6 March, 2007

Videos for White Nationalists

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By Max Hadden

Documentary on Nazi Weapon Technology

This brief clip from an excellent documentary on German technology in WW2 and the surprisingly fair (for a change) commentary by a British announcer about the many firsts achieved by the German Luftwaffe (air weapons/air force) is quite remarkable. The announcer also lays to rest unwarranted criticisms of Hitler.

This clip is reproduced here with permission from [email protected] and is available for purchase at http://pzg.biz/films_88_nazi_propaganda.htm.


Documentary on Nazi Bomber Aircraft, Rudel

This brief clip is from a documentary that shows Nazi Stuka dive bombers in action on the Eastern front as well as the great German Stuka ace Hans-Ulrich Rudel whose talent was nearly unparalleled, yet typical of many of the brave men who fought against Jewish Communism during the Second World War.

This clip is reproduced here with permission from [email protected] and is available for purchase at http://pzg.biz/films_83_nazi_propaganda.htm.


Behold the Iron Cross

This is a brief clip from a music video of the song “Behold the Iron Cross” by Bound for Glory originally posted on musicalterrorists.com in swiff (Mac) format for free distribution. The maker shows obvious creative talent as well as historical knowledge, but don’t expect to find any such “hate” — actually truth-seeking, truth-finding and truth-telling — videos on judeo-bolshevik pro-negro MTV.


Bezmenov continues on demoralization in America

Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explains how Jewish Marxist ideology is destabilizing the economy and purposefully pushing the US into numerous crises so that a Big Brother tyranny can be put into place in Washington, how most Americans don’t even realize that they are under attack, and that normal parliamentary procedures will not alter the federal government’s direction.


Bezmenov on Marxists

Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explains how Marxist leaders use informers to make lists of anti-Communist and other politically incorrect people who they want to execute once they — actually a Jewish oligarchy — come to power. The oligarch’s secret lists include “civil rights” activists and idealistically-minded “useful idiot” leftists as well. Bezmenov provides several real world examples of how Marxist leaders even execute and/or imprison each other.


Bezmenov on the Soviet system

Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explains how American embassy employees were known to betray Soviets attempting to defect, how their existed a “triangle of hate” in the Soviet government, why he realized that Marxism-Leninism was a murderous doctrine, and how the CIA ignored (or didn’t care) about Communist subversion. Note: He also mentions that revolutions throughout history are never the result of a majority movement, but of a small dedicated and highly-organized group who seize power, whether for good or bad.


Bezmenov on American mass media

Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explains how the American mass media spread lies about life in the Soviet Union (Note: The LOOK magazine article was written by the Jew Leonard Gross). Bezmenov also explains how the LOOK magazine article falsely claimed that the Russian people were proud of their victory in the Second World War, where in reality the Judeo-Bolshevik-Communist-Marxist government was happy that Hitler had been defeated so that they could remain in power.


John Ball on Auschwitz aerial photograph forgeries

Canadian photo analyst and cartographer John Ball demonstrates via a slide show numerous forgeries and lies surrounding “Jewish survivor stories” such as the The Auschwitz Album Photos. Apparently, “marks” were drawn on aerial photographs taken of Auschwitz by Jews working in the US Military and/or State Department showing things such as lines of prisoners, chimneys and solid walls that never existed. Ball makes the point that there were only chain-link fences around the entire camp and Auschwitz was surrounded by actively-worked farms.


John Ball on Babi Yar and “Schindler’s List” lies

Canadian photo analyst and cartographer John Ball demonstrates via a slide show how claims of alleged mass exterminations at Babi Yar in Ukraine are completely false. Ball points out the numerous lies in the book and film “Schindler’s List” concerning the P?aszów concentration camp that was within populated Kraków surrounded by villages, and how it was impossible for the camp commandant, Amon Leopold Göth, to have shot inmates from his balcony as is alleged in the book and shown in the film.


John Ball on WWII-era Germans not knowing about “Holocaust”

John Ball explains how he threatened the US Holocaust Museum with a lawsuit if they publicly displayed altered Auschwitz aerial photographs as genuine, how the Jewish so-called “Holocaust survivor” Rudolf Vrba was yet again spreading lies about the Germans in a Vancouver newspaper, and finally, Ball gives an analogy for the reason that so many Germans — not only Nazi leaders but civilians — claimed to not know that people were being “exterminated” in concentration camps: it is simply that people weren’t being exterminated.


Ostrovsky on Balfour, Zionism

Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky explains how the Balfour agreement is the foundation of Israel, the reasons why Zionism is a secular and not a religious movement (fundamentalist Christians take note), and how many in the Jewish community or “Diaspora” betray their host nations around the world.


Griffin on US Government subversion, Hungary

Ed Griffin gives an example of why some Europeans distrust the United States by relating the story of Hungarian freedom fighters in the 1950’s betrayed by our government. His story should naturally lead us to the question: why did the US government spout anti-Communist rhetoric, yet in its actions and deeds behave demonstrably pro-Communist? Jews in our government perhaps? An old Judeo-Communist dictum is, “Say one thing, do another.”


The International Criminal Court

This clip from a documentary by the JBS describes how the political entity known as the International Criminal Court is a danger to the ideals of Western jurisprudence and will be corrupt and act abusively as the arm of power for a global government. The docudrama portion depicting an arrested American about to be put on trial is eerily similar to the plight of Ernst Zundel who now sits in jail for 5 years for simply denying what never happened: the Holocaust.


