11 June, 2007

Concerning the Dismantling of America’s Race-Mixing Laws

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Who dismantled those laws: Catholic activists? Asian pastry chefs? Lesbian lumberjacks? Who?


Hirschkop and Cohen mentioned as being Jewish: [Here]

More: [Here]

More about Hirschkop: [Here] [a cached page]

  • 3 Responses to “Concerning the Dismantling of America’s Race-Mixing Laws”

    1. dq Says:

      The jew cohen had to use the case of a white man who married a black women to break down the good law. The other way around would piss more people off. Most white men aren’t sick and degenerate enough to date or marry a black women even though she looked like she had whit blood in her. I guess they got what they deserved with that car crash though.

    2. Walter Ring Says:

      This degenerate couple lived in Caroline County, Virginia, my home state. The disgraceful Supreme Court decision on June 12, 1967, known nationwide as “Loving Day,” is used by racially-mixed couples to celebreate their unions and offspring from these marriages. The decision will also be used by the homosexual lobby to make same-sex marriages and other perverted unions legal. If you are White, married to a White spouse and/or have White children, use today as inspiration that while there are 395,000 mixed-race marriages in the kwa, there are TENS OF MILLIONS OF WHITE MARRIAGES THAT ARE PRODUCING WHITE CHILDREN TOO!!! WHITE SOUTHERN SOLIDARITY.

    3. Hugh Lincoln Says:

      Hirschkop runs around representing groups like PETA today. Anything to throw the gentiles off balance.