17 April, 2007

E. Michael Jones Shows Canny Sammy Fanny Club How Itz Done as Brimelow, Taki Gnash Away

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By Alex Linder

[Following is my pre-interpretation. I haven’t read the EMJ speech yet, nor read the other speeches, if they’re available. Will amend in comments after doing so.]

Here’s the deal. Somebody put together a day for the late Sam “Canny Sammy” Francis.

WHO: Financial journalist Peter Brimelow, Taki Theodoracopulos of The American Conservative, E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars magazine, author and professor Dr. Paul Gottfried, Jerry Woodruff of Middle American News, columnist Joe Sobran, Wayne Lutton of The Social Contract journal, activist and editor Peter Gemma

[Day details here.]

The proceedings were taped by C-Span, but never broadcast.
(Archive listing here.)

Read what Jones said here.

Brimelow blames Jones here.

Taki’s comments here.

Jones told the truth about the jews in his address, but this was neither the time nor the place, thought P-Brim. Of course to Brimelow, it never is. That’s kinda how we got into this mess in the first place – treating the ordinary attribution of deeds to actors as some kind of a faux pas. Brimelow’s remarks are characteristic of Anglo-Saxon cowardice masquerading as manners.

It is never inappropriate to talk about how jews are destroying America, and how they have wrecked nations wherever they’ve alighted in the past. Jones’s knowledge of “the revolutionary jew” is precisely what the American public needs to hear.

So boo hoo, you’re not on C-Span. Jones’s speech is the only part of the day that was worth televising – which is precisely why C-Span, the “neutral” station, won’t. Quibbling and nibbling is not a success strategy, Brimelow. Speaking the truth and laughing is.

This contretemps in a thimble shows where the conservative Brimelows depart from the radical Pierces. Pierce said “Do right and fear no man.” Brimelow says, “Do whatever it takes to get on C-Span, even if you cut out the guts of your argument.” Brimelow is correct that he and his are the true heritors of the Francis legacy – and Jones is correct that that is precisely the problem. Focusing on everybody but the jews – even though he well knew they were the nation-wreckers responsible for our decline.

If they were Baptists, we’d call them Baptists. If they were Catholics, we’d call them Catholics. Since they are jews, we call them jews.


Before that truth Canny Sammy paled. Brimelow’s job is not to bitch about Jones, it’s to trumpet what Jones says, and translate it in his own terms for his own substantial base of readers.

I think what really rankles Brimelow is that he knows that Jones offered the truest and fairest tribute to Francis – by showing what he didn’t BUT COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE said. Friends tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Francis always looked around for someone else to lead when he was better positioned than pretty much anybody.

The fat man tried to have it two ways, and that is how he will go down in history.

So quit bitching.

By the way, I want to say that I like the Brimelows. My remarks are to inspire them to do even better! I felt the same way about Sam Francis. I goaded him solely to get him to deal with the great shrieking silence in the center of his work. He came around a little, but not enough. Point here is that the fat comfortable right has thin skin, and is as sensitive to pressure as the mainstream media.

No quarter. Whites win by behaving like jews: being obnoxious and never giving up or giving in or giving ground – rhetorically or physically. Think Bo Dietl arguing with Dick Morris (two jews jewing each other jewily.) The jews have “won” politics in America. Take your lessons from them, not from the sad fat sacks called paleocons, most of whom are in the grib of the Jeboo dervish, and descend to such levels of ridiculousness as e-Mike’s guess that Americans don’t like Mexicans because they’re Catholic. As I said on a recent FTL, if you hear your doorbell and open the door to find a flaming bag of dogshit, your first thought isn’t to check whether the bag’s stamped McDonald’s or Burger King. Biology exists, and figuring that out is Jones’s personal intellectual challenge.

We all have to work together.

We all know jews are the problem.

The only basis from which Jewish Tyranny may be overthrown is racial.

We are Whites before we are Republicans, children of god, or single-malt shlookers.

-c2007 CounterGresham Publishers, Inc. No rights reserved. Plagiarists and reprinters for commercial profit welcome. “Let the good drive out the bad.”

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    1. Sam Says:

      Alex, you seem to have no idea what you are talking about here. What is your point? You are the best WN writer around, but you’ve fanned the ball this time.

    2. Stronza Says:

      Better start amending them comments, Alex.

      What is EMJ’s recommended solution to our, er, “problem”?

      “We should work for their [our enemies’] conversion to the Higher Logos [teachings of Jesus Christ].”

    3. Knowsthescore Says:

      Thanks for posting this Alex. I might not agree with everything Jones says or at least his take on some things, but wow, he lays it right out there at the feet of the most hateful hypocrites on the planet; the jews.

