29 April, 2007

A Message to the Tribe

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Israel didn’t become a paradise? That isn’t surprising. Because Jews, for all of their cunning, seem to be pre-programmed to derail themselves. Sure, they can make money, but they also make lots of enemies, and they have no morals or self-control. In the end, any Jewish state will eat itself. Or, to put it another way: a few ticks on a dog? It works. Thousands of ticks without a dog? It doesn’t work. The Jews, to be successful, need a host to feed off of (which is usually some White country, like America):




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  7. 8 Responses to “A Message to the Tribe”

    1. Atavist Says:

      ‘Israel’ is going to join the European Union.

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      There is no joy in them. An Aryan can enjoy a summer breeze or admire the delicate perfection of a spring flower. Such simple pleasures are foreign to the jew; the eternal complainer.

      BTW, israeli coins are a true reflection of their makers; completely lacking in art or substance.

    3. Celtic_Patriot Says:

      The key to Israel and the tribe of Israel (The Jews), is that they are based on insanity. Genetically they are based on inbred incest and thus have a lower IQ as a whole, and Socially they are based on an insane cult doctrine of fantasy that has no basis in reality.

      This is why Jews always end up on dead end streets and having to use fascist control methods (Lenin, Kaganovich, Cohen) to try to achieve some semblance of control of their life experience.

      Ultimately the Jew tribe will learn that to live in peace they will have to deconstruct both their genetic integrity (the insanity Cohen gene) and their social doctrine (Abraham’s fantasy). This does mean the complete deconstruction of the Jewish Tribe and their peaceful integration back into African culture.

      The old Hebrew afro hair “Welcome Back Kotter (to Africa)” reverse diaspora and the end of their unfortunate insanity as a subclade.

      As Whites we can teach them and tell them what to do to make them a Happy people again. We will teach them not to be offended when we tell them what is best for them, so we can help the Jews become better people.

    4. jackumup Says:

      You can hear in his writings he doesn’t have a clue. He cannot for the life of him understand Israel’s inability to thrive or even survive as a country. But we who watch know, we for years have observed and took notes know, the answer is as plane as the long nose on Barbra Streisand’s crusty face.

      No productive trades not one, can’t grow food . never raised food, no trade skills can’t build, can’t invent, never physically produced goods, have no repair skills, can’t socialize unless for business, you can’t survive on trading other peoples labor if there are no other people. their doomed.

      Can’t let them leave they must stay there. NOBODY WANTS THEM!

    5. TSUNTZU Says:

      Israel’s days are numbered because there’s no money to be made from it. It worked for awhile for the jews but it attracts too much attention. Jews are finding out being in the woodwork is better than out in the open and that’s what Israel represents, an outing.

    6. Revilo Says:

      The key to Israel and the tribe of Israel (The Jews), is that they are based on insanity. Genetically they are based on inbred incest and thus have a lower IQ as a whole
      Celtic Patriot

      Jews score high on IQ tests, especially on the verbal section. Their irrational behavior is entirely due to their madness.

      High verbal intelligence is very useful if your survival strategy calls for constant lying. So is a lack of conscience, and Jews are blessed with both.

    7. Myles Says:

      Most telling quote of the article:

      “True, for Israelis ‘abroad’ equals ‘America…'”

    8. Paul Says:

      Exactly, jackumup. The jews need someone else to jew in order to survive. Having their own state is like a swarm of mosquitos trying to survive in a jar.