12 May, 2007

Pushing Equality Again

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This time, it was Jewish congressman Barney Frank who introduced the bill.

But whether it’s Frank or someone else, it’s usually a Jewish politician who writes, introduces or sponsors “equality” legislation. (In fact, the first modern equality law appeared in 1957, called the “Civil Rights Act of 1957,” which was created by Jewish congressman Celler of New York). Trivia: federal civil-rights laws are unconstitutional, since such laws are based almost entirely on the 14th Amendment, and that amendment wasn’t ratified properly by the states, and besides that, the U.S. Supreme Court already stated, in the Civil Rights Cases of 1883 ruling, that the federal government is not authorized under the 14th Amendment to mandate racial-equality rules for private entities within the states [1]. The matter has already been settled by an earlier, right-thinking, originalist court [2] [3]:


[1] the Civil Rights Cases of 1883 ruling: [Article]

[2] before our Constitution became a “living” – and therefore flexible – document, it actually meant what it said, and meant nothing more than that. Documents aren’t “living.” They don’t flex. They mean just what the words on the document say they do – unless the person reading the document is a Jew, a leftist, a chick or a queer

[3] more about the 14th Amendment ratification issue here: [Article]

  • 2 Responses to “Pushing Equality Again”

    1. Rex Storm Says:

      I would like to see the fat sodomite go the way of Leo.

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      …”federal civil-rights laws are unconstitutional, since such laws are based almost entirely on the 14th Amendment”…

      Right on — so-called civil rights for non-Whites which results (always does) discrimination toward Whites is a violation of the 14th Amendment, but yet we have licensed jewish attorneys who support this violation. How in the hell did these “make any law as you go” kike attorneys get their licenses to practice law is what I like to know. How in the hell could any State bar across the country act in such good faith as to grant licenses to these unlawful, discriminatory abiding kike attorneys? SPLC, JDL, ADL are just some of the kike organizations that consistantly violate the 14th Amendment, licensed attorneys who conscienciously violate the 14th Amendment on a daily basis. Kike attorneys who are discriminatory and will not give you fair representation if you are White have licenses to practice law. Isn’t this what the State bar forbids? Or, does this only pertain to Whites being discriminatory or Whites who believe in perserving their racial heritage? I really smell something foul. Do ya think that the ethnic make-up of the State bar consist of mainly jews and other non-whites? I think this is worth investigating.