27 May, 2007

Alex Linder Detention

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Alex Linder has been arrested at the Knoxville rally for disorderly conduct, assault, resisting arrest and vandalism. He is being held on $4500 bail at the Knox County Detention Facility. More updates at the VNN Forum: [Here] and [Here]. Alex’s arrest mentioned: [Here]

News video of the rally: [Here]
More about Alex’s arrest/the rally: [Here]

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  7. 54 Responses to “Alex Linder Detention”

    1. Americafirst. Says:

      Sgt. Skull, could you please PM me if your not on the forum with that avatar.

      Thank you..


    2. New America Says:

      in reply to MB:

      you wrote:
      Hey Ed, how about cutting the Covington crap for a while.

      in reply:
      Try again.

      The Western Soul is as different from the Asiatic Soul as day is from night; yet, the demonic goddamn JEWS have succeeded, spectacularly, with less than three percent of the American population controlling, effectively, virtually everything they want – finance, legal system, schooling at all levels.

      They did this with a determined RACIAL focus, and we can become far more successful by rigorously applying the same principles, as I have outlined above.

      The Covington Model does not bind us to battling an opponent who changes Form more easily than we change clothes; rather it frees us up to CREATIVELY solve our RACIAL problems in an explicitly RACIAL context.

      Something – a FUTURE – worth fighting FOR, as WE get to CREATE IT.


      Isn’t that a wonderful Idea?

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. Igor Alexander Says:

      paleface said: “I saw the pictures of Mr. Linder.

      He looks normal, and the freaks look strange.

      That’s awesome!”

      It’s a cool photo (the one above). I just made it into my desktop wallpaper.

    4. John Smith Says:

      To Hoosier,
      The answer to your post regarding sartorial splendor is NO.
      Men, and white men at that, must NOT wear jeans.
      Men sould NOT wear baseball caps.
      Men should NOT wear sneakers.
      Men should dress as men.
      Men should wear suit and tie.
      White men must stop dressing as 8 year children.
      It’s disgraceful.
      It’s quite beyond the pale.