    4. lawrence dennis Says:

      The truth is often revealed accurately in humor:

      It is reported that several men of various nationalities were engaged in writing books on the elephant.

      A German put out a three-volume tome replete with footnotes, entitled ‘A Short Introduction to the Study of the Elephant.’

      A Frenchman put out a thin and graceful book entitled ‘The Elephant and His Love Life.’

      An Englishman put out a heavily illustrated travel guide, entitled ‘Hunting Elephant in Deepest Africa.’

      An American put out an advertising brochure, ‘How to Raise Elephants in Your Backyard for Fun and Profit.’

      And a Jew published a fiery pamphlet entitled ‘The Elephant And Anti-Semitism.’

      From: http://www.jewishmag.com/86MAG/HUMOR/humor.htm

      There is only one way to rid the world of “anti-semitism”: get rid of the jews.

    5. fdtwainth Says:

      Yes, Mr. Linder, what happend at Mr Francis’ funeral is very sad. Dr Jones is an honest man, and his traditional Catholic perspective on the jewish question, although limited, is a great imporvement in comparison with the present philo-semitic propaganda. Yet even this limited and fully factual critique is met these days in concervatives circles with unacceptable ad hominum attacks. What a shame: I must disagree with you that conservative is indeed an honourable name!

    6. Pil Koler Says:

      Edited version:

      “We should work for their [our enemies’] conversion to the Higher Logos [teachings of Jesus Christ].”

      With all due respect to E. Michael Jones as a man of insight, his position on converting the Jews to a higher logos is THE reason that the Jews have been pursuing political power, which is the basis of all that which we don’t like about the Jews. Threatening to convert the Jews to Jesus is THE cause of the Jewish problem. If the Christians were not to have expressed their hatred of these “Christ killers,” then these “Christ killers” would not have nearly as much hatred for the Christians as they do.

      On top of that, though the conflict between Jews and Gent’s is primarily a matter of religion, members of the race with which most religious Jews are affiliated – the Khazars – are targeted because it is simply more expeditious to deal with the Jews as a race than it is to deal with the Jews as a religious group. And most Christians don’t give a hoot because how many members of the Khazar race do you know have found Jesus? Not too many. But if most Khazars had decided to convert to Christianity 500 years ago, then guess what folks? There would be no Jewish problem!

      So let’s keep our eyes on the ball. Converting the Jews to Christianity – or threatening to do so – is not the solution; it is the problem. To be sure, the Jews have their margin of religious intolerance themselves. But Jewish behavior is mostly a response to the religious intolerance of the Christians. And if there is one thing that I like about you, Alex, it is that you don’t hate the Jews because they don’t worship Jesus. You hate the Jews because of what they have been doing to acquire political power. I also hate their strategy.

      I believe the best way to deal with religious intolerance – or the threat thereof – is to promote a universal and supreme philosophy with which everyone can and should agree. That way, we would eliminate the religious intolerance that is at the root of the Jewish problem and, from the perspective of the Jews, the Aryan problem. But you go ahead and advocate kicking the Jews out of the country. I’ll race you. Let’s see who gets the prize of history: the one who wants to make the Jews good by giving them a different philosophy, or the one who wants to throw the bad Jews out of the country. Whoever wins is the one who deserved to win for their having had a more practical position.

      But ultimately, the philosophical universalism that I advocate will prevail. Even if you throw the Jews out of the country. If it takes 1000 years for Khazars and Aryans to adopt the same, supreme philosophy, then so be it.

    7. cygnet Says:

      Jones has an interesting angle, but it isn’t mine exactly.

      “And finally, we should be happy because the attack clearly defines the terms of engagement, all of which are all spiritual. The revolutionary Jew is our enemy because he is a rejecter of Logos, not because of his DNA. We are not anti-Semites because we oppose the machinations of the revolutionary Jew. No, we are true Christians because of that, as the Church from the time of St. Peter onward has proclaimed.”

      Funny that. For myself, if i AM an anti-Semite it is PRECISELY because I oppose the machinations of the Jew.

    8. New America Says:

      Three quick observations, three quick comments, and an Alternative:

      One, as I read his works, I see three different incarnations of Sam Francis:

      The first Sam Francis was the advocate of Burke, and Burnham, quite at home with the Presidency of Senator Barry Goldwater, and seeing the possible fulfillment of that in the Reagan Presidency.

