29 April, 2007

Widow Winkler and the Rise of the Judeo-Cuntocracy

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By Alex Linder

Murder your husband in cold blood? No problem. We’ll give you three to six. Wink. Just kidding, Mrs. Winkler. You’ll probably get a little probation and that’ll be it.

The laughable sentence gift-wrapped for Widow Winkler shows why those who laugh at feminists are foolish. There are real-world ramifications of their selfish insanity, and there’s scarcely a rule our society runs on these days that hasn’t been rewritten by these noxious manlets. Who ever heard of a man murdering his wife and getting, in essence, let off – and with full media approbation? Women murder men more often than you might think and have their sentences reduced or commuted — or they are never sentenced in the first place. All women have to do get away with anything is claim “abuse,” the female’s handy-dandy get-out-of-jail-free card. Feminist ideology has paved the way. Women can do no wrong, and if they appear to, refer to rule one.

There was a day and age when women were not allowed on juries, not allowed to be judges, not allowed to give testimony. They were considered irrational and governed by emotion. They were considered devious. Truth, justice and rationality mean less to the average woman than getting revenge or getting away with something. Women have the ability to scan emotions, but not to weigh matters impartially. We’ve said a thousand times that treating women, by law, as though they are men is no different from is taking the stones from around the fire, allowing it to burn down whatever it can get its flames on. Times may have changed, but one thing stayed the same: nobody, I mean, nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog. Pardon me, that is, nobody, nor feminist nor misogynist, believes women can truly be regarded as responsible agents. The feminists talk a good game in public, but when they write the laws in the back rooms, look at what they actually do. Women aren’t equal. The are the beneficiaries of double standards pretty much across the board. White men are nothing but butts bearing burdens.

Americans have been brainwashed for decades that women are morally superior to men, and that most of the problems in the world are traceable to men not being more womanlike. Even though, of course, gender [sic – the term is deliberately used in place of the correct term sex] is socially constructed. Contradictions? Women aren’t bothered by them. In most instances they don’t even realize they exist. That’s how you get this sort of thing:

Jurors were told that voluntary manslaughter is “an intentional killing that results in the heat of passion produced by adequate provocation sufficient to lead a reasonable person to act in an irrational manner.”

She shot the guy — her husband — while he was sleeping. How can that be manslaughter as defined to the jury? Only because the jury included ten women.

‘Abuse’ is big business in AmeriKwa. There are all kinds of groups and institutions and policies and programs based around it – preventing it, making up for it, raising consciousness about it. In the end it amounts to men being taxed to subsidize family-wrecking man-haters. The old home-wrecker was an evil slut. The new home-wrecker is a feminist bureaucrat. All over the country are shelters for supposedly battered women, and Child Protective Services warrens, where teens can go to score drugs and sex, and the state can score bounty-per-body.

The facts remain that lesbian households have the highest violence levels; that women are as violent as men inside the home and that includes child-abuse; and that political conditions under the jew have devolved to a point where women can literally get away with man-slaughter as long as they mouth the correct ideology.

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    1. Atavist Says:

      Instead of complaining about what is being done to them White men need to take control and enforce their will. Switch from the masochistic to the sadistic role.

      White men want to be abused and have a deathwish.

    2. Slim Says:

      So true. There is another angle to this feminist scam. How often have we read about women giving birth to babies, then dispatching them post haste. They toss the newborns into dumpsters or roadside garbage cans, leaving them to suffer and die. Juries filled with women -always- let them off the hook. The reason? The poor girls have been victimized by post partum distress or some other BS.

    3. New America Says:

      It’s not going to get any better on its own…


      This is part of the transformation of America into JUDEO-America, where the rights of the child will ultimately come first. Of course, the State (Child Protective Services) acts as the determiner of those interests.

      In almost ONE-THIRD of all cases tested by the International Association of Blood Banks, the man who thought he was the father, wasn’t.

