24 April, 2007

WN Radio from Majority Rights

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Soren Renner interviews Tom Sunic…


More interviews here:


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  7. 3 Responses to “WN Radio from Majority Rights”

    1. cygnet Says:

      Alex Linder would make a great guest. Perhaps someone could contact MR and see if they want to interview him.

    2. Josh Says:

      Sorry to hear your server is being pushed around again. Well, Hal’s always been a good provider (if it’s good for himself, it’s probably good for others), Bill is moving to his own datacenter soon. So good luck finding a new haven.

      Dr. Sunic is a good speaker, I met him at the IHR conference, I put pics on my blog.

    3. The Beav Says:

      Golly, Wally. I wonder who made that compliant about this site. I bet it was that disgusting fat little Abe fuxmen. Boy he is extreme, its a good thing our government isnt run by men like that. Its a good thing our money is made by the government who have to answer to the people. Imagine what some private group could do if they actually owned our money. They wouldnt try and pull anything weasily. Not fast at least, even if they did have the money. Boy theyde by too afriad of GETTING KILLED.