15 June, 2007

A Tuesday in AmeriKwa

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By Alex Linder

Take my hand, I want to show you something…

So these officials say I have to be there for arraignment, the reading of the criminal charges against me as a result of a little incident at our May 26 rally. Ok, let’s do it.

We board our ’88 Honda Civic. We can make it out there for fifty in gas, not even two full tanks will handle the 700 miles. We pop Alphaville in the cassette deck, listen to “Summer in Berlin” as we wend our way east on 6, through Brashear, Edina, LaBelle. Sixty-seven miles over to the river, take 61 south through Hannibal, Troy, Bowling Green, down to St. Louis, where we pick up 64. We take that out into Illinois, past Scott Air Force Base, out in the middle where we pick up 57 around Mt. Vernon, which for some reason always has the highest gas prices around, head south. South on 57 down to 24 east, cross into Kentucky, past Paducah and southeast all the way down to Nashville where we pick up I-40. Now we’re 180 miles out. Listen to some mix, some radio. Think about the crime, the System, the people, the rally, the arrest. Gas up in some neither here nor there exit and make it into Knoxville. Miss the Henley exit, all of a sudden our oil light’s on. Shit. Our eyes aren’t working so well, we’ve been on the road 12 hours. Going to have to get an oil change before driving the car much longer. Learned that lesson in our twenties. Oil lights are not to be ignored!

Tonight we’ll be staying at the Marriott. Well, Marriott parking lot, that is. It’s free, and hell, we have only 3 hours before we meet Tony in the patio across from the City-County Building in which our arraignment will be held. We ease the seat back and grab a couple forty-minute stretches, and exhaustion covers for bedding.

Now it’s 7:30. Supposed to meet Tony at 8:00. Get suit out of trunk, slide into clothes, tie tie, try to do something with hair. Walk on out of the lot, about two blocks up to Main street, and into the courtyard. Sit on a bench, watch the squirrels run around, the blue jays. Check the spire clock every two minutes. Watch the people walk through, fellow arraignees walking over to the court across the street; security guards flirting, various lawyers, service workers and bureaucrats beginning their dailies. The courtyard has a tree that traces back to Andrew Jackson. It’s a magnolia tree, a cutting from a tree planted at the White House, was given to Howard Baker upon his retirement. The federal court in Knoxville is named after Baker. We sit watching the people flow. At least two mixed-race couples with kids walk by. We’ll see one of them later in the City-County. A woman with cascading hair grooms it with her fingers as she scurries through, regaling up as she catches us watching her.

Tony doesn’t show, car problems. We walk over to the court building. Cross the trolley tracks, and pass the canon yard in which the rally was held. Have to pass through a metal detector. Take money out of pocket, keys in tray, just like boarding a plane. It’s now about 9. Vaguely recall bail woman wanting to meet before the arraignment, but she’s not around. Two people ask me if I’m X or Y. Suit = lawyer.

The bulding is like anything governmental. A number of sessions courts hived off the main hall, with lots of people milling and waiting. There’s a neat and well-staffed station where you can get back in ZOG’s good graces. Appease him with your long green, or even your short plastic. Remember that Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre tour? The government grows more powerful over time not less. We renewed our license in Kirksville recently. But not before paying a license reinstatement fee. We had infracted state X law more than a decade ago. And, out of spite, refused to pay the final toll of a burdensome process. Didn’t matter when we got our license in St. Louis back at the turn of the millennium. Did matter in 2007. State X is now computerized! And on the compact! And the final fee we owed had gone up from about 80 to 230 in the intervening decade. “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization,” said an interested fool. No, son, taxes are the price we pay for government. Civilization is something private and indoors.

Well, as they say, theory will get you arraigned. My theory was that, lacking a criminal record, I may exercise my right to free speech in the time and manner of my choosing. The cops felt otherwise. They jumped me, pinioned me, ground my face, then charged me with assault, a Class A misdemeanor subject to a year in prison. And added two other class As – resisting arrest and vandalism; and one class C, disorderly conduct. Total exposure, as lawyers say: three years and thirty days in prison. The assault is on film, of course. The cops initiated it without warning or reason. This did not stop them from loading up as many charges as they could against me. That’s how it’s done these days, I’m told.

The court officer Steele calls those in the mall into the room. The nine o’clock traffic session is done, the ten o’clock session is to begin. I enter and notice a number of cameras at the back. I’m naive enough to think this is ordinary procedure, they’re simply recording the session as a matter of policy. Not so. The cameras are there to record the arraignment of the ‘white supremacist’ rally organizer, as the local media and the AP call us.

We sit in the second pew. It is quite literally a pew, just as you’d find in any church. Government buildings, particularly courts, are designed to impress the taxpeon with his insignificance and need for humility. To that end the insides are arranged as well. The judge is elevated, robed, even wigged in Britain. He is higher than you. He speaks down to you, literally. You are compelled to rise when he enters (although not in this session, for some reason). In the pew we hear the woman prosecutor laying out options for some of the poor schlubs driving without licenses. That level of ‘crime.’ The fourth sessions court ain’t dealing with murder and rape, but with bonded arraignments and more-than-traffic-ticket, possessed-some-weed cases.

Tony slides in beside me, whispering legal advice and explanations about the cameras. His car broke on the way here, but he fixed it. Unlike the other media he is not allowed to tape. We’ll have to work on that for the preliminary hearing. We watch the woman we saw earlier, with the cascading brown hair, mess with her files, pull her black dress over her breast. We watch the court officer and the blonde next to him, they won’t lock eyes. Strange men appear at the door and look to the back of the room. Normal or something in the works? We remember the seizing of Matt Hale, subsequent to the railroading. Ed Steele’s “the system is irretrievably broken” rings in our head. Judge Stansberry returns from his break.

Just a normal arraignment cattle call, son. Nothing to be paranoid about. We could relax. Well, we could relax if we weren’t near asleep. We’ve been snoozing unstoppably in the courtyard at eight, not enough sleep, the start of a beautiful but sultry Tennessee day. Now we’re snoozing in the pews, waiting to jump the next hurdle in the lap of justice.

Cattle call, we get in line behind maybe ten. Old guy seems to have had some pot. A couple blacks. Some hillbillies. Driving or disorderly. Quickly dealt with. They get to us last. We’re not guilty “across the board.” We will find our own lawyer. We’re signed up for preliminary hearing on July 24. We’re given a tiny paper. While we look at it, Steele explains where General Sessions Court #1 is. We’re in #4 for this one. He raises his arm and shakes his finger. The News Sentinel cameraman in the back picks this moment to record his telephoto. It makes print. It shows the scruffy little fuehrertitto being lectured by The Man. Browbeating Those Who Resist makes the little man feel good. How dare anyone stand up to Nancy Grace, John Walsh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, the United States Army, George Bush, Israel . . . Authority?

Well, the News Sentinel, Knoxville’s main and really only newspaper, ran a rally photo we couldn’t have staged better. Gave at the rally, take a little back at the arraignment. Now read the arraignment stories, three, and then we’ll talk more about the politicized use of the camera lens. The stories are short, so we’ll include the full text in our article, along with the photos that appeared, and along with the reader comments we could find. Pay careful attention to the headlines, the photos, and the terms they use to describe us and our actions.

