26 April, 2007

ERIC THOMPSON: Letters (April 2007)

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8 APR 07. Dear [ ]!

Re religious emblems: A group of WSP zoggies told one P.O.W. that his Swastika was an “American Indian” symbol. It is also a holy Hindu symbol. If a White man can wear a cross or jew death-star, why can’t he wear a Hindu or Indian symbol? As far as Thor’s Hammers are concerned, would the zoggies accept the excuse that the wearer is awaiting a miracle in which the inverted T becomes an inverted cross? Abra-cadabra & hocus-pocus.


Your zoggite eye mistreatment is an atrocity. If there is any justice under ZOG, you should be compensated for life. Blinding a prisoner is common to some oriental despotism, like our ZOG. NPR jewsradio featured some Hebrewood commentator who said that torture is now ‘fashionable.’ It used to be that the torturer was the villain, but not now! Current torturers are ‘heroic.’ The Hebrewite claims that Americans now identify with the torturers as “the good guys.” Why do “Amurricans” enjoy watching torture scenes? No mention of sado-masochism was made during the entire program, to my knowledge. My thought was that we are sick, indeed. When I saw the Gitmo torture chamber on TV, I said to a fellow viewer that we are now in the same league as the Soviets, the Gestapo, &c. A jewess who wrote about the “confession” of an accused Arab “terrorist,” said that the whole thing is a publicity flop, since the USA admits it uses torture on such people. She wrote that the torture victim could also confess to sinking The Titanic, without impressing the disgusted public. I suggested to a local zoggie that we ‘solve’ all the unsolved crimes in WA, for there’s at least one “terrorist” who’ll confess to everything! Bemused looks from local zoggies were the only responses to my suggestion. Sacrificing an eye for knowledge is awfully steep in my book. Brit journalist Douglas Reed noted that exclusivity is necessary for self-preservation. He notd that jews insist on their exclusivity, but they also insist on Whites’ INCLUSIVITY. We note the devolution from “equal rights” to special rights amongst groups favored by ZOG. Those favored groups can invade all White, male institutions, while reserving their institutions for themselves, exclusively. Such a deal! This is a hypocrisy, not a democracy, as we have learned. Thanks for the case law in regard to The Boy Scouts’ right to exclude on the basis of “cultural expression.” As I read in the jewsmedia, retaliation was immediate on the part of those exlcluded, in regard to public support for Scouting activities & funding. We shall see. […] DOWZ & ORION — Eric.


8 APR 07. Hail [ ]! It appears that your zoggies are concentrating on content in regard to suppressing White self-respect, while promoting White inferiority. This Zionist selectivity clearly violates the principle of “equal treatment under the law,” as well as The Genocide Convention, in terms of which it is “genocide” to single out any group for defamation, &c. As such, Whites are an “identifiable group” which is protected under The Convention. Jews are not so identifiable, unless they say they are, like mafiosi.


So the zoggie commissar blames you for ‘bad behavior’ on the part of the other RIP victims. As they say, the truth hurts, & zoggies can’t take it. I am also perplexed by the apparent discrepancy between the kosher commissar’s written report & her verbal statements to you, in which you have been threatened with further solitary confinement in IMU. I guess you are expected to lie about your beliefs & even about your race, which “is just a social construct,” unlike Blacks & Yellows, alias non-Whites. The jews would have a stronger argument if non-Whites would stop referring to others as “Whites.” So who is imposing the “social construct,” Whites or non-Whites? the jew-jew joke about Whties being “a social construct” is indeed novel, for my birth certificate says “Race: White.” If White is just a word for “exploiter,” as jews like Ignatiev claim, why am I not accepted by Blacks as a Black, or by Yellows (Asians) as one of them? If I do not exploit them, shouldn’t my race be ignored, so I can be any race I might wish? Orwell described tyranny qquite well in his novels, “1984,” & “Animal Farm,” which were critiques of the USSR under Stalin alias Djugashvili (Jewson). Orwel alias Eric Blair was a Socialist who not only wrote about it, but fought in The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) on the side of the Republic, which soon fell under Soviet domination. Orwell was a member of POUM, which was deemed a Trotskyist party by Stalin, who had Trotsky alias Lev Davidovich Bronstein murdered in Mexico in 1940. I read Trotsky’s biography of Stalin, which he’d barely finished writing. In the Foreword, as I recall, the publisher stated that the original manuscript had Trotsky’s blood on it, when the assassin bashed his brains out with a climber’s iceaxe. Stalin would deem Trotsky, whom he hated, to be “a social construct.” Orwell wrote of “thought-criminals” who became “unpersons,” under Big Brother’s regime. Whites are obviously “unpersons” according to your kosher version of Stalin’s commies. Rabbi Stephen Wise was quoted in Jew York’s commie newspaper, “Forward!” as saying, “I don’t call it Communism. I call it Judaism,” after his return from a visit to the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Wise was good buddies with Franklin Roosevelt, who referred to Stalin as “Uncle Joe.” The Stalin/Kaganovich genocide of Russia’s Gentile slaves began in the beginning of Stalin’s rule, after Lenin alias Vladimir Illych Ulyanov died of syphilis in 1924. From 1917 onward, the militant Ashkenazim who converted to Judaism in 700 A.D. were bidding for power in Russia, as well as Eastern & Western Europe. Trotsky would link up with kosher commie regimes in Germany, Austria & Hungary, & The Red Army would have done so, had it not been for national resistance in Latvia & Poland, backed by German forces. Soon, the Red Invasion sputtered to a halt & jew-bolshevik regimes were overthrown in Germany, Hungary & other parts of Europe. Trotsky had failed, so he had to go. Stalin was planning to do the same thing to Europe in 1941, but Hitler hit the Reds first, & so saved Western Europe from Communist genocide. Of course, Hitler couldn’t save Europe from herself after World War II. Perhaps your kosher commissar would let you read “The Icebreaker” by former Soviet Military Intelligence officer “Suvorov,” who confirmed what I had learned from a German high altitude aerial reconnaissance observer about Stalin’s preparations to invade Europe in 1941. I may have a portion of the Suvorov book, which I’ll copy & send you, ZOG willing. So guess who was promoting Communism when I went to school in CA? Same people, same message. Your zoggess is no different.