Joseph Halow on the “War Crimes” trials in Dachau

Joseph Halow, a court stenographer at the “War Crimes” trials in Dachau and author of the book “Innocent at Dachau” describes how an International Military Tribunal ruling called “Common Cause” or “Common Design” meant that everyone who worked in a concentration camp was automatically guilty of a crime alleged to have occurred in that camp simply for having been an employee during the time it supposedly took place. Halow also explains that people were hanged as a result of the false testimony of Jewish paid professional “witnesses” and that Germans were beaten by Jewish-American soldiers, e.g. Kirschbaum, in order to obtain confessions. (audio is poor quality)


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  7. 33 Responses to “Videos for White Nationalists”

    1. Hitlers_Missing_Nut Says:

      I get all warm & fuzzy over German wonder weapons. Wunderbar.

    2. Acolyte Says:

      John Ball is a pretty lousy revisionist to use, or at least I think so, because he offered $100,000 to anyone who could prove that photos of Auschwitz from 1944 were not doctored, and when someone accepted his challenge, he suddenly retracted the deal, which makes me think he was full of shit in the first place.

      Babi Yar is actually one of the few Nazi war crimes that is verified by documentation, Einsatzgruppe Operational Report No. 101 and three other similar reports mention more than 30,000 people (most of them jews) being taken out of Kiev and shot. Now Ball can talk all day about what photos might or might not show, but authentic German documents from that time trump whatever analysis he can offer. And the Schindler’s List stuff means nothing to me. It is just a movie. Why not dissect the inaccuracies of Braveheart or Enemy at the Gates? Or Birth of a Nation for that matter? If you think any movie clearly presents real history, then something is wrong with you.

    3. Septell Says:

      Any idea if the full Bezmenov interview is available online .. or if other material from him is out there?

    4. jimbo Says:

      acolyte maintains: “Babi Yar is actually one of the few Nazi war crimes that is verified by documentation, Einsatzgruppe Operational Report No. 101 and three other similar reports mention more than 30000 people (most of them jews) being taken out of Kiev and shot”


      it’s doubtful if there were any more than a hand-ful of jews left in the Kiev region in late 1941…..

      and: oh yeah!: of course: it’s soooo convenient for ZOG twats to trot out some obscure German documentation when it suits them, while the mountains of written material clearly khyboshing the jew-good-house-keeping-seal-of-approval-accepted-version of the HollowHoax are conveniently forgotten or mis-laid!

      (from Germar Rudolf’s analysis:)

      The subject of ‘Babi Yar’ is confusing in many respects. For a general overview, this brief summary shall identify the major problem areas:

      i/ The mass murder at Babi Yar took place almost four months prior to the Wannsee Conference, where the killing was allegedly first planned;

      ii/Widely divergent dates are given for the murder;

      iii/Depending on the source, the number of victims varies by as much as two orders of magnitude;

      iv/Widely different methods and weapons are alleged for the murders;

      v/There is also no consensus on where the killings took place;

      vi/The witnesses, ie. their reports, make highly contradictory claims in other respects as well;

      vii/The number of alleged victims by far exceeds the number of Jews remaining in Kiev after the Soviet evacuation;

      viii/To date there has been no forensic investigation of the murder site and weapons. No attempts were ever made to ascertain and secure any evidence;
      (there’s been no forensic investigation of ANY alleged Nazi atrocity site…and, of course, there never WILL be!…jimbo)

      ix/It is also odd that the Soviets would use a site where countless victims were allegedly murdered by the arch-enemy during the ‘Great Patriotic War’, as a location for a garbage dump and incineration area;

      x/And finally, the allegations are disproved by wartime air photos
      (and the non-existence of ENIGMA intercepts!…jimbo)

      more here

      (large n°s of people executed could also mean large n°s of partisans….who, under the International Rules of War….it is perfectly legal to execute!….just like ZOG is doing RIGHT NOW in Iraq & Afghanistan!)

      ….goes without saying that the prblms the White Race is enduring and has endured over the last 50+ yrs is precisely BECAUSE there is an over-abundance of kikes!

    5. Stupid Says:

      Acolyte said:

      “Babi Yar is actually one of the few Nazi war crimes that is verified by documentation.”

      Anyone who believes in the trueness of the statement “Nazi war crime” is a fucking idiot.

    6. ML Says:

      Anyone who believes in the trueness of the statement “Nazi war crime” is a fucking idiot.

      Don’t be overemotional about it, now. According to certain international conventions three or four things are heroes did were, legally speaking war crimes. Revisionism really should not go so far as to paint them as *angels*. Do we want them to be angels? I certainly hope Babi Yar is fact.

    7. Obergruppenfuhrer Says:

      I congratulate Comade Hadden for the tireless work in bringing these video’s to our attention and our volk. So those trolls, antis, and misguided White Nationalists who post negative comments can go fuck yourselves.

    8. Acolyte Says:

      I have no axe to grind, and could really not care one way or another. The documents are there. Maybe the bodies never ended up in the ravine at Babi Yar. But the Nazi Einsatzgruppen did report the executions of more than 30,000 people from Kiev, most of whom were Jews and Communists, at least according to their killers. The Nazis report it with a professional, machine-like detachment. If you think I have an anti-Nazi bias, so be it. Authentic archival documents cannot be questioned; David Irving writes every one of his books using nothing but archival documents.

      If you want to believe these Einsatzgruppen documents are false, I won’t stop you, but I do know the Soviets never evacuated anybody from any of the regions the Nazis took over, except through deportation to the gulag. Stalin did not care that much about the lives of other humans. Maybe the Jews left voluntarily and went somewhere. You cannot prove something like that. The Nazis still claimed there were 11 million Jews in Europe at Wannsee in Jan 1942. Heydrich and Eichmann produced this estimate. I cannot believe they were off by 5-6 million or more.

      There is no real consensus on the numbers of Soviet victims either. Everybody says something different. So, by some people’s logic, the Soviets must not have killed as many as commonly thought, since you cannot produce a single precise figure. And let’s face it, anti-Communists inflate and exaggerate as much as they accuse jews and everyone else of doing.

