7 April, 2007

Pope Rat Sells Out to Kikes Who Murdered Jesus

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Like we say, Jesus is the only jew the Christians don’t fear. Gutless sons of bitches – follow them to your perdition, fools.

Pope Benedict XVI Makes an ADL-Rabbi a “Papal Knight”

In what must have bewildered many Catholics across the globe and further disillusioned them from the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI has appointed “Rabbi Leon Klenicki, Director Emeritus of Interfaith Affairs of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), … a Papal Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope Benedict XVI,” according to the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (Hebrew for “Brotherhood of the Chosen” or, as others say, “Sons of the Covenant” [with this so-called “covenant” they believe making them somehow “chosen”–as if some sort of “master race”–by God]).

[From Mark Farrell]


This was apparently done because, the ADL reports, of Klenicki’s reported “historic contributions in improving the relationship between Catholics and Jews.”

Many Catholics across the globe are now dismayed at what has become of the current Pope. Apparently, the Pope continues to ignore the many anti-society and anti-Christian passages in Rabbi Klenicki’s Jewish Oral Laws–better known as the Talmud:

Perhaps, Rabbi Klenicki should condemn such passages to truly improve Jewish-Christian relations?


Pope speaks of Nazi atrocities in Easter ritual

By Malcolm Moore in Rome
Last Updated: 12:44am BST 07/04/2007

The Pope shocked many Catholics last night with a dramatically revised version of the Stations of the Cross, one of the central rituals of the Easter ceremony.

The ceremony, also known as the Via Crucis, recreates Jesus’s path on the day of his death from the Antonia fortress to Golgotha, where he was crucified.

The Pope carried the cross for the first and last of the 14 stops on a candle-lit procession around the Coliseum in Rome. However, this year the Pope chose to change both the route and the content of the ceremony. The Vatican said
the changes were designed to reflect the gospels more truly and to link Jesus’s suffering with the suffering of mankind today.

One of the boldest changes came on the third stop, where Jesus is given up to Pontius Pilate by the Sanhedrin, a council of Jews.

The Pope recalled the sentence that was passed over the Jews by the Nazis, and their suffering in concentration camps. He quoted Etty Hilesum, a Dutch Jew, who was executed in Auschwitz in 1943, saying: “We must oppose every new horror and crime with a new piece of the truth and goodness.

“We may suffer, but we must not succumb.”

Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi, the prefect of the Ambrosian Library in Milan and a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, was asked by the Pope to update the ceremony. He said: “I did not want the ceremony just to be a simple
recollection of a past event. I wanted worshippers to feel and live through the raw and bitter reality like a neighbour.”

The new changes also included cutting the stop where Jesus drops the Cross, as well as a reference to St Veronica, who mopped Jesus’s brow. St Veronica is merely apocryphal and not mentioned in the gospels.

However, a reference to Judas Iscariot was inserted for the first time because, in the words of Mgr Ravasi, “dawn follows night, out of darkness comes light, and after betrayal comes penitence.”

Later, on the ninth stop, where Jesus met a group of women, the Pope spoke out against the suffering of “violated” women.

He recalled the women “who have been subjected to tribal practices”, the mothers in crisis and alone, “the Jewish or Palestinian mothers and those in all lands ravaged by war, the widows and old ladies forgotten by their children”.

The ceremony ended with St Matthew’s Passion by Bach.


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  7. 30 Responses to “Pope Rat Sells Out to Kikes Who Murdered Jesus”

    1. Americafirst. Says:

      Don’t know the real numbers, but a guess on my part is that 90% of folk in Europe and in the English speaking countries that were born Catholic are No Longer give a dime about that shell that has been a jew leash now for decades.

    2. New America Says:

      I have long argued that the Pope and his underlings all wear the yarmulka as part of the non-verbal message that overcomes the words they use.

      My argument has not been against “Christianity,” but rather against the Institutions that try to define Christianity to THEIR satisfaction.

      The Institutions certainly seem to be succeeding rather well, don’t they?

      I know this – all of my Roman Catholic friends who are wise to the hook-nosed Satanists just got their teeth kicked in, and by no lesser a person than the Pope!

      Looks like the One World Religion is developing right before our eyes, and, as always, this means nothing good for us.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. network » Pope Rat Sells Out to Kikes Who Murdered Jesus Says:

      […] Dan Wickett wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptLike we say, Jesus is the only jew the Christians don’t fear. Gutless sons of bitches – follow them to your perdition, fools. Pope Benedict XVI Makes an ADL-Rabbi a “Papal Knight”. In what must have bewildered many Catholics across the … […]

    4. NSN Says:

      Not the first one. There is more than one Jew Papal Knight.


