19 May, 2007

America and Israel: Joined at the Hip

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The Muslim world knows that America is a vehicle which is used by World Jewry to advance Israel’s interests, even if many Americans don’t know. Of course, the special relationship between America and Israel really began with Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger’s MOU – also called Sinai II – in 1975 [1]:


[1] more about the MOU/Sinai II: [Article]

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  7. 10 Responses to “America and Israel: Joined at the Hip”

    1. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      All Slavic nations know that from beginning of muslim Turkish asiatic invasions on Slavic nations, Western European christian nations were unanimously supporting Asians against Slavs.
      Polish king Jan Sobjeski saved Austria and with Polish, Kozak and German kavalry von the greatest battle of Whites against Turks.
      Whole degenerated Western Europe and USA still support Albanian muslim mongrels against Serbs by robbing Serbs of their ancestral land, Kosovo, and giving it to the savages.
      Western degenerates are suicidal and it is their problem but they are full of hatred why Serbs, Russians, Greeks, Armenians and, seems to me, even waking up Germans and Austrians are NOT suicidal. We all know that English are out of discussion or any comment but WHY FRANCE to be utterly degenerated both mentally and biologically? My guess is French inborn inferiority complex and envy against biologically healthy German nation.

    2. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      Socrates says: “in Muslims, Israel, AmeriKwa, jews, ‘Middle East’, Israel – the facts, Socrates at 5:29 pm | Permanent Link
      The Muslim world knows that America is a vehicle which is used by World Jewry to advance Israel’s interests, even if many Americans don’t know. Of course, the special relationship between America and Israel really began with Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger’s MOU – also called Sinai II – in 1975 [1]
      Sokrates knows to say naked Truth, sokratik way. For normal person it is enough and complete explanation but for communist and judeo-christian there is no way to get out of delusions.

    3. Kievsky Says:

      the so called missile defense thing probably won’t work anyway. it’s just pork slathered all around for israel and jewish defense contractors.

      missile defense sure wouldn’t work for the US with its porous borders. All they need to do is walk across the mex border with stuff and KABOOM.

    4. JD Says:

      The real “special relationship” started when LBJ (and the CIA/George Bush) conspired with the Israelis to kill JFK. That’s why LBJ wouldn’t do anything about the Liberty attack.

    5. zoroastro Says:

      which brings to mind one of the perpetual historical questions: how old is the eternal vampire Kissinger? he seems to have been around since the beginning of time (plus, naturally, successfuly surviving the usual jewish holoax fantasy)…who is this tapir and how come he got to be the “adviser” of every single amerikwan prez since after they offed JFK?

    6. Jake Says:

      u guys are sooo stupid… this jew is laughing at how stupid u are, hitler would be ashamed to see what his followers amounted too, u guys bitch so much u couldnt finish the job hitler did and now we are rising to power and ur too stupid to stop us u fucking nazi wannabe faggots

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      The sins of Henry Kissenger, the jew:


      He was behind prolonging the Vietnam War, he directed the secret bombing of Cambodia (In the most recent years, Spain and England have had the same sort of problem), he was behind the assassination of Chilean president Salvador Allende in 1973, he was behind the arms sales to Indonesia, he was behind the slaughter and deaths of 200,000 Timorese and Cambodians each, and he was also behind the Iran-Iraq conflict in 1980.

      “Following the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Kissinger was selected to chair the investigative committee that would track the events leading up to that fateful day. That appointment drew heavy criticism upon President George W. Bush because of Kissinger’s alleged involvement in the aforementioned, alleged war crimes and his record of shunting aside the public’s right to be informed about governmental activities (see Freedom of Information Act).”

      Obviously, jew Kissinger has something to hide and so do the rest of the jews. I am convinced that jews played a major part in the 9/11 attack and kept the truth, still are, from the American people.

      Bottomline, this jew Kissenger is a war criminal. Why hasn’t he been brought to trial for war crimes? Who is protecting this lowlife jew? He is not the only one. We have many jews in the State Department that are watching every move our troops are making in Afganistan and Iraq, not to mention gathering every sensitive information about every country in the world so they can bring havoc to everyone. Jews are known, as history tells us, to act as double agents. Double agents, such as jews, act against the interests of the United States while protecting the interests of Israel is a great national security concern.

      Therefore, they are a threat to America’s national security and all of them are to be banned from holding any political office.

    8. jigabooze j. jigaboos Says:

      “pork slathered all around for israel”

      Pretty good! It was intentional, I presume.

      How old is kissinger? No one knows- even kissinger is too lazy to Google on it.

    9. Lina Says:

      Jews were NAZIs too jake. I would say that you are the fag. Just because no one in their right mind would automatically think that the Holocaust was MADE UP, does not make us Stupid. It only proves how conniving and slithering Jews actually are. You rose to power by lying and cheating ONLY. We know your Talmud, ya pig-ass.

      And to Jaroslav: KOSOVA IS ALBANIAN; The only Serb about it is its border. I’d say that you and yours are the mongrels, Jaroslav; for it is YOUR people who cut the woman’s belly while pregnant just to win a god damned bet of the sex of the baby and burn people alive for nothing. Albanians have good reason. Screw you.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Jaroslav Hus

      Leaving aside the fact that Louis XIV of France supported the Turks in 1683, to then generalise and claim that Western European nations have always supported the ‘asiatics’ is ridiculous.

      Who helped Greece gain independence in 1821? France and Britain.

      Who cleared the Turks out of Hungary and the northern Balkans? Habsburg Austria. Serbia should thank Austria for men like Prinz Eugen (sure, I know he was born in France). Without men of his calibre the muzzerin would still be wailing from the minarets of Belgrade!

      France since the revolution has been slipping increasingly under the control of the zionist ‘Grand Orient’ masonic lodge. That explains her present degenerate state.

      The explanation for British support, since the 1850’s and the Crimean War, of Ottoman Turkey can again be attributed to zionist influence.