29 March, 2007

Nation of Islam (NOI) Sportsblog?

Posted by alex in Alex Linder, black nationalism, sports at 11:30 pm | Permanent Link

Yes, indeed. Loaded with quality material, suitable for braying.

Serengetti Williams getting dissed.

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  7. 11 Responses to “Nation of Islam (NOI) Sportsblog?”

    1. alex Says:

      Unsilent Majority said…

      good thing I’m not white, I’m Jewish.

    2. miguel asseno Says:

      Whites have called every other man upon the earth ugly, evil and inferior. Yet that which giveth life to everything upon the earth, the Sun, burneth him. That which gives life to everything upon the earth is God. God giveth life to everything on the earth but the white man and the thing which come after him and are as him. That which giveth life to everything upon the earth giveth the superior white man 10 minutes in the Sun before his ‘superior’ skin starts to burn. God hates the white man; and God hath given me a gift, science and knowledge to share with you as we move forward into New Jerusalem. The Sun of God Hath Returned. Jesus saith ‘in the day when the Sun of God returns, you shall have power to cast out demons.’ – Prophet & scientist Yacub 7 Ali


      Yacub 7 Ali teach blacks to use their distinct eumelanin (that naturally absorbs ultraviolet light) to reradiate the ultraviolet light their skin naturally absorbs onto the skin of whites and give them skin cancers: carcinomas, sarcomas and melanoma.

      How does God love white people when that which God has made to give life to everything on the earth burns their skin. God hates whites. HA! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Life hates whites! Flowers, water and birds hate whites!

    3. Stronza Says:

      Did you notice the buttocks on that woman? I have never seen anything like it. Or maybe you li’l dickens did some Photoshopping.

    4. Stan Says:

      Damn, that nigger bitch’s ass qualifies her as an airwhale. What a pigress.

    5. Mark Says:

      Depigmentation is a paedomorphic trait, as is increased brain size, both are evolutionary progressive.

      Even within the black community the lighter-skinned, racially mixed blacks are viewed as superior and more desirable.

    6. Thoughtcrime Says:

      That blogspot was absurdity squared. Hell, niggers are absurdity squared.
      The majority of posts seemed to focus on Serena’s arse, which to me is vaguely reminiscent of the rear end of some great horned rhino on the plains of Afreaka. That could be insulting to the average rhino and if so, I apologize in advance.

      Also, who the hell cares about niggerball anyway? IMO, It’s absolutely inconsequential and I stopped watching that refuse many years ago.
      It’s just a shame that my beloved baseball is featuring less and less Whites and more and more muds every Spring. It makes me sad really. I wonder how many great White young pitchers/hitters/shortstops etc. are being turned away in order to promote some mud?

      To Miguel:

      IMO, there is only one God: DNA.

      As evidenced by your post, you clearly need to evolve upward, away from childish religio-fantasy. You can visualize it to be a mental evolutionary step, one which you haven’t taken yet.

      In addition, European Whites evolved in colder, more northern climates and as a result we have less melanin in our skin. That’s the primary reason we are White; our genes dictate it due to adaptation to these climates.

    7. alex Says:

      Evander Holyfield Develops New Steroid Test

      As you are more than likely aware, Evander Holyfield’s name was on a list of clients of a steroid/human growth hormone supplier.

      Clearly, a muscular Negro with a pea-brain is an easy target for the powers that be to target as a steroid user. But the important part of the story is something you aren’t being made aware of: Evander has come up with a reliable and cheap method to test for steroids.

      Holyfield revealed:

      ….one of his former trainers used steroids. “His personality went back and forth. Sometimes he was normal. Sometimes he was aggressive. Another thing I noticed is that he smelled bad. A lot of times people who take steroids have this odor.”

      So, before we go convicting Evander in the media of wrong doing, let’s stop for a moment. We’ve heard Evander accused of many things and we’ve read of many characteristics attributed to him. But, never has Evander ever been accused of anything but pleasant emmissions. You think Tyson would bite off the ears of a man that smelled like a hobo?

      If Evander can pass his own olfactory steroid test, that’s good enough for us.

      So, armed with that knowledge, Bud Selig should be able to clear up this steroid business in baseball. And next year, if Shawne Merriman is smelling odd halfway through the season, we’ll know he is back on the juice.

      Posted by nation_of_islam_sportsblog at 11:53 PM


      Anonymous said…

      Well, black people smell odd to begin with so I see no difference.
      March 15, 2007 8:50 PM
      nation_of_islam_sportsblog said…

      “Well, black people smell odd to begin with so I see no difference.”

      Sir, that odd smell is righteousness. I can understand your unfamiliarity.


    8. Anti Says:

      Depigmentation is a paedomorphic trait, as is increased brain size, both are evolutionary progressive.

      No. Depigmentation is merely a symptom of miscegeny. It is not “evolutionarily progressive” at all, and by the way, bigger brains and lighter skin are no longer necessarily evolutionarily successful. Didn’t you see Idiocracy? White Nationalists make “evolution” into a personal god for smiting their enemies and defectors from their ranks.

    9. KamauKamboon Says:

      Filthy sheboon. This is what niggers are. The fact is that they are the most rascist of all people on the planet. And they will always be jealous of whites. They will never be happy until a) they themselves are white – which will never happen. or b) the whites are irradicated – and they are working on that through the jewish subversion of interbreeding. The results of this scenario have been played out over and over in history. You’d think people would stop to realize this. Niggers and niggification are a bad thing, the worst thing, for any civilized nation on this planet.

      I saw an article the othe day that Israel is not allowing several hundred ethiopian, supposed jew, niggers into their country that want to settle there. They say “there isn’t room for them”. Funny how that is huh? With all this tripe about mexicans I can’t but be diverted to think about the recent boatload of haitian niggers that just washed up on floridian shores. More niggers to “enrich” our culture.

    10. Lorp de Larp Says:

      That site is hilarious. I wonder how many boolies think it’s for real and don’t understand they’re being insulted. Probably all of them.

    11. vomit Says:

      Haven’t watched any TV, gone to ANY Sports events or supported ANY advertised product that HAS more than 1 drop of nappy,s mamy….going on 12 years, now…yep ! I’m A PROUD RIGIDLY RACIST REDNECK !!!! so are me young’ns……….