31 May, 2007

A Different Strategy for Iran

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Renew cooperation with Iran? Sounds reasonable – which is why the Bush administration won’t consider the idea. It goes against the remake-the-Middle-East-by-crushing-Israel’s-enemies plan cooked up by Team Shmuel. (Of course, the best option for America would be to get out of the Middle East entirely, out of the game of globalism and endless war-waging. And here’s some trivia: during the 1800s, America was rarely involved in overseas wars. Today, America fights in a foreign conflict every decade, usually for Big Jew’s benefit, but if not, then for Big Global Corporate Gentile, an ugly creature produced by money-worship, that contagious Jewish disease which now infects the entire West):


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  7. 3 Responses to “A Different Strategy for Iran”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      Fox News featured a jew(?) this afternoon, who has written a New York Times’ soft back best seller to be released next week, calling for an attack on Iran.

      Notice, it is a New York Times “best seller” to be released next week. How can a book be a best seller if it hasn’t even been released—sounds like jew cult bullshit to me. Bullshit is probably to nice a term for this type of jew lie.

      Oh, well the jews will all burn in hell forever with their father the devil…

    2. honkey tonk man Says:

      America will attack Iran…thats for sure!
      Most likely Israel will start the bombing campaign with the US joining after Iran responds.
      The US ground forces are in sad shape but its airforce and navy are still extremely powerful……The most powerful in the world! Big JEW knows this and must take advantage of the US being in the middle east with a huge military force.
      Once America finally pulls out, Israel will be left alone.(good!)
      How many years can the US stay in the middle east? Not many. Russia and China plus many other nations will see to it that Amerca falls even worse then the USSR did. Pay back is a bitch!
      Putin knows his nation was fucked over by Big JEW and alot of those jews where from Amerikwa….
      …..It was America that fucked mother Russia over during its war in Afganastan(spelling?)
      ….Anyway the JEW always goes too far.
      The JEW cannot control his hate and greed.
      Will he go too far this time?….100% he will!
      How soon?
      Sooner then you think!

      Be ready…….because what the Russians experienced between 1989-2000 is going to be much worse for America. Russia didn’t have millions of mexishits and niggers to deal with when the shit came down.
      We are not going to achieve any real power until we use organized violence. That time will come during the collapse.


    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      This could be our window of opportunity, but I would advise CAUTION. Let’s face it, a few thousand guys toting their weekend M16’s are no match against 30 calibre and rocket firing helicopters.

      If we can get some elite units on our side so much the better.