14 April, 2007

Latest from Kirksville Today

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Includes link to article mentioned on Friday’s FTL, about Long Island Liberianess with 11 children and side business dispensing African animal parts…

Dearth Week at Truman

By Alex Linder

Next week the Tissues are celebrating Dearth Week!

A peak sense crisis, itz!

The second green-moron holiday in a month!

According to the Missouri conservation mag, it’s perfectly appropriate to worry about non-native species – when they’re plants and animals. When they’re ‘humans,’ we’re to turn a blind eye. But the effect is the same: whether zebra mussel, golden carp, mexican or St. Louis nigger, its expansion into human territory brings misery and pollution in its wake.


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    1. Coup d'Etat Says:

      For the childish egalitarians to clean up the mess, they will dress up a monkey in a three piece suit and call it, “Obama.” They will state, “See, it’s all about environment.”

    2. chukkk speer Says:

      “. . .dress up a monkey in a three piece suit. . .”

      A spear, a grass skirt, and a bone in the nose.