21 May, 2007

Are You an Immigration “Extremist”?

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How many people were killed by immigration “extremists” last year? Any? How many people were killed by negroes and Mexicans? Thousands, we guess. So why focus attention on anti-immigration activists?

Besides that, anyone who has studied the matter knows that America’s founders created a White republic [1].

Also, note the mention of Pauly:


[1] the 1790 citizenship law: [Article]

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  7. One Response to “Are You an Immigration “Extremist”?”

    1. Hoosier Says:

      Another hit piece. It even has a quote from the loathsome social construct known as “Mark Potok,” who works for the hate group, the SPLC. The article claims he’s the editor of “The Intelligence report,” obviously a fiction vehicle of some sort.

      The SPLC has about as much credibility as VNN’s own “Jake the Jew.” Does anybody CARE what “people” like this have to say anymore?