    5. Mark Says:

      “One of the boldest changes came on the third stop, where Jesus is given up to Pontius Pilate by the Sanhedrin, a council of Jews.

      The Pope recalled the sentence that was passed over the Jews by the Nazis, and their suffering in concentration camps. He quoted Etty Hilesum, a Dutch Jew, who was executed in Auschwitz in 1943, saying: “We must oppose every new horror and crime with a new piece of the truth and goodness.”

      That is was Jews want done, to match or even replace the Christian worship of Jesus with worship of them and their so-called suffering by gentiles. Some Christian dupes will buy into it, but I think the majority will refuse.

    6. New America Says:

      This is a fascinating moment, because it reveals to one and all that few things within the Church Institutional – and, by this, I mean all Christian religious organizations – are as they have seemed.

      To people like my late grandmother, who attended Mass every day, it would have seemed the world had turned upside down. Yet, her practice of Christianity would have been perfectly usual to any Roman Catholic of the Nineteenth Century, or even much earlier times.

      I think this is part and parcel of the Great Opportunity our RACE faces in the instant Cultural Moment, and that is to reject most of the Form Christianity has taken, at the Institutional level, and replace it with what organic Forms develop as a matter of Substance.

      If we see history as, in part, the development of human consciousness, then it seems only obvious that, to paraphrase Nietzsche, “God is not dead, but He has left the building, ask He expects us to step up to the Adult responsibilities of Revisioning Christianity in accordance with what it SHOULD be, for our place and time.”

      Look at the history of Christianity, and you will see that (1) it really did not face approval by the people and place it began with, and (2) it transformed what would become the spiritual foundation of European societies by taking the life of the Old Mysteries, and give them a new, common foundation that allowed them to become transformed IN the Christian Mythos, while remaining in acceptable Forms to the European Soul.

      Suddenly, what might have been lost to History as a failed Israelite cult that challenged Judaism, and lost, grew far beyond the imaginings and limits of the goddamn Jews, trapped as they were in a Babylonian spiritual order, with a strongly material component dominating.

      Bob Whitaker made a stronger point than many realized when he reduced Christianity to TWO events – the Resurrection, and Redemption. Christianity, it then follows, is contained in the Gospels, and the book of Revelation – the only book of the Bible to be written by Jesus Christ.

      That’s IT – everything else is simply the goddamn Jew’s telling of the story, with THEM at the center, and THEM above all “Humanity.”

      I think God has left the Classroom (while watching, just to make sure), to see what the students can do with Christianity as they see, right before their eyes, how poorly the Christian Institutions serve Christianity, in general, and the Christian People – Western Man – in particular.

      Dare we simply accept the best, reject the rest, and transform what he have into the vehicles and Institutions that serve Christ, and those of us who follow Him?

      Suddenly, quite possibly, the Norse Mythos, for example, seems to take new life in the light of the New Christianity, possibly becoming an organic part of the Next Christianity.

      And on that note…

      Happy Easter!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Myles Says:

      Women who have been subjected to tribal practices? Was he referring to the 20,000 American White women who are raped by niggers every year?

      Jews have a seething hatred for Jesus (note to Pope: they murdered him), and few -if any- organizations throughout modern history have worked harder to destroy Christianity than the ADL. It is the height of gutlessness to bestow awards upon your sworn enemies, and just think: this guy was supposed to be a “conservative” pope!

      Or, perhaps the Pope actually had this Jew in mind when he bellowed, “We must oppose every new horror and crime with a new piece of the truth and goodness.”

      But I doubt it. At the end of the day, the Catholic Church took one more step towards global irrelevance, and I’m sure Klenicki chortled as he slung his Papal trophy into the closet.

    8. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Most Christians and probably 90% of Catholics have never heard of the Talmud. This is an excellent opportunity for us to get our Catholic friends and work mates thinking in the right direction.

      We can lead into the conversation by asking them what they thought of the Pope’s Easter service. Then casually mention that for all jews the pre-eminent document isn’t the Old Testament but the Talmud.

      ‘What’s the Talmud’, they will ask curiously. We can then gently tell them about what the Talmud has to say about JC, Christianity, and White people in general.