      The second Sam Francis came to bloom following the Reagan Administration. Note that the Conservative “true believers” simply could not understand why the Glorious Revolution was taking so long to come to fruition. You can see this clearly in his analysis of the Middle America Radicals, whose existence was first defined in Donald Warren’s 1976 book. “The Radical Center.” They were supposed the be the barricade rushers of the Restoration.

      NOTHING came to fruition; we only got the words we wanted to hear, and not ONE initiative that the “Reagan Conservatives” wanted came to fruition; Affirmative Action grew, the working classes got more work to do, with less to show for it, and the rich got MUCH richer.

      In time, Francis paid more attention to the Buchanan runs for President, and much less to the Perot Candidacy, which was far more important. I suspect he also realized that a Dark Force seemed to ALWAYS snatch defeat from the jaws of Reagan Conservative’s victory.

      Only after he realized The Truth, and spoke it VERY SOFTLY in the Washington TIMES newspaper, did he actually see the Unseen Hand of the goddamn JEWS…

      The THIRD incarnation of Sam Francis was the man who clearly saw the issue of RACE as the central issue of human organization, and fully realize the fact of the goddamn JEWS standing in direct opposition to the Christian West – and White People, who carry the spark of Western Civilization in their souls.

      Jones nails it; he places it his analytical framework (Conservative Roman Catholic), but that is just damn fine, for us, for now.

      Brimelow’s remarks – short, shallow, and remarkably superficial – denounced Jones as being a “Catholic bigot(s),” concluding on three negative notes:

      One, Jones is accused of having denounced…” the idea that race matters or that America was ever a nation…”

      Two, (that) “this had nothing to do with anything Sam Francis ever wrote – except where it actually contradicted his views.”

      Three, “Sam felt bitterly that he never had the recognition he deserved while he was alive. Jones ensured that he won’t get it now that he’s dead.”

      In reply, we note:

      One, in recent years, Francis recognized all too well the absolute importance of RACE. Jones denounced ONE aspect of ONE dimension of the multidimensional nature of RACE, and even that was denouncement, lite.

      Two, if you read Francis, you see that he realized, painfully, at the end, that the central issue of human organization was the nature of Man, and RACE is the primary organizing principle for the visible outworking of that nature.

      Three, while I have no doubt “Sam (Francis) felt bitterly that he never had the recognition he deserved while he was alive,” it is no less true – and this is a most painful truth – that Sam spent most of his intellectual life fighting the Shadows, the matters of Form, produced by the demonic goddamn JEWS in their CULTURAL WAR on the West, and all of the manifestations of the West. He realized, all too late, and mostly alone, that RACE, true matter of Substance, was the successful primary organizing principle of our RACIAL Enemies, the demonic goddamn JEWS, and it was the moral and intellectual equivalent of unilateral disarmament to not frame ALL cultural issues in terms of RACE, in general, and RACE WARS, in particular.

      I suspect Jones sees the RACIAL war as an outworking of the religious wars that are at the foundation of Cultural Wars; Yockey (correctly) saw Cultures as the outworking of transcendent spiritual entities, which manifested as religions. Thus, each Great Culture has its own religion, and the conflicts between Great Cultures are, at their foundation, religious wars. The demonic goddamn JEWS see their every activity in light of their one RACIAL Commandment, which has become their ONE RELIGIOUS Commandment, “Is it good for JEWS?”

      The Christian-founded West accepted the demonic JEWISH cuckoo’s egg of JUDEO-Christianity, with its temporal foundation of Christian Universalism, and let its true Christian heritage slowly die. With that decay came the loss of Western cultural vitality. It’s true that this can be restored – christianseparatist.org is an excellent place to begin – but the way back is long, hard…and eminently worth it.

      This conference is important because it is here that the Conservative version of the legacy of Sam Francis will be defined, and perhaps we can bring a little Light to the Darkness.

      What Would Sam Francis DO?

      I suspect, if he had it to do over, he would not have lived at the mercy of the kindness of strangers, and would have arranged his affairs – i.e.; live at the YMCA – so the paste-jewel of middle-class respectability had no attraction to him.

      He would have adopted a blend of Christian Separatist/Theonomist perspective, and worked to develop a modern, active practice of Christianity; from there, he would have assiduously developed a political framework to regain American greatness, while explicitly defining ALL issues in terms of their usefulness to his RACE.

      In short, he would have seen the development of Western Civilization, and the battle for the soul of Western Man, in terms of a RACIAL dynamic between us, and the Asiatic Hive Consciousness known as Judaism.

      And, as for “conservatism?”

      I suspect he would have seen it in the same light as Savitri Devi saw most religions, “mere rackets to bluff the fools.”

