31 March, 2007

Oy, I’m a third-generation Cybergas Survivah!

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[Second Life Holocaust Museum (No fucking shit!)]

“Holocaust” – the gift that keeps on giving.

Yet another kike turns methane into lemonade.

If it wasn’t for the Holocaust, a lot of jews might have to scam for a living.

Jewish writers can be concentrated in two camps: those who write about the National Socialist Workers movement, and those who write about bowel movements.

Holocaust survivor Jacob G Rosenberg has won the $20000 biography prize

  • 2 Responses to “Oy, I’m a third-generation Cybergas Survivah!”

    1. Beast Says:

      Pictures of anti-German Communist traitors in open air prisons = Holocaust Museum. Make sure the joint is real high class with nice laminated wood floors and clean walls. And keep it quiet! People are never forgetting and never forgiving their imagined atrocity. Shhhhhhh.

      Oh, and don’t forget the photos of these Communist traitors’ shoes and suitcases.

      Boundless chutzpah. Do Jews ever lose? I think it’s about time they all lost their lives FOR REAL. Humanity should deal with Jews the same way it deals with rats: extermination.

      Hey we might even eliminate starvation in China for a few months or so.

    2. Briseis Says:

      So, does the ‘real ‘ one get royalties from “2nd life” for hosting this? You just know someone is getting a cut.