31 May, 2007

Apologizing: It’s for Whites Only

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Big Jew: “Don’t you feel the need to apologize? Aren’t you wracked with guilt?”

Big Negro: “Don’t you feel so ashamed?”

White America: “Gee…do you really think I should apologize?”

Big Jew: “Yes, you must.”

Big Negro: “You have to show remorse for all those years of White-male culture.”

White America: “Well…okay.”


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  7. 23 Responses to “Apologizing: It’s for Whites Only”

    1. Jim Says:

      These new ‘Southrons’ make me sick. When are the niggers going to apologize for two centuries of crime and welfare handouts? I again pose the question as to….Is there enough rope in the country to get us through ‘The Day of the Rope’ ? I’d hate to run out.

    2. honkey tonk man Says:

      Big JEW: “Your ancestors commited genocide against the peaceful natives and stole this land…you must apologize and forever feel guilt.”

      White America: Eat shit and fuck-off!

      Big JEW:” You must fund another holocaust musemn and teach your children white guilt”

      White America: “Suck my dick!”

      Big JEW : “You, the stupid white goyem must fight our enemies and die for Israel”

      White America:”Into the oven your dirty jew!”

    3. Neal Joitke Says:

      The Romans enslaved and released over and over again numerous people.
      These niggers are not mad about slavery. They are displeased about the release. When the Romans released they just kept there ways and learned
      from what the Romans taught them. Like how to build a road. They proceeded
      to do this with out the Romans. The nigger can not build or maintain what the whites have shown him. And left to his own kind he will stare at white society that is leaving him in his ghetto. What is need is a great seperation. And Haiti
      700 miles away from USA is too close. Over %90 of Haitian want to live in USA.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      And also . . . . Steve Cohen (Cohen, yes!) senator from TN is trying to gin up some kind of national apology.

      Another brick in the wall.

    5. Steve Says:

      NEW White America: “How about you Jews show remorse for dominating the slave trade, and you Negroes apologize for enslaving one another?”

    6. KLyyon Says:

      Oh, take a deep breath and go-I for one will accept the state of Alabama’s apology for the centuries of the very brutal institution of government approved slavery of African Americans.Sure, African chiefs sold their enemies and their own people for so little.It takes very brave people and real courage to admit when one has done something wrong.The hatred towards black people infected the majority population for so long that it literally took more than a hundred years for whites to even admit that this was wrong.Before I am attacked, let me state that my ancestors have been in this country before it was even a country-just another colony of the British Empire.My Cherokee ancestors were here for many, many centuries before any whites or blacks came to this part of the world.I do not hate white people for the evils of slavery.I also have Anglo-Saxon/Viking heritage as well.I’m proud of that.I am not advocating blending/mixing of the races, but the terrible conditions of slavery do merit an apology.Families could and were forcibly seperated.The slightest resistance more often than not brought out terrible punishment, sometimes bringing about death.Black women were not only whipped also (like the men), but bred to be sex slaves for their white masters-these slaves were called either quadroon or octoroon.White men traveled great distances to purchase their beautiful enslaved new lovers. New Orleans was this country’s sex slave capital.This inhumane treatment has had lasting effects (mentally on African-Americans). We are still plagued by these mental disorders today.Rape of women and children were also common practice.The dehumanization of slaves by the masters made it easier to abuse their property and hate them as well.It is easier to kill, maim, rape, beat, etc… people when they are not seen as human beings.I can see that today, the way your bloggers speak of blacks.So, in spite of what so many others would say, I believe that the apology was indeed the proper thing to do.Although the Civil War officially ended slavery, it deepened the hatred towards black people in this
      country burdening us all with the wreakage of the institution itself.
      I can see it even now by the way your writers speak of black people as “ape, mud sharks, niggers, “etc.,et al.When people do evil to others, admitting the wrongness of the situation can go a long way towards healing.My Cherokee ancestors had to flee to the mountains of Northern Georgia to escape whites who had ordered them west to “Indian territory” in about 1836, during what is now known as the “Trail of Tears” so that their lands could be seized.If they were caught, the penalty was death.I was born in Rome,GA and lived through the 2nd civil war.So as much as was suffered by my Cherokee and black ancestors, I do not have hatred in my heart.Jesus said something to the effect of love those whom you do not care for .Why he was asked. He replied that if you only care for those you love-what reward is there in that?Sage advice folks.I know that I cannot change how folks who’ve been taught to hate for so long.My relatives are law abiding citizens who have gone to college and are successful in their lives all without gov. assistance.We don’t like rap music, we respect women, detest criminals and murderers, child predators and others of that ilk.My forefathers defended this nation from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War, Spanish-American war, WW’s I & II, Korea and Vietnam and both Gulf Wars.I am proud to be an American whose roots go back to the first Americans-Native Americans (or indians).This nation needs to wake up to the fact that between the terrorists and illegals the greedy who are bankrupting this great nation and don’t forget about RED CHINA who holds all our trade debts to the tune of trillions of dollars, they are the true threats to this nation that I’m sure all of us hold dear.That is what we need to be fighting-not each other.Terrorists and criminal illegals don’t care who they kill white or black as long as they’re Americans.GOD BLESS U-THE USA- & OUR BRAVE TROOPS WHO ARE FIGHTING FOR ALL OF US-WHOOA!!!

