7 April, 2007

Incoming: “Cool Kids Rebel”

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The media lie about stupid stuff, too

Written on April 5, 2007 by theseus

Sure, we all know that the media are not covering the Christian/Newsome double rape/torture/murder, but I want to give an example of how they also mislead us on the smaller things when it suits the agenda, or rather when reality does not fit their agenda. How do you if something happened in Belarus, or China, or . . . Atlanta? You know it through the media. If what you know is full of lies and mis-truths, you may as well be hallucinating, because you are fundamentally mis-perceiving reality.

The title of the article is: “Free day causes chaos at Six Flags.” The article notes that it was an event sponsored by “The Bert Show,” a program on a “White” radio station. Here is the cast of “The Bert Show” along with the other DJs listed on the station’s website:

Meet The Bert Show Cast

Here is the photo displayed with this story, and the report from their local news:

Reality check: It looked, sounded, and smelled like a rap video, and the lines were longer than those on chicken day back in high-school:

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    1. network » Incoming: “Cool Kids Rebel” Says:

      […] Joe Pelletier wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWritten on April 5, 2007 by theseus. Sure, we all know that the media are not covering the Christian/Newsome double rape/torture/murder, but I want to give an example of how they also mislead us on the smaller things when it suits the … […]

    2. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      One thing I look forward to is going to an amusement park with no niggers and no spics.

    3. Theseus Says:

      omg whoops

      I ‘broke’ the site while working on some video stuff, and just left it there because I had to go. LOL, guess I should have checked VNN for the linkage.

    4. Theseus Says:

      oh, and thanks :]

      /early b-day bottle of red, thanks Mihr

    5. Satchel Rage Says:

      Six Flags out here in SoCal is closing down due to the blacks and mexicans. Officials say they can no longer attract ‘families’ or the ‘target group’ to the park. That’s because it’s filled with feral mestizo savages and North American Ground Apes. A few years ago Knott’s Berry Farm was letting people in for 5 cents on Cinco de Mayo. Of course the place was flooded with beaners. Who then rioted. It made the local news, but I’ll bet no one outside of Southern California heard about this. Think of how many businesses have been destroyed, lost because of the brown and black manimals moving into an area. I drove through Van Nuys today (it’s part of L.A. in the San Fernando Valley) and was looking at all the businesses, stores and restaurants that have disappeared, storefronts boarded up, in the 12 years it’s been since the beandogs flooded the area. Incredible. But not surprising.

    6. van helsing Says:

      Yes, going to amusement parks is like a trip to the human zoo.

      I live north of Detroit. We have started going to Michigan Adventure on Michigan’s left coast just about every year. Smaller park. Smaller (less population) area. A lot fewer boolies. A lot fewer. Altho the last time I was there there were a lot of yahoodi kids in buses there from Chicago…

    7. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      The fucking Pope bestowed the title of “Papal Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great” to this fucking ADL jew, Leon Klenicki, Director Emeritus of Interfaith Affairs of the Anti-Defamation League.

      It’s just one rank below Sainthood and Mother Teresa and it’s the SECOND TIME!!

      Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!! The Pope has a circle K on his ass too!!!

    8. Satchel Rage Says:

      Van helsing, originally I’m from Detroit. We moved to CA when I was a small kid. The niggers had already ruined Belle Isle, it was called ‘Nigger Isle” and this was in the 1960’s! Now the shit smelling beandogs from mexico are doing the same out here, along with the NAGAs (North American Ground Apes – see my earllier post). Whites really are being penned in. We must stand and we must fight.

    9. jigaboos h. jigabooze Says:

      “Whites really are being penned in.”

      Well, I guess this proves that THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. . .

    10. DZilla Says:

      Born in Detroit and witnessed it’s downfall in the mid to late 50’s. Belle Isle was one beautiful park in the middle of the Detroit River until the Jigaboos found it and craped all over it. Auto industry cooled down and there were few jobs to be had. 1967 riot was the end of white Detroit. People moved in the thousands to subs in response to quality of living flushed down the toilet and fear of rampant black crime. Be clear about one thing, the vile Jew was instrumental in ‘White Flight’. True to their nature, they screwed the town for a shekel, that’s Jew money to you goy, slang term for Christian Caucasian. True to their nature they precipitated a real estate sell off in white neighborhoods by actively selling to negroes and blacking areas of white home-owners. In CA its worse. You have six or seven million illegal Mexicans of Indio stock running around squawking Spanish and refusing to speak English or adopting the customs of their illegal country of entry. Cultural genocide is happening to white American’s and it will get worse unless we get political and stop the destruction of our land. Much of SOCAL is becoming a 3rd world ghetto aided by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Smarten up WHITEY or your finished.