5 June, 2007

A Polish Anne Frank

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Just when Holocaust-mania was showing signs of deceleratione.g., in British schools – presto, another Holocaust diary appears to indoctrinate a new generation of goyim:


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  7. 7 Responses to “A Polish Anne Frank”

    1. DQ Says:

      This sounds like kike propaganda that they hade been working on the past couple years. Just when the lie looses some power they put out another book, this will probaply be required public school reading to. She was talking about hating nazis one moment and sex the next. That is what the jews want, they want you to hate nazis and then masterbate. I can’t tell you ow many times I have heard John Stewart mention internet porn.

    2. DQ Says:

      The good thing about these hoaxacaust sories (that is just what they are stories) being required reading is that afteryou have read Mein Kamp and someone tells you to read Anne Frank you can say you already have.

    3. Itzak Goldman Says:

      a schoenes Geschaeft ist der Holocaust !

    4. cliff Says:

      Found by a ball point pen salesman in Poland no doubt.

    5. lokuum Says:

      This one amazingly written on a word processor.

    6. Michael Mavros Says:

      This book will make great toilet paper for jews and others for that matter.

    7. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      This book will be celebrated and promoted to the hilt; whereas a play about poor Rachel Corrie has trouble even getting performed.

      The Nazi killed a baby with his bare hands. Iraqi troops threw the Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators.