30 June, 2007

Free Talk Live 6/29/07, with Bud White and Dietrich

Posted by Dietrich in audio, VNNB, VNNB-Friday at 6:45 pm | Permanent Link

Bud White and Dietrich discuss the failed Immigration Bill, the SCOTUS thrashing of public school integration as we’ve known it, and what happens when Wal-Mart makes a move to the Jew-infested Katzskills. Plus, differences in Jewish and Western thinking. In all, it’s a hardy buffet of TJB. Won’t you join us?

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  7. 4 Responses to “Free Talk Live 6/29/07, with Bud White and Dietrich”

    1. the chosen law Says:

      The answer is simple…the eastern script reads from left to right…the western reads from right to left….I personally loathe any lawfirm Named ELL or EL (western Law)……. LE or LEE which would be EASTERN LAW (left to right script) would include all the greeks , ragheads, mooslimes, hindudes, mongols and others east of the BOSPHORUS !!! do a search on LE or LEE and a separate search on ELor ELL lawfirms and clear the cobwebs…All the kinkys, kikes,straightjacket manufacturers and gods of the grand LEGISLATOR in the SKY >>>>

    2. dolemite Says:

      whys’you white peoples hafta be pervs ‘an shiat? http://cocksuckerwilliamwhite.blogspot.com/

    3. greenleftism Says:

      History of the USofA….want to trip up the fagcommiegreens ? Simply ask about the Russian space achievements vs. the USofA…. These slime will Praise any other cultural achievements other that This great Countrys…. Yes the NEA is fagcommieleftistgreen….Why are the american History books totally revised and void of the outstanding achievements of many “hillbilly blacksmith” type inventions ?? The Wright bothers are given a 1 paragraph article… The list goes on and on…Again, all parents should pull their kids from school and homeschool them…MANY, many old history books and classics are still avalable … Our Whie KIDS need to FEEL proud of their KIN connected achievements over the past 300 years !!! FIRE all the COMMIE (history revionists) and burn all their damn written lies !!! The NEA and their UN masters need to be HUNG !!!

    4. 2 nigs and a slave Says:

      NEWS ALERT !!! GOOFY ANNAN, OPRAH WINBAG and AL GORE are the WORLD CLIMATE WATCHERS and LEADERSHIP !!! Tennessee is home to 2 of these foozebags and it looks like ole GOOFY may have hatched out in MEMPHIS ….Wonder if davy crockett would be PISSED ? In his day you killed a black and screwed a bear..Now everything is reversed !!