Eysenck & Jensen wrote a big racial I.Q. study, & I have a copy of “The Bell Curve” by Herrnstein (jew) somewhere. This is another current work on racial intelligence. Medical as well as forensic science makes great use of DNA for diagnostic work & criminal identification. The more we learn, the more race becomes relevant in our lives. Your zoggie needs to catch up on reality, as reported in the mainstream jewsmedia. Racial differences are not secret, wishful thinking to the contrary. One case which was reported widely before Hurricane Katrina was that of a serial rapist/murderer, who had been identified as a “White” according to an alleged eyewitness, but when DNA was found at a crime scene, the police knew what sort of suspect they were looking for: a sambo or Afro-Asian. The DNA sample revealed the exact percentage of the suspect’s racial composition. Once the police knew who they were looking for, they caught him, in time to prevent further rapes & murders of women. By DNA analysis, the police were able to identify his rape victims, & many of his murder victims. I’ll be on the lookout for current academic texts on race, & I’ll let you know in due course.

You ask about which countries jews were kicked out of & when, including biblical Egypt. This will take some looking up, but right off, I recall they were kickedout of England by Edward I alias Longshanks in the 1200s. If I recall correctly, the jews were expelled for usury & their ritual murder of a little boy who is called Saint Hugh of Lincoln, whose body was found where it could easily be discovered, according to talmudic ritual. The jews did not return (officially) until Cromwell overthrew the monarchy by beheading Charles I. In 1492, Ferdinand & Isabel defeated the last Moorish kingdom & demanded that all non-Christians convert or leave. Most jews ‘converted,’ but many continued to practice Judaism in secret. I lived in Spain from 1964 to 1966, which was still under Franco, himself descended from jew converts to Christianity. Many former Spanish jews (Sephardim) went to Holland, including the Roosevelts & the Rockefellers, where they changed their names from Arabic or Spanish, into Dutch. Jews remain in Holland to this day, where they run the diamond-cutting industry. jews have lived in every coutnry of Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia & Latin America. Hence, there are Chinese jews, Indian jews, Black jews (Falashim), Arabic jews (Sephardim) & Afro-Eurasian jews who are converts: the Khazars or Ashkenazim who come from Russia & the Black Sea region, including Odessa. In general, jews flock along major trade routes, such as the ancient Silk Road from China to Europe. “The Empire of the City” describes the kosher connection from London via India to Hong Kong, with jews such as the Rothschilds, the Sassoons & the Soongs involved in banking & trading. We should look for jews in strategic parts of the world, such as Palestine, whihc is on the land-bridge between Europe, Africa & Asia. The former Khazar Empire straddled trade routes on a NS-EW axis: NS, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, & EW, from Asia to Europe, including The Middle East. A good book in scientific terms was written by various jew hematologists: A.E. Mourant et al: its title is “The Genetics of the Jews,” published by Oxford University Press in 1978. It states that “the blondest jews have varyin percentages of negro marker genes from the slave trade & concubinage.” The Ashkenazim got their White genes from the Viking traders who slaved & whored their way up & down the Volga, the Dnieper & the Dniester Rivers. The Ashkenazim have adopted a Semitic religion (Judaism), but they are not Semites (Arabs). Christianity & Islam are also Semitic religions, but most adherents to those cults are not Arabs, either. A Semitic religion gives no one the right to invade Arabia & kill Arabs!