      Any attempt to modify the Child Support Laws so the innocent man is not liable for child support has been fought with an inhuman ferocity, all in the name of “the best interests of the Child.”

      Any thought of State sanctions to the mother for naming the father falsely – such as, oh, an action for paternity fraud – is, as a rule, simply wishful thinking.

      This is why more and more young men, who have seen their fathers and uncles nailed by the divorce courts, are refusing to father children (TOM LEYKIS! google LEYKIS 101!), refusing to marry, or, if they marry, are demanding enforceable prenups well before the engagement. Those who are so situated also look at the proper use of legal entities to structure the control of property.

      Remember, to the demons known as JEWS, all we are is cattle, tools to be used, and cast aside. Destroy the Man, and the death of the Family will soon follow; with that, the Nation, and with THAT, the RACE.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. Varina Says:

      Dear Alex, what did I not spell correctly? The only thing I can think of is that I had the caps lock on. You could at least let us know that it is case sensitive. So much for my comments. I’ll try again another time.


    5. [email protected] Says:

      When I first heard about this case I figuired that she was as good as convicted given the circumstances. What a joke 3-6 years is. Cuntocracy is a fiiting term.

    6. alex Says:

      Jury foreman Bill Berry expressed some ambivalence about the verdict in an interview with Memphis TV station WMC, saying he was more skeptical of Mary Winkler’s claims of abuse than some of the women on the jury.

      “It was a room of 10 ladies,” he said. “You know which way that’s going to pull. Ten ladies are going to have a tendency to see Mary’s view.”

      Berry, who was one of only two men on the jury, said, “We have to make decisions we’re not 100 percent sure about we got to live with. … I have to be satisfied with this one.”


      Berry, properly trained by tv, deferred to the women, and let a woman get away with murder. Lesson: don’t defer to women. They don’t know better than you. They are injudicious.

    7. alex Says:

      I don’t know what you have to do to get the comments through, but you succeeded with the last one, so keep doing it.

    8. mantra77 Says:

      Let’s bear in mind that “feminist” actually means “militant lesbian”. Look around you. Notice all the gay groups? Where are the lesbian groups? How come plenty of gay groups and only a handful of lesbian groups?

      Maybe a better way to ask the question is, how come the leadership of feminist organizations such as NOW are always, inevitably childless lesbians?

      Is there anyone out there that actually represents ALL women, including mothers? I’m not talking merely in its leadership but, more importantly, in its agenda. Is there?

      These militant lesbians have you fooled into thinking they’re “feminists” so just imagine how badly your ordinary American woman has been taken in.

      These militant lesbians form part of the Jewish led alliance of pro-minority bigots out to extract group-specific privileges off the backs of white children. Examples:

      Affirmative action discrimination;
      Race based private scholarships;
      Diversity quotas in private hiring;
      Race norming in employment tests;
      Separate pool executive hiring;
      Minority layoff protection;
      Sensitivity training;
      Minority promotion networks;
      Minority-only contract set-asides;
      Minority-only tax breaks;

      This pro-minority racial extortion coalition is primarily composed of four groups: paranoid Jews, racial minorities, militant lesbians (the so-called “feminists”) and militant gays. Members of these minority groups are perfectly conscious of their pariticipation in the coalition and of its objectives; to advance everybody’s group-specific interests against those of the majority. Their cohesiveness, as groups and as a coalition, owes to extensive propaganda aimed at characterizing whites as their common “oppressor” and as their universal scapegoat for all grievances.

      This gramscian coalition keeps getting its way because it is pushing against a vacuum. There are no pro-majority (pro-white) groups to contrast and moderate them because asserting group interests while white is prohibited on penalty of neo-McCarthyite persecutions for “racism”. (These involve organized blacklists, intimidation and economic strangulation of dissidents – see the Walt-Mearsheimer report for details regarding Jewish persecution methodology)

      Quote – “Regan’s fate was sealed when the Washington Post published his observation, from an interview at the conference, that “you can see European Christian Americans are an endangered species.” Though there was nothing explicitly “anti-Semitic” in Regan’s comment, the Anti-Defamation League, America’s most feared and effective thought police, promptly attacked his reputation and his livelihood. In a letter to Regan’s superior, the ADL’s regional director for New York decreed: “Those kinds of comments are absolutely inappropriate for a public official to make,” and Regan was promptly out of a job.”
      (http://www.theoccidentalquarterly.com/vol6no1/61-EditorsNote.pdf )

      End quote.

