5 May, 2007

Top Ten [Edit: *Living*] White Nationalist Writers?

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Give us your list.

This will help us form up a White “head.”

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  7. 12 Responses to “Top Ten [Edit: *Living*] White Nationalist Writers?”

    1. James Hawthorne Says:

      No Brainer – Max Hadden

    2. Tom Dublin Says:

      Curt Maynard is emerging as a contemporary commentator with a good perspective.

      Luke O’Farrell does a good job in the UK.

    3. T.C. Lynch Says:

      Just living writers, or an all-time list? Here is my all-time list, in no particular order of rank. To get on this list, a writer has to deal forthrightly with race and Jews. Although I list some thinkers who deal more in myth and metaphysics, my preferred approach to arguing for WN is factual: scientific and historical.

      1. Adolf Hitler (MEIN KAMPF is still the best book on radical politics I have ever read.)
      2. Wilmot Robertson (for THE DISPOSSESSED MAJORITY)
      3. Kevin MacDonald (surely the best mind on our side today)
      4. William Gayley Simpson (for WHICH WAY WESTERN MAN)
      5. William Pierce (not for his novels, but for his many superb essays and broadcasts)
      6. Savitri Devi (the Saint Paul to Hitler’s Jesus)
      7. Anthony M. Ludovici (Although he wrote relatively little on race and Jews, he was right on both issues and integrated these views into a wider Nietzschean philosophy.)
      8. Saint-Loup (French former SS, author of 30 impressive books which deserve to be translated)
      9. Francis Parker Yockey (for IMPERIUM)
      10. David Duke (For all his character flaws, he is still a superb writer.)
      11. George Lincoln Rockwell (THIS TIME THE WORLD is a magnificent book, and I love his more topical and satirical works as well.)
      12. Julius Evola (Myth not science, but for all that, illuminating and interesting reading.)

      Sam Francis and Jared Taylor do not make it because they pussyfoot around the Jewish question. But I do value their work a good deal. Revilo Oliver was right on both litmus issues, but I just don’t like reading him. Too polemical, too topical, too much of the “paranoid” style, too many words . . .

    4. alex Says:

      Good list. I should have said living writer. I’m thinking of a nationalist top ten, as it were. Say we were publishing a weekly WN paper. Whose columns would merit posting?

      I mean, I’m thinking WN syndicated columnists level, rather than academics or philosophers.

    5. lawrence dennis Says:

      David Irving is back in action after his stint in jew-jail:


      He’s brilliant and arrogant, but still a gentleman toward those he respects.

    6. jack Says:

      Whatever his flaws, Kevin Strom wrote pretty well while he was working for the cause.

    7. Greg Says:

      Hey, don’t forget ….

      Tomislav Sunich
      Michael O’Meara
      H. Millard
      Robert Griffin
      Edgar Steele
      Harold Covington
      Bob Whitaker
      ANYBODY who writes in Occidental Quarterly
      Alex Linder!

      In the DWM dept. these guys were Jew wise …

      Ezra Pound (READ his wartime speeches from Italy)
      JM Cuddihy (dead/alive? apologies if latter)
      Hilaire Belloc (wrote an amazing but hard to get book on the JQ.

    8. Junghans Says:

      1. DAVID DUKE, first and foremost.

      2. ALEX LINDER, very good, still maturing.

      3. CURT MAYNARD, hitting stride.

      4. FRANK ROMAN, compelling.

      5. ERIC THOMSON, incisive.

      6. KEVIN MACDONALD, peerless scholar.

      7. MICHAEL O’MEARA, prescient & reflective, but wordy.

      8. JAMES BUCHANAN, always good.

      9. RICH BROOKS, savvy & literate.

      10. JARED TAYLOR, race 101, Judas Goat??

    9. Hugh Lincoln Says:

      My favorite writers, period, from kidhood on.

      P.J. O’Rourke
      Mike Royko
      George Will
      Peter Brimelow
      Jared Taylor
      Alex Linder
      Sam Francis
      Andy Rooney
      Walter Olson

      Not all nationalists and two are dead, but… they all write/wrote like MEN. Not a woman or Jew among them. I truly believe that when it comes to writing, white gentile men are the absolute supreme. From an early age, for me, it’s been white male writers who inspire, more than sports figures, more than politicians, more than business titans.

      Good writers are ones you want to read, and want to keep coming back to read.

    10. T.C. Lynch Says:

      My list of favorite living WN writers is a bit shorter, and several of them have not written in a while. These are people whom I always read whenever anything new appears.

      Douglas Olson
      Marc Moran
      T.C. Lynch
      Luke O’Farrell

      I value the work of Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor, even though they do not deal with the Jew question.

    11. T.C. Lynch Says:


      How could I forget NB Forrest? I wish he would write columns.

    12. Randy Mertens Says:

      The late Revilo Oliver is still unparalleled, although he is tough to read. In terms of the distance he achieved intellectually he has no living peer.