Since jews comprise all races & places of origin, they are not A RACE, nor an ETHNIC GROUP. They tend to resemble their Gentile host peoples wherever they live. Jews do not see themselves as members of a religion, per se, otherwise it would be abusrd to state, as jews do, that two thirds of Israel’s jews are “secular,” not religious. In practice, “jew” is taken to mean a nationality, based on one’s having a jewish mother. That’s how Cardinal Lustiger could state: “I am a Christian, but I remain a jew.” Goyim are confused, but if we consider that a person could be a Christian & still remain Chinese, we understand how jews use the term, “jew.” The USA considers jews to be a nationality for visa purposes, regardless of their country of birth. I have the download about that, if you wish to see it, ZOG willing. Of course, jews live abundantly in North America & Australia.

When I lived in Colombia, South America, there were large jewish communities in Cali & Medellin. One Christian assured me that the jews of Medelli were “marranos.” I lived in Colombia in the 1960s, before the terrorists became narco-terrorists. How ‘coincidental’ it was that Cali & Medellin became the foremost centers for the drug cartels! Nearby Panama is the money-laundry, for Panama uses the U.S. $ as its currency. The banks are jew-owned. According to former Mossadnik, Victor Ostrovsky, Panama’s former drug-dictator, Noriega, had a jew handler from Israel, Mike Harari, who skedaddled before George Bush Sr. abducted Noriega to shut him up about CIA/Mossad drug-trafficking & money-laundering. As far as I know, Noriega still sits in a Florida prison. […] ORION! — Eric


10 APR 07. Ave [ ]!

[…] I did read “The White Man’s Bible,” which I likened more to a White Man’s Talmud. For me, “soul” as I used it means inspiration, an appeal to one’s imagination, one’s reason & one’s being. Soul can mean all sorts of things. It can also be a word wtihout coherent meaning. In geometry, I learned to base my thinking only on what is stated, without other input. It proved useful in multi-cultural situations, for I could behave on what was done or not done, rather than imagine what the other person may hav intended. […]

[X] sent me the appeal on behalf of COTC recognition in the ZOG-gulags. I forwarded it to Liberty Rights Advocates, who are doing heroic efforts on behalf of equal religious rights for Whites. I enclose a copy of their flier. […] I heard that the Idaho Observer was kosher in regard to race. Thanks for confirming that.

One book I can recommend is “Sex versis Civilization” by Elmer Pendell. I lent my copy to a Zundel son, advising him that this is the most important book he could ever read. I still believe that. Pendell says in few words what it took Simpson thousands of words which overlook the problem of Problem-Makers outbreeding Problem-Solvers who create civilizations. The little book even had a practical program for the voluntary reduction of the Problem-Makers in society. If Persians = Aryans, then Black denizens of Harlem, NY = Dutch.


11 APR 07. Dear [ ]: Many thanks for your cogitations on current calamities. In your letters of 6 APR 07 you address issues of growing importance & likely impact. It appears that our respective ZOGs are cooking up a kosher scam designed to fleece the Goyim in regard to “global-warming.” The Voodoo program of transferring pollution entitlements & imposing a tax on environmental polluters, specifically greenhouse gas producers, is unlikely to curtail depletion & pollution of our planet on behalf of profit, fo rthe tax will be passed onto the consumers, including non-polluting consumers. The cause of “global-warming” is the capitalist quest for infinite profit from the infinite growth of consumption, due to global-swarming. Population increase + profiteering = Pollution of the globe, & contribute to global-warming. It appears that our bankster-gangsters of the jew world ordure want to reduce the standard of living for the majority down to Turd World subsistence levels. Not only do we suffer the invasion of Turd Worldlings, but our ZOGs seem to intend that our lives will become those of the Turd World, whether they invade our livingspace or not, as written in those Protocols of Zion, which are the most factual “forgery” in existence. There are numerous statements therein which promote the impoverishment of the Goyim toward their abject enslavement & extinction. Reudction of living standards correlates with the reduction of freedom, which are achieved when people allow aliens to determine their economic policies, exactly as we have been doing.

“Global-warming” may occur in fact, but I am more certain that our ZOGs will use it as a pretext for imposing a “Soylent Green” standard of living upon those presently living above Turd World conditions. The Protocols state these intentions of our Zionist (jew-supremacist) rulers: #10 “…it is indispensable…to utterly exhaust humanity…by the use of torture, by starvation, by th einoculation of diseases, by want, so that the Goyim se no other issue than to take refuge in our comlete sovereignty in money & in all else.” #6 “…What we want is… all the money of th world… Then the Goyim will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist.”

