13 April, 2007

One Standard for Jews and Blacks, Another for White Trash

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By Alex Linder

Yesterday Imus was fired by CBS and MSNBC. Perhaps uncoincidentally, the same day the ADL praised the reintroduction of an “anti-hate” bill to the Senate.

Les Moonves, the jew running CBS, denounced Imus, while ignoring that while he was co-head of the parent company of MTV, he had not the slightest problem with nigger rappers ho-ing it up 24/7/365.

Meanwhile, not a single person has observed that you can hear “white trash” on pretty much any channel every day of the year. How many episodes of sitcoms and dramas, how many feature movies, have been built around mocking Southern Whites? Ten thousand? But a single gibe at hair, the texture and length of which negroes themselves disdain, and a White man must lose his career?

Hate is what coloreds and jews hate: others laughing at them; others telling the truth about them. Free speech is what coloreds and jews like: mocking white boys, crackers, rednecks, Euro- and white trash.

Don’t like it?

Remove the jews and take your country back.

BTW, here’s the educational level of one of the insulted niggeresses, proud Shvartze Knight that she be, Rutgers’ finest, firs’ name Essence:

Not only has Mr. Imus stolen a moment of pure grace from us, but he has brought us to the harsh reality that behind the faces of the networks. They have worked so hard to convey a message and empowerment to young adults that somehow, some way the door has been left open to attack your leaders of tomorrow. [Quote taken from Ilana Mercer column here.]

Do you see that overlooking this edumacated slop of a statement is of a piece with ignoring the burnt, sodomized, quartered corpse of Channon Christian?

Are we to continue the charade until every last one of us is in the ground?

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  7. 18 Responses to “One Standard for Jews and Blacks, Another for White Trash”

    1. abe foxman Says:

      Shoot! You know the nerves are getting raw when a ‘died in the wool’ kike infiltrator starts pointing out the way this shithole is heading..

    2. Marcus Says:

      Tom Metzger said on his show that he heard Imus state on-air that Imus is a jew himself. If so, that’s just one more obnoxious jew removed from the airways.

      No worry, though. What you wanna bet he shows up on Sirrus with his own subscription channel?

    3. Bo Sears Says:

      We have a slightly different analysis on this business of double standards, and we include our glossary item on the topic below. You can see it at:



      Double Standard

      European Americans are astonishingly gullible when it comes to recognizing Big Lies by the corporate entertainment culture and the dominant media culture.

      For example, when European Americans hear an appeal to universal (i.e., global monocultural) values like “end all war crimes,” they think it means that the speaker truly wants to end all war crimes. Then when the speaker thereafter supports some war crimes by certain regimes, European Americans charge the speaker with having a double standard. But it isn’t an accurate charge. The dominant media culture and the corporate entertainment culture in American society hold a single standard on any given issue.

      And the single standard is always based on the benefits accorded to the members of one or another particular group, ranked along the lines of religion, gender, ethnicity, national origin, continental origin, and race.

      That there is a hierarchy of groups in American society that is recognized and protected by the entertainment business and the media culture can hardly be denied. The reader can determine the hierarchy of groups for himself or herself by simply counting references in public discourse to four categories of events.

      (1) Suffering Mentions

      An obvious marker of rank and relative power in our left-wing racialist controlled media and entertainment world is the frequency with which a group’s members arrange to have allegedly historical examples of their group’s members’ sufferings made part of contemporary media discourse, entertainment, and education.

      Consider the relative frequency with which the following sufferings (from among several hundred possible examples) are mentioned by the media or entertainment companies:

      – Between A.D.1915 & A.D.1923, the Ottoman Empire was dissolved to put Palestine in play amongst genocides that included massacres of 1.5 million Armenians, 500,000 Christian Greeks, and 50,000 Christian Assyrians and Arameans along with the ferocious expulsion of 1.3 million Christian Greeks from Asia Minor in A.D.1922.

