30 April, 2007

The UN and Illegal Immigrants

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The United Nations was founded by – among other people – Jewish communists such as Solomon Adler, Victor Perlo and Harry Dexter White (in fact, the “father” of the UN was a Jew named Dr. Leo Pasvolsky). The UN also allowed China – a mass-murdering, communist state – to join the UN Security Council. Why? Good question. Now, it looks like the UN will investigate America’s treatment of illegal immigrants:


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  7. 6 Responses to “The UN and Illegal Immigrants”

    1. Chell Says:

      Oh fer cryin’ out loud! Just what we need, more questioning when we try to secure our borders. x( And I wonder, how is it possible that “non-criminal” immigrants are awaiting deportation? Does this mean it’s legal for them to be here illegally? If the living conditions at the facility are so bad, all the more reason to deport them faster.

    2. John Says:


    3. honkey tonk man Says:

      Is there going to be a FTL tonite?

    4. Fred Says:

      What John said!

    5. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      May be the best explanation is given by Serbian philosopher:

      Dragan G. Glavasic:
      While other religions, “cultures”, and races are taught to hate us, take advantage of us and/or kill us any time they get a chance. At the same time, we are persistently brainwashed to be pacifist, tolerant, compassionate, kind and forgiving to everyone: even our worst enemies! And that makes all the difference thus will ultimately result in our destruction: because our political, spiritual and economic leaders are corrupt, immoral, low-life scum that secretly collaborate with our worst foes thus insidiously work against our real interests.
      WAKE UP! Christianity was a big mistake and sin and an insidious ploy to perfidiously tie our hands and render us helpless as the ideal victims for other races and religions.

    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Jaroslav Hus:

      I can see your point, but the Christian Orthodox Church kept the Serbian nation and culture alive during the dark days of the Turkish occupation.

      During the Middle Ages Christianity was both our sword and our shield. Without the Byzantine Empire standing guard on the Bosphorus for many centuries Western Europe would have been overrun by the mudz.

      White Revolution, the ONLY solution.