It is thus that any alleged emergency plus distress (real or imagined) serves to goad the Goy sheeple in directions desired by our ZOG. The Cold War served that purpose, & now, it appears to be “global terrorism” & “global-warming.” In all events, we must ask “Cui bono?” As the great conspirators, Lincoln & FDR stated: “In politics, things are MADE to happen as they do.” When Goyim become disillusioned, if ever, they will have to view life in temrs of trade-offs, in which there is a pric for everything. If the choice is between bread & freedom, how much freedom will we give up in order to eat? It is said that “life isn’t fair,” which really means that it doesn’t conform to our illusions. If everyone thought like jews, the jews would have a tough time indeed. That’s why their media purvey illusions for Goy consumption. Fredom consists largely of being free from illusions. It means that we may do as wel please, when we are willing to pay the price. If we do not know that there is a price, wthen we are not at liberty, but we ar at risk of suffering unknown consequences for lack of knowledge. ZOG is correct when it says: “Freedom is not free.” Illusions promote slavery, such as the illusion of ‘democracy.’ ZOG knows!

Many thanks for the great quote from C.G. Jung. It appears that the components of The Universe, from the infinitesimal to the infinite, are all intricately related, & are thus interdependent. Such organization on such a scale connotes a consistency on par with an intelligence, of which we are a part. No matter how small we are, we are not lost in the Universe, since we are parts of it, just as my cells are parts of my body, whether they are conscious of that fact or not. The cabalists deem The Universe as a Great Being, “Adam Cadmon,” who comprises all matter & energy & all life forms. As Jung says, there is a likelihood that we can communicate with other components of The Universe, since we are in permanent contact with them, for we are part of them & they are part of us!

As you say, there are more aspects to alleged opponents in human conflicts than are perceived by the bemused & deluded Goyim, such as the touted ‘rivalry’ between the Chinese of China & the Chinese of Taiwan. As I recall, there was once such a ‘rivalry’ between China & Hong Kong, which has dissolved seamlessly on the basis of mutual Chinese interests. Let’s hear the Goy cheer: “DUH!” The military genius, Sun Tzu, perceived that the objectives of war can be achieved without military confrontations. He accurately described a regime at its wits’ end as behaving like “mad bandits,” who are doomed to a dark & brief future, just like ZOG’s. That’s where “business as jewsual” is getting us. As long as we remain sheeple, we can anticipate our fleecing & slaughter. The price we must pay for our survival is to become men, not sheep. THINK NATIONALLY. Behave rationally. DOWZ & ORION! — Eric


12 APR 07. Esteemed [ ]! Indeed there are all sorts of greetings in correspondence which are not used in face-to-face conversations. When the telephone came into general use, one fellow, perhaps Edison, favored “Ahoy!” as the greeting, but “Hello” crept in, for some reason. So much for “Salubrious salutations,” &c. I favor “Hail!” in correspondence, for it is a sign of cordial respect, as one warrior to another.

Your analysis of ZOG’s gulags is similar to that of Ho Chi Minh, who wondered what sort of punishment it was to be quartered in a fortified palace, & served by uniformed attendants 24-7. He thought that such accommodations & such respect was extremely flattering.


Yes, White nationalities are indeed different. I have noted distinct regional characteristics amongst Brits, who also recognize them. Even sociologists have advised that one should marry another with whom he has most in common, although nowadays ZOG promotes adultery with non-Whties, so as to destroy the White Race. Yes, Germans tend to be workaholics in my experience as well. When East & West Germany combined, West Germans complained that the former East Germans were “lazy.” Wow! Nor do Germans favor lying, as you say. An acquaintance in Toronto, Canada, was a real estate agent. She said that Chinese lie worse than jews. Before putting a house on the market, she’d ask the Chink owners if they had a full basement. “Oh yes,” they’d say, but when she took a look to make sure, she’d often find that there was barely a crawl space beneath the house! At least she usually found that they had a house of some sort to market.

For some 50 years, I have been putting out the best information I have for the sheeple. As a result, I’ve been kicked out of 5 countries, & I’d be arrested for thought-crime were I to travel anywhere outside the Jewnited States. I’ve lived in Fascist Spain, where making a clenched fist Commie salute was illegal. I therefore restricted my gestures to thei approved Fascist salute. In Communist East Germany, the Fascist salute would get one arrested, as well as in Zionist West Germany, so I did not make a Fascist salut. I didn’t make a Commie/Purim jew salute, because I didn’t have to. If th esheeple have not responded to my message in 50 years, why should I endanger my own freedom, such as it is, to inform those who aren’t interested, & anger those who don’t want such information spread? You may have seen “3 Days of the Condor,” in which the character played by Robert Redford learns a big bad secret. At the end of the movie, the professional assassin, played by Max von Sydow, my favorite Swedish actor, advises him that the establihsment media will not report his discovery, so he’s stuck knowing what fatcat felons dno’t want others to know, & which the ignorant are not interested in knowing. That’s exactly where I was when I tripped over The Cold War Hoax in 1969. Obeying the law is not quite the same as cutting one’s throat. In my experience, principles protect people. People do not protect principles. There is a limit to which one can protect sheeple from themselves, especially when they are unwilling to do so, when the necessary information is laid out before them. You can lead a horde to wisdom, but you cannot make them think. i have faced the prospect of death several times, had I not heeded the friendly warnings given me by the minions of the USA-USSR when they told me to leave certain jurisdictions. Those who did not receive or did not heed such warnings were killed on the spot, as occurred in Chile & Rhodesia, for example. When people with guns tell you to move, you can defy them, if you like, but I had nothing to lose by moving, & I lived to increase my knowledge, as well as my lifespan by so doing. Most sheeple only begin to learn things when they are locked up. Those who are ‘free’ don’t learn anything useful.

