18 May, 2007

The Newest Amnesty-for-Aliens Bill

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Why are “conservative” Congressmen supporting the amnesty bill for illegal aliens? Because they aren’t “conservative” – in fact, that word is now nearly meaningless as a political term. All it means is that a Congressman supports Israel, only half of Big Jew’s agenda, and big business interests. How is that “conservative?” This new amnesty law – if passed – will further de-Whiten America, while it also erodes our privacy by supplying the government with more information about anyone who applies for a job. (By the way, a historical note: this amnesty bill would be facing even more opposition from the White public if two Jews – Emma Lazarus and Israel Zangwill – hadn’t advanced the now-popular idea that America was intended to be an ethnic “melting pot” which welcomes immigrants): [1] [2]


[1] Lazarus’ famous poem at the Statue of Liberty, which suggests that America was designed to accept immigrants: [Article]

[2] Zangwill and his “melting pot”: [Article]

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  7. 10 Responses to “The Newest Amnesty-for-Aliens Bill”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      S. 1348 must have been written by a committee of Talmudic scholars, it surely wasn’t written by White men.

      You can be damn sure, that this bill will be handed to the shabbos goy in Congress, and they will be told to sign on and vote for it.

      Once again, politics costs money and lots of it. Put your money where it will do some good:

      A. Linder
      POB 101
      Kirksville MO 63501

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      An ardent French mason, Bartholdy, designed the statue of liberty. It is full of masonic imagery; the broken chains on her feet and the flaming torch in her hand. I have been told that the statue is based on some masonic symbol of revenge, and that in masonic lore she carries a torch in her left hand and makes a thrusting motion with a knife held in her right hand.

      I’m not sure if this is absolutely true. Maybe a VNNer can shed some light here. No pun intended!

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      PS, of what use is the sludgy amalgam that comes out of a melting pot?
      A fine alloy is always forged.

    4. CT Wolf Says:

      I grew up in a Melting Pot and it was not bad at all. There was the German family next door, the old Russian farmer down the street, a family of mixed nationality across from our house (they were English/Scotch), several Irish families down the block and we were Hungarian. Needless to say, we all got along great…and ya know what? Our whole town was like that…not any more though.

    5. Lina Says:

      Hey Wolf, I can understand those kind of ingredients mixing well…. I mean, Europeans are a higher species than tacos and burritos, wouldn’t you say? They may have different traditions, some small rivalries, etc., but the basic scruples are pretty much the same. My family and husband are directly from Europe, and yes, there is a huge difference from Europe and the rest.

      And this new immigration thing will only make it worse than it already is. Imagine, you have illegals (even in Northern Virginia) walking around like they own the damn place; imagine when they get their Z-visa.

      I’m scared to death for my kids is all I can say. My daughter is a minority in her middle school, which is full of latino illegals – only 25 damn miles from washingon DC???!!!! I cried when I heard this insanity yesterday.

      And an irony (as a side note) is that ICE denied my cousin re-entry into the US, though he is married to an American Citizen. Yes, he snuck in, which is wrong; however, he presented himself to an attorney and paid him a few arms and legs, then went to court and was asked to leave, not deported, pending review. After 14 months of waiting, he was denied. but these greasy nasty mosquitos get a free pass? I’m dumbfounded.

    6. Jake Says:

      alex linder is a fag, no really he likes guys, but he takes out his frustation on jews… dude alex go suck a dick u sick bitch

    7. Editor's Note Says:

      Lina, since the Immigration Act of 1965 (written by jews) LEGAL immigration has been 90% non-white by law. It’s actually worse, as jews get much of the “European slots”, never mind them always getting “refugee status”. The politicians aren’t scared of white America. They’re scared of the jews and their media and money.

    8. Jake Says:

      where did u come to the conclusion that they are afraid of jews… something alex linder pulled out of his ass while jacking off to mein kamf?

    9. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Jake the faggot or faggot jew, towing the line for the criminal faggot jews. Jake, people like you are not welcomed in any country. Anyone who sides or tows the line with/for jews are aiding and abetting criminals and deserve to die. Abortion is going to be around for a long time to come. Unfortunately, you have missed your calling. However, there is still hope for people like you. You, in particular, there is still time. AIDS has not gone away. And, I’m sure the unseen forces will be making an unwelcomed call to you shortly. All I have to do is think about it.

    10. Coup d'Etat Says:

      That’s exactly what the “Melting Pot” is — a myth. We clearly have secular groups that want to control, take over, and destroy America into a lawless third-world country and where every White person is maimed or killed with no legal protection. That’s what the jews want. That’s what the mexicans want. That’s what the niggers want. However, this is just one side of the issue.

      The so-called “melting pot” is the wishful thinking of the jews to have White men and women fornicate third-world non-whites and produce mixed non-white pigletts who grow up running around like wild animals committing more crimes than Whites. The “melting pot” has its own category known as miscegenation which the jews are enforcing through their social programs and all forms of media, including television. Race mixing is a crime. Civil rights for non-whites while reverse discriminating is a crime. But then again, jews are natural criminals who don’t get punished.

      In summary, there are two sides to this quagmire that deserve careful analysis while not abstaining one for the other. Since the so-called “melting pot” is not happening quickly enough or the complete elimination of all Whites is occuring quickly enough, division of groups whereby the non-whites take control over America through social, political, and economic means will have to suffice for now. This is the wishful thinking of the jews and the relaying of this wishful thinking toward the non-whites to accomplish the task.