Junk Media Coverage of Our Arraignment

[Associated Press (AP)]
Protest Organizer Pleads Not Guilty To Fighting With Police

Last Update: Jun 4, 2007 4:59 PM
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – An organizer of a white supremacist rally arrested after Knoxville police said he fought with officers has pleaded not guilty.

Alex Linder of Kirksville, Missouri, staged a so-called “rally against genocide” May 26th in Knoxville to call attention to the slayings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in January.

Both victims were white while four suspects charged in their deaths are black. Linder and other protesters believed the crime was racially motivated although police say they have no evidence to support the theory.

Linder was in Knox County General Sessions Court today to face charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, vandalism and assault on a police officer.

Police said Linder was holding a sign and walking in an area that police had blocked off to pedestrians. He ended up on the pavement after struggling with officers.

Judge Tony Stansberry set Linder’s next hearing for July 24th. Linder said he would hire his own attorney.


[Knoxville News Sentinel]
Race rally promoter gets July court date

By ANSLEY HAMAN, [email protected]
June 4, 2007

Alex Linder, a white supremacist arrested before a May 26 protest promoted as a “rally against genocide,” pleaded not guilty this morning to all charges.

Linder appeared in Judge Tony Stansberry’s General Sessions courtroom on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, vandalism and assault on a police officer.

The judge set a court date July 24 for the Kirksville, Mo., native.

“The have absolutely no grounds for finding me guilty of anything,” Linder told Volunteer TV, Channel 8, after leaving the courtroom.

Linder, operator of the Vanguard News Network, said he would seek his own attorney.

He said Knoxville police officers crossed the line when they stopped him from walking before the rally down Main Street, which police had set aside to be used by officers and emergency workers.

He and fewer than 30 protestors arrived in Knoxville over Memorial Day weekend and held a downtown rally “in honor” of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

The couple was carjacked, beaten, raped and slain in January. Four people have been charged in their deaths, and a fifth is being held on related federal charges. The victims were white; the suspects are black.

More than 200 Knoxville Police Department officers, about 100 Knox County sheriff’s deputies, Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers and federal agents stood guard at the event.

Linder was arrested about 3 p.m. Officers approached him as he walked in the cordoned off street and, after a struggle, Linder ended up on the pavement.

He made his $4,500 bond on May 26.

More details as they develop online and in Tuesday’s News Sentinel.

Ansley Haman may be reached at 865-342-6341.


Fourth Sessions Court Officer L.B. Steele (left ) directs Alex Linder during Linder’s appearance this morning in Knox County General Sessions Court. Linder was charged with disorderly conduct and other offenses at a Memorial Day weekend rally protesting black-on-white crime. Linder, a promoter of the rally from Kirksville, Mo., pleaded not guilty. Judge Tony Stansberry set a July 24 court date. Linder remains free on bond.

[Channel 6 – WATE]
White supremacist leader pleads not guilty to protest charges

June 4, 2007

Good Morning Tennessee Reporter

KNOXVILLE (WATE) — A white supremacist leader appeared in front of a judge Monday morning to face charges related to a recent protest in downtown Knoxville.

Alex Linder pleaded not guilty to all his charges. Those include: assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and vandalism.

Linder is the leader who organized a rally in May protesting that the double murder of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian isn’t being considered a hate crime by local investigators.

Knoxville police say Linder entered the control access zone between both sides of the protest.

“They deprived everyone of basically a good time and they infringed my First Amendment right,” Linder said.

He’s due back in court on July 24.


“They deprived everyone of basically a good time and they infringed my First Amendment right,” Alex Linder said.

Rally Organizer Gets July Court Date
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Posted: 3:33 PM Jun 4, 2007
Last Updated: 5:07 PM Jun 4, 2007
Reporter: WVLT Staff

Knoxville (WVLT) – The man at the center of a rally protesting media coverage of a local double murder appeared in court Monday morning.

Alex Linder answered to charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, vandalism, and assault on a police officer during the may 26th rally.

He pleaded not guilty.

Linder organized the rally to support his belief that the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are racially motivated, and that the murders have not received enough national media coverage.

All the suspects are black, the victims are white.

Linder will next appear in court on July 24th.


[Reader comments on above story]

Posted by: Harry Location: Philadelphia,Pa
Thank you for calling Mr.Linder an organizer of this rally,rather than the lable “White Supremacist

Posted by: Tyrone Blackmun Location: ogdenville
I remember hearing about Tookie Williams for months and the media was wetting their collective bed over him getting executed. Really makes you wonder about why the media is so against the public.

Posted by: Steven Location: Florida
It would take the cops or the U.S. government to have the cahones to press charges against someone they brutally assaulted, because that someone was protesting a double rape, mutilation, and murder hate crime the news media is being quiet on because the perps were Black and the victims White.

Posted by: Luke Location: Wa
Watch the video, he steps out into the street, the rush him and tackle him. He didn’t throw a punch or anything. Were told h is position is hate and wrong but all he did was point out the truth and was assaulted for it.

Posted by: Johan Stuyvesant Location: Delft, The Netherlands
The double standards exercised by the american media is breathtaking. The bogus Duke case was reported for a whole year while this horrific crime was almost completely ignored. Who owns the american media again ? USA-2007 = Weimar Germany 1930. Groeten uit Nederland.

Posted by: will Location: jackson
I have read about the murders since first learning of them through the protest. It was not so easy to find information about this truly horrible crime and one does then wonder if the position taken by the man arrested is indeed correct-that the crime was racially motivated and because the persons charged with the crime are black the media refused to give such a terrible crime coverage-as is often the case when the persons charged with the crime are black. Media double standard…yes I think so.

Posted by: Randy Location: Az
Alex is a good man. Who are the police to tell Americans where they can use their right of free speech? And where was the Rodney King/James Byrd-24/7 news coverage from coast to coast?

Posted by: Robert Location: Seattle
Free speech in the U.S. is a myth once a person crosses the boundary set by the powers that be. At that point, the government, the authorities, and the interest groups that have real power will find a way to put the clamp on you. Regardless if you agree with Mr. Linder’s extremist views on a variety of subjects or not, his stance on this case is shared by thousands of people, and it would be millions if not for the system at work. We are regular, decent people who are outraged at the depravity of this crime and the media’s complicity in a cover-up.

Posted by: rod Location: mexifornia
whites need to form organizations like the naacp,la raza etc.were the minority now that the world is globilized.

Posted by: Smitty Location: USA
Alex Linder is a hero and patriot. These children died a brutal death and the lack of National media coverage only proves the racial bias against white victims.

Posted by: Tim Location: Tampa
The only man with the courage to speak up against another atrocity against whites and he’s arrested. America truly is an evil country.

Posted by: Harry Location: Toronto, Canada
Linder has a very valid point !