Yes, I am aware I am dependent on ZOG for my living, but who isn’t in this Land of ZOG? When ZOG’s empire collapses, what will I do? Right now, my people seem unwilling to even consider this possibility. They don’t want to know. Personally, my life has been surprisingly long, so my death would not surprise me. My regret is that I have failed to mobilize Whites on behalf of their own survival.


The USA has always been a plutocracy, like ancient Rome, which was also a republic for the rich. That’s why mere ‘citizens’ barely get the time of day from “public servants” & “representatives.” It’s so obvious that we have the best government money can buy. The $ connection in the jewstice system is at least as obvious. i knew a hold-up man who’d done time. He knew that was part of his job description, if he stayed in that ‘industry,’ so he saved money for his day in court. When it came, he had sufficient to pay his lawyer, who bribed the judge, who gave him a much lighter sentence than he deserved, as he told me. I asked him if it was that simple: you hire a lawyer to bribe the judge. he said that’s what he did, & that’s why he was out. After he told me what happened on his last hold up, I had to agree. His M.O. was to stand in a cashier’s line with a cardboard square under his arm. When he reached the head of the line, he’d rip the two layers of cardboard apart & place one piece on the glass of the cashier’s window. The cardboard had masking tape so it would stick to the window, & a blasting cap with a simple timing device. he’d shout “Duck!” to the cashier, as he dove beneath the counter. The blasting cap would shatter the glass, & he & his partner would proceed to rob the cashier. On his last hold up, the cashier iddn’t duck, so she was blinded by the flying glass. He paid her $10,000 to silence her.

You wisely observe the use of psychology in our Judeo-American society. Courthouses, as you say, are substantial, designed to intimidate. That’s why judges sit higher than everyone else in the courtroom. This is why Federal Reserve bank building sare built like fortresses, to fool the Goyim that they really have something valuable therein (aside from jew I.O.U.s). Even the gold at Fort Knox has been adulterated with tungsten rods, according to a Wall St. Journal article. Whole stole the gold? ZOG only knows!

Plato agrees with you in regard to criminals who project their own criminality on others. Liars suspect others are the same as they are, &c. This is how socrates via Plato proved that virtue was its own reward. It is also said that cowards die 1000 deaths, & brave men but one. Herman Melville lamented the lack of trust in the America of his time. I point out that no one would accept money, if trust did not exist in our society. I accept money for work because I trust that tohers will accept it in exchange for things I need.


As you say, wealth is not only a privilege, but also a responsibility. I see it as a responsibility to one’s people, one’s folk, one’s community, for they give one’s wealth its value. If I live amongst bandits, idiots & savages, what can I spend my wealth on? Wealth can become a liability in times of instability, for one who is presumed wealthy attracts bandits. As you say, how much wealth does anyone need, afte rhis basic wants are abundantly satisfied? Jews crave wealth on behalf of more power & more money for more & more of same, on behalf of themselves and their people. This is the only reason I would seek welath beyond my immediate needs: for MY people! But, where are they? I have searched for my Folk my entire life, without finding them. Likely, I’ve looked in the wrong places. My people come from the Orkneys & the Hebrides, but I’d be a “foreigner” according to ZOG, & I’d need some economic means of living where most people have to earn their livings elsewhere, as my sea-faring ancestors did for centuries. Hence, my ‘home’ is wherever I can make a living, as it is in mestizo America, at least for now. In regard to dying, I think it would be a luxury to die among one’s folk or family. My attitude is described in Kipling, whom I paraphrase: “When you’re left dying on America’s plains, & the jew-quacks are coming to carve up your remains, roll over to your weapon & blow out your brains, & go to your god like a White man.”

Indeed, you’d be wasting your time on “Might Is Right,” for the paragon of achievement is described as the pot-bellied bankster, who knows how to succeed within the system. Savitri Devi would call him “the man IN time.”

National Socialist Germany recognized human inequality, so men & women who had leadership ability were not displaced on a class basis, as in socialist countries. That’s why Krupp kept his place & others were allowed to keep their honestly-acquired property. I understand that there was no Marxist graduated income tax to kill incentive, but there was one requirement: one’s wealth had to benefit Germany, not vice versa. There are abundant books which prove that the USA serves the rich, who do the USA a real disservice by selling it out, & by impoverishing its citizens.