      Elements of the Jewish neo-McCarthyite persecution network, such as the ADL or SPLC, support the other members of the racial extortion coalition by enforcing the additional shibboleths “sexist”, “homophobic” and “racist” alongside their own “anti-semitism”.

      That’s where all this intimidatory power the militant lesbians are wielding comes from. It’s not their ideology, it’s not their numbers, it’s not their strategic sense, it’s none of these things; it’s simply the fact they’re hitching a ride on the Jewish neo-McCarthyite persecution network.

      So that’s what you’re dealing with here – militant lesbians wielding Jewish persecutorial powers. NOT women. Sure, they present themselves as representatives of women, but they’re NOT.

      All “feminists” are is militant lesbians plus their hetero female dupes. That’s all you’re looking at. Greedy bitches trying to extract group specific privileges off the backs of white children. They do so out of a mix of opportunism and an anti-male hatred peculiar to lesbians.

      In short, what these “feminists” have helped make of the judicial system represents and goes toward describing the pathologies of militant lesbians.

      NOT women.

      Bob’s Riddle

      All anti-white racists agree that it’s ok for whites to become minorities in their own countries. All anti-white racists also agree that a Japanese person who wants to become a minority in his own country is either a traitor or clinically insane. Therefore, what is an anti-white racist? Answer

    9. Celtic_Patriot Says:

      Judeo-Cuntocracy – That is the funniest thing I’ve read all day!

      Lampooning the Jew temporary power is the best way to destroy their hold over the sheeple.

      Jews hate to be be made fun of. They absolutely hate it.

    10. Anchorage Activist Says:

      Three to sux years? She may end up doing less time than Shaun Walker!

    11. drucilla Says:

      The idea that women are just as violent as men in the household does not seem to fit with what we know of the nature of men and women and men being substantially more violent than women by nature. Where is this information coming from?

    12. Briseis Says:


      Here’s another case of a “rape” of an “exotic dancer”… except this white man is going to prison for 20 yrs if the jury has its way. Hmm, white man just ain’t worth what he used to be? Last time I checked my “things I heard from mama” file, going to a residence alone, to visit a male, dancing around and taking off your clothes, pretty well falls into the category of “asking for it”. Should that situation in this case be given the same or greater punishment as the guy who grabs a normal woman off the street or invades her home?

      They are saying it’s all the same, when in fact, we all know, it’s really not. Husband killers get less time than glorified hookers who got more than they literally bargained for- Looks like we have two white male victims here-
      The bitch set you up.

    13. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “The facts remain that lesbian households have the highest violence levels; that women are as violent as men inside the home and that includes child-abuse; and that political conditions under the jew have devolved to a point where women can literally get away with man-slaughter as long as they mouth the correct ideology.”

      Yep. Stats show that women commit even MORE child abuse than men do, but of course you never hear about that when the feminist cunts like kike Allred spew their man-hating bile on the tube – even though children are far weaker & more vulnerable than women abused by men.

      The “ladies” on that jury are biased pieces of shit, lashing out with malicious relish at their male betters. And you can bet the coon tune that you’ll never see a jewed documentary about such a case with a scornful narrator darkly intoning Emmitt-Till-case-style about “an all female jury”….

    14. Eumaeus Says:

      Hold Jews responsible for this

    15. Antagonistes Says:

      It is being broadcast throughout southwest Tennessee that the prosecutors, by not producing a psychologist who would dispute the findings of the defense’s psychologist, blew this case.

