1 March, 2007

John Derbyshire Is a Coward, But Not a Conservative

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By Alex Linder

Let’s run down Kirk’s list and see how Curbyshire stacks up.

1) belief in natural law

This includes self-defense. Jim Crow, which can stand for racialism as integral to conservatism, Curbyshire specifically rejects. Whites must face nigger depredation as individuals. As they are picked off, see Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, among millions of others, real conservatives will avert their gaze and cap their pens. The jews don’t want the cost of integration known. Yes, sir, right away, sir, says Butler Curbyshire. “You’ll hear no talk of Christian and Newsom from me, Sir.” As the man says, he is a coward. But he is not a conservative, according to me and Kirk and common sense. Whites enjoy the natural right to defend themselves as a group. From Indians in the 1600s, to niggers and jews in the 21st century. He who would deny that right while arrogating the right to speak as conservative is to be scored and scourged.

2) Affection for the proliferating variety of life.

Let’s couple that with three:

3) Conviction that civilized society requires orders and classes.

Manifest it is that nigger and White do not mix. So said our Founders. The ones who created the Constitution to protect their posterity. Blacks were segregated so that their natural behavior wouldn’t destroy human society. The protections were rational, natural, and necessary. Without them, White society is being slowly but surely destroyed. There is nothing conservative, nothing responsible, and everything cowardly and reprehensible about a writer masquerading as a conservative, but serving his jewish bosses by covering up the facts of the dispossession, rapine, and just plain god-damn out-and-out murder. Just as there is no prudence in crossing a gap with two jumps, there is nothing prudent, cautious or reasonable about pretending that irreconcilable racial differences do not exist. Derbyshire makes this pretense, and in doing so loses all claim to be called conservative. Rather, he and every other writer acceding to the jewish Big Lie that race does not matter is a liberal ideologue, coward, and appeaser, and a nation-wrecker-helper, no matter what honorable name he appropriates.

Respect for the proliferating variety of life means discovering, appreciating, and understanding the meaning of differences – not pretending they don’t exist in the name of ideology. The races in thought, in looks, in behavior, in reality, are different and irreconcilable (Jefferson’s word). Playing along with the jews in pretending that the differences do not exist, or do not matter to the extent that reality shows they do, is in fact evil, cowardly, and destructive, and in no way conservative.

We have spent years on the Internet at VNN bringing you the latest scientific studies documenting the IQ and behavior gaps between races, and the news stories in which the gap is made manifest. We have brought you news about the jews and the strategies they pursue to dominate Aryans, including setting up pseudosciences denying racial differences. We have told you for seven years now that jews took over conservatism and replaced its solid contents with offal. It is not enough that Derbyshire admit to cowardice in refraining from telling the truth about jewish political control over America and her institutions, he must renounce all claim to a conservatism he simply does not represent. He is just another multicultural Marxist, a front for the jews in the same way George Bush is, and in no way is he worthy of the label conservative.

4 & 5) Persuasion that freedom and property are closely linked; anti- economic leveling. Faith in prescription and distrust of those who would reconstruct society upon abstract designs. What is that but a full-on description of the agenda, motives and men — jews, rather, not men — behind civil rights – America’s version of Soviet Communism. Yet, this so-called conservative Derbyshire supports the jewish agenda down to the last jot and tittle. He is no conservative. He has no right to the name. There is no logic to the claim. He is the opposite of conservative. He sides with, and is paid by — no little matter, ask him — by the Jacobin radicals active in every revolution since, not the French, but the British revolution. What would Curbyshire say about the jews paying off Cromwell to be let back into England? Is that conservative too?

Prescription says blacks are little more than animals, and extremely dangerous, stupid, violent animals. Away with prescription, says insane radical Derbyshire, while styling himself a conservative. He isn’t. It doesn’t matter what he says. By no rational definition, by no prescribed standard, by no accepted canon, is Curbyshire a conservative. The only way his position can even seem conservative is by covering up the bloody, sliced-off penis of Chris Newsom. There’s your conservatism, you god-damn British walking breathing piece of shit carpetbagging goddam jew-truckling crud. You aren’t a conservative. You aren’t an American. You aren’t a man.

You’re a goddam dog. A piece of septic isledung. John Curbyshire.