As younote, when we are in constant contact with others, whose demands we must meet, by cellphones, computers & even showerphones, how is this not slavery? Living according to ZOG’s illusions is also slavery, as if slaves believed their shackles were fine jewelry, with which our masters honored us. As you say, illusions prevent us from heeding facts. ZOG knows!

It used to be, within living memory, that U.S. citizens were exempt from the European “Meldepflicht,” literally, the Duty to Report. It used to be that we were “innocent until proven guilty.” The onus of proof was on the accuser, not on the accused, but now, under ZOG, things are reversed. One who does nothing is no longer innocent. He must have licences, I.D. & proof that he has paid taxes. I knew people who could live off their land, outside the cash economy. That was before property taxes! No money = no land.

I agree with your findings about having hostages for ZOG to grab and exploit. ZOG likes to destroy White families, by taking children away from their parentes on flimsy pretexts, & holding them hostage. One must be very clever to ‘get even’ when one higher up on the pecking order screws you. Most sheeple mistake co-consumption for ‘friendship,’ ‘marriage,’ &c., as I poitned out in “What We Can Do.” As you say, slaves are quick to turn against on another, for they’re all in it for the swill. Oink! How can we expect anything of substance to emanate from purely superficial, consumerist relationships? A couple can spnd a lifetime watching TV together, but when the pressure is on, will they support one another? Why should they? Who is independent from the infrastructure? I know that the electricity may fail, so I keep a supply of candles & canned goods which do not require refrigeration, & which can be eaten cold, since my stove is also electric. I am aware that these are short-term measures. I live in a town where everything is within walking distance, but how will trucks bring food into town if they run out of fuel? Will the water continue to flow from the taps? Will the toilet still flush? Suppose I had a garden & a house full of food. How would I defend it from mud-marauders? I couldn’t, for I am a lone Gringo, & there are no others to support me. After all, this is Covington’s “Great White Hopeland,” or so he says, but the reality is that it’s Brownest Yakima. I’m not complaining. I just marvel every day the excrement remains outside the ventilator, & I know this status quo will not last.

Yes, Hitler said that life is struggle, and those who do not struggle do not deserve to live. My friend, Col. Rudel, often said that you are only defeated if you, yourself, give up. I say tha tthe struggle is the victory. An ancient German saying reflects true Aryan belief: “The gods provide victory or defeat, but you must provide the courage.” The Brits echoed that one by saying: “It’s how you play the game that counts, not the winning or losing thereof.” Try explaining that to a jew team-owner & the bookies! Such people also know when to cheat, when winning counts. As General Patton said: “I don’t want you men to die for your country. I want the enemy to die for his!” I’m not sure I live out of hope. I enjoy life, & I enjoy even more doing what I believe is right, as best I can, with the means available. I told our female attorney at the Ottawa Postal Hearings that I was a very rich man, for I could afford the luxury of doing what I think is right.

When reason leads us to despair, our instincts & our animal nature come to our rescue, as well as the natural world which surrounds us. I’m not an athlete but I just returned from an errand which took me intothe prettier parts of the Yakima Valley. The quail were abundant along the hiking path which I used. Some are almost tame, for local residents feed them. Robins were displaying their red breasts with apparent pride, & the crows are fat & sleek. A squirrel scampered ahead of me. The day was perfect, the path smooth & my shoes good. In the infantry, I might think tha tI’d died & gone to heaven. We could say that I’m too busy counting my blessings to have time for conjuring up regrets.

You may hav imagined, as I have done, that we could have lived different lives had we zigged, instead of zagged at certain times in our lives. If I had wakened “on time” when I was travelling to Bogota, Columbia, I’d have caught the first bus over the mountain. Instead, I woke up exactly 1 hour later than I’d intended, so I missed the first bus. When the 2nd bus I was on arrived in the next town, I learned that the 1st bus had struck a mine in the road, & was blown off the road, down a steep Andean gorge. No survivors. I did not regret that I’d overslept 1 hour, hence, I have no regrets about all the decisions which cauesd me to be in this place & in this condition. Perhaps it is mystical, but I feel that I serve a worthwhile purpose, & that I should continue, until Jolly Roger tells me, “Time’s up!” I never had children, to my knowledge, so I may perform the role of parent & teacher, as well as entertainer, for those on the inside, who need it. ORION! — Eric