    7. MrBlond78 Says:

      I’d like to get an apology from all involved in the slave trade. There would be a whole lot less blackness smeared across my beautiful land if they’d just let them rot and die in the jungle with their little monkey friends.

      Oh, and I’d also like a Thank You from all the freed slaves. We gave you civilization, wellfare, medicine, the vote, and a human designation. What did you give us besides some rotten cotten and peanut butter.

    8. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Cherokees eject slave descendants
      BBC ^ | Sunday, March 4, 2007

      Descendancy stems from the 19th Century Dawes Commission lists

      Members of the Cherokee Nation of native Americans have voted to revoke tribal citizenship for descendants of black slaves the Cherokees once owned.

      A total of 76.6% voted to amend the tribal constitution to limit citizenship to “blood” tribe members


      Many Cherokees depended on black slaves as a bridge to white to white society. Full-blood Indian slave owners relied on the blacks as English interpreters and translators.

      By 1860, the Cherokees had 4,600 slaves; the Choctaws, 2,344; the Creeks, 1,532; the Chickasaws, 975; and the Seminoles, 500. Some Indian slave owners were as harsh and cruel as any white slave master. Indians were often hired to catch runaway slaves; in fact, slave-catching was a lucrative way of life for some Indians, especially the Chickasaws


    9. Myles Says:

      Alabama is now the fourth state to officially “apologize” for slavery. It seems a road is being paved for reparations. How can they deny paying reparations after admitting guilt?

      Perhaps this is a good thing. I’m starting to think the more millstones around whitey’s neck, the better.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      To get the big picture, read Michael Hoffman’s book ‘They Were White and They Were Slaves’.

    11. Tim Pennington Says:

      Merit an apology??? I never enslaved anyone. To apologize on behalf of someone’s ancestors is absurd. Besides, the point is not the apology from these people, the point is the acknowledgement from the western whites who created and sustain america, that they are an evil people who deserve annihilation. The point is to legitimize the KIKE DIRECTED GENOCIDE OF WHITES through multiculturalism/racial integration. I dont hate colored people. I hate the god damned jew architects of this shit society. I am waiting patiently for civil war 2 and the GREAT WHITE FIGHT.

    12. confused Says:

      Why do you use tinyurl links instead of just using the real URLs?