You are no conservative. You are a truckler before radical jewish evil. You are a butler and bootlicker to Bolsheviks. You are a Briton.

Channon Christian’s blood is all over you, evil, little man.

Chris Newsom’s blood covers you like your shame, your cowardice, your degradation.

You are no man. You are what our American ancestors fought free from and of for all time.

You are not an American. You are a Briton. We Americans are free. You are slave.

We are men. But you are a coward, and a carpetbagger. You are despicable and without honor.

I will debate or punch you any place or time, you piece of shit. You Briton.

You are no American. Never forget that. As long as you live here, you will never be an American. You are a Briton, and a piece of shit. You are an unwanted interloper and carpetbagger even worse than that last skinking mexican that just creeped out of the Rio Grande.

Last point, six: Recognition that change is not reform. Your boss tells you negroes are fit to vote. But the Founders, whose wisdom and nation you affect to desire to preserve, tell you the opposite. You reconcile these contradictory views how? By consulting reality? The effects of loosing the niggers? Hell, no. You consult your paycheck. That’s where truth always lies for the Derbyshire ilk.

You’re not only a coward, you’re a bought coward. A hireling. A butler. A bootlicker. A toad-eater. A fluffer of kikenpeckers. A worm. A maggot. A carpetbagger. And a Briton. Not sure which is worst, but I’ve got an opinion.

“Hasty innovation may be a devouring conflagration, rather than a torch of progress.”

Your “responsible” disavowing of the slightest touch of Jim Crow is dumping lighter fluid on the jew-arsonists’ fire. You, John Cur-Derbyshire, the jews, and gang-raping niggers all work together to set the violated, sodomized, chopped-up, chemically-burned corpses of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom alight.

You are no conservative. You are no man. You are a jew-tool. A multicultural Marxist. And a professional coverer-up.

You are a British carpetbagger.

You are a kike-collaborating coward.

You are fit only for an unmarked grave in the corner of a jewish cemetery, pissed on by one of your brother fourlegs.

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  7. 12 Responses to “John Derbyshire Is a Coward, But Not a Conservative”

    1. Jim Says:

      Don’t tar all us Britons with the same brush, Mr Linder! You have a great show and great ideas, and I am an avid listener and recommend your site to everyone I can. The British have been conned by the same evil ones as you Americans. Our country is in a more perilous state than the US – many of us think like you – to attack the British as a race is counterproductive. I don’t judge Americans by the standards of the fuckwit Bush. Don’t judge me by the standards of the jew appeaser you refer to above.

    2. New America Says:

      I suspect that the poor treatment of the late Sam Francis by his brother CONServatives has crystallized the awareness in many of us as to the true nature of CONservativism, at the Institutional level.

      Thinking of how much we had invested in our identities as CONservatives, I can only imagine how much more difficult it must have been for Joe Sobran to realize the real reason the lights went out for him. And, for Sam Francis, it must have been a shocking experience that so overwhelmed him that he literally never really recovered from it.

      That’s what White Nationalism – in the form that it SHOULD be – has to offer such men. WE shift from the defensive, where we never make headway, to an offensive MINDSET. From this MASCULINE perspective, we can at least stop losing ground, and choose to define the terms to OUR satisfaction, rather than passively accepting what the goddamn JEW gives us.

      That’s also why alex’s recent focus on Sam Francis has been so enlightening; Francis realized, intellectually, that the source of his misfortune was the reaction of JEWS to his all-too-truthful writings.

      Emotionally, he never really recovered from this.

      After all, the thought that all of his professional life had been limited by the wishes of demons in shoe-leather offered two solutions – one, passive resignation, and a slow death, or two, moving forward with a clear-eyed view of all of human life in the light of RACE. and the conflict between all of Humanity, and their RACIAL enemy, the goddamn JEWS.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. James Hawthorne Says:

      Jim has a point Alex – Don’t tar all Britons with that jew appeaser Derbyshire brush.

      Itz ok going after Derbyshire, but throwing all Britons into the same dog pile is stupid at best and down right mental at worst !

    4. Paul623 Says:

      Linder’s hatred of Britons (a long running hatred) shows that he’s not all there. Must be said though – as a defective he still achieves more than most WN’s.

