29 April, 2007

FTL Archive (Friday 4/27/07 with Dietrich)

Posted by alex in Free Talk Live, White radio at 6:12 am | Permanent Link

[Update: we have new server for forum, will be working on setting up vBulletin and getting it loaded on Sunday.]

From Dietrich’s page, CoolKidsRebel.com…


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  7. 5 Responses to “FTL Archive (Friday 4/27/07 with Dietrich)”

    1. Celtic_Patriot Says:

      Excellent update!

      The most important point of a civilization is Free Speech, especially political speech.

      We must honor the 100% White Men who signed the US Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights (1st Amendment) into law.

      The USA was created by White people for White people, that is simply a fact.

      Good to hear Alex and team that you’re getting VNN Forum back online.

    2. MB Says:

      The most important point of a civilization is RACE. The sad lesson of the Civil War is that so-called self-government doesn’t work. There’ll always be enough idiots ready to quash a good thing. The sad lesson of America is that forms of government matter little.

    3. New America Says:

      One more tool for the SKYPErs:


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. New America Says:

      Another useful tool for Dietrich:


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    5. New America Says:

      One more idea:

      VNN mentioned somewhere that a lot of the people who use and listen to VNN are on dial-up.

      It strikes me that the VNN Media Library would be well placed if you could download torrent files, and place them on mininova, pirate bay, and a few others.

      Some of the Goyfires can be a bit much to download over dial-up; however, with a torrent, it could be as easy as turning it on before they go to sleep.

      They could even load the torrents in a sticky at the top of VNN, both the front page and the forum, even if it goes to drupal!

      Besides, the idea that they could all be removed from us by the goddamn JEWS taking ONE server off-line is a little disconcerting!

      Thanks for all of your efforts, one and all!

      Just an idea!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is Here!