8 May, 2007

Feminism in Uniform

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Here’s an idea for Sally SoldierChick: why don’t you stay home in the kitchen? Do you even know how to use a frying pan? (By the way, did you know that a lot of male military officers aren’t re-enlisting due to the feminization of all military branches? It seems that those men haven’t been fooled by the promises of the egalitarians that having women in the military won’t hinder its operations. Non-re-enlisting, by itself, hinders military readiness. But if nothing else, women are a distraction to male soldiers, and they will lower the effectiveness of the military by default):


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  7. 6 Responses to “Feminism in Uniform”

    1. Dave Mannon Says:

      YAWN. Who cares? It’s a ZOG organization anyway. I’m glad it’s being weakened, all the weaker for our anti-ZOG army to defeat in the future.

    2. NT Says:

      It is all percentages. Sure maybe five percent of women have the upper body strength potential that if trained they could actually do something on the battle field equal to the bottom twenty five percent of men. But they are freaks. How can you take warfare which historically involves young men and take out the male sex role macho element and be left with the same esprit de corps? Men comparing themselves to male archetypes and using female archetypes as an insult has probably been going on since the stone age and for a reason. War is not about understanding or dialogue. War is about destroying and killing.

      Would it make sense to say this current war in Iraq is a feminine war? The troops are in the middle of a battle zone and they are building up Iraq before the war is over understanding where the Iraqi’s are coming from. They purposely used a small force upfront to not make it seem like we were overbearing. It is BS. Just like Vietnam was BS. You first kill the enemy and go to every house and round up all the men and put them into controlled camps. Total commitment with everything you’ve got day one. Then you disarm the countryside. There are no stockpiles of anything. Then you release the enemy that are left alive as you leave. If they want to live in the gutter that is their business. They rebuild the country if they want to. Isn’t that how WWII went in Germany? Years later we had the Berlin airlift. Years later.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      We should focus on these officers that don’t re-inlist, they are sure to be susceptible the WN message. If these guys join their local National Guard they could be invaluable to us.

    4. Briseis Says:

      WHY in Hell would any woman *want* to be in the military? You can raise armies and also drive men to die at home, with much less effort. The food is better too.
      I don’t get the appeal of military for either men or women, especially not today. Fight for *this* Kwa? Be thrilled to sacrifice your kids for this debacle? a local pic site mothers maintain, pics of their sons (mostly white, some dead) and how proud they are of them. It’s all i can do not to become ill and/or violent. http://picasaweb.google.com/PacificaMilitaryMoms
      Their home site and blog on page.
      A few years ago, or mroe, women who were protesting the Iraq war started protesting on the corner
      http://uprisingradio.org/home/?p=1165 “women in black” against various causes, anyway, the military mothers caught wind of this and started a counter protest (antis/ death celebrants are always such copy-cats) and started with the flag waving and even put the young hot chicks waving flags out there to counter the WIB somber message.

      Reality bites, doesn’t it , Mom, even with all the balloons and vigils. What would be a counter-protest death celbration to the Knoxville event, a ” rainbow of death”?
      Color me disgusted.

    5. jigabooze j. jigaboos Says:

      “Color me disgusted.”

      Then you would be a colored person. . .

    6. sgruber Says:

      Let’s face it. “Humanity” (using the term loosely) never got out of the Middle/Dark Ages. What’s running around now is what was running around in 1100 A.D., but with cell phones. So don’t put too much stock, Briseis, in 90% of the shit you see out there. The madness and banality are everywhere. Concentrate your firepower on what matters, and hopefully you’ll be in Knoxville!