Our Reaction to Junk-Media Coverage

We note that every possible opportunity of text and photo was taken to make us fit the mold of the demonic, hate-filled White Bogeyman. We are not a civil-rights leader calling attention to injustice, we are a supremacist organizer callously taking advantage of a death for malign political purposes. One photo shows us being browbeaten, it appears; one photo is so dark that we might be Hannibal Lecter II; one photo is taken from the most unflattering angle imaginable, tinted, shadows added, and very likely Photoshopped in other ways. The intent is to make us appear not the normal men we are, but to make us appear dangerous to the viewer. Someone who needs to be knocked back in line by the System.

As we exit the trial proper, we enter the trial informal. We are grabbed by an itty-bitty takinawa named Hana Kim. She is  four feet tall if she’s an inch. We’re jammed up against the wall adjacent the door we just exited. She lifts a folder to our face, surprising us. That’s to measure the light for the cameras. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s new to you. She’ll pose the questions while the four cameramen record away. Why do we need to characterize the interview when you can listen to it yourself here, recorded by Tony. (Played on his Tuesday FTL show, June 12, 2007.)

We handle the interview very well. Except for one line, out of tiredness making the mistake of saying “good time,” which has no place in relation to anything related to a horrific double murder. Our technical flaw is not getting a proper night sleep. Resulting in one mistake. Which mistake made it at least onto the website of the interviewer. Interviewing the junk media is kind of like the Ricky Bobby line: If you’re not first, you’re last. You have to get EVERYTHING right. But you can listen yourself and draw your own judgment.

We are struck, as always in dealing with reporters, in just how uneducated and anti-intellectual they are. This, combined with deadline pressure, is why so much of what they do is dumb and superficial. The specific form that dumbness and superficiality take are conditioned by their employers, the jews. The reporter, and especially the “anchors,” are all too well aware that if they make one false verbal move, they will never work in this or any other town again.

We talk down to Hana, literally, and to the media figuratively. There is only one way to look at a politician, said Mencken – down. It is the same with the junk media. We’re here in Knoxville to do their job, and on some level they know that. To tell the truth about race and crime. To point out there’s a Systemic genocide going on, and a large part of it is covering it up, which is what the reporters do. They should be called obscurers because they don’t uncover things, they obscure connections between facts, usually by not reporting the facts in the first place. The fact is that the Knoxville police have never released a full report on what happened those fateful days in January. They’re trying to land a giant White bass on 6-lb test line. If it starts jerking and thrashing around, it might get loose. Then there’d be hell to pay. To land the bass they need a quiet, smooth retrieve. The facts about what those vile niggers actually did to Channon and Chris must be withheld. They were raped and murdered, that’s all you need to know.

But it isn’t. We need to know the whole truth. We need the cops to lay it all out, the autopsy photos, the crime scene details, every last detail. That, we believe, is what the parents want. It appears the police and the D.A. have attempted to scare the parents. Telling that that the release of details might undermine their case. That is their excuse for covering up. The media also browbeat the parents. After showing no interest in the crime, the big guys show up to run stories the week of our rally. They could care less about the crime. Their purpose is to put their judeo-leftist spin on the story. To put their liberal lies in the mouth of the parents of the victims. The fact remains, no matter how they browbeat him to backtrack, that Gary Christian wore a Confederate shirt to the very first hearing. And made a motion of firing a gun at one of the niggers. He showed his heart. No Semitically Correct obfucator-called-reporter can cover that up.

Race had everything to do with this crime. Blacks don’t do this to their own. Rape, sure. Rob, sure. Murder, sure. Shoot-burn-beat-rape-poison – no. They did that because their victims were White. The dirty media call it a carjacking. Yet the car was abandoned. The Whites were what the niggers wanted. They made them playthings. Even the she-nigger joined in! Did they jam items into Channon’s orifices? Blacks have done that many, many times to White girls. The same System that put convicted felons Letalvis and Lemaricus back on the street in short order doesn’t want you to know, and it hates you for asking. The funny thing, for those who think our media free, is that the press feel the same way. The reporters don’t want to know the details. They don’t fit The Agenda.

Did we play the interview correctly? Our answers were fine, apart from the “good time” mistake. Perhaps we should have framed it differently. “I am the victim here. I was assaulted by the cops, without provocation or warning, in the exercise of my First Amendment right to free speech.” Would that have been the best approach? We ponder this on the way home.

The funniest part of the interview comes when Ms Kim asks me if I have any idols, any men in history I admire. Driving home we wish we’d said Donald Day, the lone honest correspondent in Europe in the time the Jewish Bolsheviks were at the height of their homicidal rage against Christian Whites. But we answered that we admired men of moral courage. Her question was a setup. She pulled the bandit’s arm, hoping for triple sevens. “What about Hitler?” Little Hana looked up two feet to my eyes, with the hopeful look of a pound puppy three days from the needle. Stifling strong urge to say, deadpan, “Hitler was probably the grooviest cat who ever lived,” we said calmly, “I don’t take the jews’ view of him at face value.” Just a slight smile for the side dish. Thinking later: “You know, Hana, I’ve read what the jews say about Hitler, and I’ve read what Hitler said about jews. One of them is pretty close to 100% correct.”

The use of irony in junk-media interviews is always dicey for WN. Almost nothing of what we say makes the air in edited interviews. That’s why it’s better to do radio interviews, or live tv shows than newspaper or spot interviews. We have a little more control over what appears. If you risk anything other than jewy irony (cynical allusion to sex- or money-motive), you risk being understood by the denizens of the ‘Kwa.

We sense the hostility of the junk media. Hana, perhaps miffed at Hitler whiff, turns away. She holds the mic to our face while turning her tiny frame to roll her eyes and tap her foot. The cameramen snigger. They don’t like to hear about the jews controlling the media. Or The Agenda. Or the fact that they aren’t doing their job. Or the fact that our White quest is for complete and utter physical separation from the niggers raping 100 White women each day, and committing millions of violent crimes against Whites each year. They are all White, but some or all of this they snigger at.

The media move off. Another guy catches my eye and asks if I’m lawyer Y. Sigh. I would rather felch turtles than be a lawyer or work in a government office each day.

We leave the court building. A man grabs our sleeve. He’s made the journey into town. He has a place outside town. We can crash if we want. He can fix cars, too. We are touched by this. We guess it’s like anything in life. The further you put yourself out, the more people help you. Like there’s a law at work. After all, if the local woman hadn’t signed our bail, we might have been in jail from arrest to arraignment.

Another unexpected visitor has shown up. We retire to the Riverside bar and crash for a few hours. Eat lunch and enjoy the view overlooking the Tennessee and the wind across the terrace. The food is crappy but high-priced ($45). Exactly why we never eat out. We later learn this bar kicked a bunch of WN out after the rally, and that it is months from going out of business. But it has a nice terrace.

We drive a few miles east and grab a cheap hotel ($49 tax included). We print several hundred fliers ($23) and wrap them around a few hundred Aryan Alternatives. We’re going to do more but flat crash and don’t wake up til morning. The Motel 6 is about 12 miles out of town, as cheap as any hotel in the area. The room next door is a nigger, and we hear Spanish spoken by other guests. This is the ‘Kwa, after all.