    9. jimbo Says:

      German soldiers, whether Wehrmacht or SS, simply did not behave like psychos….un-like the ‘Kwa detritus happily obliterating women & kids in Iraq now…you could be ‘drummed out’ of the SS (or even shot!) just for simple theft!

      The commonly touted interpretation of the Wannsee conference is rubbish…..a deliberate mis-interpration of non-genocidal language!

      Since most ‘Kwans don’t speak German, they can get away with crap like that!

      The figure of 5million max’ jews in the German-occupied areas comes from independent sources that pre-date the advent of ‘Holocaust revisionism’! (‘revisionism’ it-self being a jew-marxist term: surprise!)

      and: again!…the Brits intercepted most, if not all, German military communications from @ least 1942 on-wards: if no earlier: AFAIK, there are NO ENIGMA transcripts that substantiate any of the Hollyweird ‘atrocity’ stories…or: if there are: i my-self have never seen them and they have not been touted in the main-stream media!

    10. Mati The Estonian Says:

      OK – looks like I need to but few things in perspective…
      FIRST – Authentic Nazi documents.
      Any of You guys have ANY idea how much AUTHENTIC GERMAN FORMULARS (pre printed empty documents needed only to fill in numbers and names) did soviets get ??? One estimate was a several tons – 1 Tons = 2,240 Pounds (something less than hundred tons), those included ALL kind of formulars – Wermahct, SS, Waffen SS etc etc.
      SECOND – Soviets had most biggest forging departments IN THE world. They forged EVERTHING – documents, passports, stamps, money, newspapers (to show “soviet” people the “reality” of outside world) and even books not to mention movies. NKVD (KGB) had they own forging units, allso Army, Navy, Communist Party and Goverment. It is proven behind ANY doupt that bolseviks forged allmost ANY currency in the world – hell the Treasury provided Soviets with plates even for “easy acsess” – WTF was that ???
      THIRD – Using them. First a little story. In Estonia near a city called Tartu (one of oldest University in Europe founded in 1632) in 1943 German Army whit Estonian Armed Forces and Estonina regiment of Waffen SS captured something like 200 partisans during a “round up”. It all started when some estonian peasants noticed a aerial drop of men and good in nearbay woods. They informed police. After nice and quick surveilance most of the partisans where captured. Some of those guys where realesed (the where peasants forced to help hide partisans) some where shot during capturing so finally where leht some 170(ish) hard line bolseviks partisans. There was open for public (those MF killed locals to) and finally those guys and few females where executed in same ravine outside of city. There where few tsivilian witnesses to tell the story. And little newspaper article about that with numbers and everthing.
      FOUR. War is over – reenter the soviets. After few decades (in 1960-70) started all this holkaust(hoax) stories – and guess what – some local jews founded old newspaper (or something else – it not important how they find out) or something about this and VOILAAA – some 170 red partisans killers turned to be 50 000 innocent jews (in census 1935 it was stated that in Estonia was somtehing around 6-7 000 thousand kikes) killed by nasty nazis. There was BIG memorial build and documents presented (germans ofcourse) where everthing was in “black&white” – evil German nazis killed 50 000 jews – shame on them let burn in capitalist/impearilist hell and etc etc.
      FIVE. One more story – named Katõn. After soviets and Germans invaded Poland (they DID that You like it or not but thats reality) bolseviks moved from Poland something 100 000 persons. Mostly police, army, priests, teachers etc – cream of local society. Those people where transported to the Soviet Union and SHOT. Katõn was in Ukraine (nearest to Poland) and ther where shot some 20 000 Polish officers from armed forces. After the war in 1946 Soviets did invaite RedCross, some US and British “experts” to verifay what “evil nazis” have done to the kindred slavic people. In 1990 something when bolsevik influence was his weakest some brave Poles called the bluff and did get ćhance to reexamine the graves and guess what – it wasn’t a “nazty nazies” but our brave defenders of Europe from nazi hell – the soviets.
      SIX. So what did we learn ? NEVER TRUST DOCUMENTS FROM SOVIETS. NEVER TRUST DOCUMENTS FROM KIKES (niggers to but that will be different story).

    11. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Re Mati:
      I have some questions for you about history. There is a part of history that is almost a blank to me and to many people in the west who are interested in history. Namely, what happened on the eastern front after November 1918? We all know that the shooting stopped in France, but there was a period of about two years where there was almost continuous fighting all over the east in which hundreds of thousands died. I have some knowledge of von der Golz and the Freikorps; but that is all. This was not just the struggle between the Bolsheviks and Whites. The Poles, Ukranians, Latvians, Estonians, Roumanians, Hungarians, Czechs and Germans were involved. I know that some German units were as far east as Rostov. There were even German and Austro-Hungarian units involved in the Caucasus. The German line stretched from the Gulf of Helsinki to the Don river. Almost as big an area as the Germans captured in 1941. How did all those Germans get home? Perhaps as an inhabitant of the area you might be able to throw some light on the matter?

    12. jimbo Says:

      ‘Mati the Estonian’ sez: “So what did we learn ? NEVER TRUST DOCUMENTS FROM SOVIETS. NEVER TRUST DOCUMENTS FROM KIKES”

      un-fortunately: we don’t have a great deal of choice AFA ‘archival material’ is concerned….with WWII documents, how-ever, the utmost caution should clearly be exercised: and, if possible, they should be triply or quadruply checked!

