7 May, 2007

Shaun Walker and “Civil Rights” Laws

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Ever read the 10th Amendment? Do you know what it says? It says that anything which is not mentioned in the constitution becomes a matter for the states or the people to deal with.

Racial crime, and assault, aren’t mentioned in the constitution. So why didn’t Shaun Walker face local charges? Why didn’t he face a mere assault charge with a penalty of maybe a few months in jail? The answer, of course, is because back in the 1950s, Jewish lawyers and lawmakers – e.g., congressman Celler – decided to create federal “civil rights” laws. What are “civil rights?” It’s hard to say exactly. They’re vague entitlements which can be expanded or contracted depending on whether a crime victim is White or not. America’s founders never used the term “civil rights.” Those “rights” are phony, and they could only exist in AmeriKwa:

[Article] (a .PDF file)

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  7. 5 Responses to “Shaun Walker and “Civil Rights” Laws”

    1. jackumup Says:

      From the time this device of satan’s children was passed it has been presented to the American sheeple as their God given right, and delibertly mixed in with constitutional rights in order to confuse the peps. Constitutional rights are GOD given, backed by the 2nd amendment and not for jew negotiation, civil right are government granted privileges that often conflict with the constitution and can terminated at any tine

    2. Anchorage Activist Says:

      The failure of the State of Utah to file assault charges is the major paradox of this entire case. I covered this trial like a wet blanket (at least as much as I could from Alaska), and there is no evidence that either the alleged “victims” pressed assault charges or that the state filed such charges. A crime requires a victim. Since no “victim” voluntarily stepped forward, the Feds used the informer Keith Cotter to create a “victim”.

      What’s equally disturbing is that there apparently no effort by Shaun Walker’s defense team to expose this contradiction. Perhaps if the jury had been aware of this contradiction, they may not have issued a rubber-stamp verdict. Apparently, according to the Resistance Forum, the Shaun Walker Trio chose to use public defenders rather than the defense team offered by the National Alliance. Public defenders, even at the Federal level, have their limitations.

      And how the jury could consider the testimony of an informer like Keith Cotter to deserve equal weight despite Cotter obtaining consideration for his testimony is beyond me.

    3. White Dragonslayer Says:

      Oh, it’s those durned genocidal Jews again. If they just realized that we’re Nazi superwarriors they’d stop being so mean and unfair to us.

      It’s just so unfair when they conduct political warfare against us. After Seinfeld tonight I’m going to march around in my bedroom singing Meinbledibuspererfulgerkommandant for TWO hours. *That* will show those mean old Jews not to be unfair.

    4. Stronza Says:

      The matter of phony “rights” that change according to the race/sex/sex orientation etc of the parties involved is not unique to AmeriKwa, your most interesting post notwithstanding.

      In Absurdistan (sometimes referred to as Canada) we have something called The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a document invented by the satanic prime minister Pierre Trudeau about 25 years ago. Well, now, we all thought that the purpose of this Charter was to ensure that all Canadians were treated equally under the law.

      Not so fast, dummies! Only a few months ago, a constitutional expert finally let it out, as follows:


    5. Coup d'Etat Says:

      WD, the lowlife jew. Are you trying to say that we Whites are superior? I think in your own little warped mind, you were trying to tell us Whites that we are the master race. By golly, even though you are a psychotic lying jew most of the time, you happened to be right on this time.

      Stay tuned for future missing persons — gone without a trace. I guess you can call it a minature holocaust inflicted upon jews as yourself.