Checkout is noon. The day is another bright one, sunny and sultry. We get the papers finished. Tony takes some shots of my sunglasses. They have a large bloody smear on them, from being ground under my mouth during the cop assault. Tony, a professional photographer, uses the Tennessee morning sunlight and a flattering angle to make a nice picture. He gets the overhead of the black frame against a White background to capture the violent twist induced in this innocent metal. I rub my left chest. Still sore weeks after the fact. Not the muscle. Tony, also an RN, thinks it might be inflamed cartilage. Only a doctor can say for sure. An ibuprofen will have to suffice for now.

Every day above ground is a good one, as they say. If you’re in the game, you’re healthy, as they say.

It’s time to visit some graves and learn about Cuba.

We grab some coffee ($1) at MacDonalds and study some maps ($5). There’s a beautiful girl behind the counter. Maybe 15, with perfect skin and blue eyes. Doll-like is the only term for it. Tennessee has many such. It is disgusting that they are forced out of the home into work environments with filthy niggers, who may be found elsewhere in Mickey’s kitchen. Ronald’s down with the brothers. After all, nigs are better mass consumption units than Whites are, even if there are fewer of them…in America…at this time.

Tony has the latest phone/’Net gear, and after a couple calls we have the directions to the cemeteries. It wasn’t that easy. We should have got the directions all laid out before hitting the road. Let that be a lesson unto you. We screwed around and after a couple misses pulled up short in some parking lot. Tony had to get to Atlanta, so we were to part ways. Before heading off he taught me to use my Sony digital camera. Specifically, how to use the zoom function. He turns over his list of Knoxville criminal defense lawyers. He will call A-M, I will call the rest.

Finally, I make it to the cemetery, which is off the Cedar Bluff exit, if you’d like to visit. [Highland West Memorial Park , 9913 Sherrill Boulevard, Knoxville, TN 37932, Phone: 865-693-9547]

Grady, the man running the cemetery, says he’s been in the business 14 years. We’re at the Highland West Memorial Park, turns out they have two other locations in the city. We say Knoxville’s a beautiful area, how’s the hunting? It’s good; lots of state land up north, says Grady. We tell him we’re here to visit Channon Christian’s grave. He says it has a steady stream of visitors. Many from out of state. People have somehow heard about and been touched by the crime, no thanks to the junk media. We ask him to point out the spot. Even as we ask the question we look up, see two young girls sitting at the foot of a grave. Sure enough, that’s it. We say thanks to Grady and walk over to them.

We kneel down near them. I guess you girls are friends of Channon’s. They confirm it. You went to high school with her? Yes. We can see real and deep pain in the eyes of the girl next to me. We say, it sure is telling that a stranger comes here at random and she has two friends at her grave. She must really have been loved. She must really have had a lot of friends. “Hundreds” says one of them. Let a little time pass. We tell them we’re not overly emotional, but that picture of the two almost made us vomit from extreme disgust and anger. Worst of all is we know that this stuff happens all the time. We had a rally to talk about that. This kind of thing is happening far too often. It has to stop. One girl says it doesn’t matter what color the criminals were, Channon’s gone. We don’t argue, but we do gently insist that the fact is that the crime’s all one way, and it needs to stop. That’s enough for today. What a waste. Two nice girls mourning their beautiful dead friend on an utterly beautiful Tennessee spring day. It could and should be otherwise. We mention ever so gently the claims of drugs, and the girls emphatically deny it. Channon and Chris were as clean as they appear to be. That’s what shock-sickens America. The innocence of those two faces. Maintaining your innocence into your twenties in this country in this time and place is not easy.

We think about it later on the way home. How can this grip on our people be broken? How can they see that until they lift their heads, they will continue to bow them in tragedy, needless tragedy. Channon did not have to die. She was murdered by a policy put in place by men who knew with statistical certainty it would cost innocent White girls their lives. Those men, most of them jews, the others liberals, echoed Madelyn Albright: “We think it’s worth it.” The price of coerced racial integration is the triply raped, beaten, strangled, chemically seared corpse of Channon Christian, and the wife-cheating, woman-beating, filthy communist Martin Luther King, the jews who produced and handled him, and the liberal media and pols who turned the beast into a saint look down on Channon Christian as one and say, with the evil only the jew can muster, and the moral blindness only the liberal can ooze, “We think it’s worth it.”

You know what I think is worth it?

Erasing every jew and liberal from the planet earth.

I don’t think the life of every jew and jew-appeasing moral-maniac liberal is worth one strand of Channon Christian’s hair.

The girls told me Christian’s parents visit the grave every day. Imagine how awful Gary Christian must feel. The media don’t care about his daughter. All they care about is his mouthing their line that it’s not a racial thing.

The girls told me no real details of the killing had been released. All the police care about is hiding the details of this murder, the better to ease on down the road.

The common denominator here is nobody truly wants to look at the price we pay for this integration. We get lectured by the government, in the schools, over the airwaves, that integration is this high and moral thing, and to resist it is not only wrong, it’s illegal. But nobody ever wants to look at its results, its fruit, its consequences. Nobody ever holds up a mirror to the integrated society so it can see whether it truly is as lovely as the jews who produced it say. That is why we held the rally. To show the American victims of jewish tyranny just how ugly things have become under the jew.

After a few minutes we left the girls to their mourning, and retreated to our car to study our map and make some notes. When we looked up, the girls were gone. We went back to the grave and took these photos.

Sadness passed over us that we had been denied our chance to speak at the rally. We thought about the remarks we had intended to make about scripted responses. These notes had been seized at our arrest. We remembered one of the cops looking through the yellow legal paper at the scribbled words and underlinings. Where were these notes? It was time to go stick a metaphorical boot up the KPD’s ass and get our stolen property back. It is extremely unseemly, after all, for a tiny southeastern police force to divert the course of American literary history. There would still be time to visit Chris’s grave and the Chipman crime scene and then distribute our papers with fliers to get people pumped for the rally on the 16th.

When a beautiful young couple dies for no reason, then society has a right to demand answers. But in our society, puzzling out logical connections is frowned upon. Instead of thought leading to action, we have behavioral cliches scripted by mass-manipulators. When our people die unjustly, we leave toys on the grave. We hold candlelight vigils. We have our preachers deliver soft words. We talk about evil and inhumanity, but always in general and despairing terms. We have been domesticated.

As we begin the drive back downtown to cop HQ, I see some orcish hieroglyphs on an electric box. These signs of the monster are maybe a quarter mile down the highway from Channon’s resting place. I pull a U and come back to photograph them.

What have we done, we White men? What have we done to allow the jews to take over our government, and to mix us with animals who make such signs?

We have been unmanned in our own land.

Whatever we have to do to take back our manhood and our land, that we must do.

It is worth paying any price, because any price is less than what we are paying now.

The corpses of Channon and Chris and all the other millions of raped and butchered White people from here to South Africa to poor Kriss Donald in Scotland call out for blood. Only blood can make up for the injustice done to our people by the ruling jews. Only the spilling of jew blood can rectify things.

