4 April, 2007

Jews Profit From Their Crimes – Even After Their Deaths

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Meyer Lansky, the jew who arranged JFK’s assassination, continues to profit from his crimes after his death. Well, his family does, anyway. And look how protective they are of their copyright.


Long magazine article on the site:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Jews Profit From Their Crimes – Even After Their Deaths”

    1. News Says:

      His family is doing pretty well. A granddaughter found her way into the CIA? And other illustrious organizations. Look up “Mira Lansky”

    2. Americafirst. Says:

      Mira, ah yes.

      I remember when that first came out folks did not believe me.

      One this is for sure, JFK lost his brains in Dallas and he was kicking the cia’s rear end.


      I don’t remember any discussion over the last six years on this this book and site.

      One more thing Teddy after losing three brothers stuck to women, booze and appeasing leftist, safe waters, ha. All joking aside I don’t believe he offed Mary Jo, and I do Not Believe JFK. Jr. had any accident.

      Say good night gracie.

    3. paul maleski Says:


      Polish jew, Majer Suchowlinski was four feet eleven and three quarter inches small. Despite being vertically challenged; he was the boss of the second biggest criminal syndicate in the States: Murder Incorporated. The Lanskys prospered, his brother had a hotel in Havanna and both were friendly with Jack Rubinstein (Ruby–Polish Jewish stock). Majer’s grandaughter Mira Lansky Boland, bettered herself and works with the ADL, a criminal syndicate par excellence. And the goyim says crime does not pay? Putz!