      – The Irish Great Hunger (2 million starved, 2 million exiled) in the 1840s due to the London bankers’ greed in requiring export of produce grown in Ireland and barring its use in alleviating hunger — there was no overall collapse of food and agricultural production throughout Ireland, there was no true famine.

      – The vicious expulsion of 40,000 Indo-Ugandans by Idi Amin in A.D.1973.

      – The tens of millions of indigenous Europeans victimized by slave-traders, usurers, and military invaders from East Asia, Southwest Asia, and North Africa over eleven centuries.

      – The on-going Christian genocide and slave-taking in Sudan.

      – The internment and relocation during World War II of thousands of Japanese Americans, thousands of German Americans, and thousands of Italian Americans in the USA.

      – The internment and relocation during World War I of thousands of German Americans in the USA.

      – The millions of diverse victims of Nazi brutality and murders in the 20th century in Europe.

      – The tens of millions of diverse victims of Bolshevik brutality, starvation campaigns, and political murders in the 20th century throughout Asia and Europe.

      You’re correct if you perceive that only two of these examples are mentioned with any frequency. Keep a scorecard by your side when you read the daily paper or watch TV news.

      (2) Public Squabbles

      A fascinating way to determine which group outranks another group is to pay attention to public squabbles. A contemporary example is the conflict between some Jewish Americans and some Japanese Americans about the “right” of Japanese American organizations to use the term “concentration camps” as the label for the internment and relocation camps in which some Japanese Americans (along with many German and Italian Americans) were placed 65 years ago in America.

      A hint of this fascinating conflict appears in the print media as a small news article or a letter to the editor from time to time. These are the two most-wealthy and highest-incomed ethnic groups in America today, and the winner of this squabble shows us a snapshot of the hierarchy between them.

      Other inter-group conflicts may be about which ethnic group’s members may use what cathedral at what times, which national origin languages are taught in what schools, and which groups’ members receive reparations.

      Recently, Sikh students have won the right to wear small knives in public schools while Christian students are forbidden to wear crosses. In some schools, Moslem students are allowed special prayer privileges while Christian students are forbidden to pray, even over their lunches. Clearly Sikh and Moslem students outrank Christian students.

      Winners and losers in conflict situations tell us clearly the hierarchy of groups in America today. Keep a scorecard by your side when you read the daily paper or watch TV news.

      (3) Who Slurs

      A third way to determine rank in America’s multicultural society is to note which groups’ members can slur or slander other groups’ members without any public cost. There is a very clear pattern of dominance and subordination that makes itself visible when racial, ethnic, or religious slurs by various people are noted.

      Members of Resisting Defamation kept a record of all published or reported anti-Irish slurs and stereotypes for three years (A.D.1992 – A.D.1995), and they were astonished to discover after the end of the study that all of the dozens of published slurs and negative stereotypes about Irish and Irish Americans were made by members of just one ethnic group except for two instances. There was no public vilification by print media of the anti-Irish bigots at all.

      This kind of study is easy to conduct. Simply make notes on a scorecard about which groups’ members are allowed to engage in slurring behavior toward others without serious or reported criticism at all. Media and entertainment will never be the same for you once you look closely at this phenomenon.

      The act of slurring the other is also the act of naming the other which, in turn, is an act of supremacy so whoever can slur or name European Americans freely is a member of a group that outranks European Americans.

      (4) Publicity About Slurs

      A fourth way to determine hierarchy in America is to keep a scorecard about which groups’ members are given respectful publicity about their complaints about other groups’ members’ slurs. There are only two groups in America today that can consistently force their members’ complaints to be aired in a respectful and comprehensive way.

      However, European Americans have almost no voice whatsoever in rebutting hate speech against their ancestral homelands, their families, and their children. Here are two examples from a recent one-week period in the San Jose Mercury News.

      The Latina vice mayor of San Jose (6/14/05) characterized a civil grand jury report as like a “British tabloid.” No criticism was allowed on the pages of the San Jose Mercury News after this divisive and racist comment, even though the slur was quoted on its pages. (Consider were the slur to have been like the “Tijuana Tattler.”)