We got some gas that would see us through the rest of the afternoon and into the night on the way back. Headed back into the city. The KPD has a huge parking lot outside its headquarters. We parked as far away as we could, in the little bit of shade under a small tree. We headed in to get our goods.

“I’d like to report a theft.” The woman quickly guessed who we were. We had to find out who our arresting officer was. We called over to the Knoxville County Detention Center, where we had spent a few hours on the 26th. We ascertained it was officer Pate. He was out of the KPD, so it became a matter for internal affairs. We sat and waited. After a time a black man emerged and said his name was Dick Evans. He asked us if we would like to discuss the matter in the lobby or in his office. We chose the office, for privacy.

We explained that we had five or six yellow legal papers with our speech notes. Not a formal speech, but papers with the main points we must be sure to make, along with some lapidary lines, the loss to history of which would surely be a capital crime. Evans made a call and confirmed the papers were with Tom Walker, an officer involved with our arrest, at an off-site property unit. He gave me the number to call to call Walker about retrieving them.

Evans appeared to be a Christian black, the male version of Carol Swaim, or Avery Johnson, the coach of the Mavericks. Polite, well dressed. The first thing we noticed in his office was a xeroxed saying on his board: “Rudeness is a weak person’s imitation of strength.” He had a framed family graduation picture, caps and gowns. A bumper sticker saying, “If you don’t believe in God, you’d better be right!” We saw the same sticker on the back of a car in Knoxville. And then there, prominently featured behind him, was a certificate testifying to his attendance or completion of a seminar held by some Southeastern (something) on Hate and Bias Crimes. That’s where black christians such as Evans receive training that men, White men, like me, descended from the Founders of the nation, not their slaves, pose a grave danger to the country. We don’t stick to the scripted responses when tragedy strikes. We try to figure out why it happened using reason. We reach conclusions that endanger the positions of those who benefit from mixing the races at gunpoint. Southeastern “Hate and Bias” trainers are on the side of the niggers who murdered Channon Christian, and they’re violently opposed to men like us who clue in Gary Christians to the nasty game being played.

We thanked Evans for his help. As we stretched out our hand, he grabbed it early, before it was fully in his, and gave it a harder than necessary squeeze. His way, or a message? Who can say? Reminded us of the xerox.

We left the KPD and retreated to the Marriott, a cool oasis on a sweltering day, especially for those without air conditioning. The Marriott is a stone’s throw from the KPD, and no more than a half-mile walk to the rally grounds outside the courthouse. It has free parking and lovely restrooms, and keeps itself wonderfully cool and dark in the heat of Tennessee afternoon. We brought in our notes and maps to plot out the rest of the day. We used its payphone to make a local call ($.50) to 865-215-2455 to find Walker and get our notes back. It was already after 4. The phone rang and rang, but nobody or machine picked up. At least we’d confirmed that the notes still existed, and pinpointed their location. It would have to do for today.

We had three missions left before hitting the road home. We must find the crime house on Chipman; we must visit Newsom’s grave; we must distribute our papers.

We pored over the map for fifteen minutes and could not locate Chipman, even though it was listed. (Later we found it, and realized it was not our fault. The careless asswipes at Riley Maps listed Chipman in G5 when it’s actually in H5. Thanks, guys.) This is the reason intelligent people bother with the addresses before they hit the road. Finally, we said, screw it, we know roughly where it is. We know which map square it’s in. Let’s hit I-40, take a likely exit, and see if the artery runs across the road we seek. Well, that worked about as well as you’d expect, which is to say not at all. Still, we saw a few new blocks, and got the tenor of a slightly different part of town. Not niggerville by any means, but a little more mixed. Lots of traffic. We pulled into a super crowded quickie mart. Asked the cashier and the line if they knew Chipman, right around here somewhere. “Chipman?” said a black woman, but she didn’t know. I grew up around here, said a White man. But he didn’t know. The cashier pointed me to the maps. They were sealed, naturally. So I ripped them open, and then said fuck it and bought the Fifth Edition Knoxville and Knox County Street Guide Map Covering Nearly 1,000 Miles of the Greater Knoxille Area Including He-Ladybug Sub-Scrotal Regions. No one could deny that accepting nine dollars and tax in exchange for this valuable compendium of organized knowledge was a foolish bargain on the mart’s part. Stepping back out with my Knoxopedia I encountered the White man who grew up around here. His sport glasses up, his blue eyes searched for the Chipman. He had gone back to his car and dragged it out, to be helpful, unasked. He showed me where it was. Just get back on here to 40 and take the Cherry exit, he said. That did the trick.

If you want to go to the crime scene, coming west on I-40, take exit 390, left back under freeway on Cherry, left on Mitchell, right on Galway and then left on Chipman. Pretty much the first house you see. This is what it looked like on June 5, 2007.

Here’s some curious grafitti on a building very near 2316, as you come in from the freeway.

Here’s another house on Chipman, a couple down.

Here are two shots of the weeds across the street from Chipman. Over the weeds lies the railroad tracks where Newsom’s body was thrown. You can see what the niggers were thinking, although in January there was a good deal less cover.

We drove past the home to the end of the block, then stopped and prepared our camera and came back. We took a shot of a characteristic house on the same row as 2316. Then we drove up just past 2316, outside the large lot of some kind of trucking, or waste disposal lot. Pretty typical of what you see around railroad tracks. The Chipman houses are small and kind of tucked away, a few blocks from the freeway. The area is racially mixed, said the residents, but we didn’t see any blacks. Low prole area, as you can see from the pictures.

Getting out of the car, we snapped the photo of 2316 you see above. There was no number on the house, but a stick in the ground with two different numbers on it, for some reason. But it was the house, no doubt. Through the window we saw a bunch of dolls on plastic shelves. Hmm. Kind of incongruous, eh, but apparently the house was occupied. Sure enough, while we looking things over, but not in response to our photography, a middle-aged woman came out on the porch. We talked awhile, and her daughter joined us. Did they know the history of the house? Of course; they weren’t disturbed by it a bit. “I’ve had my eye on this house for years,” the woman said. She’s delighted with it. A relative works in the lot next door, and she and her daughter are delighted to be out of Union County, which is full of ODing rednecks and brats running around the trailers.

To say the least, it was not the answer we would have expected! We said that we could see that it seemed like a very nice, quiet place. Nice breeze, tucked away, no evident coons, and the railroad tracks to keep things open. While we spoke, an old man had come up. He waited across the street. The woman asked me if I knew him. No, but we’ll talk to him and see what he wants. He had seen me taking a photo of his house, and wanted to know why. Not angry, just concerned. Well, we’re just trying to get some pictures of the crime scene. “Is there anything you all have to say about the crime; anything covered up, or that hasn’t gotten out?” The old man grew serious in the prole-profound way. “That’s a matter for law enforcement,” he said with finality. He and the women agreed it was a mixed race area, but said they hadn’t any problems. But such is America these days that very few Whites will speak the truth to anyone who appears even slightly Official in character, and that certainly includes the representatives of the media arm of government. Fear is as AmeriKwan as bagels and Starbucks.

