16 April, 2007

Jews Conspiring for Second Bolshevik Revolution

Posted by alex in Alex Linder, Russia at 8:37 am | Permanent Link

Putin busts Kike Kasparov days after Berezovsky publicly muses about overthrowing Putin by violence.

Last time jews took over Russia, around 100 million Christian Whites ended up murdered.

They don’t teach you about this in school. Because it’s true.

The blood relatives of those murderers now run the U.S. government.

Former world chess champion and current Russian opposition leader Gary Kasparov has been arrested by the Putin regime, several media outlets are now reporting. A synopsis and links from Ilya Somin at The Volokh Conspiracy:

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  7. 19 Responses to “Jews Conspiring for Second Bolshevik Revolution”

    1. alex Says:

      The Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has told the Guardian he is plotting the violent overthrow of President Putin from his base in Britain after forging close contacts with members of Russia’s ruling elite.

      In comments which appear calculated to enrage the Kremlin, and which will further inflame relations between London and Moscow, the multimillionaire claimed he was already bankrolling people close to the president who are conspiring to mount a palace coup.

    2. Pil Koler Says:

      I don’t see how the protestation of Kasparov or the actions of Berezovsky are pro-communist. To the contrary, they are reactions to the increasingly authoritarian course taken by Putin whom, it serves as a reminder, is ex-KGB and is behaving as such. Sorry, but I don’t see how this is in any way a conspiracy towards a “second Bolshevic revolution.” Perhaps there is more information that you can provide for us, because the links betray nothing of the sort.

    3. donnachaidh Says:

      Kasparov whose real name is Weinstein is an Armenian jew of Nagorno Kharabak.

      His movement Other Russia was funded by the former jewish vice director of Yukos, the fugitive criminal Nevzlin who settled in Israel.

    4. Sándor Petőfi Says:

      Where do I sign up to fight for Putin?

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      Berezovsky and Kasparov may very well have their revolutionary plans backfire on them if Putin decides to run for a third term. If Putin feels Motherland Russia is under attack, he could easily convince the Duma to change the laws limiting him to only two terms. The lines woulds be drawn, us vs. them, for all to see and choose.

    6. Hans Schneider Says:

      Putin as ex KGB man knows very well of who the real trouble makers are, not just in Russia but all over the world.

    7. van helsing Says:

      Boris thinks he has more power than he has and that everyone can be bought.

      He is going to get only one guy killed: Kasparov.

      What this all means is that they cant buy Putin. He is therefore the next Hitler, bet on that. Watch our anti – anti-semitic so-called USG spring into action…

    8. abe foxman Says:

      Anyone who believes Putin or Russia for that matter are not under all out aggression is in denial. The wisps of reality are easily visible in the Kike disinformation smokescreen, that is to anyone who can get his nose out of the jew’s ass….aka jewsmedia.
      Jews are such a fucking arrogant lot! They think non jews are fools. They know anyone with any perception see their little conspiracies but they know they are a minority and the rest (sheeple) can be cowered by their bluster (actually deep insecurity and cowardice and hence the need to ‘gang up’ on adversaries, conspiring to achieve overthrow and a violent end…aka the Talmud/ I.e ‘a gentile eye for a jewish eye’ but never the other way round!).
      Putin isn’t taking Russia back to Stalinist times….they are over! If anything, he’s taking the country along National Socialist lines and he’s running into problems not with the average white Russian but with monied jews both Russian and international because he’s depriving these well known parasites of Russia’s newly found oil wealth.
      The technique they use is simple and effective.
      Using the courts, public opinion or just plain aggression, they force their adversaries to expend huge amounts of resources to counter their attacks. Smaller scale examples are Leuchter, Zundel, Rudolf and Toben, et al. It’s no different at the international level other than the mind boggling sums involved as demonstrated by this Kike who is willing to spend his ill gotten fortune to bring Putin down. Putin is forced to spend an equal amount of Russia’s resources to ensure the Jews don’t regain control.
      Hitler faced the same tactic prior to WWII. He preferred building roads, hospitals and infrastructure to weapons but was forced to spend huge amounts on reamarmament due to the threat from the Jew controlled encircling countries populated by the same dumb myopic white people.
      The saying ‘history is destined to repeat itself to those who forget it’ comes to mind. The fact is in most cases history is such a crock of manufactured horse shit and the proof is ‘Official Secret’ acts!
      To know the real story about Putin and the Jews, one needs to read between the lines of oil reports and news. For all other news, a spell in Russia is the only answer.