    5. Americafirst. Says:

      I have a New Zealand aquintence friend who is 60 and has been to England over 50 times he told me, and in political discussions on WW 1 and 2 leading up to today, he said there are NO White on Earth as a group that more ignorant and hard headed about the lies of WW 2 than English men, and he is a 100% English man too.

      Still, in defense of English people they have been severely abused by the their London master and their school/caste system.

      Ezra Pound if I recall correctly made comment’s about the English being Wooden headed as nothing could penitrait their skulls.

    6. Jim Says:

      Americafirst is right about WW2, but again the media (films, books, tv) have brainwashed the average Englishman into the “good war” myth. A classic example is the “Finest Hour” legend of the Battle of Britain – heroic young pilots fighting against overwhelming odds. No doubt that these were brave men who fought and died for their country – but nobody asks why they were fighting their German brothers in the first place! I suppose what I am trying to say is that media sterotypes (promoted by you-know-who) of the English, Americans, Australians and so on are at best unhelpful to us right now. The British media still has an anti-German bias (think Fawlty Towers) and this has been replaced recently by anti-American images. Americans are portrayed as fat, stupid, loud and arrogant with no knowledge of the outside world. Australians are apparently all lager drinking, uneducated and profane. The English are all parochial, downtrodden, class obsessed soccer hooligans or arrogant upper-class twits.

      In reality we are all part of the beleaguered 8% and have the same thing in common – white survival, and its pointless labelling each other with bad national characteristics which are largely fabricated by the controlled media (and considering I have a wooden-head, I can still spell penetrate – just kidding!).

      United we stand!

    7. Americafirst. Says:

      Jim, yes of course your absolutely correct we are all in the same boat as we have been used with their media monster, and had our finest blood vanished because of that genocidal anti-White so called WW 1 crime.

      WW 1 English officer’s were arrested and jailed for being against War with Germany in 1939, and they were member’s of Parliment too.

      As for spelling, yes I will try to proof better even if I am tired after working all day.


    8. Jim Says:

      I don’t know the root of Linder’s anti-Brit thing, but let’s face there are are a lot of things that have been done in the name of the British people that he could choose from (starting WW2, for example). The challenge we face here is getting people to THINK rather than accept the standard “truth” peddled by the BBC, SKY, the Guardian, the publishing houses and so on. Interestingly, by eradicating any form of nationalism in Britain (other than for sports events), there is no gung-ho support for war as there seems to be in some quarters of the US. “Decent” people are cowed, introspective, unbelievably tolerant and underneath it all, afraid. The main difference here is that there is nowhere left to run, so they play the multicult game – but sooner or later its all going to fracture and the ever-reserved English may just re-emerge as a nation again. God I hope so.

    9. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      I don’t agree with all that Alex says, but he is more right than wrong.

      Who would I want to be there if I were attacked by a swarm of Negroes?

      Certainly not the passionless Derbyshire or any of his kind. I have had enough of these men who are just rationalizing heads and couldn’t, or wouldn’t, fight if they had to.

      Their practical, “reasonable” voices have castrated our passions!

    10. Eumaeus Says:

      Get em Alex! Bushwhack that Limey pussfag!

      I had a bellyful of Limey bastards and their haughty bullshite. I’m still pissed Winnie the Sodden opposed the Good German folk during the big war. Bastards! Look how they ruined their own Empire. And they whoreship that quarter-kike Churchill like he was a freakin saint and not a fat Jew-lovin drunk!

      I know there’s good AngloSaxons on the island still, but they get shoved down to the bottom while the Kikealikes rise up like scum on the water!

      Screw em they’ll all be half-Pak browns in a generation or so. Let the real White AngloSaxons come on to the USA where they can speak their minds!

      As for Derbyshire, yes he is a boring pussy. Dont compare him to Francis who was a better man and Jew-wise, unlike Derbyshire. We got no evidence at all Derbyshire is Jew wise. He is a kikealike in my book and not a tenth the writer Sam Francis was.

    11. Eumaeus Says:

      PS Alex man, you got an acid tongue. I’m sorry if I ever pissed you off man! Jes dont light that fire down on me. If you pitched heat like you breathe fire you musta been quite a ballplayer.

      you know I like this antispam device ya got it prolly keeps the nigras from posting hheeee

    12. shane Says:

      I haven’t liked the English since the First War.