Friend, I’m not going to lie to you. That’s what jews do, and if we’re no better than they are, why fight them? I did not get the answers I expected at this crime scene, but I got what I report to you. This woman, and her daughter, were absolutely delighted with their little house. They had seen the crime photos, and more or less pushed the issue. Grabbed the For Rent sign and moved in as soon as, or maybe even before, the ATF had moved out. Finally, a couple of boys with a tough dog came up and went inside the chain link, so I said my g’days and wished them luck in their doll-filled abode. As I drove off all I could think was what the hell is going on in Union County! It’s a real shame I don’t have a picture of these two on their stoop smoking their cigarettes, the both of them. They were a little shy, and I’m not that pushy. I did stop and capture the “Yeah!” grafitti, which is another bit of weirdness. Just as it would never occur to me that White people would be delighted to occupy a tiny bungalow used by niggers to commit a couple of the nastiest murders in North American history, it would never occur to me that someone would drive to the hardware store, buy yellow spray paint, wait for the dead of night, climb up on the back of his truck… and spray a giant “Yeah!”

Life is full of mysteries.

Now the sun was sagging like nigger pants. The main work of the day was done, but if we could race out to the suburbs, we could get a quick look at Newsom’s resting place. We, again, didn’t quite know where it was, but we had some general directions. We hit the freeways. Got back on I-40 heading west, took 275 north to Clinton highway, took that out just over the border into Anderson County. We know Newsom is buried in Woodhaven Memorial Gardens, but we’re not sure where that is. We pulled into a cigar store. We asked the proprietor and he and a woman customer conferred and told us it was just up ahead and then left. It’s Edgemoor off Clinton. We pulled in and knocked at the memorial home. No one was there, or they weren’t answering. It was probably 6:30 or 7:00 by this point. We set out on foot to find Newsom’s grave. We looked all over that lot but could not locate it. We thought it would be easy, as new graves are, as Channon’s, still dirt red, not grassed over. But none of the new graves we saw was his. We enjoyed the stroll, and reading over the names, and seeing the rabbits and birds chasing and pecking in the gloaming. Look at these cemetery photos, uphill and down, and we think you get a good sense of the feel of Tennessee on a wonderful late spring day as twilight descends.

We probably walked around the grounds for an hour. No one else was around. Finally we decided to light out, as we had to get the papers delivered. We figured to put them around Halls, a suburb of Knoxville and home to the Christians. The people in these suburbs are the people who might be interested in attending a rally in her honor. The obscurers and smearers called journalists think it’s funny to quote us on that “in her honor.” Their sense of honor is different from ours. They think covering up the facts of crime is honorable. They think smearing those who draw attention to those facts is honorable. They think it’s honorable to maintain the equality charade that killed Channon and Chris. We say they dishonor Channon by delegitimizing White anger. There’s an open race war on Whites being carried on by blacks, and the government and the media help and egg on the latter.

We honor Channon and Chris in a number of specific ways. First, we demand justice for them. Justice means that the police give the parents and the public a full and complete accounting of the crime. Justice from the D.A. means that he seeks the death penalty for the three main niggers and the girl too. Justice from the media means they report, for ONCE, the true statistical, contextual backdrop to these torture-murders.

Second, we honor Channon and Chris by recognizing that they are part of our greater racial family, and that as they were under attack, so are we all. This was no accident. This was a statistically predictable occurrence. The forced mixing of races, a federal policy, ensures that crimes like this, if seldom as vicious, are carried out daily by coloreds against Whites. That is not acceptable. Scripted sorrow responses will not correct the problem. Angry, organized Whites will.

We Whites agitate for the destruction of the System. Does that sound harsh or ridiculous, in a sixties kind of way? It’s neither of these, if you truly understand what’s going on here. Radical jews rewrote our nation’s laws in the sixites. Jews are the biggest donors to both parties, and they own the government. What they want is what becomes law. They wanted race mixing at gunpoint. They got it. Channon Christian and Chris Newsom’s corpses are the results. The predictable and intended results.

Nothing less than a revolution will displace the Tyranny of Jews that got these kids killed.

Getting rid of the policy – forced integration – that has killed tens of thousands of Whites over the last four decades means doing battle with and defeating the jews who control our government. Radical? Hateful? Crazy? Nay, my friend. Simple fact.

You can have jews and integration and continually growing numbers of rapes and murders culminating in White genocide, or you can have Whites and security and order and expansion and everything worth living for. You know. The stuff the jews who won’t report on the Christian-Newsom slayings mock as “whitebread.”

If you hate what happened to Channon and Chris, you hate jews. Whether you realize it or not.

I saw the pain in that girl’s eye at the graveside. But as I drove home I thought it over. There was something else in there too. There was anger. The kind of anger that in a man leads to violent change.

I thought, this society gives that anger no legitimacy, directs it into no channel. Just the ineffectual, aesthetically ugly, spiritually empty pseudo-ritual of the candlelight vigil.

So far have we fallen.

I say we take arms and in opposing end this System, this monstrosity inflicted on us by and for the benefit of vile jews, that they might live at our expense, and we and our children suffer.

It must end.

We pulled the bags of papers out of our trunk and put them in the back and passenger seats. We threw a few papers on the way back to the freeway. We got on 640 north, got off on 441. Took that north to Halls, got off and papered all the streets we could find. Saw the Beaver Dam church, which hosted a few hundred people in a memorial for Channon. Waved to many people jogging, playing with their dogs, puttering about their yards as twilight faded toward dark. Finally we were done, and it was fully dark. Back down to 640, to 40, to Missouri, to home.

Passed a sign somewhere alerting us to historical site related to Andrew Jackson. A president, but first an ass kicker. A fighter, a killer, a Bank hater, a man. Heard a country song. “Lucky man.” By a band I’ve scored before. Montgomery Gentry. They have a line “and last week when my Bengals lost…” Except it isn’t always Bengals. It was one team in Missouri and another in Tennessee. If I’d heard it in Illinois or Kentucky, I suppose it would have been a third and fourth.

What are we anymore?

Is there any point to which we can be pushed and say, “This far and no farther”?

  • 38 Responses to “A Tuesday in AmeriKwa”

    1. Kievsky Says:

      Holy crap, Gentry tailors his songs to the city it’s being played in by saying “last week when my (insert local team) lost” ???!!!

      That is so lame! It’s just a fricking commercial thinly disguised as artistic expression. That is so Kwan.

      The white working class fritters away his allotted time and life-energy going “vroom vroom” around on motorcycles, truly a vicarious substitute for authentic masculinity. And watches sports at home — yet another mediated proxy of masculine being.

      I wish I could tell them not to be afraid of the real thing. We don’t need to live our lives through these proxy channels. I think that just the fact that the proxy is there, people take it, and distrust real life. Gary Christian is definitely an example of this. He’s got the anger, and he’s almost there, but I think he’s afraid to leave the safe feedlot in which he’s lived all this life.

      I just see so many people in life, they get up in the morning, they got that morning show on, they talk about this and that night time TV show. This teaches them to distrust real life, and when challenged, they repeat the TV slogan such as “race had nothing to do with it.”

