28 April, 2007

Lautenberg, Again

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It’s bad enough that Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg’s 1996 gun law prohibits people who are convicted of misdemeanor crimes from owning firearms [1].

Now, it looks like Lautenberg is at it again, this time by using the “war” on “terror” as a reason for gun prohibition. [A handy word, “terror.” It can be used to justify almost any governmental action. In fact, there is no end in sight to what could be banned or curbed under that catch-all umbrella].

Our question: how long will it be before members of neo-Nazi, Klan or militia groups are described by the government as “domestic terrorists” and prohibited from buying guns? Not long, we guess. Think it can’t happen? Many people believed that the prior Lautenberg legislation wouldn’t become law, either, but it did:


[1] the Lautenberg domestic-violence gun law: http://wsi.matriots.com/gun_legislation.html [scroll down to “September, 1996”]

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  7. 7 Responses to “Lautenberg, Again”

    1. Lutjens Says:

      What a dumbshit, him and that Bloomberg, Schumer, etc. More and more people own guns today thanks to the violent savages loosed on our society by guess Jew.

    2. sgruber Says:

      Anyone who wants you disarmed, wants to kill you.

      The yids genocided millions of Whites in Russia less than 90 years ago. Neo-bolshies (aren’t all jews such, or at least fellow-travelers?) like Lautenberg are systematically stripping Whites of rights – Fourth Amendment, Second Amendment, First Amendment are bye-bye or almost so – and why?

      To prepare us for our slaughter.

      This is not theoretical. Millions of Whites have been viciously displaced or murdered since the 1960s by niggers whom jewish-created “civil rights” unleashed upon White society at the point of a government gun. (Which is why people are so law-and-order minded, to the point of being crazed about it. See Terror, War on. We’ve been under assault in a “dirty war” of crime for decades.) Jewish slaughter of America Gentiles started some time ago. Has your son died for Israeli yet? (to coin a phrase). Did your grandfather die fighting Nazis? Further slaughter of Whites will be merely a continuation of kikish behavior here.

      It’s may be at the point where our guns see use now, or never. A scary prospect… The folks who keen “Ballot box or bullet box” will vote for whom? Hillary? Do you want to take orders from that woman?

      Note that the writer of the lewpus article on Wolfowitz “no longer lives in the United States.” That’s one strategy: retreat. We really need to start weighing our strategies, people.

      At first they came for our grandfathers of fighting age
      But I said nothing – for I was not among them.
      Then they came for our cities, our schools, our neighborhoods
      But I said nothing – I fled, and so was not among them.
      Then they came for our children
      But I said nothing – I had no children.
      And the ones who had, considered it a privilege to send their sons to war.
      Then they came for our guns
      But I said nothing – for I had no gun.
      Then they came for our free speech
      But I said nothing – because I didn’t want to break the law.
      When they finally came for me,
      No one defended me, no one spoke for me.
      I was shot in the back of the head
      And placed in a ditch
      In the woods behind the prison.
      Flies played on my corpse for weeks before prison workers buried me.

    3. John Says:

      They can take away my right to own a gun. They will never keep me from teaching my children what filthy bastards the jews really are. You see schlomo I had to learn about you on my own, but I’m here to teach my children to be ready to deal with you when the time comes. Take away my guns? My children will still get you fuckers. AND THEIR CHILDREN…AND THEIR CHILDREN…AND THEIR CHILDREN…UNTIL YOU ARE GONE!

    4. Rabbi Moishe Tapirman Says:

      The Klan is already widely described as a terrorist organization.

    5. brutus Says:

      Why do politicians feel that they need to have body guards who carry guns?

      Are they saying that their life is more valuable then mine?

      Yes they are!

      Guess what I’m thinking?


    6. Celtic_Patriot Says:

      The word “Terror” is used in the 21st century as the word “Hell” was used in the 16th century, the sociological purpose of both words are to strike fear into the populace in order to control them better.

      Sin and Hell have largely worn off as the people have seen on TV that Jews, like Jesus, can’t really walk on water.

      So the Jews have come up with bombing buildings to strike fear (terror) into the hearts of people. It’s fairly basic, but the Internet, and its freebsd, is helping people wake up.

      Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg is acting very much like a Bolshevik in taking the legal rights (2nd Amendment) away from Whites who have racial pride, calling white ethnic pride “Domesitc Terror”, when in fact the Jew Lenin and Kaganovich (Cohen) took the guns away from all White Russian who cracked jokes about Jews and sent them to the Gulag death camps under Article 58-10 of the USSR “racial” criminal code.

      Jews like Frank Lautenberg were responsible for the deaths of over 61 million people in the communist USSR.

      We as WN have the higher moral ground.

    7. white_skelet Says:

      Gun control = goy control