14 May, 2007

The Tension Between Russia, America: of Jewish Origin

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Big Jew doesn’t like or trust Russia, so America doesn’t either. Putin won’t climb aboard the Zionist bandwagon. In fact, instead of getting on the bandwagon, Russia did the opposite and sold missiles to Syria – a violation of America’s rule that all White countries will put Israel’s interests first. So Russia – with its history of “anti-Semitism” – is seen by America as a possible, future threat to Israel. (In fact, some Jews lie awake at night worrying about a hard-line “anti-Semite” coming to power in Russia – someone who remembers what the Jews did there and someone who would have all of those long-range nuclear weapons in his possession. Further, Russia also poses a threat to the Jews by being a White country whose citizens are more racially-aware than in other White countries. The Jews, with their “racial radar,” are keenly aware of that fact. It will be hard for Big Jew to turn Russia into an Eastern copy of AmeriKwa full of Zionists and egalitarians). Maybe America should call its planned missile defense system in Europe “the Jewish defense system?”


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  7. 5 Responses to “The Tension Between Russia, America: of Jewish Origin”

    1. Soylent Greenberg Says:

      To paraphrase Descartes: I think, therefore I am an anti-Semite.

      The jew is hated because he exists; everything else is overdiagnosing!

    2. Jim Says:

      Russia may be the only country left in the world that could possibly birth a white revolution. If this does occur in the near future, white nationalists from the U.S, Canada, and Western Europe may be forced to relocate there for survival.

    3. John Says:

      Every day the Russian skins are out there in the streets cleaning the cities from the inferior garbage, that is the difference between how things work in Russia and how things work in Western Europe and Amerikwa where whites have become soft thanks to decades of heavy Jewing.
      Stupid brainwashed whites in America are quick to sign up to JOG’s military so they can go and ‘waste some arabs’ but when it comes to standing up to their local niggers,spics and gooks they are nowhere to be found.

    4. Terry Phillips Says:

      American zoglodyte arrogance will meet its comeuppance all in good time. It will die of rot from within or be smashed from without, but soon to be dead it certainly is. No truer words were ever written than: Our Race Is Our Nation. That’s all that matters.

    5. b. b. shaw Says:

      In Russia, the Jews (i.e. Bolsheviks) set up a regime of terror. That’s easy to revile and denounce. In the West, the Jews (i.e. the Frankfurt School of Anthropology) worked more subtley. They slowly put themselves into positions where they could control access to myriad fields: Academia, entertainmemt, politics. The control is deeper and less noticable.