a problem oh well they will just have to divide it up I guess) and carve a note into them stating that this is what will happen to all 30,000,000 of your Niggers in America if this ever, ever, EVER happens again!!!!!!!!!!!

      Shocking you say?? Think im evil? No I am not evil. I hate it when my fellow brothers and sisters in my race get the shaft and I am sick of this crap; white men and women need to start sticking together NOW!!;please all of you white women out there go and buy a Glock; if Channon and Chris would have had a gun they would be alive now and those BEASTS would be 6 feet under in the shit hole where they belong.

      Don’t listen to the media, people they are LIARS; we are tougher then niggers not the other way around!! the lying JEW media has been on this brainwashing campaign for years. If Niggers were so tough why do they attack 4 on 1, 7 on 1 and so on. When they get beat up the Kikes and the media come to their rescue don’t they?

      They rarely ever fight a white guy one on one without picking up a gun or getting there other beasts to join in; wake up white people please for the love of God and our children!!! ; anyway a baseball bat can kill any nigger of any size or strength anyway so carry one of those too!!

      As for race traitors they get the death penalty; plain and simple
      No torture just the fireing squd or beheading will do.



    41. Roy Locke Says:

      It’s a good thing to see that other whites are interested in a race war. Only problem is, the war is already here. The niggers keep skirmishing defenseless whites like the couple in Knoxville and Eve Carson in N.C., among countless other victims. The sand niggers in the Middle East aren’t even a problem compared to what niggers are doing to White America here on our own soil. Maybe if Osama Obama (can you fucking believe it?) gets elected, the niggers will use it for an excuse to ramp up their war on Whites, thinking with a nigger in charge they’ll be able to get away with it. Hopefully things will get so bad that us White American Patriots can start shooting every nigger wearing a hoodie or a du-rag in sight, and get this country back on track to be the great country it was before we gave the fucking niggers a chance to join the human race. Maybe we’ll know better next time

    42. Chuck Says:

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      These niggers reacted out of ignorance and should be punished. I would like to see a law that would release rapists into the victim’s families custody. No questions asked! That would definitly cut down on rape

    43. Norseman Says:

      It is a damn shame many whites have become spineless cowards; too afraid to fight for themselves, or even their own family. We’ve been force fed this guilt trip bullshit about slavery, and now everybody has to walk on egg shells around blacks Just look at what Reginald Denny did after he got his head bashed in by a violent nigger who threw a brick during the L.A. riots.
      He forgave the jungle nigger apes that did it to him and hugged them. He should have bashed their thick monkey skulls in right there on the spot, of course it would take more than a brick to put a dent in those baboon skulls. A .45 is more like it. Always be on the alert around these
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    44. John Tyler Says:

      This is only one of these racist hate crimes against Caucasions. On my website I have a post called Gangs Racism and Discrimination which is 40 huge pages of other such crimes not covered by the media.Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      25 as far as this hindu guru goes tell him to go back to India! check this 40 page post on http://www.hawaiian-tv.com