      The San Jose Mercury News (6/21/05) quoted a Jewish San Francisco conductor insulting other kinds of conductors as like a “Swiss hotel manager.” No criticism was allowed to be heard about this divisive and racist comment on the pages of the San Jose Mercury News, even though the slur was quoted on its pages.

      Keep a scorecard by your side when you read the daily paper or watch TV news to see who can slur whom without repercussion or public criticism at all.

    4. Superman Says:

      What interests me greatly, and have heard NOTHING in Mainstream Media about, is what kind of STUDENTS are these girls? Obviously Essence can’t put a sentence together (or correctly read one written for her)
      One might assume that to be a RUTGERS student, one may be required to possess at least a high school education?
      Ain’r affermative action & diversity GRAND?

    5. Wolly Hogg Says:

      We’ve got to do something about the nigger kike sun worshippers who are pulling the strings of the Israeli, U.S. and European fake jews.

    6. Mark Says:

      The only information I found says his ancestry is Welsh.

    7. Mark Says:

      Nice post, Abe. Here’s a clip that sums it up:


      Don Imus is another victim of the Culture War, a ritual sacrifice to the God of political correctness. He is an object lesson for average Americans on when “prejudice and hate” is allowed and when it is not. (Come in Mel Gibson and Michael Richards.) It is allowed against White Christian heterosexuals. See “Imus Treatment Ignored for Catholic Bashers”

      It is not allowed against Blacks, Jews and homosexuals. I didn’t listen to Imus but he also criticized powerful Jews.

      I don’t think /anyone/ should get the Imus treatment. It smacks of the Orwellian thought control, Soviet show trials and Maoist rituals of public chastisement and contrition. It smacks of the New World Order.

      What is wrong with hatred and prejudice anyway? Do we fault the Holocaust survivor who hates Nazis? Do we blame the battered wife who hates the man who disfigured her? Do we begrudge the Black slave who hates the man who wields the whip? Wouldn’t they be less than human not to hate them? I do not believe people hate for no reason. There is a justified hatred that is natural, necessary and human, and we are being conditioned to be impassive.

      Similarly isn’t “prejudice” another term for learning from experience? Often it’s really “postjudice.” I think most people will change their views when they see that the facts have changed.

      Then why should we blame people who resent being relegated to second-class citizens in their own country? Who resent that a foreign central banking cartel has taken control of politics and the media? Who resent it flooding the country with aliens in order to change its character? Who resent that marriages and families have been destroyed by Feminism, introduced by those Communist and Media Jews who serve this cartel? Who resent that their young are dying and their nation is being bled dry by the banker’s foreign wars? Who resent they are losing their freedom under the guise of a phony war on terror? Who resent that the fearless media doesn’t expose the scoundrels who are really responsible for 9-11 and the death of 3000 Americans?

      The real endangered minority is Don Imus’ audience: the average white Christian American. The foreign elites are using minorities to dis-empower the majority. Don Imus may have expressed the majority’s resentment. He had to go.

      Let’s make the bastards pay.

      – Henry Makow PhD

      Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site http://www.savethemales.ca He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only. [email protected]

    8. Heracleidae Says:

      quod erat demonstrandum



    9. -JC Says:

      I hope he does get back on the air; there was much I didn’t like about what he said but I always enjoyed listening to him. Intelligence is good. He’ll be a better man after this woodshed experience. -JC

      Imus: CBS Bosses Money-Grubbing Jews
      Fri. Dec 08, 2006

      Hot on the heels of Mel Gibson and Michael Richards, radio personality Don Imus let loose with his own barrage of antisemitic vitriol on the November 30 broadcast of his “Imus in the Morning” show.

