15 June, 2007

Book Quote

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“To the first group must now be added Marxism – a creed, like the others, of violence, a religion derived ultimately from Judaism.”

— from the book “East and West” (New York; Mentor Books, 1965) by historian C. Northcote Parkinson, p. 241.

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    1. Logic88 Says:

      Didn’t know where to post this, so here it is… anyone who thinks that Ron Paul is so great, check this video out:


      After so many minutes into it, he says “there’s no race but the human race” and gives the classic libertarian bullshit spiel that everyone’s an individual. So the threat he poses to the powers that be is not bringing racial awareness to Whites — which is the only thing that will save our people from extinction and this planet from becoming a jewish-run slave plantation.

    2. Colonel Clink Says:

      Awh come on. Like he wouldn’t be commiting political suicide the way things are set up now?
      Bottom line is that he wants to take power away from government and that is a step in the right direction. The enemies of Freedom have done it step by step over many years. The way the game is rigged – no one is going to get elected declaring White Nationalism. Cutting some balls off the Police State is a move in the right direction.
      Be fucking practicle!

    3. Nordic Jewsmasher Says:

      We must wait and only vote for a Presidential candidate who is an avowed and complete supporter of the Third Reich, one who openly advocates the immediate gassing of all niggers, jews, women, irish and italians!

      Oh glorious Uncle Adolf! We are here, obediently and faithfully scanning the skies for your glorious return! If you only could see how they fear and respect us in the rathskeller! (the freshman girls especially make a *big* circle around us to avoid us and our resplendent masculinity engendered by the Eternal Truths of Ubergoberwaffelgeschwienfreude) If you could only see us in our tight and smartly tailored uniforms!

      Sieg Heil! Seig Heil! Sieg Heil!

    4. Dan Taylor Says:

      Mr. Jewsmasher, That was a little off the deep-end. while I do agree with some of what you said, most was bullshit

    5. ED! Says:

      Either way Ron will not be our Prez. It has given us a chance to spread the seeds of Nationalism, very important! This system of things is headed for a crash! What we need to do is get out in the country as far as we can, and store up with-in reason, food, water, fuel and ammo. Learn to garden! The filth in the city will flush out into the country looking for food, and that is when we need to be ready for the murdering, raping, and plundering niggers and all like them! Even the bible gives the command to “get out from among them”. BE ARMED OR BE HARMED!


    6. -jc Says:

      I noticed Dr. Paul tipping his hat to individualism and recall Dr. Pierce’s outstanding essay (Scroogle “William Pierce” + individualism).

      However, I agree that he is the best of a bad lot and that he will likely remain marginalized for being a better man than I’ll ever be.

    7. ED! Says:

      Ron spoke the truth! Who ever said that non-whites are humans? They walk upright and have speech ability, but chimp-out at the first opportunity! Ron is not about to shoot him self in the foot, he is smarter than that!


    8. daedalus Says:

      Nordic jewsmasher is neither “Nordic”, nor a “JewSmasher”.

      rather, a disinfo, twerp encouraging all to vent and “feel”
      better: so sleep can resume.

      remember: former-African slaves, and neo-Semites are now
      officially “free”. This means that they can leave. And leave they
      should. Go. Go back.

    9. Justin Huber Says:

      In the long haul, I don’t believe people like Ron Paul accomplish anything. Besides, a lot of his destructive, “libertarian” ideology can be tied to Jews (Rand, von Mises etc.).

    10. Edward Randolph Says:

      Ron Paul’s influence is didactic, not a matter of votes. He reminds people that money-printing dilutes currencies, among other things, and he is just well-positioned enough to be able to address this sort of crucial information to a mainstream public as yet not radicalized by hyperinflation.

      His views on race, at least the public ones, do not differ from the ‘conservative anti-racism’ stance Ayn Rand argued for in The Virtue of Selfishness, so it was a bit laughable when people criticized Paul for “racism” during the lead-up to the election.

      Anyhow, the public is just barely receptive to ideas like currency devaluation, while not receptive at all to explicit racialism. Perhaps, however, if they are regularly reminded about money-printing/currency-devaluation then they will pay more attention to the ethnicity of the ones doing the printing. Baby steps.

      Different types of public statement are appropriate to different phases in the political cycle. Run-of-the-mill statements made by Hitler in for instance 1940 (after hyperinflation) might have been political suicide in 1930 (before hyperinflation).

    11. Edward Randolph Says:

      Sorry, my date for the Weimar hyperinflation was QUITE off. The point is still applicable however.