      The initial respose will be hostile incredulity. But that generally subsides and is followed by strident demands to see the evidence and determine authenticity. We can provide both.

      The present pope in his younger days is supposed to have been an exemplar of ‘doctrinal orthodoxy’. Well, this current about face only serves to emphasise the iron grip the jew World Order has on the church. It appears that their strangle hold started in the late 1950’s.

    9. van helsing Says:

      Time for a new religion.

      Ratzinger played a part at his last post. Now he has come completely out of the closet.

      And they cant even wait to do this bullshit until May. They just have to do it NOW.

    10. salud Says:

      This pope is a bankrupt product. Pity, all that erudition, encyclopaedic knowledge, wisdom of the ages, all for the behest of his patrones. Pope boludo

    11. Americafirst. Says:

      The older Catholic priests that are not fudge packers across English speaking cuntrie’s will keep their mouths shut to continue to get their pay checks.

      In many areas of the U.S. the chuches that were built long ago by White working class are now mostly Non White at least in the cities.

      As for Quebec Canada which I think still has the strongest Catholic base of White’s in N.A. it will be interesting to see they take to news, of course Montreal has has been a jew strong hold since WW 2

    12. Dave Jones Says:

      Where did the notion that jesus was a jew come from?.

      Try as I may I can’t find one single factual reference to support the belief and I kid you not I have done some intensive research on the issue. The only conclusion I can make therefore, is that it is a jew contrived hoax, promulgated and perpetuated by jews and their agents for obvious reasons.

    13. PA MAN Says:

      Jesus is not Jewish you Dumb ass.

    14. Americafirst. Says:


      I was going to call this priest, and look what happened just before this annoncement.


    15. Chris Says:

      I think the pope looks evil

    16. Cormac Says:

      Pope Benedict Arnold you mean !
      The early Bible was well known to be anti-jEW , jEW is short for Judean Kananite… the children of Kane the murderer who was supposed to be the offspring of the fallen angel satan when he raped Eva.

      Now the thing is jEWS really are scum whether you adhere to the old school Bible or not.

      jEWS traditionally , do not like Christianity , in fact they hate it… they hate Jesus , he was a Hebrew and they say all kinds of nasty things about him in their book of satan otherwise known as the talmud.

      jEWS infiltrated the church and slowly but surely edited the Bibles to suit themselves , anything critical or truthful on the jEW was either altered or taken out completely.

      jUDEO-christianity is the result !

    17. Gerald E Morris Says:

      Looks liike Ratzinger has gone senile. Too bad. I perhaps Hutton Gibson would do better. This realy is a disgusting, craven volte face.

    18. Fr John Says:

      Most comments read here, ignore one or two VERY important things. FIrst: the [Roman] Church of today is NOT the Church of the ages; it has been subverted, infiltrated, judaized, sodomized (which was what the judaizers wanted all along- witness the beaming of pornography by the Israeli Antichrists to their Muslim neighbors, with avowed intent to destroy their [Muslims’] morals, thus making them easy fodder for Jewish rule!) and the Catholics, from their hierarchy on down, have been co-opted for over forty years by the same demonic race!

      Orthodoxy (Greek, Russian, Serbian) as the REAL heir to the title ‘Catholic,’ is also under heavy propaganda, ecumenist rot from within, etc., but it has LONG known the identity of the Judases in the world- witness the murder of Czar Nicholas II by the Jewish Bolsheviks. THEY (Royal family) KNEW WHO THE JEWS/BOLSHIES WERE!

      But the Catholics, as both schismatics, (some minor thing called the Filioquist error, which dates back to 1054, and affects all chuches in the West, protestant as well as ‘catholic.’) and having been divorced from the collective lies of the Jews for its’ first millennium, are more naive and outright stupid when it comes to the ‘perfidious Jews’ –as the reproaches of an older, more aware Catholicism once called them. Doubt me?

      First, let us hear from two Jewish sources inimical to the Catholic (Biblical, Apostolic) faith – which is NOT to be confused with this [sic] Catholic Church!