      That morning, the program, which is produced in New York by WFAN and simulcast on MSNBC, was going to host a group of gospel singers known as the Blind Boys of Alabama. In anticipation of their appearance, Imus recalled reservations voiced by station supervisors prior to an earlier appearance by the group.

      “I remember when I first had ’em on a few years ago,” Imus said. “The Jewish management at, whoever we work for, CBS, were bitchin’ at me about it.” WFAN is a subsidiary of WCBS radio.

      “We had a meeting in my office,” Imus continued. “They were furious, but of course I don’t care what they say and never have.”

      At this point, the show’s executive producer, Bernard McGuirk, a regular on-air presence, said of the Blind Boys, “Even if you wear a beanie, how can you not love these guys?”

      “I tried to put it in terms that these money-grubbing bastards could understand,” Imus replied. “I said: ‘They’re handicapped, they’re black and they’re blind. How do we lose here?’ And then a light bulb went off over their scummy little heads.”

      Imus co-host Larry Kenney, an impressionist who appeared earlier in the program as the Rev. Jerry Falwell, then said: “They probably were trying to push a more Semitic group on you. I don’t know, maybe the Paralyzed Putzes of Poland, or something like that.” [Is that a turn of a phrase or what?]

      “You can’t believe what goes on behind the scenes, at least with me with these people,” Imus said. “And fortunately, I don’t care.”


    10. Theseus Says:

      I upped the video here so that it may be at least semi-permanent:


    11. -JC Says:

      And one more thing: I really like listening to Tom Metzger but don’t necessarily agree with him on everything either. His “I have nothing to say” video, made by his son, when cub FBI agents tried to interview his pa, ought to be required watching for every White on the planet.

      But among the many skills that Whites need to re-learn, if more than a handful of us ever knew in the first place, is discrimination– rules of evidence– what we know and what we don’t know. Even supposedly trained attorneys, the high-sounding name for lawyers like Realtors for real estate salesmen, are susceptible to emotional, juicy gossip, hearsay, and character assassination. When someone says “spouse abuse” or “pedophile,” for many people, all higher brain functions cease, like the one-track mind of my dog when he sees a squirrel. And we have got to get that under control. It is a major way that we are controlled and turned upon one another.

    12. New America Says:

      One tool, and one idea:

      The tool for vnn is http://sw-guide.de/wordpress/plugins/simple-trackback-validation/

      This automates, with remarkable success, the spam killing.

      The idea is this:

      Harold Covington may be more right than any of us realized the importance of the abstract concept of nation and state for us than we may have realized – the Northwest Republic, a WHITE Homeland.

      It’s a matter of seeing the larger picture, and then creating the future YOU choose.

      The goddamn Jews always had the idea that there was a country of Israel, but it was the temporal home of the goddamn Jewish nation. The Greater Home of the goddamn Jewish people, and the goddamn Jew nation, was Zion – the stage of human organization where goddamn Jews would rule over the rest of us, as “Humanity over Mankind.”

      This idea has been in the back of every goddamn Jew’s mind, and is the controlling factor in all decisions- “Is it good for JEWS?” is simply the values -based context in which this Idea comes to fruition.

      This is the Big Picture they have carried around in their heads, at all times, in all places – building the goddamn Jewish community to build Israel to build Zion.

      This degree of abstractions makes all of the difference.

      A rag merchant in the Fifteenth Century looked at every transaction, no matter how small – particularly in the eyes of the beasts, the goyim, Mankind – as a part of building Zion.

      Let’s take this a bit further.

      When the British Empire conquered India, with – what – a couple of hundred men? – it did so because everyone they dealt with – the local leaders – saw as far as the corners of their domain, and the immediate interiors of adjacent “states.”

      The British had no such plan.

      In the map of EVERY member of the British Empire in India were two maps – one, of India as it was, and two, of India as it should be ordered to be part of the British Empire.

      A mere couple of hundred men ran the most successful bureaucracy in the history of the world, because THEY had the Big Map in the minds at all times, and the people they dealt with had small maps in mind; very small maps, indeed, as it turned out.