      He would not have defended “conservatism,” which most “conservatives” define as a school of political thought that began with Burke, and his “Reflections on the Revolution in France.” Indeed, he would probably have taken issue with Burnham’s attacks on “liberalism,” without defining the common Cultural thread that created “Liberalism,” in all of its aspects.

      In short, he would not have dealt with ANY political, economic, or cultural issue, without defining it clearly, and seeing it more clearly, through the lens of RACE, as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      And he would have FOUGHT the pseudo-intellectual paper ballerinas of “conservatism” with rare vigor, indeed, treating them as Christ treated the Pharisees in the temple.

      And rightfully so!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    9. van helsing Says:

      Well, the latest version of Jones’ mag has an article written by a pole (read: really a jew) who survived the camps and guess what… he writes about the final solution (which wasnt, as we know).

      Jones let THAT happen in his mag.

    10. White Dragonslayer Says:

      @Pil Koler, et allii,

      Judaism is a cult of tribal-self worship and they were making a science of Not Getting Along With Others several millenia before Christ. Just ask any Pharaoh you happen to meet.

      The _Problem_ is that we don’t worship the Jews.

      Sub-problems are that “pro-White” activists compromise themselves to ineffectuality either by marginalizing themselves through gratuitous physical or verbal violence; or by commiserating with the Jews about solving the problem of Liberalism-which-by-the-way-has-nothing-to-do-with-the Jews. Brimelow is a fence sitter, is the latter. Linder is the former. Linder is not an activist but an entertainer to a rather small circle of friends in a rathskeller, else he would realize that the Jews’ greatest fear is that White Nationalists would exercise enough discipline to redirect *Black* rage at the Jews. Can’t do that when you’re constantly calling them “niggers”… no matter *what* you think of them.

      Oh, but what’s fifty years of failure – as we scan the skies waiting for Pierce and our Beloved Fuerher to return. THEN we’ll really kick some kike, spic and nigger ass!

      Sure. Keep drinking, little man.

    11. Aquinas Says:

      It sounds like Brimelow and Taki, like most people, are out of their depth here. Universal education has come hand in hand with the removal from that education of the basic classical, philosophic and religious instruction that helped to make ‘a people’. That’s true even at an ‘elite’ level (especially with national standardized curricula) and it’s to a purpose. Even Catholics aren’t taught this stuff any more, and haven’t been since long before Vatican II. When thay receive any catechesis at all it is of the type: “jeebus walked on water…hey is that cool or what?” Hardly surprising that Christianity has come more and more to resemble a Liberace concert. Keen young Hebrews on the other hand, I’m sure, get access to plenty of hardcore classical and religious instruction.

      Jones did well to use the platform to say something substantial. The quality of his insight and writing will have their due impact regardless of any 15 minutes on channel xyz.

      Is he right? Is this what all the rumpus will eventually come down to: The old arguement about the Logos? ‘In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God’. The Logos from which, Catholics remind us, ‘all good things come’ (including science, both classical and modern, btw). The Logos that requires the mind of a virgin for its conception, the Logos whose necessary, inevitable carnal crucifixion brings resurrection.

      The Logos that brings us our sense of concrete objective and moral reality stands in opposition to the rabbinic idolotry of material power where ‘truth’ is the most successful lie. Rabbinic materialism leads always to human sacrifice; which is why we must, absolutely must, give assent to the idea that government butchery is ‘Holocaust’ – a sacrifice to God, a sweet savour to the Lord (of which they intend to make themselves the lambs resurrected).

      Of course it could all be jewish distraction. The case can be made that Christianity was designed from the start to keep the Pharisee/Jews separate from the greco/roman gentiles, casting jews as killers of the Logos who nevertheless have a special place in the plan of redemption ( a bit like their zionism/nazism scam). It could be that Christianity will be reinvigorated only because it will help create the tension necessary for a world war and another culling of the masses.


    12. alex Says:

      Good comments above. I’ll do a BTL on Jones, who uniquely, at least in 2007, combines insight with horseshit.

    13. Pil Koler Says:

      White dragonslayer,

      Your historical comments are asenine. The Jews had every right to believe that they had the greatest religion in the world before Christ. Judaism was ahead of its time and it was the supreme philosophy. There is not desire to be worshipped by others in Judaism. There is a desire not to be burned at the steak for the crime of attempting to reconvert a Jew to Judaism. I’m sure that’s a little higher on the totem pole of priorities than the desire to fuck everything up just to be worshiped by everyone.

      But again, I don’t sympathize with the Jewish strategy of trying to wreck Christianity and trying to pursue political power over the Christian nations. I advocate the destruction of the division between Jews and Christians whereby we share the same, supreme philosophy that I invented called “Psychosophy.”