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      1) Comparing the Gestapo to the KGB in a rant about how bad torture is pure nonsense. Anyone who believes the Gestapo were bad guys has seen too many American WWII movies, read Jew-authored history books, or watched Jew-produced “documentaries” on the anti-Hitler History Channel. As Robert Faurisson and others have pointed out, how could the proven fact that some German soldiers were punished for kicking a prisoner in the behind be though equivalent to the well-known Jewish lust for torture during the Bolshevik takeover of Russia, Spain and the Zionist takeover in Palestine and Iraq today? That American goyim increasingly think torture is all right is an indication that we’re becoming more Jewish, NOT that we’re becoming more German or like the Gestapo.
      2) Speaking of Spain, Thomson was confused but straightened himself out later on the subject… Hitler and Mussolini gave Franco and others the weapons and other aid to save themselves from the Communist during the so-called Spanish Civil War. This is one reason Spain remained neutral in WWII as they were not pro-German, but they were certainly anti-Bolshevik. But they did in fact allow Spanish volunteers to join the SS and did provide a safe haven or political asylum for German soldiers after WWII (e.g. Skorzeny and Degrelle).
      3) Jews ARE a race. If they were not, why would we talk about them acquiring Tay-Sachs disease or about Ashkenazim having high IQ’s, or the fact that we can draw caricatures of the uglier of their species (e.g. Dershowitz, Wolfowitz, Albright) and recognize them as Jews. This fact, that Jews ARE a race, is the main reason the Nazis were called racists, remember. There were no niggers and other non-White racial problems to deal with. The racial problems were the Jewish race destroying White Germans.

      For the most part, Thomson’s rants are pretty good, but we should all avoid passing on the Jewish Marxist Bolshevik propaganda cliches of the Jews against the Gestapo, the Nazis and just the plain ole Germans.

    2. Abe Tapirman Says:

      “This is why Federal Reserve bank building sare built like fortresses, to fool the Goyim that they really have something valuable therein (aside from jew I.O.U.s).”

      Yep, gather up all them worthless jew zog bucks and send them to:

      A. Linder
      POB 101
      Kirksville MO 63501

      I’m sure Alex can put them to good use.
      88/46 OBRIEN.

    3. Kalki Says:

      Old Negro Space Program>>



    4. SHMUELY Says:

      Perhaps we should send a ‘donation’ to Eric too, so that he can get a computer and get online with the rest of the world? He clearly likes to ventilate, and what better place to do it ! His insight is phenominal and very thought provoking. He needs to be encouraged to put his memoirs and thoughts out into Blogland for all to ponder, and savour.

    5. Not Buying it.. Says:

      [i]3) Jews ARE a race. If they were not, why would we talk about them acquiring Tay-Sachs disease or about Ashkenazim having high IQ’s, or the fact that we can draw caricatures of the uglier of their species (e.g. Dershowitz, Wolfowitz, Albright) and recognize them as Jews.[/i]
      Jews are NOT a race. That is exactly what they want you to believe. They are a mongrolized group of ideologues that follow a doctrine that was hashed together over the centuries which they pieced together and slapped the “any one following it is -the chosen-” label on it. Originally, they were a tribe, but those in israel today are mongrels. There is nothing similar racially about them and the tribe of semites that originally parted together judiasm. I seriously question anyone who proposes that Jews are a race as being in league with them. Sure their ugly, that is mongrelization for you. Sure some of them have GM2 gangliosidosis. But that this disease occurs in other eastern europeans (of non-jewish origin) and even some cajuns punches a whole in that arguement. So you’re next arguement is that “oh, the cajuns must be jews too! Wala!” Nonsense. And lastly, having high IQs is something that they have promoted. Most of your so called jew scientists that are heralded today simply stood on the shoulders of the theory laid out by much wiser white men. Case in point, Einstien-Maxwell.

      [i]This fact, that Jews ARE a race, is the main reason the Nazis were called racists, remember. There were no niggers and other non-White racial problems to deal with. The racial problems were the Jewish race destroying White Germans.[/i] The nazis were a bit confused themselves. If you don’t believe that you might want to read more about their confused doctrines. They believed the lie that Jews were a race just like everyone else that follows the kike’s bible or _any_ derivative of it. They are parasites, on that we agree. But I know them for what they are, mongrolized, ideologue parasites, NOT racial parasites. They are NOT a race.

    6. jim brolin Says:

      The American Indian symbol in NJ, Hudson River area, is the REVERSE Swastika. Many buildings have cornices adorned with the reverse Swastika.

    7. Not Buying it.. Says:

      You mean the clockwise (not reverse) swastika. They are both used interchangibly in the east…

    8. abe foxman Says:

      Always refreshing to read Mr Thomson’s writings. He veritably hits the nail on the head and deserves little critique although I acknowledge Some Corrections’ points above.
      For me I am compelled to make only one comment and that is about Patton.
      I accept that Mr Thomson neither supports or defends him and merely quotes him to reinforce the point that you are no good to anyone in dying for a cause.

