15 March, 2007

MAYNARD: Response to Letter to Germany

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Germany’s Schizophrenic Approach to Freedom of Speech

Above Pre-1990
Above post-1990
Germany’s Schizophrenic Approach to Freedom of Speech
By Curt MaynardAbout ten days ago I wrote a letter to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, and sent it through the General Consul’s office in Houston Texas, asking Rainer Muenzel to forward the letter on to the German Chancellor.

Today I unexpectedly received a form letter response from the Consular General, Herr Rainer Muenzel. I know it was a form letter response, because my daughter received an identical letter in the mail today too.

Before I reveal what the letter said, I want to reiterate something I wrote above and that is that I sent the letter, not to Herr Muenzel, but to Angela Merkel and that I specifically asked him [the Office of the General Consul] to forward the letter on the Chancellor. I am assuming that he did not do this, but instead took it upon himself to reply to a letter that was not addressed to him, nor is any of his concern.

In any case, his reply might well qualify as the most parochial justification for the persecution of Ernst Zundel that I have ever seen, and trust me; I have seen my fair share of schizophrenic explanations. When reading the below bear in mind that it was written by a man deemed to be competent enough to represent a modern European democracy on foreign soil, i.e. a diplomat. Bear in mind too that Herr Muenzel is allegedly an educated and intelligent man, or at least that’s what one might expect, based upon his curriculum vitae and given his position. Perhaps it was his years in Israel that skewed his views on what freedom of speech and individual liberties really mean?

Now, in the words of Herr Rainer Muenzel [Rainer Münzel] I present to you, the vast Internet community; the official German explanation of what freedom of speech means and who may exercise it:

Dear Curt Maynard,

Mr. Zundel denies the mass murder committed by Hitler and his henchmen. The denial of this mass murder will prepare the next mass murder.

Thus, irresponsible people like Mr. Zundel cannot claim the freedom of speech.

Yours sincerely,

Rainer Muenzel

Holy jumpin jehosaphat! I still can’t believe I received the above letter from the Office of German Consular General, I might have expected something similar from the office of the NKVD or perhaps the Stasi, but I expected a somewhat more sophisticated explanation from the modern state of Germany, a nation that prides itself on its alleged love of freedom and democracy, what a sick joke. And the use of the word “henchmen” was almost too much, to be honest, I was a bit surprised he didn’t add that he was “shocked” anyone would show any concern for Zundel.

My God, if irresponsibility precluded people from being able to freely speak out, the entire Merkel and Bush governments would be forever silenced! Their irresponsibility knows no bounds. The German state just gave Israel another modern Dolphin submarine capable of carrying nuclear tipped cruise missiles knowing full well that the Israelis have had the capability since at least 2000. Are we really to believe that this was a “responsible” decision? Please. The Israelis are at present threatening Iran, a nation of 70 million souls with annihilation if they don’t disassemble their nonexistent nuclear weapons program. Will it be at all “irresponsible” or Merkel not to take “responsibility” for the mass murder of millions of Iranians should the Israeli’s decide on their Sampson Option?

Would a “responsible” leader of a modern European “democracy” throw its own people in prison for questioning aspects of history that make no sense, i.e why is it that four million Jews were said to have been murdered at Auschwitz in 1989[1], but only 1.5 million in 1991? [See photos of the plaques above]. Wouldn’t a “responsible” person be in the least bit curious as to what happened to the other 2.5 million? Wouldn’t an “irresponsible individual shrug, and continue to embrace their own self imposed ignorance? I think so, and if you’re capable of thinking properly, you’ll think so too.

I won’t even go into the irresponsibility of the Bush administration; even a blind, deaf and dumb African pygmy hermit is more than familiar with the Bush administrations irresponsible foreign policies and his associated loss of credibility worldwide. I guess I could mention how irresponsible it was of Bush to invade another country and kill hundreds of thousands of its citizens based upon faulty intelligence, but as I said, even the pygmy knows that.
Herr Muenzel states above that the denial of one mass murder will prepare the next mass murder. That’s an interesting statement too, considering the fact that the purveyors of the official holocaust story, i.e. the Merkel and Bush governments and Israel seem to be the ones gearing up to perpetrate mass murder today, not Ernst Zundel, who sits in prison brewing coffee with a submersible heater, eagerly awaiting mail that never arrives, due to the archaic and Bolshevik censorship of his mail. It seems to me that a responsible person might start asking questions about specific historical events, especially the ones that governments don’t want asked, i.e. the holocaust and 9-11. As I’ve said before, the reason people question the holocaust is for exactly the same reason many are now questioning 9-11, because there are in fact many legitimate questions and no forthcoming answers, except in the form of persecution, prosecution and prison.

Being that Herr Muenzel in all likelihood did not pass my letter as asked on to Chancellor Merkel, I’m going to exercise my freedom of speech by blogging this missive, submitting it to numerous websites, and reaching out to Merkel via the power and thus far unrestricted reach of the Internet. I am absolutely certain she’ll eventually read it and Herr Muenzel will be asked why he did not forward it to her in the first place. In the words of Michael Rivero, “I am blogger, hear me roar!”

If you have any thoughts about Muenzel’s letter and would like to share them with him, please feel free to exercise your freedom of speech and call, or send him an email.

Rainer Muenzel
1330 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 1850, Houston Texas 77056. 713-627-0506 – [email protected]

[1] First reported by the New York Times on April 18, 1945

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