    13. Mati The Estonian Says:

      First – to Jimbo: Very good thing is small local newspapers. We must compare them with “big(jew)” papers. Then I found out is very intresting source are memuars. I have found SO MANY confirming statments for exsample V.Suvorov claims about how WW2 started – You should find his books and read them. Censor usually are not aware ALL details so when he checks books like “Defending Brest (-Litovsk)” hi does not all the military stuff. Just political statements – Germans are bad Soviets are good. When author states something like “we where told that weekend (22.06.41) will be our last free weekend and soldiers were given up to the 3-5 days” censor usually misses statments like this but if person knows something about military he understand this – free weekend before MAJOR offencive – 3-5 days off – meaning all military persons will be back in atlest wendsday – 3-5 days for last regrouping and we can start the war.
      So compering materials like this one can understand what did realy happend.
      TWO – to Bryan: Actually it was just like opposite You told – “This was not just the struggle between the Bolsheviks and Whites.” IT WAS FIGHT BETWEEN reds and whites. Thing was that – the front did collapse in one point and in allmost all its entairety. Then its re-formed regionally. There was Estonian Fron, Finnish Front etc. Some germans where “left behind” and some of them joined in freedom fight with locals. After a reading a “big pile” of old newspapers and books then I did “get picture” – people of those days where MORE aware of the so called “jewish question”. I am talking from mainly estonian view points but its applays mostly allso to finns latvians and others. After bolseviks killed Tchar and his family most estonians from Russian Army came back to Estonia. They give they oath to Tchar – he was dead and they witnessed atrocities bolsevistic jew did. So they where eager to get back home. Between 1918 and 1919 at first Estonina front was held by schoolboys – children from 12 to 18 and old folks 50 and up. All others (mostly) where still in Russian army. By the end of 1919 Estonian Army was well reformed and included allready like 50% full time soldiers from Russian Army. Other big part where White Russians or russians still loyal to Tcharist Russia. They where fighting for they homeland. By 1920 when it was signed Tartu Peace Treaty between bolseviks and Estonian Gov. it was something 20 000 russian troops in Estonia. Some of them left to France, USA etc, some stayed here.
      After reading lots of books about this periad I came to that conclusion why bolseviks surrended in Baltics and Poland and elsewhere – they did understand that first they must become RULERS of russia main areas. Bolsevisk did tray a coup in 1924 but this time Estoni awas regaining his power has a state and allso politically. So after hearing 4-5 years how bolseviks treated people in Russia (estimates are that in 1917-1925 something about 10 000 000 russians where killed) so they did not get a popular foothold anymore in Estonia. Similar events happened allso in other Baltics states and in 1920 Soviet Escadron (dont remeber nukbers but BIG army and everyone on horses) did try to get in to the Germany to help reds over there (Luxemburg, Thälman etc) – they ass was kicked by Polish horsmen (same Hitler gunned down with tanks and machine guns) and they where forced to retrive back to SovietUnion. And last thing -how Germans did get back home. Eventually there was not much of them left in Baltics area and as independent states balts just let them go home (they kept most of the arms – guns etc).
      Intresting point was actually with some amount (dont know numbers) german soldiers and POW where left in SU and they settled in Volga region where they intermingled with local kazars and aÅ¡kenazim (mostly became them) and after 1991 where “allowed” to go back in Germany – some of those where more or less germans still but most where totally bolsevistic and jewdaistic.
      So in short – this time was when some small countrys did get they independence (up to the 1939 roughly) and soviets established they power all over the Russia killing everyone opposed to them …
      I hope You did get some needed info if any more questions just ask ;-)

    14. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Re Mati:
      Thanks for that. I read in Leon Degrelle’s book, ‘Hitler: Born at Versailles’ how the Allies insisted that all German soldiers caught inside Russia after the Armistice could only return to Germany via a corridor to East Prussia from Vilno, rather than directly across Poland and Czechoslovakia. This greatly increased their hardship as it was in the middle of the Russian winter. Thousands died from the cold and from attacks by the Bolsheviks, who tortured them attrociously when captured. They also briefly helped the Ukranians resist the Reds and were helping to repel them from Kiev when they were ordered to evacuate, despite the pleas of the inhabitants. Even as they were withdrawing from the city the kike Bolsheviks began to commit the most appalling attrocities against the civilian population.
      Had their been the will in Britain and the US to defeat the communists it could easily have been achieved by the end of 1920 by using the German troops in coordination with the various anti-Bolshevik groups. However, the fix was in and Lenin and his kikes were given the breathing space they needed. The American, British and French presence in Russia was only token. This, after Russia had sacrificed so much for the Allies. The American and British part in 20th century history is truly contemptible. They haven’t received much thanks from their kike masters though.
      It would be nice to get a more detailed picture of what happened then. The various histories of the so-called Russian Revolution don’t focus much on the events I am referring to, and most of them are sympathetic to the Reds.
      Another fact that is largely unknown to many in the west is how long the national resistance forces fought against the Soviets after 1945. I recently read Mart Laar’s book ‘the War in the Woods’. The last Estonian resistance fighter was killed by the KGB in the 1970s!

    15. Acolyte Says:

      You have to admit the Germans have a pretty contemptible record, as well, as their role in the Bolshevik Revolution must not be overlooked. Histories of the Russian Civil War are pretty easy to discard if they try to say that either the Bolsheviks are responsible for most of the 10 million casualties, or if the Whites are responsible for most of the 10 million casualties. The truth is that both sides contributed pretty equally to that atrocious figure, and the Cossacks were part of the White forces, so they are not to be mourned as entirely innocent victims who were wrongfully repatriated to the Soviet Union after WWII. I agree that their fate was grim and terrible, but they did fill the ranks of anti-Bolshevik murder squads in the Russian Civil War.