      The fact is Patton was a sad case. He was no hero! He was even less of a general and history will be less kind to him when the Hollywood veneer wears thin. His victories came through sheer numerical numbers and overwhelming logistics. He didn’t turn the Battle of the Bulge ( the Teutonic Charge of the Light Brigade) into a victory. The lack of logistics and numbers did that!
      He foolishly believed in the Jew lies and was deluded into believing that the men under his command truly loved him as a fierce conquering Hannibal when in actual fact they were a hoard of amoral mercenaries fighting for the Jew gods and following a man who could lead them to their booty in the quickest time.
      The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the sons and it has come to pass! All honorable Aryans (of which Mr Thomson no doubt is one) should leave the US for it has truly lost it’s soul.
      Patton was in fact one of the great race traitors and Shabbas-Goy dupes of all times for he not only sacrificed his honor and respectability in fighting the Jew war but shamelessly took pleasure in his role of vanquishing a great leader and in doing so paved the way for the extermination of the Aryan race. Unlike MacArthur ( a true Aryan), he fought against his volk and this is why his actions are unforgivable to this reader.
      It was fitting for the man to have been assassinated (hopefully by the Turdy little Jew he slapped around?) upon his awakening to the Jew problem and his eventual recognition that he had been led by the nose against a brave an honorable people.
      I have no doubt Patton spends his days praying in Valhalla( between licking the spittle from the boots of the brave Aryans he slew) to be reborn and be given the chance to regain his honor by smiting this diseased tribe.

    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Lots of interesting insights for us to reflect on.

      BTW, who cares if the jew is not a typical race, but should be classified as a ‘people’ or a ‘religion’. The only thing we need to know is that this GROUP are the greatest destroyers of race and civilisation in world history.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      As Patton was a firm believer in reincarnation, I doubt there is a place for him in Valhalla! The best he can hope for is to be reborn a lowly foot soldier. How come these guys always fancy themselves as being with Scipio Africanus, Gustavus Adolphus, or Prinz Eugen.

    11. SHMUELY Says:

      Let’s ask Eric if he wants to go online, and if so, everybody send him 20 Zogbuck$.

      Eric Thomson
      Box 896
      Yakima, Wa. 98907

    12. Light (God) Speed Says:

      Yes, Eric Thomson should go online.
      Time is of the essence. The world is changing at a much faster pace, traveling at the speed of light.
      We need someone like him etc to keep up with the current event.

    13. Not Buying it.. Says:

      BTW, who cares if the jew is not a typical race, but should be classified as a ‘people’ or a ‘religion’. The only thing we need to know is that this GROUP are the greatest destroyers of race and civilisation in world history.
      I am merely trying to point out that it is a false assertion. And in following that line you only empower them. They would love to claim all the entitlements that racial identity brings with it, and have. And, to me, undeservingly so.

    14. abe foxman Says:

      I acknowledge your point Not Buying It. It is well made. logical and reflects intelligence.
      I would have posted this earlier but your post hit the forum while I was composing mine.

    15. THe Chinaman Says:

      Eric has stated in the past that he does not want or need a computer.

    16. sgruber Says:

      Jews are a biological race. Does physical reality govern politics and culture, or does ideology (air)? I say reality, others observe Sammy Davis Jr. types and say air, “criminal conspiracy of the Illuminati, who can be anyone who commits to the conspiracy.” Bullshit.

      Can you become a jew by serving the jewish agenda? No. Jews have a specific term for that: shabbos goy. A shabbos goy, while he serves jews just like a mafia boss serves the don, is a member of a race different from that of jews. He isn’t a jew, like a nigger ain’t a human.

      The “jews-are-merely-another-name-for-the-Illuminati” is a jew meme worthy of Stormfart, from whence it likely came. It can go back there. Fuck John Joy Jew Tree and fuck you, jew.

    17. sgruber Says:

      I hate seeing Stormfarters get on here and circle-jerk each other for expressing the “intelligent” “well thought-out” notion that Jews Do Not Exist. Race Does Not Exist, either. Right, fellows?

      The true secret is the criminal conspiracy of Illuminati who meet in Geneva by the light of the full moon and kiss wolfbane, etc., etc. Let’s spend the next 30 years writing long detailed articles about that, instead of dealing with JEWS.

    18. sgruber Says:

      And by “jews,” I mean HOOK-NOSED RACIAL KIKES.

    19. SHMUELY Says:

      Eric needs to modernize and get up to speed. He is needed online where his wit, wisdom and talents are appreciated. Computers cost very little now-a-days, and there’s no reason why we can’t buy him one. He has been known to ‘see the light’ before, and an improved communication system would improve his resources and outreach tremendously.

    20. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Eric Thomson should definitely be online. Unfortunately, he’s a horse and buggy kind of guy who apparently likes it that way. I should know – I was one too! LOL. Hell, I didn’t own a computer until 2002. Regardless, he should “bite the bullet” and join us in the 21st Century. His knowledge and experience is most helpful in these dark and very trying times.