8 April, 2007

Mario the Molestor

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Help Find “Mario,” the Mestizo Child Molester, wanted for raping a 9-year-old white girl

by Mark Farrell

“Mario”–a pseudonym for a Mestizo–has raped a young white girl in Hamilton County, Ohio.

The plague of illegal alien molesters has spread across the plains and now affects even Ohio.

The federal government will do nothing about such crimes, as the plutocrats want child rapists like “Mario” here, as it’s “good for business” (i.e., cheap labor at the expense of American workers and families). So it’s up to the American people to find and detain such sick and perverted people who flee justice from Mexico and come here to pollute our lands.

Here is an online video about this tragedy, describing what Mario, the evil Mestizo, did to some little girl:


What should the American people do if Mario is found? That’s the real question!

Should he be detained?

Undoubtedly, the Hamilton County police will put him in jail.

But what then will the federal government do?

At best, he’ll just be another person that the prison system has to support; at worst–and eventually in any case–he’ll be deported back to Mexico, and then will run back across the border to America again in a few years. Then, we’ll read about some other little white girl who was molested by “Mario,” using another pseudoym such as “Pablo”–or who knows what?

In the olden days, the townspeople would string Mario up on a light post.

Is vigilantism the answer? I can’t say, but the government’s solution is grossly inadequate.

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  7. 7 Responses to “Mario the Molestor”

    1. network » Mario the Molestor Says:

      […] Steve Rubel wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHelp Find “Mario,” the Mestizo Child Molester, wanted for raping a 9-year-old white girl. by Mark Farrell. “Mario”–a pseudonym for a Mestizo–has raped a young white girl in Hamilton County, Ohio. The plague of illegal alien molesters … […]

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Actually in the good ‘ole days, as soon as an illegal crosses the border it is shot to death for invasion. This act is legal according to the U.S. Constitution and no state can undermine that law. However, it seems that our jewish enemies and mexican slob sympathizers have illegally circumvented that law. A state can only enhance a law to take a stronger stance than a federally known law, but a state cannot take measures or enforce laws that are weaker than what the federal law already states. This country’s federal laws were built to form a strong, sovereign government which would protect itself against all foreign enemies, near or far. The only problem with this is that the President and its p(sic)sycophants are claiming that Mexico is our friend. If you want to rationalize this — one could ask, “how could such a friend murder its friend?” The President has a wrong view on what friendship really means and has circumvented all meaning of invasion by using “friend” to undermine the invasion of the U.S.

    3. Abe Tapirman Says:

      I hope that Farrell sends this story to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. Ted is a White man!

      Ted knocked off corrupt, useless, do-nothing Republicoon coonservative Bob Taft this past November.

      I would suggest that Ted take an Ohio State Highway Patrol troop and dedicate it to watching the inter-states and turnpike for overloaded vans full of Mexicans and other Latrinos. You could even get the toll both attendents to watch for these illegal aliens, and relay the information to the troopers.

      In a sickening observation, I saw at least two of Mexicoons/Latrinos on the Ohio turnpike near Youngstown on Saturday who could have passed for the criminal alien rapist. I did not see their vehicle or vehicles, but saw them at the service plaza. The state troopers should start to see them too!

      How hard would it be to start to stop obviously over-loaded vans on the inter-state, just to see what spills out?

    4. Pony Says:

      Just grab any wetback…the chances are real good that he’s also a god damn molester. AHHHHH mexican family values… thanks Jorge Bush you fucking RETARD!

    5. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Main principle of democracy – mob rules.
      So the lynching is totally democratic then ?
      To bad You guys have a Republic over there !

    6. jigaboos h. jigabooze Says:

      Watch La Loca Vida (the crazy life, as beaners call it). It’s rumoured that Pontiac will be producing a similar model, to replace the Bonneville. It will be called the BEANERVILLE. . .


    7. heber Says:

      This is the problem , you are all assuming we are all , molesters etc.

      This is a problem with all races not just hispanic(mexicans). I am not mexican but i am of hispanic origin. My mom is Guatemalan. But I like My dad,uncle Have serve in our countrys military, we are rugular hispanic people with pride and respect. Now you guys just want to throw us all in one pot and call us all molester, ilegals etc. Use comonsense when dealing with race. There are white rapist,thiefs, same as blacks, etc.

      This is my opinion and you know what they say about opinions, thy are like butts we all got one.

      Semper Fi.