      Ah, but I bet there’s a little voice in the back of their mind saying differently.

    2. -JC Says:

      Nice work. Reminds me of driving a diesel Rabbit from California and burying my mother next to my father in Northwest Tennessee one July morning. I spoke for an hour with the man who mowed the grass and opened and closed the graves– a White man and an amateur historian. Told me it was near the place just across the Kentucky border where Andrew Jackson had dueled over an affront to his wife’s honor, perhaps one of the usual suspects or at least one of their political sycophants.

      The South may never recover from the genocide of the healthy, brave, and righteous enough to go to war against overwhelming odds and still make a remarkable showing. The descendants of those who stayed home during that conflict and those who moved-in to claim the spoils are either running the place now or are too weak or brain dead to object. That’s what war does.

    3. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Quickie sent to the Cunt Haman:

      “He and fewer than 30 protestors arrived in Knoxville over Memorial Day weekend and held a downtown rally “in honor” of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.”

      Ah yes – the oily choice of loaded words in a hack-attack-masquerading-as-real-news: The hoary judenpresse hose job that induces chortles in anyone with an I.Q. just north of Nigger.

      Up you ess, mothafuck….. ;o)

      N.B. Forrest

    4. alex Says:

      Holy crap, Gentry tailors his songs to the city it’s being played in by saying “last week when my (insert local team) lost” ???!!!

      That is so lame! It’s just a fricking commercial thinly disguised as artistic expression. That is so Kwan.

      Yes, it is. Just an extension of national network stars doing promos for itty-bitty local affiliates. It’s all just flavored marketing anymore.

      Remember, this is the same group that has the song w the racist old man who said “you can’t trust that colored fellow” but when they play it on the radio they alter it to “that other fellow.”

    5. chris perry Says:

      Kievsky hit the nail on the head about how the Kwa markets masculinity proxies as entertainment.

      Good job Alex on the article. I am impressed by the logic of your argument and befiddled at how the opposition can deny it.

    6. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Ah, Highway 61, that aids-infected hypodermic needle of a highway, the conduit for many north-bound niggers once mechanized farm equipment made them obsolete in the South. Detroit, Chicago, Gary, St. Louis, all victims of Highway 61. A real Trail of Terrors for millions of Whites.


    7. Logic88 Says:

      Good work, Alex. Got a little choked up on the visit to Channon’s grave. The Pavlovian remark “race had nothing to do with it” by her friend IS the problem in this country. If the niggers weren’t present and were instead in Africa, would these 2 White people be dead? NO. And why are niggers so stupid and violent? Answer: because of their race. And why are we living this lie that the only difference between Blacks and Whites is skin color? Answer: JEWS. Race has EVERYTHING to do with it. Wake up, people.

    8. Roger Says:

      One of the best VNN articles ever. It must end.

    9. Tim Pennington Says:

      To Arms indeed. many of my ancestors on both sides fought as soldiers for this nation. from the revolutionary war, until most recently, Iwo Jima. I’ll not lift a finger to save this rotten system. In fact, find a few thousand more willing to grab their thunderbolts and thumb their noses at this sick jewed society and its government, and I’ll be there with mine.

    10. Petrarch Says:


      Great work!

      You are one of the few men with brains and balls who humbles the few with either and many with neither.

      I hope your work forces Gary Christian to step-up for his daughter and race. The fact is his daughter and her ordeal is going to be a chapter in White history books.

      Just like that little nigger in the Emmit Till legend, who was so-called “murdered” for sexually harassing a White woman, is part of the nigger history. We are told that Emmit mammy insisted the photos of the little dead chimp be made public so the world could see how evil the White man is.

      Gary Christian should demand that the autopsy photos of his daughter be made public so that the world can see the true nature of the nigger and what the jew has unleashed on Humans and is at the same time hiding that nature.

      Just Google that little niggers name to see that there are over 100 news stories on it today alone. You can be sure there is no need to remind the jew media to report about and remind us of how the some little nigger died over 60 years. And don’t forget, the jew government dug the dead little nigger up and so the jew media could talk about the injuries the little nigger suffered at the hands of the evil White man.

      Hey, why not have the government dig of the bodies of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian so we can determine if the rampant racist Internet rumors of sexual mutilation are true or not?

      Gary Christians needs to step forward and be a man and take action to make sure what happened to his daughter does not happened to other White girls, and since we are talking about niggers, Whites boys. Just like the White men in the Emmit Till legend did. Just like the U.S. Army did when in lynched Emmit Till nigger father for raping three woman, killing one, in Italy while serving in the Army.

      White man do you see the pattern? The jew does!

    11. Petrarch Says:

      Logic88 Says:

      “And why are niggers so stupid and violent? Answer: because of their race.”

      Race does not exist. It is a social construct developed and promoted by jew to create the illusion that there are different “types” of humans and that niggers are one of the “types”. When in fact, niggers are animals.

    12. Lutjens Says:

      This is great journalism. It’s real. Real issues about real people. I have never read or seen on televitz anything like it. May the Almighty give the White race the willpower and resources to fuck these muds and jew pigs to hell for all eternity.

      “If freedom is short of weapons, we must compensate with willpower.”
      — Adolf Hitler, Landsberg, 5 November 1925

    13. Olde Dutch Says:

      All of us who read, and enjoy Alex’s literary journalism, should send him a few dollars for all of his trouble.

      A. Linder
      POB 101
      Kirksville MO 63501

      We should also enter, or cause to be entered, stories like this one, in literary journalism contests. Of which there are many.

      Alex should get some professional recognition.

      If you can’t do that, at least put, a few dollars in an envelope for him. Don’t be a cheap jew!

    14. honkey tonk man Says:

      I agree with Alex that these savage crimes commited against our people must be paid back in blood. Any would be white undergrond resistance group will also need an effective media wing. Someone and something that can explain why this group is fighting and what their demands are. …….Just like they old IRA or todays Hamas.
      The lone wolve or small cell structure is the only way to strike back at this time.
      Everytime a successful operation is carried out by white underground fighters they must exploit that operations success by using as much as the media as possible.
      “This is why we are fighting and these are our demands”
      All above ground white nationalist media must act as the spokes person for the under ground wing. This is classic gorilla warfare.


    15. Joseph Says:


      This piece was well worth the wait. I concur with Lutjens in that I’ve never heard or read anything like this from the msm.

      You have effectively indicted the cowards who continue to deny the semitic source of this nigger terrorism. Like a doctor once told me: “all my patients quit smoking… eventually.” In time, they will all come to our side. Sadly, it will usually take a Letalvis or a DeShawn to bring them to our side, and then, like Channon and Chris, itz too late.

    16. Ernst Blofeld Says:

      Petrach, did you know the little detail about Emmet Till that is always left out in the hundreds of storie about him? That detail is any mention of his father, who while stationed in Italy after WWII was tried, found guilty and executed for brutally raping and murdering two Italian women. Mutilation was also involved. In fact Ezra Pound mentions Till Sr. in his Cantos. They were incarcerated together in Pisano.
      Till jr. looked like he would have followed in his father’s footsteps if given the chance.