      It is also pretty easy to distinguish biased histories of the Spanish Civil War, which fall into either pro-Franco or pro-Republican camps. The Republican government forces (supported by the Soviets) killed more people most likely, but Franco, with Italian and German help, killed certainly tens of thousands, and tens of thousands more after the war, when he executed peasants, Communists, and others who had been loyal to leftist regime. And he dealt with partisans until the 1950s, when his armies finally managed to exterminate most of the resistance.

    16. jimbo Says:

      Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, large amounts of corroborated archival material has emerged which means that the evidence for communist atrocities is almost over-whelming!

      OTOH: the evidence for Nazi/fascist atrocities is slim indeed: consisting primarily of un-corroborated hear-say!

      It behoves ppl to distinguish between the basic classes of evidence as accepted by most trust-worthy legal systems!


      i/hearsay(the lowest and least reliable);
      ii/anecdotal(can be admissible is there is significant independent corroboration);
      iii/eye-witness(a higher category then ‘anecdotal’ but still subject to dispute apropos the tricky area of ‘identification’; i.e: identifying an actual perpertrator: also: subject to ‘corroboration’);
      iv/expert opinion(a fairly reliable category; an expert like a ballistics technician,chemist,pathologist,psychiatrist or forensic scientist &c provides testimony as to what they have found that may or may not be relevant to the guilt of an accused: also: subject to ‘corroboration’);
      v/confession(usually accorded significant judicial weight; providing: [a]the confession is voluntary; [b]the confession is seen to be voluntary; i.e: it is audio- or video-taped; [c]the confession clearly accords with the facts of the case and [d]the confession is accompanied by a ‘video-taped re-enactment’: the latter usually provides a standard of proof ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ if [a], [b] and [c] are also true: also: subject to ‘corroboration’: usually in the form of police/lawyer verification of an interview;)
      vi/forensic(usually: the highest standard of evidence avlbl and accorded the maximum judicial weight: providing it is germane to the charge and is not contested by counter-forensic evidence: also: subject to ‘corroboration’)

    17. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I think only the most biased and blind would argue that anti-communist, anti-jew forces were blameless and never committed attrocities. What I would argue though is that the most merciless and savage activities were almost always initiated by the leftists. The anti-jew forces then reacted with equal savagery. For example, so-called war crimes were fairly scarce in western Europe between the Germans, British and French, at least until 1945 anyway. In contrast, the war in Russia was a ferocious affair right from the beginning. German soldiers were shocked by the savagery of the Soviets, both against themselves and against the civilian populations. This was primarily because of the influence of the jew. The Soviet army was totally politicised and controlled by the jew-run NKVD. No Russian general dared give them cause for suspicion or he and his family could quickly find themselves in the hands of a jew torturer. When the Germans invaded Russia in 1941 they were entering a country that had experienced a reign of terror worse than any other nation had ever suffered. The milk of human kindness was very thin on the ground and Russian soldiers routinely behaved with bestial savagery. After a while German soldiers believed that they were living in a world of nightmarish savagery and that the only way that they could survive it was to become savage themselves. American and British soldiers never experienced war in the way so many German soldiers did in Russia and eastern Europe.
      Much the same was the case in the Spanish Civil War. The Republican forces were strongly influenced by the communist mentality early on, and by the end of the war Soviet jews were running the show from behind the scenes. George Orwell realised this and was suspicious of the ‘chosen’ from then on. One of the yids in the background was Ernst Gero, a Hungarian kike who was later one of Rakosi’s sidekicks before the revolution in Hungary in 1956.
      Wherever the kike is involved war becomes vastly more merciless and cruel. The incineration of German cities and the starvation of and cruelty to defeated Germany were jew motivated. The atomic bomb was a jew creation, as was the motivation to drop it on a defeated Japan to see the effects on civilians. Who would argue that the merciless, inhuman behaviour of various American administrations and the military industrial complex is not a result of kike influence.
      In the future, if the psychotic kike monsters are ever to be defeated, it will require a savagery never experienced by the world.
      I think that if the German government in 1917 could have looked into the future and seen what the monster Lenin would achieve they would have put him down like a mad dog rather than let him into Russia. This, despite the desperate situation that Germany found itself in at that time.

    18. Acolyte Says:

      The Nazis worked on their own nuclear weapon, under the guidance of Werner Heisenberg, the only person in Nazi Germany who defended Einstein, and a Nobel Prize winner and college professor, who also was friends with Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist, and Jew, who apparently escaped Nazi scrutiny. David Irving has written about the Nazi nuclear program pretty thoroughly.

      I believe nuclear weapons are a scourge, and should be removed from the face of the planet and indeed there were Jewish scientists behind its creation, Oppenheimer and Einstein most notably, but Oppenheimer later became an anti-nuclear advocate, like Andrei Sakharov, the gentile who helped to build the Soviet hydrogen bomb, who joined Solzhenitsyn as one the Soviet Union’s most famous dissidents. You also have Hungarian Jew Edward Teller, but also Enrico Fermi, an Italian gentile, whose wife was Jewish, which is why he fled Italy in 1938.

      I would argue the Vikings sure knew how to rape and pillage on a scale similar to that of the Mongols, and warfare has advanced beyond a certain point of barbarism over the last ten centuries or so. I don’t think it mattered to the Germans what Lenin did in Russia, as long as he took the country out of the war.

      The Germans certainly did not know what would happen exactly, but then again, the highly anti-Semitic German military worked with the Bolsheviks for 12 years, from 1922 to 1934, and then Hitler cooperated with them from 1939 until 1941, which I have always found perplexing, especially given his antipathy to Communism.

      The Eastern Front was disastrous for Germans and Soviets alike, and I certainly have no illusions about the horrors perpetrated against the Soviet population by the Germans, including the starvation siege of Leningrad, the bombings of Stalingrad, and the rationing program that fed German troops and civilians at the expense of Slavs. There is a limit to acceptable behavior, and callous disregard for human life was clearly evident on all sides in WWII.