      If Auschwitz is true, then there is a human suffering with which that of Christ simply cannot be compared…In this case, Christ is false, and salvation will not come from him…. Auschwitz is the refutation of Christ.” – Claude Lanzmann

      “A Jew is permitted to rape, cheat and perjure himself; but he must take care that he is not found out, so that Israel may not suffer.” – TALMUD, Choshen Ha’mishpat, 348

      Leon de Poncins clearly saw the writing on the wall in 1967, where this next quote comes from. As a Noble, a Catholic, and a Frenchman, he knew who the Church’s enemies are:

      “(Matthew’s Gospel)…formally implies the collective responsibility of the Jewish people for the death of Jesus. What attitude will the Church adopt on this point after the last Council, and how does on reconcile the above passage (Matt. 27) with the 1965 schema?’ (the infamous “Nostra Aetate” of Vatican II)

      ‘Will the Church admit to the thesis of Jules Isaac, [French Jew] which asserts that St. Matthew is a liar, that he falsified historical truth and completely invented this dramatic scene solely in order to reproach the Jews, St. Matthew, who was of their race?’ Or will the Church, on the contrary, uphold and defend the historical truth of the Gospels?’

      Who was Poncins? The author of the book, “Judaism and the Vatican.” (London, Britons Publishing, 1967) The subtitle of this bombshell of a book was, ‘An attempt at Spiritual Subversion.’ Especially when read from the vantage point of almost forty years later (!), this book shows that the Council was held captive by the Judaizers then, just as it is now!

      In de Poncins’ closing chapter, entitled “How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking,” (taken from an article of the same title, published in Look magazine, 1/25/66, pp. 19-23) Poncins remarks on this article from Look: “This article is of the utmost interest, for it gives us numerous details of Cardinal Bea’s secret negotiations with the leader of the great American jewish organisations, and in particular with the B’nai B’rith.’

      ‘The author of this article is obviously in close contact with these leaders and it must almost certainly have been they who supplied him with his documentation. Cardinal Bea has all his sympathy and is depicted as making incessant efforts for the triumph of the Jewish cause at Rome…It was read by 7,5000,000 people at least, and yet, as far as I know, the publication of this extraordinary document produced no reaction at Rome or anywhere else. In the whole Catholic Church no one has risen to express astonishment or ask for an explanation.” end quote, (p.173)

      Now, if Poncins could state with sincerity, and honesty, as a Catholic the foregoing statements, then what are we, today, to make of ‘Catholic Teaching on the Shoah?’ (an encyclical by the American Bishops, full of error, and bowing down to the Deicides!) I shall tell you. Even giving the Roman communion some measure of ‘economia’ as to their continued ‘catholicity,’ (I am Orthodox, after all!) up to J2P2, this new ‘pope’ is not only letting the ‘smoke of Satan’ into the Church, he’s thinking the lies of the Jews are an ‘acceptable sacrifice’- a ‘holocaust’ pleasing to God! ‘Pope’ Benedict is truly a Benedict Arnold, as are all those who follow him.

      De Poncins was right, and the Bishops are now factual, material heretics, teaching heresy ‘bare headed’ in the Church, and are Judaizers of the Catholic Faith, and subject, as is the Pope, to the laity’s and the Church Triumphant’s very vocal, and very justified “ANATHEMA!”

      Poncins writes: “The truth, it is suggested, is that a number of Jewish organisations and personalities are behind the reforms which were proposed at the Council with a view to modifying the Church’s attitude and time-honoured teaching about Judaism: Jules Isaac, Label Katz, President of the B’nai B’rith, Nahum Goldman, President of the World Jewish Congress, etc.’

      ‘These reforms are very important because they suggest that for two thousand years the Church had been mistaken and that she must make amends and completely reconsider her attitude to the Jews.’

      ‘Among the Catholic laity, a similar campaign is being carried on by progressive prelates, who, taking their stand on the historical fact that Christianity is in direct line of descent from Judaism, claim a toleration for Jews, which the latter as we shall see, are far from professing with regard to Christians. In actual fact, for both parties, it is a weapon designed to overthrow traditional Catholicism, which they consider the chief enemy.’ “ Opus cited, p.10-11.

      There you have it. A WEAPON! And Judaism today still plays the ‘innocent,’ the ‘approved Sacrifice,’ the “Shoah” of God! Blasphemers! Idolaters! Heretics!

      As the Scriptures say, “Come out of her, my people,’ lest ye partake of her whoredoms.’
      In one thing, the Protestant Reformers were correct. Rome IS the “Whore of Babylon,” and the Jews world-wide are her pimps.

    19. Pony Says:

      Another fine example of christian and catholic foolishness. How can any white person in this day and age after seeing how their religious leaders are fucking up the world still fall for this bible bullshit? How can you stupid sheep still take part in these religions who bring shit cultures into our country and stick us with the bill? Christian-catholic-jew…it’s all bad for our race. You odin fuckers too….OOOOGAH BOOOGAH!