      Look at the British Empire in Africa – same thing.

      King Bangabanga dealt with people who has The Big Map in their Minds – “Africa,” as part of the British Empire. The local savages did not even have the concept of Africa in their minds, at all….

      So, too, with us.

      Covington’s “Northwest Republic” is the Ideal for the Aryan (Superior) State to take place in THIS country, at THIS time, and it deserves a lot more consideration, and active support, than many might realize.

      A friend of mine and I have discussed this over the last year and a half. Two and a half years ago her husband lost his job, and six months later, she lost hers, to Shanghai and Bangalore, respectively. They have been distraught – an entire Way of Life, GONE – but they were willing to start over, out of debt, and with a simpler life, and a clearer, higher purpose. They got a good price for their property, selling soon after the market peak.

      Six months ago, they moved to Sand Point, Idaho. The train took them right to it…

      I just heard from them. They have been “too busy” to call or write.

      They are in Heaven.

      They said it is like, literally, “Escape from New York.” They had become so much a part of the System that they just did not realize how good it could be…

      They got the idea for Sand Point from a Covington novel, and their only regret (they are “retired”) is that they did not do it sooner. An enormous amount of energy is available when you don’t have to live on defense all of the time…

      There is some tremendous lake outside of town, and they just go there and…relax… and realize that the life they had back here was simply a means to an end.

      That “end” is Citizenship in a new country…

      As she put it, “America has turned its back on us. Fine. Let’s return they favor, and see how well the savages run the show without White people.”


      Is that as in, “We did not leave ‘America.’ ‘America’ left US!”

      Let’s form our own “Big Map” in our Minds, and start moving TO our own future, IN our own nation…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE! (ESPECIALLY for them!)

    13. alex Says:

      Imus isn’t a jew.

    14. alex Says:

      Imus is a comedian. Among thousands of disparaging remarks about every type and group on earth, he sprinkled a few against jews.

    15. -JC Says:

      Makow is a Jew however and he went to the Philippines for his date (wife).

    16. van helsing Says:

      Imus isnt anything i listen to, but he shouldnt have apologized at all.

      John Wayne had it right. Dont lie. Dont quit. And dont apologize.

      Of course Anne (Andy?) Coulter attacks the proper targets per the kikes, and gets to keep doing it…

      Imus is very liberal. That just shows there is more freedom of speech on the left these days. To a limit…

      Interesting that the Ruthouse ho-hoops team came back and hollered that they did have a valedictorian on their team. She is from Utah.

      Gee I wonder how many minutes she plays…

    17. Coup d'Etat Says:

      I have now added a wonderful phrase to my vocabulary, “Nappy-headed ho.” Thanks, Imus, I will use this whenever I have a chance.

      It’s going to take the liberal Whites a little long to understand that they have no rights/privileges among the communists because the jews, niggers, mexicans, & other lowlife non-whites hate them, no matter if they side with their views. Oh well, so much for equality for the liberal White folk, and it doesn’t matter if an apology is given. Besides our country will do just fine without the idiot liberal Whites. If they get killed by one of the lowlifes — that’s what they get for being liberal and stupid. Maybe someday they will start to reason rather than apologize.

    18. mantra77 Says:

      The reason the media is having multiple orgasms over this issue is because it is overrun by pro-minority chauvinists who are having multiple orgasms reminding white people who is boss.

      Their dogma goes something like this: “If you go against your group interests while black you’re an uncle tom, if you do so while white you’re open-minded. If you express group interests while black you’re standing up for your people, if you do so while white you’re racist.”

      This dogma is enforced with neo-McCartyhite persecutions (organized blacklists, intimidation and economic strangulation of dissidents). Imus is just the latest victim in a long long line and his ruined career is being dragged around the streets as a lesson to us all.

      “Liberals and respectable conservatives say there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

      “The Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

      “Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

      “What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”

      “How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

      “And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

      “But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

      “They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.”

      “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”