    19. jimbo Says:

      Einstein was a fraud!

      i’m surprised that any-one posting regularly on this ‘blog’ is un-aware of that fact!

      The German atomic programme was, according to Heisenberg,
      (a real ‘nuclear physicist’!) basically stymied by the Führer because he opposed such a ‘terror weapon’ on humanitarian grounds…..the jews in the US clearly had no such qualms!

      See Rober Jungk’s “Brighter Than a Thousand Suns” for more on this!

      Bryan O’Driscoll(begorrah!) sez(amongst other things!): “After a while, German soldiers believed that they were living in a world of nightmarish savagery and that the only way that they could survive it was to become savage themselves

      m8: don’t ‘buy into’ this chrctr’s crap…..the German soldiers behaved in a gentlemanly manner with exemplary humanity @ almost all stages of the conflict on both the Eastern & Western fronts: contrast that with the behaviour of the AlLIes against German POWs post-WWII: as documented extensively by James Bacque

      the behaviour of the so-called ‘liberators’ post-D-Day also left much to be desired: as Irving him-self notes in ‘The War of the Generals’…..the nigg’ GIs were notorious rapists and murderers: the non-niggs weren’t a HELL of a lot better!….several French towns were mercilessly ‘carpet-bombed’: many of the Normandy locals even ‘took up arms’ against their supposed ‘rescuers’ and the never-ending ‘clips’ we have been constantly bombarded with over the last ½-century of effusive and welcoming crowds of ‘liberated’ French ppl is mostly baloney: ‘staged for the cameras’ just like the infamous “toppling of the Saddam statue”!

    20. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Re jimbo:
      What crap are you talking about? The Germans were living in a world of savagery in the east. I am fully aware of how the allies behaved against a defeated Germany, as I thought I made clear. I am surprised when anyone on this site tries to excuse the opponents of Germany, as Acolyte does, by saying that the Germans were just as bad, or that Vikings were barbarians etc. Germans certainly killed enemy prisoners, but I am not criticising them for it. I am surprised that they did not behave with more ruthlessness. They should have. How much clearer can I make it? Hitler and the Germans should have used every weapon of mass destruction they could make and fought to win. It’s because they fought like gentlemen that they lost and that we are all in such a terrible plight now. When fighting the jew and its minions there is no room for civilized behaviour. That is just stupidity.
      Also, spare me the ‘begorrah’ crap!

    21. Mati The Estonian Says:

      For clearification to Bryan – it was something 1976 or 77 when the last “foorest brother” (national nickname for them where captured by KGB) – more amasing was a story about Voitka brothers – they went to the woods around 71 and stayed there by 1995. That means long after reindependence. In tha later time Around 1985-9) they turnd to be more like common criminals – but the reason they went to the woods was mostly political. What comes to the M.Laar then this guy is FULL SIONIST PUPPET. I was working in Estonian Secret Service between 1991-99 and heard some dicussions this guy was doing with various persons from Estonina and from World – tottal crap head. He introduced and pudhed laws wich made estonians slaves for banks and made them homless (including me). Later times he went US giving a history lectures (between 2000-20003) – I was living in US(99-04) by that time and confronted this MOFO about lies he was telling in his lectures – he run away and sent INS to my tracks. But I am not regular John Public and was able to dissapear from they view. So when time comes this dickhead will pearish in here first.
      PS. Books he is written are mostly correct but they have getting some critizism from much better historians from Estonia. But looking hes ties with kikes and sionist ´Laar will get publisity but other not….

      Few more words about revolutions and wars between 1917-1945.
      Guys first thing You must remember that in higher eselons of power everthing is connected – I did find out it personally during my work in JUPO (Estonina SecretService). So all this crap wish side killed more is to dupe us the real nationalist and freedomfighters. The powers to be will exercise controll in BOTH sides.
      They controlled Hitler and Roosevelt not to mention Churchill and Stalin/Lenin.
      Yes bolseviks killed more humans then Hitler and his cohorts but not because Hitler was more humane but it was designed thet way. Hitler was maind controlled most of his time and if not some GERMANS working under him the casualty list maight be much-much longer. The agenda have been from time of ROMAN EMPIRE “divide and rule”. They have been kicking russians in the name of estonians and kicked germans in the name of russians and americans in the name of masons and etc etc etc.
      WE must wake up and stop this killing remmeber the 1915(or some other year dont remeber the number in this moment) when in WW1 both sides in French-German front ordinari soldiers in Cristmas time did get out of strences and became a friend. Events like this (Baltic Chain – Balti Kett, Singing revolution) are the events powers to be are afrid off. Only way they can rule over us because WE BELIVE THEM. Only way they can be ON POWER OVER US they must tell us what they do – and they tell – but we dont understand them any more. They use forgeted language of signs and symbols – do You think the public school system in ALL OVER THE WORLD are for public benefit ? NO and NO NO – this schoool system is for so we do not will speak same langauge with them anymore. Remeber the Babylon Tower story from Bible. Unfortunately its to long story to write down here but You guys must read 3 authors – David Icke (just Children of Matrix will do) , Michael Tsarion and Zecharia Sitzhin (just 12th Planet will do for starters) and Jim Marrs – Ruled by Secrecy.
      Those guys have but some VERY intresting points down. What You must do is after You read all those books compera them and find common points and I hope You will get VERY intresting picture…

      http://www.taroscopes.com/ – Tsarion

    22. Acolyte Says:

      Maybe Einstein was a fraud; I will leave that to physicists to decide. What of Niels Bohr, another Jewish physicist, and Nobel Prize winner? The main point is that Heisenberg defended Einstein, which really irritated the Nazis, especially since they could not very well treat Heisenberg like they did others and scare him into conformity by threatening him with losing his job or something like that. He was too famous for that.

