28 May, 2007

More Video of the Knoxville Rally

Posted by Socrates in AmeriKwa, hush crimes, Socrates at 1:48 pm | Permanent Link

[Here] (you may have to reset your computer security settings to “medium” to watch the video. Also, note the commentary about the rally). The latest news about Alex: [Here]

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  7. 6 Responses to “More Video of the Knoxville Rally”

    1. throwthejewdownthewell Says:

      So why didn’t the VNNers have a bullhorn? Looks like the antis had at least 2. I noticed on the news footage that one of the anti leaders’ name was Amanda Cagle. Clearly a jewish name. I’m surprised that no JDL punks showed up.

    2. Winston Smith Says:

      Forthcoming, as advertised on CNN: Tuesday, May 29, 8PM ET on CNN’s “Paula Zahn Now”

      Knoxville murders: Some say they were hate crimes. Others say they were not.

    3. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Where were the VNNers with 2000+++ posts? They weren’t at Knoxville. The turnout should of been 10 times what it was.

    4. sfg Says:

      I was planning on coming because I feel very strongly about black on white crime and the cover up by the stupid media. But, I had been sick lately and wasn’t able to come. Now I’m having misgivings about the leader of the operation who got himself arrested, probably to garner more news coverage (but there’s been NONE in the Atlanta area), leaving those who drove there to ponder what it was all for.

      Seems to me it would have been a more effective day if the leader hadn’t been arrested, had led everyone in chanting and speeches, and had been more inspirational to those who bothered to show up. It would have been a three plus hour drive up and back for me, and that’s no little feat, and if I’d come and the rally leader/organizer got arrested at the outset, I think I would have been a little ticked.

      The news media is going to ignore all of this, so what we have to do is to make the most of the MOMENT in the public eye, while we have the public’s undivided attention. These rallies need to be held, peacefully and lawfully, at events where a LOT of white people will be attending. LIke, say a Sean Hannity Gwinnett Arena event early June in Gwinnett County Georgia.

      Now a rally where you had 30-50 people (on average) holding signs that speak to the growing black on white crime and the media’s suppression of this information might make quite a statement. And no one gets arrested and no one has Neo Nazi emblems or signs that say things like “muds killed….Jews covered it up” even though it IS true.

      Don’t you want to wake up white people who are slumbering to the detriment of future white generations? When you get together with your buddies online or in the bars or in your homes, then you sig heil, but for Gods’ sake, let’s start waking up white people and showing them what is going on right under their noses for now!

      I’m just one white woman and my opinion probably doesn’t hold much water with you guys. Fine. Do things your own way. You’re perfectly entitled to think and do whatever you want.

      But, I for one would like to begin to wake up white people before it really is too late. If it already isn’t.

      And for the record, when your esteemed leader commented on having a second child, it might have been nice to comment that the mother of the child was doing alright too. I’m assuming the baby didn’t hatch out of an egg or was found underneath a lettuce plant. You guys talk about holding white women up as “goddesses” but then don’t even mention them when they give birth to your children. Just a comment.

      We white men and women need to be in this fight together. And you all may not consider me as “Western” but I sure as hell do.

    5. Briseis Says:

      Re: SFG

      Since you have so many opinions about how things “should be” or “should have gone”, why don’t you volunteer next time to organize/plan/put up WNs should there be an event in your area/donate time/money/resources, rather than just words?

      You don’t reeaaaly think we’d be received well at a Sean Hannity event, do you? ya know, it must be nice to sit back there anonymously and dispense advice and shoulda, woulda, coulda’s as well as this Aunt Mabel stuff at the end about how WN’s need to fit the “Jew framework” of what a politician is, sounds like, looks like- as if one’s personal life is your business, let alone the fact that most people are not going to fit this “WN Ken doll politico” ideal, complete with WN “picket fence”.

      I am hoping that WN people do not feel the need to defend (or worse , give personal info to those most likely on ‘fishing expeditions’, thinking in doing so one is “defending oneself”. )You don’t have to defend yourself, give reasons , explain, talk about your private life. You don’t owe this to anonymous people you probably will never meet. YOU decide what you tell and not tell. Why worry about currying the favor of people who may very well be playing games, trying to get personal info, or simply trying to make you feel threatened or uneasy. There are many answers you can give to discourage this.
      1) I don’t discuss my personal life
      2) None of your business
      3) F*ck Off, you get nothing.

      I have no idea where you got this “goddesses” idea. Maybe you took a wrong turn at the fork in the road. We’re all just flesh and blood , like yourself, prone to injury, certain to bleed. Thinking that the WN view of women is automatically ripped from some museum representation or mythic fable is as silly as thinking playing dungeons and dragons isn’t playing pretend. For some of us, it is the real and imperfect that makes us who we are, and we are loved for it rather than in spite of it- not for more of this invented la de da worldview.

      Because something is not “official” or proclaimed on a forum, does that mean it does not exist?

      You know that expression “work smarter, not harder”? I don’t know if people can “think smarter” (than they are capable of) but they can damn well “think harder”.

      We ARE in this fight together, you , me, the men, whether we like each other or not, whether we agree on everything or not,whether we like each other or not, whether they say things or do things the way we like them to or not. You need not wait around for some particular thing to be said for it to be so. It just IS. Besides, if you have any experience with men at all, you should know that endless scolding, criticizing and “you should do it this way” rarely if ever, works. ESPECIALLY in PUBLIC.

    6. sfg Says:

      To Briseis: Whew! Glad you got all that off your chest? I hope you feel a little better now. I meant no harm or animosity toward anyone with my post. Since it obviously angered you so much, it probably wouldn’t be smart to read my posts in the future, if they are even run.

      I got the “goddesses” line from one of the posters on this website who said “we should treat our white women like goddesses” to answer one question. I happen to think that white men and women OUGHT to treat each other with respect, that’s all. Not to belabor it or anything.

      It was just a little strange to me to read about a new baby with not ONE word about the woman who had carried that baby for about 9 months and then plopped it out. That’s all.

      I do try to put my money where my mouth is, for your information, too. I have lost THREE jobs having been fired by three different multiculti/diversitoid Jewish females who hated me for simply having an opinion that was different from theirs. I have fought back as much as I could, but as you are probably well aware, it isn’t easy to fight the whole world alone. I’m doing the best I can at the present time.

      I had planned to come to the rally on May 26th but I have been sick. I do plan on coming to the June 16th rally and will proudly carry a sign that says exactly why I am there. I will not be bullied.

      If we sat and had coffee, we’d probably find we are pretty much on the same page, but we might have different strategies. I just think it’s time to try to wake up the sleeping white masses with facts, not just opinions. Opinions can come later. Do you see what I mean?

      And I was not saying that we would ever be welcome at a Sean Hannity rally. I was saying that it would be a perfect time to hold a small, quiet rally holding signs for all the people who will be attending. They would be a captive audience while passing us in their cars. The area around the Arena has sidewalks perfect for cars riding by and viewing people standing on the sidewalks. Just a thought.

      I plan to attend a rally in Atlanta tomorrow protesting the Senate bill which would allow illegals to remain in this country. I feel very strongly about all illegals being deported IMMEDIATELY AND PROBABLY NOT BEING ALLOWED BACK IN. I am actually for closed borders at this point with certainly NO third world immigration evermore!

      Thank maybe you can back down a bit now? I’m not mad, just puzzled. If I had any money to spare at the moment, I would gladly send Alex Linder every penny I could afford. I believe in the same cause he is fighting for, essentially.