24 May, 2007

Felony Hate-Crimes These Days

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Distributing fliers is a crime? It is when AmeriKwa’s legal system has been tweaked by Big Jew [1] [2]:


[1] more information about the origins of hate-crime laws: [Here]

[2] an early hate-crime law: [Here]

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  7. 5 Responses to “Felony Hate-Crimes These Days”

    1. Walter Thompson Says:

      The girl’s record, Chmiel said, features 13 contacts with police, including an arrest for marijuana possession in August. McHenry County court records show that within the past year the girl also has been charged for driving without a license, consumption of alcohol by a minor, possession of tobacco by a minor, trespassing and three curfew violations.

      Good God! There’s no telling what she could do next. Obviously Judge Michael Chmiel noticed the extreme risk this young girl poses when he denied her bond.

      “I’m concerned about you having some potentially negative influences around you,” Chmiel told her. “I think the environment is ripe for failure.”

      Of course the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center is known for an environment that is ripe for success.

      Chmiel agreed Tuesday to place the second girl on home detention. She will be placed on electronic monitoring and allowed to leave only for school, counseling, work or other activities approved by a probation officer.

      One word for all this: SOVIET

    2. Walter Thompson Says:

      This gives me an idea for a movie. It will be about a 16 year old girl who smokes pot and cigarettes, drinks alcohol, and drives a car without a license. She also stays out late and goes where she is not suppose to. Then one day she is locked up and denied bail because she handed out pictures of a male classmate kissing another male with the word “FAG” written on it. The backdrop to this film will have niggers killing and raping white people with virtual impunity. I think I will call the movie Amerikwa.

    3. Jim Says:

      I hope we get to hang them with their robes on as an example to others who think they are good enough to sit in judgement. No bond for a flier while niggers are cut loose on pennies for serious felonies. Is the good judge a fag also? Perhaps he is taking the flier personally.

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Walter is correct…this is someting out of the former soviet union. This girl, even though somewhat troubled, is expressing the wrong political opinions which is now a felony hate crime. I’m sure the school district and legal system of Crystal Lake would look the other way had this been a minority student advocating the murder of white people. Hating whitey is free speech in the Kwa.

      The constitution rights of this poor girl is being trampled on since the punishment must fit the crime and any reasonable person can hardly agree that distributing anti-gay leaflets should be grounds for no bond and a felony hate crime. Some judges will simply have to be hung high for their treason and betrayal of the american people. I wonder if this judge is a little fudge packer himself. If I had enough money I would hire this girl competent defense counsel and press for the judge’s recall from the bench.

    5. Thorsvali Says:

      I wonder if her lawyer is aware that flyering was recently (~2003) ruled as protected speech even in the soviet state of Mass? I wonder if this info would help in the girls defense. I have the particulars on the case. Does anyone here think the info is worth forwarding to Attorney Charles McKenney who is defending her? If so, can a local (IL) dig up his contact info and post it here?