      Heisenberg pointed out that many of his colleagues in Germany had spoken positively of Einstein in the 1920s, and praised his work, but then when the government comes along and denounces Einstein as a Jew, these same hypocrites jump on the bandwagon, to hold onto to their careers, and even advance themselves at Einstein’s expense. Heisenberg thought such behavior was disgraceful. And indeed it does reflect poorly on one’s integrity.

      Someone who also criticized the Nazi regime for expelling Jewish professors and scientists from universities was Max Planck, who was 80 years old in 1938, and saw a lot of his Jewish friends and colleagues forced into exile or into retirement by virtue of their Jewishness. Planck also lamented the betrayal and backstabbing that went on during this time, as Heisenberg did. Planck had personally awarded Einstein a medal in 1929. Did Heisenberg and Planck not recognize that Einstein was a fraud? Perhaps. But both men are smarter than me, and as two of the most famous physicists of all time, if they see credibility in his work, then who am I to argue against them?

      Planck’s son Erwin was actually implicated in the plot against Hitler’s life in July 1944, and died in Gestapo custody. It is perhaps easy to see why Thomas Mann and other prominent cultural figures left Germany in 1933. As I tend to say, for a regime that so ruthlessly persecuted homosexuals, it sure liked its homoerotic statues of nude men, as sculpted by Arno Breker.

      In any case, I think you are a little naive when it comes to the behavior of Germans in WWII. Their behavior was much different on the Eastern Front than on the Western Front, which was filled with their racial kinsmen. The Germans of WWII were racial, ideological fanatics. As were the Soviets and Japanese. This can be at odds with professionalism and dignified treatment of POWs, as all three groups clearly illustrated.

    23. Mati The Estonian Says:

      I’m not a big fan of WW2 leading bunch and this includes ALL heads of states. As allways people are those to pay a bills of they leaders deeds.
      Jews and Germany. As MANY jews have stated life in Germany was not that bad. Non “kikish” jews where allowed even bear and own arms and guys thats JEWS talking. There was over 150 000 jews in Wermact even genelars and admiral (if we dont count jewish roots of some other leaders)- and countless more in different goverment jobs. What comes to persecution then its seems was instigated by sionist (jewish movement) wich made deal with German leaders so to get more people emigrate to Palestine. Most of “persecution” was grass root level and became from freedom of information – try to publish book in US this days wich talks about jews like they are in reality – war mongering supermacist.
      After some reading I have came to conclusion that Einstein was plagiarist in atleast some of his works – he was not total scam – he defenetly know something and was abel to learn – but thats another story.
      The most problematic issue with Hitler&World was his many and I mean MANY propagandistic mistakes. Those issues giving me a reason to doubt in his sincerity for fight for germans and white man genearally.
      Lets point out few of those mistakes:
      1- Racial/national issues – he turned biggest group support he needed against him – and thats russians. Jews ruined Russia, killed like 20 000 000 of them even before Hitler came to power. In numbers most RUSSIANS look more aryans then Germans. What this dude did ?! Nothing – basicalley nothing to win them over. That was “must to know” in Germany that jews killed Tsarist Russia. Basically only thing Hitler was needed to do was to tell russians “Lets get rid of Stalin and I will restore monarchy and ANY peasent will get peace of land” – russians PERSONALLY will drag all those jews and bolseviks out of Kremlin including Stalin. What Hitler did ? – he told basically everyone russians are stupid peasents and deserved nothing. So Stalin win the the souls of russians declering “holy war” against Germany and germans. You all now what came of that …
      2- Anyone in his raight mind know that “nest” of jewry was London. Hitler had some 300 000 british soldiers in his hand and he let them go. Labor camp and “de-jewication” and in 1 year Hitler would must keep those guys not to go back in brtish soil and enforce this forgotten law “no kikes in Isles”…
      What Hitler did – let em all go – can anyone give me good reason for that ???
      3- England was mostly defencless in 1940-1. Dunkirk guys in camps – it should tka only few weeks to free England from Rotchild banking houses – Hitler did NOTHING.

      And thats only few points – clearly Hitler had other agendas. We allway must look and answer 1 question – look the person(s – nation or group) to get most gain for that and answer is VERY disturbing – ONLY WINNERS OF WW2 WHERE JEWS AND BANKERS LIKE ROTCHILD.
      A) Jews – alltough Stlain was not able to totally run over Europa has planned he did get lots of confessions from “allies”.
      Holokaust reparations – and building oh israel – that was allmost done with Germany know-how, money and man power.
      israeli army – they get roughly 200 000 persons from German and Soviet army (mostly ) and some more from France, Britain and USA armys. That was reason they where able to win Arabs up to the some 1970 – Arabs wherent wery best in people and armamenst didnt help them either.
      B) Banks – Rotchild financed directly on indeirectly practically EVERY aspect of waring states and they indusrty and made enormous profits from it …

      And in the end of this post I once more tell You guys look my previous post in this thread and try to understand – world is a chessboard and we are small wooden stick on it …
      (but I really want to see a players)

    24. jimbo Says:

      bryan o’driscoll: “What crap are you talking about? The Germans were living in a world of savagery in the east. I am fully aware of how the allies behaved against a defeated Germany, as I thought I made clear. I am surprised when anyone on this site tries to excuse the opponents of Germany, as Acolyte does, by saying that the Germans were just as bad, or that Vikings were barbarians etc. Germans certainly killed enemy prisoners, but I am not criticising them for it. I am surprised that they did not behave with more ruthlessness. They should have. How much clearer can I make it? Hitler and the Germans should have used every weapon of mass destruction they could make and fought to win. It’s because they fought like gentlemen that they lost and that we are all in such a terrible plight now. When fighting the jew and its minions there is no room for civilized behaviour. That is just stupidity.
      Also, spare me the ‘begorrah’ crap”

      give us a BREAK! will ya, fer fuck sake?
      why jump down my throat squire, eh?


      i was jes’ ‘setting the record straight’ as per certain fuckwits posting here who hv swallowed ZOG’s bucket of lies!

      my point was that the Germans behaved the most honourably…..MORE HONOURABLY than even the much-touted AlLies!…..that’s plain as DAY!

