25 March, 2007

O’FARRELL: Goys in the Attic

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Goys in the Attic
Save Abe from the Gentile Clutch!

By Luke O’Farrell

Under Scottish law there are three possible verdicts at the end of a trial: “Guilty”; “Not guilty”; and “Not proven”. You go to prison only if you’re found guilty. Some people want to introduce a similar system into English law. The three possible verdicts would be: “Guilty”; “Not guilty”; and “Not goyisch”. You’ll go to prison only if you’re found both guilty and goyisch. I mean, is it fair, is it just, is it good in the sight of Heaven that Jews, who have been persecuted and massacred for millions of years by us goyim, should ever have to submit to our so-called laws?

Of course it isn’t. That’s why Israel has no extradition treaty with the United Kingdom or United States. Thanks to this just and reasonable precaution, any poor innocent Jew who’s being persecuted by British or American goys can breathe a sigh of relief as he touches down at Tel Aviv airport, knowing that he’s finally safe, already. So will Michael Abraham Levy, Tony Blair’s hard-working Jewish fundraiser, flee to Israel from persecution for his inconsequential rôle in the so-called “cash for honours” affair? Maybe he will, but in the meantime other Jews are working hard to clear his name. His rabbi, no less, has been all over the media in defense of this pillar of the Jewish community:


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  7. 2 Responses to “O’FARRELL: Goys in the Attic”

    1. Anti Says:

      The last cowboy who matters: a Jew.


      (I’ve been to Moises Ville. The people do the usual “we’re all part Jewish” routine.)

    2. Hans Schneider Says:

      there was a very good reason for Auschwitz !