24 May, 2007


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We’re talking downtown Knoxville. It’s a couple miles below Interstate 40, whether you’re coming from east, west, north or south. Try to bring a sign if you can. I will have a couple extras, but not many. Get a nice 2×3 at Wal-Mart, and make nice THICK THICK THICK letters so they get picked up by the cameras. Do not mcspell anything. Have a message on BOTH SIDES of your board.

Wear at least one piece of black clothing. I am going to wear a new black shirt, and just maybe it would be a nice touch to encircle a triceps with a WHITE armband, in honor of our departed kin. Look sharp. Whatever you are, be the best of that type you can be.

Be prepared for anything – marching, yelling, screaming, whatever we need to do get the job done. This rally is not about bowing our heads and pondering evil, man’s inhumanity to man, or any of the thousand other Semitically scripted responses we’re supposed to act out when our kith and kin are slaughted by niggers sicced on us by jews, and covered up by their so-called mainstream media, this march is about RAGE – but not rage as an end in itself: RAGE leading to ORGANIZATION leading to LIBERATION. If you think hate and rage are the wrong responses to GENOCIDE being perpetrated BY JEWS against WHITES, then you don’t belong at this rally. If you think this sad case is a simple matter of liberal media bias, you do need to attend – to educate yourself.

The general public is heartily welcomed and encouraged to attend this rally.

I will be on FTL later tonight (Tuesday) and discuss details, feel free to skype in questions.

Alex Linder
[email protected]

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    1. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      I have computed using Lotus 123

      1976-2004 averages, murder rates per 100,000 per year:

      HUMAN 4.9
      NIGGER 38.2

      The Nigger rate is 7.8 times the human rate. That makes it 680% larger.

    2. Hoosier Says:

      Goddamn, New America, take a look at the picture of Alex Linder being arrested. It’s a new blog thread that just went up. A healthy, strong looking white man, protests his kinfolk being murdered and butchered by low IQ, violent Negros. He is being hauled away by fat, soft looking police officers.

      In the background, coming to the defense OF the black rapists and murderers, are clowns. Clowns, cheering and approving what is being done. Clowns, for the God’s sakes.

      And as you said, the police ignore the laws they are breaking. I think it’s a rare glimpse of what they REALLY are. When they wear regular clothes, that’s the mask.

      Anyway, the imagery has left me speechless, I feel like I looking at something that belongs in a book like “Alice in Wonderland.” Welcome to the brave new world of “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” I’m hoping you or someone else can provide some commentary, or ideas.

      The only thought I have is, by putting the original things about the brutal murder, and combining it with footage from the rally, complete with the pro-black-rapist clowns, for lack of a better phrase – well, there is something very powerful there.

      I have no skill with video production, but I’m just putting this out there for those that do, and for the wordsmiths among us.

    3. New America Says:

      in reply to Hoosier:

      What this picture symbolizes, in microcosm, is the extent to which the demonic JEWISH values have taken over, in practice, to the point that the ultimate in perversion – the inversion of morality – has BECOME the New Morality, to the point that all that is truly moral, is despised, shunned, and punished.

      Let me repeat that.

      This picture is where the facades have been dropped, and the mask of institutional neutrality has been put aside.

      Look at the profound nonverbal messages one and all sent:

      1. Linder

      The EXACT OPPOSITE of those beer-bellied, mismatched uniformed fools of the NSM; disciplined, focused, accomplished.

      2. The Opposition

      Treat the Real World as something of a clown show; remember, we subsidize THEIR values, which are a literal inversion of true morality. They mock marriage, heterosexuality, and all that made their society possible.

      They have also surrendered to narcissistic hedonism; as homosexuals, they are puer aeternae, the eternal Children, always in oppositional defiance to the Adult world that achieves its greatest fulfillment in the framework of Western Civilization.

      They are the perfect manifestation of Libido Dominandi, pure and simple; they would be right at home in any failed society, like England, or Israel. In a society being ruled by Wise Men, they would not be allowed to take to the public square, as recent events in Moscow have shown.

      3. The Police

      Anyone who has participated in local politics in a substantial manner knows that the small businessmen, led by the bankers, run the show. The police know their job is to (1) protect public property, (2) protect private property, and (3) protect the people.

      In that order.

      I suspect the City Fathers were sending out a strong non-verbal message to the local niggers:

      “This is what we are dong to an educated White man, who only wants to speak out in a way we do not approve out. Think of what we have in store for you, if your monkey asses decide to go to jump street. Remember, each of you jungle savages are a net loss to the community by your very existence, and your only value is for Jewish slumlords to make Section 8 money from, Jewish shopkeepers to take your welfare money, and Jewish lawyers to make money suing us for violating your so-called ‘civil rights.'”

