29 May, 2007

Idea for Vidheads

Posted by alex in Alex Linder at 4:37 pm | Permanent Link
Get the best looking woman you can find. Record a PSA warning White girls about nigger rape. Make a 30-second spot. Just like that Vanessa Williams one telling how diversity is wonderful blah blah blah, and discrimination is against the law.

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  7. 6 Responses to “Idea for Vidheads”

    1. Neal Joitke Says:

      Now some one is really thinking it is 2007 better late than never start today.
      We are late

    2. Greg Kay Says:

      Do something dramatic, like, say, show a White woman being stalked and attacked, interspersed with screens with text only and a woman’s voice reading the words. Something along the lines of “Every day, over 100 White women are raped by black men. That’s more than 4 women every hour. That’s 1 every 15 minutes. When are we going to say enough is enough?”

      Just a thought.

    3. sfg Says:

      If there are any white women who would like to stand with me at the Sean HannityFest being held at the Gwinnett Arena in early June, post on here. We can hold signs that speak to the above post.

      I’m still an attractive white woman–not Brigitte Bardot mind you but reasonably attractive–are there any others out there who would like to help bring this plight to the white public? If we could just get ten white women to hold signs to speak to the horrible black on white crime that is happening it would be a statement.

      Post here if anyone is interested. White men are more than welcome to be a part of this demo too. In fact, the more the merrier.

      By the way, there’s a rally by the Galleria in Atlanta thursday, May 31st around noon. Go to the Dustin Inman Society website for details. I’ll be there if anyone wants to discuss strategy.

      I’m a blonde white woman–figure it out for yourself.

    4. sfg Says:

      Sorry, I didn’t make it clear what the rally is about tomorrow–it’s about illegal immigration–another important topic. It’s against the current Senate Bill that both Georgia Senators Chambliss and Isakson are currently supporting that will give eventual citizenship and amnesty to the twenty million illegal aliens (and all their families etc.) if it passes.

      God, there’s so much to fight against these days it’s almost mindnumbing. It’s becoming ridiculous in this country that good law abiding Americans have to devote so much of our time to fighting to keep our country for AMERICANS.

      No wonder so many white Americans have just tuned out–it’s just too much.

    5. alex Says:

      Whatever the MSM does (tv), mirror it – with our politics. Show attractive women being disgusted by or threatened by or frightened by NIGGERS.

    6. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Hey Alex – welcom back ;-)