    13. KLyyon Says:

      The above readers totally missed the point.Slavery was an evil in-
      stitution.Generations of bigoted folks had to pass into history for this apology to happen.I know Cherokees had black slaves.However, if those slaves proved themselves worthy, honest., etc..they could be come chief of the tribe.Not so with the majority population.Slave masters are frequently brutal to their slaves.Nothing new there.My Cherokee ancestors actually shielded runaways from those who would return them to bondage.It’s easy to see from those justifying the institution what narrow views they have.Cherokees in Cherokee NC officially extended me the chance to join the tribe-and they were looking at me in person.Like I’ve said before there are good and bad in every ethnic group on this planet whether closed minds want to admit it or not.And about not bringing africans here-well too bad cause they did and there is nothing you can do about it so deal w/it.Native Americans were some of the most tolerant groups of people on this earth.After helping English settlers survive harsh winters here what did they get in return? Being exterminated by whites and having their land taken from them.So sad the haters can’t see through the hate to recognize that!People who have the courage to speak out against evil and apologize for it (even if they didn’t commit the offenses) that is what our heavenly father wants us to do.As Native Americans say,”never judge a man unless you have walked a mile in his moccasins”.How true that is!!!

    14. sfg Says:

      Only bullied cowards apologize for something they NEVER took part in. Even the threat of a bullet in my brain would not be enough to get me to apologize for something I NEVER took part in.

      Got that??? I hope I’m still alive when the blacks in those states that have issued the apologies begin to DEMAND reparations. I’ll be laughing my white ass off watching those weenie whites twitch while wondering what do they do NOW? BECAUSE WHITES: IT WILL NEVER END. NOTHING WHITEY WILL EVER DO WILL EVER BE ENOUGH TO APPEASE BLACKS. WE WILL NEVER BE LEFT ALONE. DON’T YOU GET IT????

      As a white woman who is forced to live in a country where I live in fear of the ubiquitous raping, gang raping, stabbing, strangling, shooting, home invading, carjacking blah, blah, blah black male whom I may have the misfortune to come upon, unless he seeks me out in my home…… when do I get my apology?????

      Whites who apologize for anything connected to black people lose my respect and they lose all credibility with me. Period. We have nothing to apologize for.

      It’s high time blacks start apologizing to US about what they’ve done to out country…NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

    15. Scott Says:

      I would like to apologize to my parents for some of the bad things my brother did before I was born. P.S. Almost every Injun I have ever met was a racist. (so what)

    16. Logic88 Says:

      Congratulations, KLyyon. You’ve confirmed your membership in the “demoralized dumbass club”. Don’t you get that the reason you hear so much about what the “ebil White man” did is to keep Whites from fighting back? You know about the “Trail of Tears” but mention nothing about the numerous Indian massacres against innocent Whites. The Injuns had their chance and blew it because they can’t compete with us. That’s the cold hard honest brutal fact. We’re not going to have a pity party and apologize for what Jackson did or for the stupid, ugly and violent negroes that are living among us. We need to know the past, but not be chained by it. If anything we should be discussing is how Uncle Adolf defeated the kikes on his own turf. Once we beat them in the U.S. — the superpower nation of the world whose sword is being wielded against the enemies of the kikes — then all else well fall in place.


    17. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      KLyyon, or whatever your mud name is, your guilt trip won’t work here. We actually know what Africa is like, so we know that the best thing that ever happened to niggers was being imported into the White West. We also know about the savage habits of the Amerinds, and we’re not about to cede an inch of moral high ground to those primitives, so you can kiss our White asses, you misinformed moron.

    18. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      The noble red man:

      A Veritable Account of the Martydom and Blessed Death of Father Jean de Breboeuf and of Father Gabriel L’Alemant, in New France, in the Country of the Hurons, by the Iroquois, Enemies of the Faith
      by Christophe Regnaut
      This is what the savages told us of the taking of the Village of St. Ignace, and about Fathers Jean de Breboeuf and Gabriel L’Allemant:

      “The Iroquois came, to the number of twelve hundred men; took our village, and seized Father Breboeuf and his companion; and set fire to all the huts. They proceeded to vent their rage on those two Fathers, for they took them both and stripped them entirely naked, and fastened each to a post. They tied both of their hands together. They tore the nails from the fingers. They beat them with a shower of blows from cudgels, on the shoulders, the loins, the belly, the legs and the face – there being no part of their body which did not endure this torment.” The savages told us further, that, although Father de Breboeuf was overwhelmed under the weight of these blows, he did not cease continually to speak of God, and to encourage all the new Christians who were captives like himself to suffer well, that they might die well, in order to go in company with him to Paradise. While the good Father was thus encouraging these good people, a wretched huron renegade, – who had remained a captive with the Iroquois, and whom Father de Breboeuf had formerly instructed and baptized, – hearing him speak of Paradise and Holy Baptism, was irritated, and said to him, “Echon”, that is Father de Breboeuf’s name in Huron, “thou sayest that Baptism and the sufferings of this life lead straight to Paradise; thou wilt go soon, for I am going to baptize thee, and to make thee suffer well, in order to go the sooner to thy Paradise.” The barbarian, having said that, took a kettle full of boiling water, which he poured over his body three different times, in derision of Holy baptism. And, each time that he baptized him in this manner, the barbarian said to him, with bitter sarcasm, “Go to Heaven, for thou art well baptized.” After that, they made him suffer several other torments. The 1st was to make hatchets red-hot, and to apply them to the loins and under the armpits. They made a collar of these red-hot hatchets, and put it on the neck of this good Father. This is the fashion in which I have seen the collar made for other prisoners: They make six hatchets red-hot, take a large withe of green wood, pass the 6 hatchets over the large end of the withe, take the two ends together, and then put it over the neck of the sufferer. I have seen no torment which more moved me to compassion than that. For you see a man, bound naked to a post, who, having this collar on his neck, cannot tell what posture to take. For, if he lean forward, those above his shoulders weigh the more on him; if he lean back, those on his stomach make him suffer the same torment; if he keep erect, without leaning to one side or the other, the burning hatchets, applied equally on both sides, give him a double torture.

      After that they put on him a belt of bark, full of pitch and resin, and set fire to it, which roasted his whole body. During all these torments, Father de Breboeuf endured like a rock, insensible to fire and flames, which astonished all the blood-thirsty wretches who tormented him. His zeal was so great that he preached continually to these infidels, to try to convert them. His executioners were enraged against him for constantly speaking to them of God and of their conversions. To prevent him from speaking more, they cut off his tongue, and both his upper and lower lips. After that, they set themselves to strip the flesh from his legs, thighs and arms, to the very bone; and then put it to roast before his eyes in order to eat it.

      While they tormented him in this manner, those wretches derided him, saying, “Thou seest plainly that we treat thee as a friend, since we shall be the cause of thy Eternal happiness; thank us, then, for these good offices which we render thee, – for, the more thou shalt suffer, the more will thy God reward thee.”

      Those butchers, seeing that the good Father began to grow weak, made him sit down on the ground; and one of them, taking a knife, cut off the skin covering his skull. Another one of those barbarians, seeing that the good Father would soon die, made an opening in the upper part of his chest, and tore out his heart, which he roasted and ate. Others came to drink his blood, still warm, which they drank with both hands, – saying that Father de Breboeuf had been very courageous to endure so much pain as they had given him, and that, by drinking his blood, they would become courageous like him.


      The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Selected & Edited by Edna Kenton, pages 220-222
      Albert & Charles Boni, New York, 1925

    19. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      More about the noble savages. We’re always at a disadvantage when discussing Amerind savagery, because they have no written pre-colonial histories for us to draw on, and Whites quickly beat at least a measure of civilization into them fairly soon after coming into contact with them, but there are many tales from early encounters with them that, while hidden in today’s anti-White climate, still exist, and serve to give us an insight into the nature of these primitives. Here:

      The story of Mother Cherokee, one of the most intelligent of the old squaws, was related to Mr. Winstead, concerning Col. Crawford’s death. Mother Cherokee had been an eyewitness to the horrible torture, and frequently related it to the younger generation. Her story of the engagement and capture does not differ materially from that of Walker and others, but her story of the execution was “that but one white man and Simon Girty were present; that Col. Crawford was not tied to a stake, but his hands were bound by a withe over a limb of a tree above his head and left in that position all night and the next forenoon, until other warriors could arrive to witness the burning. Quite a number slept the night before around the same fire, near by that used to torture him. All having arrived by noon on the following day, they began by taking brands from the fire, and touched him first on the toes, his leaping causing great amusement for the bystanders. When the feet and toes were no longer sensible to the fire-brands, they would apply them a little above, benumbing the limbs by inches, so that the torture might be prolonged and life preserved as long as possible. When this process had been pursued until the numbness was approaching rapidly his vitals. they cut the withe, and Crawford fell forward upon his face. A squaw, with a piece of bark, scooped up some coals and hot embers. piling them between his shoulders. which caused him to immediately throw himself over, but he was unable to rise, as his legs and hips were entirely benumbed.” The substance of the above was so often related, and with such accuracy, by “Mrs. Cherokee.” that Mr. Winstead thinks it the nearest correct account of this horrible execution.


    20. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      “His zeal was so great that he preached continually to these infidels, to try to convert them.”

      This sounds like the attempts of the Great Society to CONVERT niggers into humans.

      What are the underlying premises?

    21. Antagonistes Says:

      I read the accounts of the tortures of White captives in “The Frontiersman” by Alan Eckert.

      I was appalled. I told my wife, “I would have shot every one of them I saw.”

      The movie, “Little Big Man” (from the early 70’s) showed the White man taking revenge for the demonic actions of the Indians. It did not show the demonic actions of the Indians, thus making the White man look demonic. In reality, he was acting the part of the avenger.

    22. abe foxman Says:

      So, we believe what we read now. do we? The fact is books the publishing of which is almost always linked to pushing some political agenda and eye witness accounts are always used to support a position that lacks scientific evidence.
      Accordingly both should always be subject to the utmost scientific scrutiny and debate in order to validates their content and serves as tool in guiding and educating future generations.
      Unfortunately these two forms of evidence have been hijacked by the Kike, and his desperation in trying to control all means of civil discourse i.e the media, the courts and the legal framework should make that apparent to even the lower scale of the intelligence spectrum.
      I find that today people who quote books and especially “eye witness accounts” are less interested in arguing an issue than shoving their semitically correct opinions down all others throats. Yes the true indicator of a Kike!

      The fact is white men are honorable. Not all but those who we hold as role models are. History has shown that the less honable have sooner or later been strung up from a tree. The original settlers of this land were by and large honorable and tried to ensure peaceful and harmonious relations with the native peoples. The natives in turn showed their magnanimity by allowing settlement. They also had their role models that inspired them. The intercourse was helped by free and open trade and dare I say mutual respect.
      I do not refer to the founding fathers here. They were honorable to a large degree but by the time of formulating the constitution, they had also succumbed to the greed and avarice of big Jew. In turn, the honorable white man was hijacked by greedy Goy to be eventually displaced by big Kike. Neither cared for the greater good and the result is todays good ol US of A.
      When I look at the past Native American Indian, I see today’s white European. No doubt the former has little chance for improvement…just genocide through forced integration (similarly planned for the white). And the latter has left it too late to collectively take up arms, but they especially those of German descent still retain a strong moral character and and enviable work ethic which if harnessed and used together with their natural technical and scientific prowess will ensure a future outside the barren waste of a reservation.
      This is what white people should strive for. An homogeneous identity rich in honor and culture. The choice then to be honorable or dishonorable is yours but beware that justice for the treasonous will be swift and complete.
      Apologize? For what? Honorable white men have done nothing to apologize for….other than allowing the Kikes in the front door, everything else of which including slavery is a consequence of that indiscretion.

    23. Pedro Says:

      While some whites have been trying to revive the confederacy and enslave blacks, me and my whole clan have come here and now we are the fastest growing group. We are the majority in Los Angeles and very soon will be the majority in California and Texas. I want to thank all the black-haters for detracting attention from us, the real threat. Whites will soon be the “minority” and then I say, let’s have the race war some want and wipe the rest of them out.