      OK: they shot some worthless scum on the Eastern Front…big fckn DEAL!……wotz the bet that they were armed ‘partisans’?….who it is perfectly LEGAL to shoot as saboteurs and spies under the rules of war!

      and: they shot some jew commisars: again: so fckn wot?

      who gives a TOSS?

      pronouncing the death sentence on mass killers was legal back in those days….even in the UK!

      (the main reason the Germans lost the war was because the Führer was betrayed and stymied @ every turn of the road by traitors within the ranks……Adolf Hitler was a military genius and could have won WWII IF he had to have had TOTAL COMMAND from the get-go!…i’v posted lnks on that stuff before!)

      *m8: TAKE a DEEP fckn BREATH & COUNT TO ’10’ NEXT TIME, will ya?


    25. jimbo Says:

      Einstein plagiarised most of his work from David Hilbert, the English mathematician, Henri Poincare, the French physicist, and Olinto de Pretto, the Italian industrialist, who discovered the famous E=mc² ……read Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time“……

      Einstein, primarily a jew-media creation, could have remained in Germany un-molested as many other Jews did….Hitler merely wanted to remove Jews from positions of cultural influence in the media, the academy and the governmental bureaucracy!

    26. Mati The Estonian Says:

      to Jimbo: about Hitler – war its not one man’s game. Hitler lost and did kill in process lots of white people – and some not so white. In generally what old folks back here in Estonia talking about German occupation – it was sunday picnic compering with Soviet occupation. But the main question remains – WHY HITLER MADE ALL THOSE MISTAKES HE DID ? ? ?
      If he was such a genius how hard was it to clean out his ranks (Night of Long Knives – anyone!) more then once. All those propaganda flops in Eastern and Western fronts. I have and problably will have some big deal of respect about what Hitler was trying to do and about HIM personally I dont have much against this man but I am tended to be realistic person – something went wrong in the way and Hitler “lost it” – reason – I dont know. Perhaps Irving knows. Perhaps we all know it but are unable to but it down in writing. But BIG fact remains – because of his mistakes after all there was just ONE winning side in this war – jews.
      About Einstein. He was a fraud – he plagiarised not only from those gyus You mention but first from his wife Milena (something). But looks like he was smart enough to push some buttons and took all credits from different works. Wich comes to Germany then jews loyal to Reich where able to work and live normally – but most jews in higher positions (media etc) are destructive tendencies and Hitler was curbing they enthusiasm about creating something very destructive they get dissapointed and left to other countries.

      One more last thing about this issue – I’am trying not to idolaise ANY person – not Jesus, Hitler or Stalin (etc) – raight know times are little bit different and views have changed and we have really only VERY small amount information why and how those people did what they did. We must remember them and they deeds then learn from they mistakes…

    27. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Relax, jimbo. I’m cool, as the Americans say. There isn’t much point is slagging each other as we have fairly similar views anyway.

    28. jimbo Says:

      re: ‘mati the estonian’: as said, i’v previously posted lnks….but:
      check this stuff out again!….particulary the ‘Worm in the Apple‘: that will go a long way to-wards explaining how Hitler lost!

      (a lot of the stuff there is ‘backed up’ to a greater or lesser extent in ‘Hitler’s War‘ by David Irving)

      even after becoming racially aware, i still found that i believed many of the concocted myths re: WWII…..it’s a long process ‘de-programming’ one self from yrs of ZOG’s lies: ‘the Night of the Long Knives’ is one such lie: the ‘movers & shakers’ behind that were the Wehrmacht; still top-heavy with ZOG-friendly ‘brass’: they perceived Röhm as a threat to their power(as indeed he was: the plan was, basically, for the SA to ‘take over’ from the Wehrmacht: with the senior and mid-level officer corps being replaced by SA men: and most of the senior NCOs too….if this plan had to have succeeded: the out-comes in the vrs European theatres may well have been vastly different: there was in-sufficient time for the Führer to establish another replacement corps: although: he did try; with the WaffenSS….but their numbers insufficient to make a decisive impact!)

    29. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Some pictures made by ME today (March 14, 2007) for You guys and girls ,-)


    30. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Here is an interesting blog about the Lithuanian Forest Brothers with some rare photographs. The largest scale resistance to the Soviets was in Lithuania.


    31. Mati The Estonian Says:

      SO basically You telling that Röhm was not removed by Hitler but by ZOG elements in Wehrmacht upper eselons ? Thats intresting point. Its explains some points but not all.
      Unfortunately back here in Estonia we dont have that much books (including Irvings HitlersWar) and they are hard to get to and not only monetarily. So lots of angles like this have going unnoticed from us.
      We have collecting lots of intresting documents about / around Estonia bolseviks/kikes and main effort are to try keep those out of reach local ZOGs and make copys and publish or atleast make people aware of facts kike opression and they destructive propaganda.

    32. jimbo Says:

      ‘mati the estonian’: try here ….it’s the American Thule Society on-line book archive…..they’re in ‘pdf’ frmt!

    33. Mati The Estonian Says:

      I have few things in here – http://www.hot.ee/makruss/ – they might be intresting …