15 April, 2007

Letter to Gail Dines at Counterpunch

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Dear Gail,

Response to your article at:


I agree with you very much and I am not saying this in jest. Pornography degrades women and destroys the family structure. We got a whole generation of young men who don’t leave their bedroom because they got porn and Nintendo. It’s like an electrical “short to ground,” or carbon monoxide that binds more readily with the lungs than oxygen. Pornography short-circuits society. But you must understand, you are only skimming the surface of the problem.

America kept porn down until it’s native White Christian leadership was overthrown from within by international Jewry. Ron Jeremy is a Jew himself. In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote about how Jews dominated the pornography and sex slave industries.

So a bit of courage, what do you say? Or will your Jewish boss at Wheelock College fire you?

Of course it’s more important to keep an easy paycheck going than to tell the WHOLE TRUTH, isn’t it Gail?


Andrei Kievsky

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    1. alex Says:

      [Linder letter to Dines]

      For every “pimp my black teen” site there are 100 sites featuring

      Niggers gang-raping White teens.

      You know that.

      Why don’t you say it?

      One of two reasons:

      1) you’re a jew.

      2) you’re a coward.

      Let me know which one.


      Alex Linder

      You hear what happened to Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in Knoxville? A white couple of UT students raped, tortured and murdered by a gang of niggers?

      How much you want to bet they weren’t into online porn of the nigger gang-raping White girls variety?

      And who produces all that porn?


      You know it.

      Why don’t you say it?

    2. Americafirst. Says:

      If a White man was to commit any type of racial crime, I can assure you his p.c. and home would be raided looking for any pro-White articles or Web sites as he has NO rights to privacy.

      But when non-Whites attack and murder Whites, you will NOT hear of their RAP C.D.’s which are now broadcast on SAT radio now. I know from my experience growing up in a large city and being the military that the non-Whites are crazy for White porn, and will spend their last dime on White porn. White porn I would guess is akin to crack or something to Congoids, not to mention savage messaycans. Point is this the porn does insight non-Whites to assault our Women.

      The Carr brothers are still alive in jail, and they had White women who gave birth to their spawn! Then one of the beast had a good looking R.N. girlfriend who stated in court that yes, she knew he had an STD! I give all the proof you need that women as a Whole must have voting rights taken away.

    3. john creagh Says:

      Andrei and Alex:

      Since you’re unlikely to receive a reply from the Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, the answer is reason 1) — she’s a jew:

      Sitting in a local Boston theater watching Sasha Baron Cohen play Borat, an anti-Semitic misogynist from Kazakhstan, made me uneasy as a Jew and enraged as a woman. The Jewish part of me wasn’t quite sure why all the non-Jews around me were falling off their seats laughing at Cohen’s joke about Jews being money-grubbing cockroaches. Did they see the ridiculousness in this, or did they also harbor the same anti-Semitism skillfully unveiled by Cohen in some of the Americans interviewed? The gun owner who recommended a 9 mm weapon to Borat for use against Jews could very well have kindred spirits sitting near me in the theater. But then again, I have lived in this area for over twenty years and have yet to feel any fear as a Jew. When I am out late at night, I don’t worry about being attacked because some anti-Semite is on the prowl looking for a bit of Jew bashing. Had I watched Cohen’s film in Germany in the 1930s I would have felt differently but today, as a Jew, I feel a lot safer.


    4. Mike Nifong Says:

      Dear Gail,

      Honey, when are you going to aplogize to the Duke students?