11 May, 2007

A New Tool for the “War on Terror”

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Let’s call it “The War on Israel’s Enemies” instead, since that’s what it is.

Speaking of those enemies, America didn’t always have a “Muslim problem.” In fact, the first two terrorist attacks on America were carried out by Puerto Rican militants, not Muslims, in 1950 and 1954.

It’s Big Jew who caused Muslims to hate, and rise up against, America in the late 20th century. Big Jew uses America as a weapon against other countries in order to make the world safe for Israel and the Jews (an example of that is the current Iraq War, which removed Saddam Hussein as a potential threat to Israel. Another example is the special office in the U.S. State Department which monitors “anti-Semitism” around the world [1] ).

Here’s a thought: instead of fighting Muslims for the next 75 years, wouldn’t it be easier for America to abandon the Middle East altogether and instead use alternative energy sources, such as ethanol and solar power?:


[1] the U.S. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, which is managed by a Jewish guy named Rickman: [Article].

More about Rickman here: [Article]

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  7. 3 Responses to “A New Tool for the “War on Terror””

    1. Steve Says:

      Does the State Dept have a special office to monitor any other ethnic/racial-specific hostility? Doubt it. The fact that I think is most powerful to get the message across to the average person is the jewish campaign donations and the power of AIPAC. They know politicians are just puppets, but that fact nails it down who is doing the puppeteering. With the biggest campaign donator being an Israeli billionaire, Haim Saban, it’s pretty difficult to downplay the influence of Jews in our fatally flawed foreign policy. All these damning facts could be put on 1 page, and I’d like to see a link to that page at the very top. Israel being #1 in the world in origin of computer hacking/scams (9% of all, in a nation of only 7 million), Jewish spying, Jewish media ownership, Jewish political donations/bribes, Forbes 400 being ~40% Jewish, Israeli art students seen cheering a horrible catastrophe of planes crashing into WTC, at a time when nobody could have known anything about who did it.

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Haim Saban is not the only one. We have George Soros to deal with. This billionaire Hungarian kike is throwing millions into open borders. Isn’t any wonder why 95% of politicians will not talk about it or favor border control? Goerge Soros has many politicians in his pocket. No question about it. People like him have to be tried, persecuted, and executed for crimes against humanity, not to mention bribery and extortion.

    3. jigabooze j. jigaboos Says:

      The Sierra Club was purchased by a former hedge fund manager named David Gelbaum. $100,000,000 if they agreed to avoid discussing immigration.
      Several years ago, the Club was about to issue a raunchy proclamation declaring that mexicans were a form of pollution (or words to that effect).