      That may be so, but still . . . blowing this guy in half with a shotgun and then claiming that you don’t even clearly remember doing it . . . everyone in southwest TN is outraged.

      New America is right–destroy the White male and all else follows.

      But it also does no good for us White males to use women as meat, take drugs, get drunk, do poorly in school, etc. I’ve been to college (or was it the skid-row down-low? The men seem to act the same in both places.) and I have seen it. A small percentage of White men, to be sure, but it seems to be growing. But now even the women are joining in . . . I give up.

    16. dogpile 2pac dogpile weather.com.basketball » Winkler and the Rise of the Judeo-Cuntocracy Says:

      […] Jeffrey Zeldman wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAll women have to do get away with anything is claim “abuse,” the female’s handy-dandy get-out-of-jail-free card. Feminist ideology has paved the way. Women can do no wrong, and if they appear to, refer to rule one. … […]

    17. Charlie-Boy Says:

      I have learned one thing for sure through life’s bitter experience, it is that when a woman say’s she wants equality, she actually means that she wants to dominate.

    18. alex Says:

      The more we learn about Winkler, the deeper the rot.

      Mary Winkler: Victim or Villain?

      By Dr. Tony Beam

      Christian Post Guest Columnist
      Thu, Apr. 19 2007 03:00 PM ET

      The murder trial of Mary Winkler, an event sure to become a media sensation, began last Thursday in Selmer, Tennessee. The defendant is accused of shooting her husband, Matthew Winkler, as he lay on the couple’s bed in their bedroom. His body was discovered on March 22, 2006 and Mary Winkler was taken into custody one day later about 340 miles away on the Alabama coast. She had her three daughters with her at the time of her arrest.

      While in custody in Alabama she confessed to shooting her husband because, “he criticized the way I walk, what I eat, everything. It was just building up to this point. I was just tired of it. I guess I just got to a point and snapped.” That doesn’t sound much like the words of someone who accidentally shot her husband while holding the gun on him to make him listen…..something her defense attorney now claims. It sounds like the words of a desperate, confused woman who took her husband’s life in a moment of anger. Later in the initial interview with Alabama authorities, Winkler described her husband as “so good, so good too.” She went on to say, “He was a mighty fine person, and that’s the thing.”

      Was Matthew Winker, by all accounts a very popular and well-loved pastor in the Selmer community, a “mighty fine person” or was he the iron-fisted authoritarian he is being portrayed as by defense attorney Steve Farese? Many people believe that a woman would never kill her husband unless he did something to deserve it. That fact was made evident by the immediate reaction of most of the media. Watching the breaking news coverage of the murder was painful because it was just assumed by most of the talking heads that Matthew Winkler must have been abusing Mary, the children, and probably the family pet.

      One news program showed a family picture of the Winkler’s prompting one caller to the program to say definitely that “she shot him over the children….I can tell by the look in that little girls eyes” referring to the look on the middle daughters face.” If the call- in comments weren’t outrageous enough the same network interviewed a psychologist who said Mary Winkler “definitely shot Matthew to protect the children because anytime a woman shoots a man in the back it is about the children.” Of course, later as the facts in the case emerged, we discovered that Matthew Winkler was not merely shot in the back but while lying on the bed. I am surprised they didn’t interview a medium to find out what Mary was thinking at the moment she pulled the trigger. It would make as much sense as having a psychologist make such an arbitrary, unsubstantiated statement.