    9. NSN Says:

      The Jew wants headlines. The Jew gets headlines.

      If the media had any decency it would treat this Jew for what he is – a terrorist.

    10. White Dragonslayer Says:

      “Abe Foxman” is right – the Jews are going after Putin/Russia, hammer & tongs. We regularly see op-ed pieces declaring a new Cold War against the “New Stalin.”

      “Foxman” also notes the importance of *resources* – which makes it all the more pathetic that you cargo-cult Nazis continually ultra-marginalize yourselves (when you’re not watching Seinfeld, that is). Linder might just as well append each and every paragraph with a sentence like “I sure do like 16 year old pussy.” He may be speaking for a majority – but he disregards the fact that the topology of the field of conflict prevents them from materially supporting anything else he may have to say – or even be *assocated* with him in any way, actually. No wonder you guys don’t have a pot to piss in.

      A self-marginalizing enemy: THAT is proof that the Jews are God’s Chosen.

    11. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The arrogant kikes are overplaying their hand….they always do eventually.

    12. Agis Says:

      Putin should run for a third term and/or have an adequate replacement. The KGB should have a whole dept devoted to sham politics vs realpolitik. No jews, just right.

    13. Americafirst. Says:

      Sándor Petőfi Says:

      16 April, 2007 at 12:46 pm

      Where do I sign up to fight for Putin?

      Match Putin, to Blair, the Canadian clown in Charge there, Helen Clark Lesbo in New Zealand for 8 years now, and the other clown in AU, and our Twig, he could take them all in any match of Wits or Braun, not to mention Character.

    14. van helsing Says:

      But W looked into his eyes and saw his soul!

      Putin looked back and saw a flaming pile of dog doo.

    15. Aquinas Says:

      So…..Putin, who was a protege of Berezovsky and the rest of the Syndicate is now an arch anemy of the same. Woo. Tensions are mounting.

      Yup, that’s the line coming from the media. And you are all very good at repeating it.

      Do you really think these international relations are so puerile? Like a game of Cowboys and Indians? Can people not understand that the orchestrators of political theatre are a bit more sophisticated than mug punters? Could it be that this popular leader is playing just the part the Syndicate require of him?

      You know, it’s happened before. Just glance up at your bookshelf.

    16. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Yes, my friends in New Zealand, aka jew Zealand, say that deep-voiced Helen Clark has completely sold out to the kike and placed the country in the iron grip of the jew World Order. The locals are still fast asleep, or watching the ‘history channel’ to be told about those evil nazis. They will only wake up when a tribe of congolese ‘refugees’ enriches their neighborhood.

    17. Americafirst. Says:

      helen clark does as she is told end of story.

      Since and in 2004 Africans had started to rape school girls in Christ church.

      The White police there are more willing to speak the truth, but the you know whos start screaming their media right away. US TV is there seven nights a week. The filthy cartoon show is on every night there. I have not had TV for years and have no interest to watch it, but I did look at in N.Z. to see what it was the people were getting there.

      The hate tube plays sinister organ music when speaking of WN’s and their talk radio is more indiotic than in the US if that is possible.

      In the US when I listen to just a few minutes once a weeks is empty of any truths and folk are always cut off trying to get in. I say it is a complete waste of time calling any talk radio station after the filth fifth column attack on US in 2001, if that along with the June 8th 1967 USS Liberty attack along with Pear Harbor the mother of treason crimes could not wake the elites and sheeple nothing can.

    18. Americafirst. Says:

      Except VNN, lets not forget to put that stamp on the envelpope and show you care.

    19. Igor Alexander Says:

      “What this all means is that they cant buy Putin. He is therefore the next Hitler, bet on that.”

      Now the world has two Hitlers on the go: Putin and Ahmadinejad; three if you count Hugo Chavez. Yippeee!!! The more Hitlers, the merrier!