29 May, 2007

Free Talk Live Coast to Coast Tuesday

Posted by Stan in Alex Linder at 5:03 pm | Permanent Link

Join hosts Panzerfaust, OnThePathToTruth, Mark_in_Cali, and Masher as they discuss The Knoxville Rally, the arrest of the White Patriot Alex Linder, Youtube’s rash of recent White National account deletions, TNB, TJB, TSB, and Jews, hook-nosed kikes, and/or Yids.

Music starts at 8PM EST – Live Talk at 9PM EST

To listen click HERE

Show discussion thread HERE

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  7. 6 Responses to “Free Talk Live Coast to Coast Tuesday”

    1. Northern Rhodie Says:

      Paint the overpasses with the murder dates. Make a constant honourable reminder of their deaths.

      I hope you are well Alex. My thoughts are with you and the others.


    2. birdman77 Says:

      alex, i hope you are well. i wasn’t able to make it to knoxville because of limited funds. i hope to go to the rally on june 16th.

    3. patricia Says:


    4. pony Says:

      Archive Alex’s rant right away…It’s going onto cd and I’m passing it out to everyone! If they don’t get off their ass after hearing what Alex had to say then I DON’T WANT THEM AROUND ME.

    5. Thor Says:

      Guys, I just discovered that you’ve named the show the same as a “libertarian” radio show. Someone searching for our show could easily be confused. How about a little brainstorming for original names:

      “VNN Radio Coast to Coast”
      “White Talk Live”
      “No Jews Radio”

      What do you think? I for one don’t want to be confused with those jew-loving libertarians.

    6. Abandon Says:

      How about ” Free Talk Live Pole to Pole ” and or , Prime Meridian to Prime Meridian…..