      That’s my first look at the picture.

      There will be more to follow after I download the broadcast.

      If you don’t think a RACE WAR is taking place – the demonic JEWS against Life Itself – then you will, one day soon, for one day soon…

      It will hurt.

      How we choose to respond to that Moment of Truth shows your character, and your true nature.

      My nephews came down for Easter, and I asked them to read “Starship Troopers,” and then watch the dvd.

      I asked them what lessons they drew from them.

      They gave me several answers; I summed up the correct answer:

      One, it all comes down to RACE – First, Foremost, Forever.

      Two, at the end of the day, Governance is about Control, Control is about the use of Power, and “Violence Solves Everything.”

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. Hoosier Says:

      Thank you, New America. I hope you and I can talk in “real time” sometime, or at least something better than this blog.

      I’m testing something. Click on my name, and you should see a close up of the copper arresting Herr Linder. Even the police fit the stereotype of “pigs”

      It may not work, but let’s see what happens:

    5. Americafirst. Says:

      Is VNNF off line because it was shut down, or has it been removed because fo renewed hack attacks?

    6. New America Says:

      in reply to Hoosier:

      We’ll talk on something better than this blog, don’t worry. Alex put up an “Open Thread” that I posted a lot of ideas on, and it seems to be back to page 3, or so. I thought it would be on page 1, but…

      Some of those dealt with basic system issues, like upgrading the front end software, and the back end software, as well.

      In time…

      The picture demonstrates so much, but, essentially, it is that the System can stop any man, any time, any place.

      That’s why I posted the reference to Steele’s GREAT mp3 on “Let’s Get Small.”

      I suspect something horrific for the national economy is not too far over the horizon, and the Old Ideas will not work; they have weakened, and can not meet the needs of the new Cultural Moment.

      Metzger made another point that just amazed me with the depth of insight it showed.

      I’ve been moving from physical science models of the economy to living systems models, and see in them a great point of Metzger’s. I know I’ve made it in the “Open Thread” thread, but I’ll make it again to clarify some issues:

      One, parasites carry information, and that information is a vital description of a disease process. Maggots, for instance, were inserted in wounds and then covered over; as they only consume dead tissue, after the necrotic tissue had been removed, they left the host, and their leaving was proof that ALL of the dead tissue was gone.

      Thus, parasites are proof of the death of the organism on the periphery; in our case, we can define “periphery” as, say, the first hundred miles on the formerly US side of the US-Mexico border.

      This area, effectively, is dead to America, and only extraordinary measures will transform it back to health.

      You see the metaphor…

      The archaic models of organization are no less dead; look at the former steel industry, and the automotive industry…

      That’s what I like about Covington; his Ideals are so damn GOOD that just building our lives with them lays the foundation for positive group activity in the future, all done openly, all done with quiet dignity and a sense of pride that comes from achievement.

      What made America was OUR presence, and OUR Dominion; in our absence, America the country becomes, in time, Mexico, with snow.

      We MUST get the subject back to models of positive RACISM, which support the individual in the framework of the Family, the family in the framework of the extended Family, and the extended Family in the framework of the NATION – all organically melded by RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      Remember, the demonic JEWS killed Jesus; all it did was free up Christianity to flourish in the hearts, minds, and souls of those who were ready for it.

      That these people were mostly in Europe, and Norther Europe, at that, simply demonstrates the folly of limiting the Ideal to what appears before you.

      The demonic JEWS will hit Linder with everything they have.

      I think he will pull through the Refiner’s Fire just fine.

      As for the rest of us, it is up to us…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Igor Alexander Says:

      Choksondik said: “What the hell is the ‘kwa?'”

      It’s a term Alex Linder made up. It means America. It’s derogatory.

      Someone ought to put together a VNN-to-English dictionary, to be linked off the main page.

    8. Igor Alexander Says:

      You’reAllDisgusting Said: “They ALSO broke into the home of a black woman and terrorized her the night before as well as held up a Pizza Hut.”

      Holding up a Pizza Hut is not a hate crime, it’s an armed robbery. And did they repeatedly rape, torture, and murder that old black woman the way they did Channon and Christopher? Did they cut off that old woman’s breasts as they did Channon’s before hacking her into pieces?

      Face it — the Christian-Newsom murders were a hate crime, one of the worst in American history, and you’re actively covering up for it, making excuses for the perpetrators when there simply isn’t any.

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    9. Seanpgh Says:

      I’ll be bringing smores everyone.