    20. Beast Says:

      What is that kike doing in the picture? His personal imitation of the talking snake from the Garden of Eden?

    21. sgruber Says:

      How would Lustiger have been any worse?


      Ol’ Farrakhan, the Kingfish, and Stepin Fetchit agree: This Pope be ONE CRAZY CRACKER.

    22. Blackshirt Says:

      Completely agree with you, Pony. Christinsanity is a jew-loving mental illness that has infected our people’s minds for two thousand years. If it weren’t for all these Christian “virtues” of “love your neighbor” and “turn the other cheek” and “jews are the chosen people”, Aryan people would have had the guts to do what natural law demands and they wouldn’t be so afraid of going to hell for doing it. Christinsanity is not compatible with racism, Eugenics or natural law. Jesus was a JEWISH hippy!

    23. Bolg Says:

      Catholicism was the jewing of Orthodox Christinity, Protestanism was the jewing of Catholicism. The latest is by far the worst of the three.
      Eastern Orthodox Christianity alone did not betray it’s peoples and kept them strong, even under the turks and the communist jews.
      One of the things that makes Catholicism easy to subvert – it’s a centralized organization. As you all can see, once you’ve bought the pope, you’ve destroyed the organization itself.

    24. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Fr John

      I’m not a theologian but it seems to me that Orthodox churches in their disagreement with Catholics place too much weight on the ‘Filioque’. Didn’t this misunderstanding arise out of the difficulty of translating key phrases from Greek into Latin?

      BTW, Leon de Poncin’s 3 books; State Secrets, Judaism & Freemasonry, Judaism & the Vatican, are still in print. ‘State Secrets’ is the most accessible and interesting.

    25. Retribution Says:

      ALL christian preachers agree that whites – and only whites – have no right to defend or even express their group interests.

      ALL christian preachers agree that non-whites – and only non-whites – have every right to promote their group interests.

      According to the dictionary, racism is prejudice or discrimination based on race.

      ALL christian preachers are therefore anti-white racists.

      They are therefore welcome to take their anti-white racist god and shove it up their ass.

    26. Retribution Says:

      Christian preachers are in the forefront supporting amnesty for 20 million illegals. Each and every one of which will mean

      more affirmative action discrimination in education +
      more no whites allowed race based private scholarships +
      more race quotas in private hiring +
      more race norming of employment tests +
      more separate pool executive hiring +
      more minority layoff protection +
      more sensitivity training +
      more minority promotion networks +
      more no whites allowed contract set-asides +
      more minority-only tax breaks =
      more racist discrimination against my children for being white

      And the reason christian preachers are so keen on harming my children? Because they worship a racist anti-white camelfucker god, that’s why.

    27. jigabooze i. jigaboos Says:

      “Christian preachers are in the forefront supporting amnesty for 20 million illegals.’

      A lot of taxpayer money is involved. Also, if they challenge the establishment’s views, they may lose tax exemption. Jew Brog is now the man behind the curtain in brother Hagee’s ministry. Who knows what other churches have been infiltrated

    28. Johannim Says:

      1. As an Orthodox/Traditionalist Roman Catholic who wouldn’t piss on the post vatican 2 prod service aka bugnini/pauline/freemason Mass or the bishops & priest that offer it &
      2. Any Cathothic who is an anti-semite / anti Jew is a fucking idiot and hypocrite

    29. Victoria Says:

      Do you not read the Bible. Or do you listen to man? The False Prohets. Jesus was NOT a Jew as those who call themselves Jews today! They are NOT the “the people of the book”. Did not Jesus tell us WHO they really are? He was the King Of The Israelites, not the Jews. Do you not know that much was added and subtracted in the many translations of the Bible? Do you not know that Scofield was a snake in the grass? Read up on him.

    30. Lina Says:

      I agree with Victoria in that Jesus did say something along the lines of “you wicked people.” to the jews.

      I also read somewhere that Jews were called Jews NOT ONLY because of their faith, but also because they lived in Judea.

      Also regarding a comment above: The true bible is nowhere to be found. It has been usurped. Changed this way, then changed back, up and down, inside and out. It is very unfortunate. I do believe that something was written called the Bible, but speaking for myself for obvious reasons, I can’t see how the many different VERSIONS of it can all be true.