    17. steve b Says:


    18. gorilla g. guerrilla Says:

      “This is classic gorilla warfare.”



    19. ddk Says:

      I get the impression Tennessee has a lot of Mexicans, seems like too many for that area. What’s drawing them over there? The comment about “trailer trash” in union county is ignorant considering these people settled in the inner city and mixed areas quickly become minority. Wait until they’re introduced to mexi-trash or black-trash.
      Also, seeing graffiti on that electric box was depressing, considering the area. If that is happening in East Tenn, we’re really running out of safe white areas and this fact is hitting us hard here in the west. Calif is almost gone and Nevada is following fast. I was floored to read Nevada has a 59% white population. They’re showing up fast in Reno and Tahoe and we have gangs and shacks right up by the lake.

    20. Moran fan Says:

      Wow, Alex, this may be your finest work to date. Reminds me of Marc Moran. The asphalt face-plant must have solidified matters for you. Thanks, ZOG, now he’s even better.

      Meanwhile, and only lately, Paula Zahn (like a marionette) is doing her best to parade black victims mainstream media media ignores. On the defensive, it seems.

    21. whitewraithe Says:

      Alex, your courage and conviction to shine a hefty light on the heinous and brutal crime committed against these two young white victims is most appreciated and I applaud you.

      We need highly motivated people, like yourself, with the ability to stimulate the white masses into action. I know our race is in deep peril, to the point, that if we don’t organize and mobilize now we may never have another opportunity. But, how can it be accomplished when there are some white sheep touting “race isn’t the issue?” Are these people that brain dead? Or, do they just lack the common sense god gave a dog?

      I grew up in West Tennessee. I lived through the assassination of Martin Luther King and the subsequent riots that occurred in Memphis. And I’ve been on the receiving end of white descrimination by blacks in the job market. This event happened nearly 20 years ago and my white bosses were lilly-livered cowards even then.

      The white race has been “duped”, yet, most of them have not figured that out. When the lightbulb finally clicks on, blacks and Jews to their horror will have awoken a sleeping giant. My hope is that day arrives sooner rather than later.

    22. Seasalt Says:

      Excellent work Alex. Truly.

      Can anyone not see? He is the good guy. And he is White Nationalism’s finest spokesman. He is someone we can all agree on.

      Thank you, Alex.

    23. Andrew Says:

      what does “kwan” mean?

    24. Joseph Says:

      what does “kwan” mean?


    25. Bill Fleay Says:

      Olde Dutch,

      Good comment cobber. Even from here in Oz I have scratched out a Postal Order cheque, sent this week to Alex.

      Furthermore, in anticipation of his inevitable recognition as a writer of the highest calibre, I have already gleaned as many of his spintros from VNN as I can, filed under ‘Alex Linder Diamonds’.

      The man is an artistic genuis and true revolutionary to boot.

      (Sorry Alex, I know you don’t cope so well with having your pocket pissed in, but there you have it, if White humanity survives – your place in its folklore is assured.)


    26. 2050 Says:

      # Olde Dutch Says:
      15 June, 2007 at 3:30 pm

      All of us who read, and enjoy Alex’s literary journalism, should send him a few dollars for all of his trouble.

      A. Linder
      POB 101
      Kirksville MO 63501

      We should also enter, or cause to be entered, stories like this one, in literary journalism contests. Of which there are many.

      Alex should get some professional recognition.

      If you can’t do that, at least put, a few dollars in an envelope for him. Don’t be a cheap jew!

      olde dutch has a great idea
      an envelope to alex goes out in the morning

    27. Walter Thompson Says:

      what does “kwan” mean?

      A “kwan” is a citizen of Amerikwa.

    28. Logic88 Says:

      Petrarch wrote: Race does not exist. It is a social construct developed and promoted by jew to create the illusion that there are different “types” of humans and that niggers are one of the “types”.

      That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on here. Stop trying to be clever, dipshit. It’s not working out for you.

      Hi Andrew, “kwan” is short for AmeriKwan which is a term VNN coined to mean someone who lives in America (called AmeriKwa or “the Kwa”). Most Kwans today are not true Americans that represent our Founding Fathers intentions. They are the judaized and nigger-loving ignorant masses. Dr Pierce calls them the lemmings running full speed toward race suicide. They are not beautiful or unique snowflakes. They are the same decaying organic matter as everything else. At least, that’s what they think.

      Sorry, I’ve been in a Fight Club mood here lately.

    29. Hibernian Says:

      “Kwan”= American. AmeriKWA is what some WN call 2007 America.

      Excellent writing, Alex.

      Truly inspiring stuff.

    30. Anti Says:

      No one captures “America” like Linder. All the little idiocies & inconveniences. Truly inspiring stuff, truly, like wow.

      Intelligent men will get out of this shithole of a country as quickly as possible. Don’t be masochists. It only gets worse.

    31. Andrew Says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I understand completely now. I live in South Orange NJ. It’s infested with jews. The niggers live really close to in the festering city of newark. Newark at one time was one of the ten best cities in the US, not no mo’

    32. Briseis Says:

      Almost reads like absorbing fiction,replete with mystery and tension, layers of discovery.. except the story is all too real. Sad that moving work, unlike formulaic microwave muck like most writing out there, gets but a corner of electronica, while our oppressors get acid-free linen. Put on the main forum?

    33. van helsing Says:

      Newark is a shithole. Used to have to fly there in the EARLY 90s. yes swimming with blacks, Lots of PRs also. Almost needed to use spanish (learned in high screwel) to get in and out of the car rental shop.

      Also had to spend the nite in the Newark armpit (airport) once.

      I dont miss not going back there.

    34. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Living in fear in the Kwan are what the Whites do in their comfortable chairs. In Knoxville, after reading the article, I got the feeling that the people there have not only been brainwashed, but also severely subjected to fear. Black gangs are freely roaming, ready and willing to pounce on any White person who looks easy prey. Parents are in fear for their kids’ lives. Saying anything against the blacks or their horrendous crimes are to be mute in order to protect their kids. This is what is going on. What is disturbing is their comfortableness with not speaking against the problem. This is the reality in Knoxville. A reality similar to what happened in South Africa which eventually led the White South Africans to their fate.

    35. Petrarch Says:

      Logic88 Says:

      “That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on here. Stop trying to be clever, dipshit. It’s not working out for you.
      Sorry, I’ve been in a Fight Club mood here lately.”

      Before posting I suggest you get in a Think Club mood.

      Your behavior is very kosher. Are you a jew agitator or asset?

      Does your jew handler answer the anti-spam challenge for you?

    36. Biff Baxter Says:

      Drop Alex Linder headfirst on the pavement, he gets up a better writer. Find me the black Alex Linder. I want to read him.

    37. Steve Says:

      I like the idea of compensating people who have publicly made a dent in the media. It’s good to subsidize those who actually do something.

    38. Dr. Evil Trolls For Retractions « his vorpal sword Says:

      […] website “The Vanguard News Network”: http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=1943 http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=1844 http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=1985 http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=2014 […]