      Your other comments are pretty silly, too.

      “…else he would realize that the Jews’ greatest fear is that White Nationalists would exercise enough discipline to redirect *Black* rage at the Jews. Can’t do that when you’re constantly calling them “niggers”… no matter *what* you think of them.”

      What the hell are you talking about? The Jews have no reason to fear the niggers. The niggers are actually pathetic creatures who could be wiped off the face of the Earth in short order. The Khazars, on the other hand, comprise less than a fraction of a percent of the US population and they basically rule the world. It’s not that the kikes should fear the niggers turning on them; it’s that the niggers should fear the kikes turning on them. The only reason that the niggers are in this country is that the Jews invited them.

    14. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      If Logos-denying Jews are indeed the aids-virus of the world, does that necessarily mean that the best way to oppose them lies in a supernaturalist-Christian mindset?

      I would say that the supernaturalist-Christian mindset has failed the West because the Jews have such power here. I think a case could also be made that the inevitable decay of this same mindset led to liberalism.

      Perhaps we should, in humility, look at how other non-Christian countries have handled the Jewish problem.

    15. Igor Alexander Says:

      Pil Koler wrote: “On top of that, though the conflict between Jews and Gent’s is primarily a matter of religion…”

      How can you claim that when the majority of Jews aren’t even religious? When the most searing and bloodthirsty attacks against our people were mounted by atheistic Jews? Jews don’t hate Christians; they hate *whites*. This is about genes, not religion. Jews attack Christianity to express their contempt of *white* culture, and as a means of unravelling the social fabric of *white* societies, but it’s not our culture or society that they hate; they hate *us*. Note that Jews went to war against our race (and others) before the advent of Christianity.

      Pil Koler wrote: “But if most Khazars had decided to convert to Christianity 500 years ago, then guess what folks? There would be no Jewish problem!”

      Some Jews did convert to Christianity in the Middle Ages (marranos). You know what? It didn’t solve the problem. They simply became crypto-Jews.

      Pil Koler wrote: “And if there is one thing that I like about you, Alex, it is that you don’t hate the Jews because they don’t worship Jesus. You hate the Jews because of what they have been doing to acquire political power.”

      I don’t think you understand Linder’s message at all.

      Pil Koler wrote: “But Jewish behavior is mostly a response to the religious intolerance of the Christians.”

      Or perhaps “Christian intolerance” was a response to hostile and predatory behavior on the part of Jews. Besides, why this expectation that Christian societies (which were invariably white) had an obligation to accept a non-Christian minority in their midst? Why this bias in favor of a pluralistic society over a homogeneous one? You say “Jewish behavior is mostly a response to the religious intolerance of the Christians”; but why should Christians have had to put up with having Jews in their society in the first place?

      At any rate, “religious intolerance” can in no way account for the situation as it exists today, or as it has existed in the last century. It’s almost laughable that you would say this, considering that the Christian Right have been Israel’s biggest (actually, only) supporters.

      Pil Koler wrote: “But ultimately, the philosophical universalism that I advocate will prevail.”

      You’ve got your thinking backwards. The “philosophical universalism” that you advocate is, in fact, *the* problem; the solution — the *only* solution — is race-based nationalism.

      Pil Koler wrote: “If it takes 1000 years for Khazars and Aryans to adopt the same, supreme philosophy, then so be it.”

      Aryans won’t be around 1000 years from now if the “Khazars” can have their way.

    16. Igor Alexander Says:

      White Dragonslayer wrote: “…the Jews’ greatest fear is that White Nationalists would exercise enough discipline to redirect *Black* rage at the Jews.”

      Did you ever read William Pierce’s novel “Hunter”? A character in that book, the FBI agent (I believe his name was Ryan), had an idea similar to yours; he thought he could use the threat of black violence to hold Jewish power in check. Had Ryan lived to try it out, he would’ve discovered that the Jews weren’t really afraid of the blacks.

      I know it’s only a novel, but I’m sure Pierce wouldn’t have put that in there if he hadn’t been trying to tell us something.

    17. Victoria Says:

      No, there is no special plan for redemption for the Jews. That is made up by the Jews themselves and “Judeo” Christians have bought it hook,line and sinker. Christ himself said the Jew will not be converted as HE spoke in parables so that the Jews would not hear(understand) and be converted. How much clearer can it be?

    18. Argentina Waszak Says:

      Goldman Sachs sold 44% of its BP holdings on March 31st, 20 days before the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Lucky move. Click on my name to see the financial report from MSN.