13 June, 2007

G-8 Group Warns Iran, But Not China

Posted by Socrates in 'Middle East', China, Iran, jewed foreign policy, New World Order, nukes, Socrates at 2:41 pm | Permanent Link
Big Jew: “Put pressure on Iran over its nuke program. At the same time, ignore the fact that China has a large nuclear arsenal. Also, never ask how China became a member of the UN Security Council, and never mention that China murdered 60 million people. Understand?”

World leaders: “Yes, master.”


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  7. 4 Responses to “G-8 Group Warns Iran, But Not China”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      You would think there would be some concern about a monotheistic semite cult with, by all reports, hundreds of nuclear weapons. And the means to deliver them.

    2. Charles Martel Says:

      And never mind that China has close ties to Israel and that Israel has sold them secret after secret at our expense…

    3. honkey tonk man Says:

      Big Jew: Attack Iran you stupid American goy… and obey “God’s Chosen People”

      White America: …Shut the fuck up you ugly jewish freak……..where gonna nuke Israel..!!

    4. MIKEY Says:

      did they mention the jew-israel nukes?