      So, long before Mary Winkler’s story was being told to authorities, the 24 hour cable news machine was speculating up a storm, ruining the reputation of the victim. Now that the trial has begun, Winkler’s defense team has decided to play the abused wife card turning the villain into the victim, thus redirecting the jury’s attention away from the real victim….Matthew Winkler. Not long after her arrest, authorities discovered that Mary Winkler was involved in a check kiting scheme known as the “Nigerian Scam.” [dumb, impulsive murdereress] Her involvement in the scheme and the fact that she had lost a large sum of the Winkler’s money led to the argument that ended in Matthew’s death. [it just gets betterer and betterer] In his opening comments, Mary’s lawyer tried to paint Matthew as an abusive husband who abused her “emotionally, verbally, and physically.” He also suggested Mary was trying to protect Breanna, the couple’s one year old daughter, because of an undisclosed situation which allegedly occurred the morning before the shooting. Farese told the jury, “The morning he did what he did to Breanna she was going to get his attention….with the very things he had always threatened her with.” He also claims Mary only wanted to hold the shotgun on Matthew to force him to listen and that she never meant to hurt him. The gun went off accidentally making Matthew’s death a terrible tragedy but not murder.

      [see how the tv culture preps all this? the women on the jury have seen decades of lifetime tv portraying every woman as a victim of some white male. that feeds naturally into a legal structure that discriminates against men.]

      I want to be sure I have this story straight. It its attempt to make Matthew Winkler the villain and Mary Winkler the victim, the defense is trying to prove that Mary was pushed to the breaking point by all the abuse but pointed the gun to get Matthew’s attention and then accidentally shot him. It sounds to me like a “have your cake and eat it too” defense. Farese wants the jury to believe that Mary was justified in killing her abusive husband but if they don’t buy that it’s ok because it was an accident anyway. What kind of convoluted theory of the crime is that? Its “heads I win tails you lose” like this that is turning the justice system into nothing more than a theater where the best performance wins the day.

      Our justice system must be able to tell the victim from the villain or we cannot have true justice. In this case Mary Winkler is alive and her husband, who was not found with a weapon nor was he believed to be immediately threatening her life, is dead. Only the same mentality that sees a woman who becomes pregnant and takes her unborn child’s life through abortion as a victim could buy this colossal role reversal. I pray that justice will be done in this case not only for Matthew Winkler’s sake but the sake of sanity in the justice system.

      Dr. Tony Beam is Director of the Christian Worldview Center at North Greenville University in Tigerville, South Carolina.


    19. Beast Says:

      She slew her hubby. Hubby was a pastor. That’s medal worthy. The ADL will pin a few on her just for her anti-Christian heroics.

      Or the Jewish judge and lawyers will let her off with a slap on the wrist.

      Oh wait, they did.

      Justice served. She was “emotionally abused”. Come on! The guy like totally, I mean really really, deserved it. NEXT!

    20. OnThePathToTruth Says:

      This is just further evidence that the life of a white man has no value. This evil bitch took the witness stand and knowingly perjured herself while slandering her dead husband. The jury is as much to blame here as the officers of the court. The jury had the option of first degree murder or manslaughter. As we all know they chose the latter included offense.

      To make as further insult to Mr. Winkler’s murder this bitch was seen and observed in a local bar before trial. One man stated that he approached her and asked if she “was the woman that killed her husband.” He further states that she replied, “yes do you want to be next?”

      It is now my belief that when the time comes not only will court officers have to be dealt with but those who participate in this charades called juries will also need some serious intervention.

    21. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “One news program showed a family picture of the Winkler’s prompting one caller to the program to say definitely that “she shot him over the children….I can tell by the look in that little girls eyes” referring to the look on the middle daughters face.”

      You can hear this kind of female “thought” every night of the week when horseface Greta Van Susteren and that vicious cunt Nancy Grace open the phone lines. Cobra-mesmerized by the latest tiny-but-juicy melodrama a smirking Hyman waves before them; back to the romance novel with a yawn when the grown-up news comes back on.

      Hey, c’mon now-all kidding aside! You….you mean to tell me these creatures are really allowed to VOTE? No shit? Christ, I-I always thought that was a joke!

      If the call- in comments weren’t outrageous enough the same network interviewed a psychologist who said Mary Winkler “definitely shot Matthew to protect the children because anytime a woman shoots a man in the back it is about the children.”

      All “news” is now jumped-up Entertainment Tonight.